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The Weakening Eye of the Day by [ profile] asingulargirl is a very intense Kanda/Allen D.Gray-man fanfic. I love how Kanda is so prickly. XD Normally I don't read D.Gray-man fanfic because they just don't work for me (esp the Kanda/Allen--I don't feel that much UST from that pairing, frankly), but the preview blurb was so compelling I gave it a try.

The author wrote a really funny essay(?) titled "Allen Walker is not a blushing virgin and I will prove it." I have no idea if she's got the right idea or not, but it made me laugh. Check it out here.

I've sort of watched the first four episodes of Blacker Than Dark Darker Than Black (ugh, I keep getting the title wrong), and wow, talk about not being able to maintain any kind of sustained attention. I kept skipping ahead and around (hence the "sort of" watched) because it just...bored me. I like that it has pretty bleak endings, but none of the characters really interest me. The main character HAS NO PERSONALITY. The talking cat is kind of cool, and the rest...also have not much personality (not as bad as the main character, though). The most emotional and interesting people are the ones that appear only in the arc (the show is structured in two-episode arcs), but they go away. :P The music is by Kanno Yoko, but it didn't leave any impression at me at all. Same with the Rie Fu ending (wow, talk about dull) and the abingdon boys school beginning (too...TMR?).

I was rereading a BL novel in which the seme compares the uke to a piece of porcelain, and it was the sweetest thing in the entire story. XD

I keep remembering a certain scene from a BL novel or manga, but I can't remember which one. I can't even remember if it was a novel or a manga...Or maybe a figment of my imagination. *sighs*

fall anime!

Oct. 3rd, 2006 08:40 pm
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OMG OMG OMG I am going to become a huge Miyano Mamoru fan at this rate. I downloaded the raw Death Note episode 1 and...well...was on the whole blown away. It is a first rate production. )

I also downloaded and watched the sub of D.Gray-man. My thoughts on it. )

While searching for something else online, I came across one blogger's comments on this fall's anime and took a look. Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion? I...laughed watching the trailer made me laugh because it could overdone, so badly. But I'll take a look. I like the character designs (yes, I am a CLAMP whore). I like angsty mecha anime. I hope it's good.

I've seen Shonen Onmyoji novels all over the place and thought the illustrations were pretty but had never picked it up. I'll check it out to see what the story is like. I couldn't find a stinkin' trailer but I think it will broadcast soon so I can just wait till then. :P

I am amazed I even care about the season's anime. Perhaps I'm swinging back into the anime side of things again.

I need to watch Ouran 25 and 26...the other day a second RL friend brought it up and we weren't able to talk about it because I hadn't seen it yet.
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From [ profile] dgray_man, the D.Gray-man anime cast (copied directly from the entry, with some additions by me):

  • Sanae Kobayashi as Allen Walker (also known as Lucy from Elfen Lied and Akira Touya from Hikaru no go)

  • Hiroki Touchi as General Marian Cross (also known as Ovan from .hack//root, Gin from Hunter x Hunter and Gin from Ginga legen weed)

  • Junpei Takiguchi as The Millenium Earl (also known as Phyllo from .hack//root and Dr. Laughton from the Metropolis movie)

  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Komui Li (also known as Amidamaru of Shaman King and Agatsuma Soubi from Loveless) <--First and foremost he will always be gay captain of gay team in PoT (Kajiimoto) to me, but he's also Shibuya Shori from KKM

  • Ryotaro Okiayu as Riba Wenham (also known as Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach and Dark Mousy from DNAngel) <--Tezuka! Shigure! Too many to mention!

  • Shizuka Itou as Linali Li (also known as Misa Kakizaki from Mahou sensei Negima and Himawari Kunogi of XXXHolic)

  • Takehiro Sakurai as Yuu Kanda (also known as Cloud Strife of The FFVII Advent children as well as Haruka of Tactics) <--Also Ukiya Shun in Gate Keepers and Shibuya Yuuri in KKM

Kobayashi Sanae as Allen comes as no surprise at all. I wonder how different she'll sound from Akira? It's sad that I can't remember the character Okiayu plays off-hand. I suppose it's time to reread the manga. :P

From [ profile] yamane_ayano:

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan is being animated as an OVA. I can't help but laugh over this, but I will definitely watch it just to hear Suwabe being suave Italian captain. XDXD

From [ profile] toko_kawai:

Toko Kawai will be a guest at Yaoi Con next year, per the June Manga editor's blog. I do like Toko Kawai quite a bit, so I did perk up about this....but it's not like I can go or anything.

ETA: Okane ga nai is also being animated...I can't help but groan over this one.
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Wow. I was going to do a bunch of things on Saturday, none of which happened. Partly it was because I wasn't as over the cold as I was hoping, but partly it was because I read fanfics all day long. It kind of started when I was looking for a particular SGA fanfic. I didn't remember the title or the author, only a kind of vague memory of the story and that it was really good. So...I started looking for it. Of course, looking for meant clicking on lots of fics because "summaries" can often be totally unhelpful, and clicking on fics meant I read them. I read a lot of them until I finally had the realization that night that I was totally looking in the wrong places. And promptly found it in 5 minutes. -_- But at least I found even more good fic (at the cost of the entire day), and I even felt pretty good.

And speaking of fanfics, I found a finished LJ post I hadn't bothered posting for some reason. I really don't feel like editing it to make it work now, so I'll just tack it on at the end of this. XD


I haven't exactly been going on fanfic hunting/reading marathons, but somehow I managed to get a sizable number of fics to rec, from a very diverse array of fandoms (for me, that is). I need to clear out my tabs (bookmarking and memories are far too logical. my method of keeping fic is that handy-dandy tab feature...).

amazing how the fics pile up )
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I know this because every other comm and personal journal made it a point to state that fact. ^^; And if I didn't notice all those posts, I got a lovely rose from Xandria--thanks for thinking of me!

Two adorable TezuRyo Valentine fics:

To Declare My Love by [ profile] soundczech, in which Ryoma is so Ryoma and it's just cute, and

Present Perfect by [ profile] bookshop, in which almost nothing happens and it's just, well, perfect.

I need to go check out my favorite sites to see if they posted anything for the occasion.

And because I'm sick of having so many tabs open, I'm finally dumping some fanart recs, mostly D.Gray-man with several PoT, I think all via [ profile] tomomichi:

め組 (megumi)
Pretty D.Gray-man. Check out a couple of my favs: Allen's harlem and indescribably adorable cuteness.

わびさび (wabisabi)
Allen/Kanda, the good kind. In other words, lots of humor. The comics are hilarious. I love a stubborn and sullen Kanda. A slightly more serious but fun one: Squall.

疾風六式 (hayate06)
More cuteness! For example, little Allen, Ravi, sullen Kanda with sword and adorable Allen, gag comic #1 featuring dork Kanda, and gag comic #2 featuring a rather scary Allen.

root 666
A Cross/Allen site with lovely lovely pics. Love love love the composition and coloring of this one.

薔薇王 ~King Rose~ (bara-ou)
A lovely PoT fanart site featuring FujiMizuki and FujiRyo. Mizuki looks good. Love the Fuji as Howl and Mizuki as the witch from Howl, as well as this FujiRyo in kimono one.

猫と缶ジュース (neko to kan juice)
Mostly FujiRyo, but with various other mostly Seigaku/Ryoma pairings. The comics are cute, too. Love this Ryoga+Ryoma+Fuji one. Leave it up to Fuji to be able to enter other people's memories. XD

I had to resist with all my might the urge to go fanart site hunting.
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I have this terrible habit of leaving tabs open of various pages I want to talk about or go back to later. I should be doing something else (really, really badly), but I need to clear my tabs (and mind) and so I'll just write about them all now.

Penny Arcade comic titled "As Regards Spoilification" that made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Warning: Spoilers for King Kong AND Passion of the Christ. XD

Some lovely D.Gray-man icons -- I especially like the "my fandom's golden snitch can beat up your fandom's golden snitch," "such a nice boy," "i eat puppies," and "um...hi." XD

afterwards by [ profile] idees_fixes is a TezuRyo fic I've already pimped before, but I rediscovered it last night. Nothing good can't be pimped over and over and over again, right?

Speaking of rediscovering things, I found myself at one of my favorite AkiHika fanart sites, 月光雪花. I must beg her to mail order stuff to me...she has four doujinshi I don't own and I WANT. In any case, the pic I squealed over too much: Serious Kaioh Akira and Hikaru (with glasses!). Some other particular favorites of mine: an earlier pic of Kaioh Hikaru with glasses, little boy Akira and Hikaru, and grown up Hikaru with sweater.

Oh, and [ profile] petronia did a text translation of the newest Viewfinder chapter. I noticed there's a scanlation out already, but I trust her translation on principle.

Okay, back to the stuff I need to be doing...I hope.
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Yay! Going around joining lots of comms pays off! D.Gray-man is being serialized again, and I managed to get the two newest chapters (from [ profile] exorcists_order, which also provides a translation with each raw--the quality of which I can't assure as I didn't bother reading it :P). The story is...progressing. And I also found out there's a new volume out, with the coolest cover. XD

cut for spoilerish comments )

I'm staring at my amazon japan shopping cart. Do I really need to spend about $170 on assorted manga, books, and CDs? My mind screams "yes!" but my wallet is wailing "nooooo!" *sighs*

Am I the only one obsessively checking LJ for the newest VF chapter? I blame the squeeing going on at the comms for making me really want to read it. GAH.

In any case, some fanfics:

Hikago: Weird by Tammaiya ([ profile] insaneidiot) is just hilarious. Hikaru is such a dork with the "talking to Touya" thing, but is so simply Hikaru in how he just accepts and focuses on the minor things I just want to squeeze him. I also love good Waya and Hikaru interaction.

Tactics: When Evening Comes by [ profile] shayheyred is beautiful in an obliquely sad way...I haven't even watched most of the anime series (it started driving me mad after a while...did it end well?) but I read this anyways and it was just lovely. Spoilers for Episode 24 (so said the warning).

Viewfinder: follow up drabble to Drinking Buddy by [ profile] ingenius_inc is depressingly dark. Oh Takaba, you are so fucked up. Another VF fic, Busy by [ profile] lilt_rill, is short and amusing. I love the "Akihito is busy" *shuts door* part. The extra slashing thing was totally unnecessary, in my opinion. :P
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D.Gray-man rabu! Thanks to [ profile] thanatoseve, I managed to get the raws of more recent chapters…though the stupid arc isn’t over, at least I got past the killer ending of volume 6. XD The nice thing is that the site, Timcanpi, has scanlations of quite a bit of the manga as well as raws. So you can pick either to read the English or the Japanese. No clue if the translation is any good, though.

I downloaded the first three episodes of the Black Cat anime and watched them. I had kind of read part of the series back when I was buying JUMP, but I’d forgotten almost everything about the story. I’m not sure if the storytelling is compelling enough to keep my interest…but I do like Train and Sven’s voices. And I’ll probably keep watching (for now) because the fight scenes are pretty cool (kind of reminds me of how I used to watch Noir mainly for the kick-ass fight sequences—and the music—though I was amused by the lesbian shit, as well as the overwhelming melodrama of it all…). I randomly picked a subber, Bakakazoku, at animesuki and was happy to find good video and audio quality, as well as good translation (at least, the couple of lines that I did happen to read were fine).

And since this is a JUMP post, I will add some extremely superficial comments about Bleach, some of which may be spoilerish. I spent about an hour the other day with my Bleach obsessed friend where she spoiled me for a good deal of the manga. I finally found out who Yorimichi was, and I must say I like her character design. VERY appealing. Rukia’s brother’s hair in those pins is just…stupid. He looked so much better when it was down at the end of his fight with Ichigo (I was flipping through volume 19). I was surprised at the really young looking, rather cute characters who turned out to be Captains or Vice-Captains. The biggest surprise for me is finding out that Ichigo’s father was a shinigami, and perhaps was even a Captain. Since I only saw the very beginning of the series, equating that dorky image with the I kick ass in black shinigami thing is very difficult. The color pages are a very nice touch. I wish they had done that for…say, Hikago. I did like the two page spread in volume 19 where a bunch of them are bank robbers or something.

Speaking of Hikago, I wish they had made a second art book, with art from the latter part of the series where the boys grow up and become bishounen art got so much nicer. It’s hard to settle for just that last manga calendar (though that was very lovely). *sighs*
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My friend just lent me D.Grayman volume 6, which I promptly devoured. I can't help falling more and more in love with Allen's character design. ^___^ Whoa, that was a very action packed volume. The end! The end!

And having come to the end of the volume, I'm hoping someone can point me to somewhere where I can possibly download the raws of the chapters following volume 6 (starting from 57) because I'd at least like to see the end of this part. ;_;

I'm glad the author provided official spellings of the major characters in the series at this point, but...I really gotta wonder about how they come up with some of these spellings. Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe it.

I also saw most of the first episode of "Dead Like Me," that Showtime series about the apathetic teenaged girl who dies and becomes a shinigami. Quite amusing, though none of the characters really make me care. The resigned and cynical yet laid back feel of the shinigami group and the main chara in particular is quite appealing, though.
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I was rereading D.Grayman the other day, and got up to volume 4. I still can't see a good basis for Kanda/Allen, besides the aesthetic part. I was talking to a friend about it, and she came up with a good reason. Because while Kanda has an attitude towards Allen, Allen doesn't. At least, up to the part I've read he doesn't. I need my UST a bit more two-way (or for Kanda to become like whoa!obsessed or something) for my slash-radar to go off.

I then started pondering who'd I could imagine voicing Allen in an anime (the production of which I assume can only be a matter of time). I immediately eliminated Paku Romi and MinaJun, because they just weren't right. I thought maybe Al's VA from FMA, but she'd have to pitch lower for Allen than for Al and I have no idea if she can. I then racked my brains for more women who voice boys (because I'm sorry, Allen so calls for a female VA. I'd be totally shocked if he was voiced by a guy), and...I came up with a possible candidate! Kobayashi Sanae, as in Akira from Hikago! She can do a little lower, calm and polite, and do the yelling passionate crap, too. Of course it could just be my sad brain clutching at straws because I was coming up blank...
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Wow, I scanned in a lot of stuff tonight. No way I can organize and post them all right now, but I suppose I will throughout the month. I'll just start with the pure and simple eye-candy series. D.Grayman, a "new" Shonen Jump series that I've recently started reading. It's pretty good, but I never thought I'd be buying doujinshi for it. I'm not sure why I was drawn to so many D.Grayman doujinshi, but I was. I think I might just be irresistibly drawn to Allen (the main character) and the scar over his eye and his silver hair. XD I avoided the pairing ones as much as possible (seems like Kanda/Allen and the reverse are the most popular? I suppose visually they are lovely together, but...) and went for the all-chara or gag ones. Only one pairing one did I buy, but it was purely for the cover. :P

pretty pics! )


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