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I finished Request. Oh boy, I'm so glad I picked it up again. I love love love the end of the main story, and I adore the side story.

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How do cats know to sit on black clothes and look so pleased doing so? Are they pleased because they know their fur will stick and stand out on black, or what? :P
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I was reading the next Fujimi book Request but as it was kind of painful, I lost to temptation and read my single favorite volume in the series (so far), Kareinaru fukushuu, from waaaay ahead in the series. I love that book so much. ♥ Also, the art is so much better since the artist changed at some point. I find the original art distinctive but ugly. The faces seem distorted or freakily alien/elven at times. The color insert for Request was horrifying! It's a two-shot of Sora and Takane that triggered my shota-revulsion to the max. Sora looks ten (and with eyes so huge, kind of bug-like) and Takane looks like a creepy predator. Ick ick ick.

I am fighting the urge to keep reading after Kareinaru fukushuu instead of going back to Request as I want to read the entire series in order, but I may not be able to help myself. I want to know certain things that should happen because of the awesome stuff that happened in Kareinaru fukushuu I'd never gotten to reading as I haven't read the latest five or so books.

One thing that's been bothering me in the reread is the one sentence foreshadowing the author seems to drop like an anvil at the end of a section. It's very jarring and distracting for me because usually the foreshadowing is negative and it immediately makes my hackles rise. I rack my brains to remember what that sentence could be referring to but almost always fail to remember. I just end up feeling anxious and resentful because if she hadn't included the foreshadowing sentence I would've been totally fine. (I have no idea if I made any sense in this paragraph. ^^;)
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RL Wank: Magazine plagiarizes woman on internet and tells her that she should pay them when she complains. I first heard it on On the Media and the way the email from the magazine editor is read out loud is priceless, as is the song using the email as lyrics. Original LJ post by the victim here. I'm fighting the urge to look for more posts and articles on the subject to see what different takes people have about the whole business...

How cats lap water is so cool

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Just finished Unmei wa kaku tobira wo tataku....

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♥ From McSweeney's GREAT LITERATURE RETITLED TO BOOST WEBSITE TRAFFIC.: 7 Awesome Ways Barnyard Animals Are Like Communism

♥ I recently learned that there's a spin-off of the wonderful Suiyoubi no akumu by Yakou Hana and illustrated by Inariya Fusanosuke, Kinyoubi no kyoumu. I generally dislike spin-offs (I tend to get too attached to the original couple to care about some side character's story), but the reviews make the book sound hilarious (unlike the original work, which was suuuper serious) so I'm a bit curious.

♥ Loving the next Fujimi book, Unmei wa kaku tobira wo tataku. Still in the beginning, but I keep wishing I didn't have to work, or sleep, or do anything else so I could read straight through. ^^;

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I reread Persuasion again in hard copy and loved the conversation between Harville and Anne regarding women and men. Though I don't have an opinion on which sex has longer lasting affections, I thought Anne made excellent points that I could totally agree with. some quotes from the book )

I then took a slight detour and reread several of asolat's Master and Commander fanfics. I would've gone on reading more fanfics but then I got a humungous headache yesterday so I switched back to reading books instead of staring at a computer screen (I should've just stopped reading, but after napping for a while I couldn't sleep anymore and nothing is more distracting from a headache for me than books). I got into the next Fujimi book, Allegro Agitato. (Also learned a new musical term, "agitato," which per Wikipedia means "agitated") Oh man, this was much easier to read than the previous book. some blather )
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I've been having a hard time getting through the Fujimi book Sunset, Sunrise (God, what volume am I at now? it's so confusing...). It's painful to read because Yuki (and others) struggles a lot in it. I know it'll pay off but it's still hard because I care about the characters. I've been skipping around the volume and have probably read most of it completely out of order. It's confusing, but lessens the pain. :P

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I spent some time on Youtube after coming randomly coming across a fabulous live performance of Berlin's "Take My Breath Away." I then ended up at Sarah Brightman's live performance of her song "You Take My Breath Away." And finally at Japanese singer KOKIA's "Time to Say Goodbye."

I skipped the side story about Kei and Takane first meeting and jumped right into "Kin no violin, Ki no violin" as I wanted to continue to read the main story right now.
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I need to stop doing the "I'm just going to read a little bit before I go to sleep" thing. Not working! I'm now into "Funky Monkey Gang S"... More babbling. )
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On radio program (which I listen to via podcast) The Splendid Table they had a trivia challenge that asked, "What's the translation of Adam and Eve on a raft with Noah's boy and where does it come from?" It's lunch counter lingo or diner speak, the terms waitresses and cooks used for menu items, and it means two poached eggs on toast with a side of ham (Noah's second son was named Ham). The example I liked was "first lady with cow feed" for spareribs with salad. Eve was the first lady and she was made from Adam's rib. More lingo here.

I stayed up too late finishing "Accident in Blue" last night...more Fujimi )

I knew rereading Fujimi would turn into a major time suck. *sighs* I love the series and can't resist temptation, and so am not doing things I should be doing.
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Baccano! characters as cats! So cute!

I found out that the FF7 fanfic Green Dreams by I. Mushi has been rewritten quite a bit and am sad to say I'm not that fond of the changes....But I'll keep reading. Too many WIPs that may never be finished to let go of this one. :P

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Still reading Fujimi... )

I'm going to regret not doing what I should've been doing...But not right now.


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