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My celebration consists of laying around and being glad I don't have to be at work. XD;

I've been rereading a bunch of PoT doujinshi recently. I was looking through my bookmarks and started clicking on old fanfic/fanart sites. Of course most of the sites were gone, so instead of depressing myself I decided to enjoy what I did have. I shifted my (heavy) boxes of doujinshi around to get to the PoT ones and started going through it. The first one I grabbed were the two pictured above. They are a set that came in a plastic bag closed with a specially made sticker you can barely make out under the Ryoma book (I love details like that) and each book is over 100 pages. So OOC, way too sweet, but so much fun to read.

My cat "helping" me change my sheets by getting between the fitted and flat sheet. She'd follow me under the sheet to each corner as I straightened it, looking kind of like a mole as she moved around. I finally pulled the fitted sheet up to take a pic.
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How do you store your doujinshi? I currently have all of mine in cardboard banker's boxes, but they are very heavy when filled and takes up too much room when not totally filled. Are there good containers that fit the typical doujinshi and stacks well? I'm dying for space (and am desperately missing the two extra bedrooms I used to store crap in...). ;_;
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I don't watch movies much anymore, but I love reading media criticism and meta on movies and the industry. The Cobra by Tad Friend from The New Yorker is about marketing movies via a profile of one particular marketer at a rather off-beat studio.

A fabulous 4-part series on Charles Darwin by BBC Radio 4's In Our Time, available for listening to here. I love the background on the man and his times, the analysis and the commentary of his work.

Some RyoKai loveliness from [ profile] leviosa8 here and here.
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[ profile] wednesday_10_00 posted some hilarious and adorable scans from a Maiden Rose doujinshi she shelled out big bucks for here. The above is from the omake pencil board that came with the doujinshi. The box Klaus is in says "Take me home." So cute! Check out her post for more. XD

In a different kind of hilarious: Dear America by [ profile] mistress_siana, the election as bad fanfic.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:17 am
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Lovely bunch of Japanese Jack x Rei Yukikaze fanart are posted over at [ profile] jack_rei_faf here and here. Also photos of dolls that look like the characters here. I've seen some of the fanart before, but a lot of it is new to me. And so pretty! Some are massively hot, but my favorites are the less explicit ones. XD

I am vastly amused by a Suzaku x Lelouch Code Geass doujinshi being posted at [ profile] yaoi_daily. I'm not exactly sure why I clicked on the cuts, but I suppose it's because I read spoilers for the last episode recently. The end appealed to me greatly, though I'll probably never watch the anime. In any case, parts 1 and 2 of 3 have been posted. Very pretty. Seems kinda OOC, but as I know very little of canon it's all eye-candy to me.

Has anyone tried a service that will ship amazon goods cheaply like this one? I keep seeing ads for it (or similar services) when I get an amazon japan rec in gmail (I never pay attention to online ads except the text amazon japan ads in gmail--I think the "アマゾン" at the top of the page just draws my eye). I wonder if they're any good...
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I picked out a couple of Hikago doujinshi from the top of the top box (I have four boxes of Hikago doujinshi stacked on top of each other). Turned out that the random (and lazy) choice does not yield the best results. First one was not bad. It was pure romantic melodrama that recast the Sai-Hikaru relationship very differently, resulting in a wonderfully screwed-up Hikaru. Throw in a gay Akira and you get fun times. Especially a gay Akira who is pining after a very, very straight (and oblivious) Ashiwara. Very WTF, but it somehow worked. XD; The flashback to the angsty (and tragic) past, written in very fancy font, was the perfect touch (if hard to read thanks to the fancy font). Classic fanfic, I tell ya. Not very good, but satisfying.

The second one I picked up was also "classic," but in the bad sense. It was a fantasy AU where Hikaru is a supernatural being called the "Crown." My first problem with it (besides the absurd premise with some really wacky geopolitics that I don't really want to get into right now) is that because "Crown" was always written in katakana I kept thinking it read "Clown." Sorry, a supernatural being called the "Clown" inspires nothing but derision in me. Especially when the name comes from a supposedly ancient organization that seems to only have Japanese members. These completely inappropriate uses of English just drive me bonkers. Why not stick with a nice Japanese or pseudo-Chinese name instead of using (dorky) English? Or at least use kanji instead of katakana to write the name out since all foreign loan words used to be written in kanji....In any case, the story itself was weak because it tried to mash too many divergent cliches together, but then ended with what basically amounted to a deux ex machina.

It starts off with the immortal "Crown" (*snorts*) waiting for his beloved to be reborn. This is one of those immortal-mortal romances with the immortal pining for the mortal for most of the time, happily reuniting with the reborn mortal, then is sadly parted from the mortal when the mortal dies. This set-up is not bad in and of itself (though overused). What just killed me was that in the end we find out that the "Crown" is the friggin CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Why the hell does the creator not just yank his beloved out of the cycle of reincarnation instead of pining after him? Does he like being tragic or something? Bored after an eternity of existence and wants some spice in his life? Why have a little cat-and-mouse game with an organization that totally misunderstands what the "Crown" is instead of sending them away and/or making them forget--if not actually setting them straight at the very beginning instead of indulging them in their pursuit? It's such a failure of imagination when you end up making a character waaay too powerful to have ever been troubled by anything that happened in your story.

Maybe I should just look for the ones with the pretty pictures. *sighs*
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A Resolution of Territory is a wonderful [ profile] blind_go fic that made me laugh so hard and so hysterically my sanity was questioned. XDXD

I love a fic that make me completely ignore any issues I may have with characterization or whatever and just relish every moment of it.

I dug through two of my Hikago doujinshi boxes looking for a good pic to scan...I got lazy and settled for the above. I swear I've scanned this before? In any case, I found a second copy of a doujinshi I had scanned and translated a while back, Kai (parts 1, 2, and 3). Anyone want to buy it off me?

Last but not least, a happy song to end a happy post: Distance (M-Flo Remix) by Utada Hikaru. This is a fabulous remix of a great song, especially the beginning. ♥
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From an LOTR doujinshi (thanks [ profile] leviosa8!): The elves depicted as typical Japanese salaryman working in a typical Japanese office...Rivendell Brewery. XD;

As I was scrolling through the flist my eye stopped at the word "Omphaloskepsis." It was the title of what turned out to be a really cute fic about Ibu Shinji and his sisters (He has sisters?? Or is this one of those fandom things??). In any case, I laughed when I first clicked on it because the author had learned of the word (and was inspired to write the fic) from the same place, Merriam Webster's Word of the Day (which was actually omphalos, but omphaloskepsis was mentioned because its related).


Apr. 3rd, 2008 08:58 pm
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Flesh & Blood 11
is out! Took them long enough.

In any case, the cover! Look at the cover! I hope there are more illustrations inside...

[ profile] xandria went to Japan and bought a whole crapload of Kuroshitsuji doujinshi. She's already started posting on [ profile] yaoi_daily...While I am not a fan of shota, somehow I am compelled by the Sebastian x Ciel concept in a way I never was with the Loveless Soubi x Ritsuka thing (ick). I think I'd prefer some good mindfuck or something rather than real fucking, but I suppose one can't be too choosy when mooching off depending on the kindness of others. Though...It's hard for doujinshi artists to ever do justice when the original art kicks so much ass...

And that reminds me, [ profile] xandria also bought an amazingly gorgeous pre-order-only Kuroshitsuji poster (not available on amazon japan but apparently available for quite a high price at yesasia). *_*

I think I had more to post about, but my brain is too dead to process anything more complicated than "oooh, pretty!" at this point. ^^;
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I've gotten back into a TezuRyo kick, thanks to some great stories I recently read. XD So I dug through my doujinshi and rediscovered this amusing story by one of my favorite TezuRyo circles, Kaiten-Mokugyo. I've scanned and translated some of their stuff before. I hope people enjoy it as much I do.

Does anyone want to buy a copy of this? I actually have two...I also have an extra copy of my favorite doujinshi by the same group, Catch and Release?...

shumi yuuyuu )
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I watched the OVA of Ikoku Irokoi Romantan by Yamane Ayano against my better judgement. wasn't very good. I was expecting bad, was far worse than my lowest expectations. The production values were very low, but beyond that the pace of the story was glacial. Even the sex was oddly lethargic and lacking in passion. The best parts were when Kaoru and Ranmaru were interacting (fighting), sadly. I didn't mind the revised storyline, too bad they sucked most of the zing out of it in the process. :P

I wish she'd write a sequel to the manga, though. I'd love to read more about Ranmaru and his hot Italian Japanese-freak lover, though I suppose they might have to deal with the fact that he's in fact being unfaithful to his wife...

Speaking of Yamane Ayano, where are the new chapters of Crimson Spell and Viewfinder? It's kind of annoying how many months elapse between chapters...It's so easy to forget and then miss the posting of the new stuff while browsing the flist (I suppose I should just unjoin some comms to make things easier for me :P).

After seeing a bunch of posts reccing [ profile] yuletide fics on the flist, I decided to poke around and read a bunch. Some of the ones I rather liked:

Christingle by [ profile] loneraven, His Dark Materials, Will at Oxford.

La Familia by [ profile] sesame_seed, Chrestomanci, Millie gets sick and the Family falls apart.

Breakaway by [ profile] shrift, Whistle!, adolescent confusion.

All True-Hearted Souls by [ profile] mardia, Temeraire, intriguing Granby POV.

Houses and Rain by [ profile] untrue_accounts, xxxHOLIC, the zashiki-warashi does Valentine's Day.

The Longest Night by [ profile] thehoyden, xxxHOLIC, Yuuko riddles as usual.

Hair of the Dog by [ profile] ruffwriter, Black Lagoon, Rock likes pain.

Speaking of fics, love the PoT drabble by [ profile] bookshop that puts Tezuka and Bump of Chicken together and makes it work. Sort of. Okay, not really, but Tezuka is massively weird in a LOL+sweatdrop kind of a way. ^__^

And speaking of PoT, saw a post for a doujinshi I own and haven't looked at in forever: Asymmetry Triangle. Pairings are Saeki/Ryoma, Fuji/Ryoma, and Saeki/Fuji (yes, very WTF?), everyone is massively OOC, the art is pretty, the storyline is "heartwarming," and I really feel like digging out all the doujinshi by this circle that I bought because the art (and the character OOC-ness and the "heartwarming" storylines) made me smile despite the constant undertone of WTF-ness.
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[ profile] keelieinblack has scanned an Antique Bakery doujinshi and the covers are just stunning. Check out the covers and download the whole thing here.

The whole brouhaha over the series finale of The Sopranos (which ran this past Sunday) has been fascinating me, even though I had never seen a single episode and probably never will. I read a number of spoiler-filled reviews with glee, cackling at how people tried to make sense of the ending and come to terms with their dissatisfaction...and then it hit me. It all reminded me of the fervor I had back when I watched Evangelion when it first aired; I don't think I'd ever been so invested in needing a satisfying ending to a series. The incredible rage I experienced when the last episode finished...It makes me smile, now. I actually like to re-watch that series every several years or so, because it really brings back that insane obsession I (and my friends) had when it first aired. And I'm attached to the characters, even Shinji. I know he's kind of...Shinji, but having heard the Spanish language version pronouncing his name "Shin-hi" and having taken into account the effect of having Gendou as a father has really lessened my irritation at some of his Shinji-ness. Besides, Asuka always irritated me more. I understood where she was coming from, but damn she really grated on my nerves.

I am highly amused by how many posts in comms and various blogs I've read recently that...brings up a controversial/unpopular opinion in a way that superficially seems to promote discussion, but really only serves to give people a forum to come out of the wood-work to say, "word!" It's great when there's a backlash and the two camps duke it out (but not so emotionally that it just degenerates into lame name-calling and personal attacks) with sharp barbs and anecdotal evidence and gross generalizations and misinterpretations of the other side's comments. Do they ever realize how absurd they seem from the outside? *loves to lurk*
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I didn't realize there were doujinshi for Underground Hotel by Sadahiro Mika...Get them here, they were pretty enjoyable.

Want to read a fabulous Doumeki/Watanuki xxxHOLIC doujinshi that is IC and well-drawn? Check out Yume kara sameta yume here . Watanuki has a bad dream, freaks out and spazzes. Yuuko is mysterious, and Doumeki is Doumeki. XDXD

love the omake, too! )

From [ profile] sesame_seed: Dan Brown gets so much wrong in such a small amount of text, it's kind of amazing. Kanji language, my ass.

I'm rather disgruntled as I just read two really crappy BL novels in a row. They weren't even the good kind of bad that I enjoy poking at, really. It's amazing how every single BL author I like has managed to write books I not only didn't care for but thought were utter crap. *sighs*
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Because I couldn't find the two things I actually wanted to scan tonight, I did a random scan of a random doujinshi cover...In this case, a Mihashi/Abe from Ookiku Furikabutte (I find Abe/Mihashi waaay too predictable, and besides, hetare seme is love!)

Some music:

Beelz by Stephen Lynch
Stephen Lynch sings Satan as some vaguely gay metrosexual. I thought it was pretty damn hilarious. XD

Faith by Hirai Ken
Nice, mellow cover of George Michael's hit.

Lots of fannish things I want to indulge in (and squee about) but no time/energy. GAH. (Also, it would help if I could actually find the things I want to scan...)
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I've been having fun reading a Mirage of Blaze AU doujinshi titled "Cybernetic Moon," which I bought for the lovely English blurb that runs from the front cover, over the spine to the back cover:

"Takaya" has worked his way through school, ever since he lost his family in their suicides. one day at dawn he finds the man named "Naoe" in a trash dump. Naoe tracks down "Yuzuru Narita" to kill, who is a student of Takaya's school. Because in the future Yuzuru will invent the medical artificial intelligence which by Japanese enterprise "Cyber O-dyne" will be brought in the terrible system "GreenNet" tyrannizing in the world 50 years after. GreenNet regards itself as God and eliminates the human beings. It is the human beings versus GreenNet war. To delete Yuzuru, the originator of GreenNet, "Reijiro," the leader of the human resistants remade Naoe into their ally, who was a waste android for secret police, and sent him to the 'now' through the 'time hole'. But Naoe cannot kill him. And Takaya will...?

The author relates in the foreward that she was inspired by a trip to Universal Studios Japan, by something called the "Terminator 2-3D." I barely remember "Terminator 2" (having seen it only once) and never saw the original movie, but I do recognize that some of the elements. The author took the idea of two androids, each one sent by opposing sides, from the second movie. Naoe is the older model sent by the humans to kill Yuzuru, and Chiaki is the newer shapeshifting model sent by "GreenNet" to protect him. She threw Takaya in (I can't help but think of Zetsuai whenever there's a pick up a guy lying in a trash dump scene...) to kind of play a Sarah Conner role in that he's more athletic than Yuzuru and has a tragic/traumatic past (am I a bad person for laughing when the author related Takaya's horrible past, which culminated with him finding the dead bodies of his entire family in a sea of blood?), but Yuzuru is in turn very protective of the emotionally vulnerable Takaya. I had to stop reading for a moment because i was creeped out by the really bizarre sex scene between Naoe and Takaya...I'm not sure what the author was going for, actually. Naoe doesn't have sexual function nor knowledge, apparently (though you'd THINK it'd be a basic thing included in all memory?) and has Takaya lead him through the motions. It's creepy because Naoe doesn't feel sexual excitement and is kind of observing Takaya getting off (even as he helps Takaya in the process). I can't imagine feeling...fulfilled in that situation?

In any case, putting aside that bit, I am enjoying the interaction between Chiaki (with the closer to human AI), Yuzuru, Takaya, and Naoe. I hope it doesn't end lamely...Also, maybe no more sex. ^^;

I love Mirage AUs. I don't think I've yet picked up a novel doujinshi that wasn't an AU. I suppose it's because it's hard to beat canon for fannish indulgence. XD
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This will probably be one of many (or not so many) posts on the doujinshi and other things I bought. I thought the cover of this doujinshi, Yume no kayohiji (Route of Dreams) by Missing Link, was really pretty. When I read it I was delighted to find it hilarious (I am always prepared to be utterly disappointed by the contents of doujinshi...the cover alone really tells a person nothing, after all). Because my lovely neighbors decided that making speaker phone calls at 11:30 PM outside was a brilliant idea last night, I scanned some pages out of the doujinshi to share. XD;

click for some fun akira-poking )
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Ugh, RL and other things have kept me completely occupied this entire week. Now I feel like crap and am fighting to stay awake. *sighs* But I have been collecting links throughout the week, so I figure'd I'd dump them:

Japanese words for body parts by [ profile] nanya_hime is a cute and possibly useful list of words (not only body parts) that can appear in BL.

Tongue twisters in Japanese!

Draconic by [ profile] kish_t_rethya, a TezuRyo AU, with dragons! And unwilling princes!

Project Overlord by [ profile] kantayra is an amusing Clark/Lex crack fic.

Speaking of fics, I hate it when a detail just throws me straight out of one. Like, a fic supposedly set in Japan? They aren't going to be paying in dollars, people. HELLO.

Shigure Gokochi 1 and 2 is Doumeki x Watanuki doujinshi with very nice art. I love the covers. Need a bit more flailing snarky Watanuki, but I don't mind just eye candy. XD


Nov. 10th, 2006 07:26 pm
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Today I've been rereading a wonderful Hikago novel doujinshi that I hadn't touched in a while. It's actually written in a style that takes me a (comparatively) long time and a lot more concentration to read, so I don't pick it up all that often. But I do love how the author has this ability to clothe utterly hilarious, almost gag, humor in a completely serious and straightforward tone. Also, she is amazingly good at run-on sentences. One does see rather long sentences in Japanese a lot more than in English, but rarely have I seen so many super duper long sentences used so well. She has the flow and rhythm down perfectly, so that I am delighted in her ability to maintain the momentum in the rather convoluted structure of some of her sentences.

It's interesting that all the authors of the really kick-ass novel doujinshi that I've met have all been in their upper twenties or thirties, including the one I mention above.

flesh & blood )

I don't feel like editing my previous stuff, but I actually finished reading volume 9 and went back and finished volume 4. All I have is volume 5 left!

more flesh & blood )

The local Daiei supermarkets were bought by Don Quixote, a chain I've heard of but never visisted in Japan. I always find it odd that they shorten the name Donki instead of Donkiho, because it feels really awkward for me. The pause I have to put between the "n" and the "ki," as well as the tendency for me, an English speaker, to think of "donkey." In any case, I found it highly amusing that one of the changes they've made was blasting music at certain displays. Today they were playing EUROBEAT. I like Eurobeat, but I'd think that kind of music might actually be annoying for a lot of people...
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In my last fit of "cleaning" (i.e. putting manga on shelves and sort of organizing them into series, etc.), I discovered a bunch of doubles. Anyone willing to trade for any of the following?

Fruitsbasket 17 by Takaya Natsuki
Saishuuheiki Kanojo 2 by Takahashi Shin
Genjuu Bunsho 6 by Narushima Yuri
Sailor Moon 1-7 by Takeuchi Naoko
Wish 1-4 by CLAMP
Bokura no Oukoku 2 by Koujima Naduki
G-Defend 11 by Morimoto Shuu

Also, I also have a bunch of old doujinshi anthologies I don't really read or want to keep (while I love doujinshi, doujinshi anthologies aren't my thing...):

Prince of Tennis:
Love Prince 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 11
Prince Kiss
Rabupuri ~Itoshi no Oujisama~ 2 and 4
Ground Smash 9

Hikaru no Go:
Kimi ni Chu-oshi 8

Rurouni Kenshin:
Hiiro no Ken 2
Kenkyaku Club 1

Houshin Engi:
Houshin Keikaku 2

All of these have a mix of pairings, both drama and comedy...

Oh, and last but not least (probably), is B-boy Zips #12, school special part 2.

All in Japanese, in pretty good condition.
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I am feeling very satisfied. You know how a character in a story can make you scream for someone to slap them good because they are acting far too emo for everyone's good? There's this show that I'm not really following but still seem to kind of follow because my mom watches it. In any case, there was this character who always kind of irritated me because she's super high strung and has admirable but far too stubborn conviction. She just went overboard in tonight's episode and I was jumping up and down yelling that she needed a good slap. And thankfully she got a good slap! And a good talking to. It was a sight to behold. Why can't all of these kinds of characters get what they deserve? *sighs*

Pretty pretty Kabaji x Atobe doujinshi shared here at [ profile] pot_doujinshi. The art is just so lovely, and the story is cute. I find Kabaji x Atobe one of the more probable Atobe slash pairings so I'm glad this circle is being shared. XD

I am amused by this month's theme on [ profile] fst: Anti-Heroes. So far there's been one for Agent Smith from The Matrix, Seifer from FFVIII, Wilson from House, Delphine from Last Exile (though she makes me want to spork her even at the mere mention of her name...what an annoying bitch she was), and most recently Schuldig from Weiss Kreuz. I have no idea if the FST's are any good, but I enjoy reading the mixers' takes on these characters. Also, from last month: Music To Crush Autobots By: A Decepticon FST. Heh.

I didn't realize that Tamaki's voice actor played the main character from the Fafner OVA Right of Left!!!! From what I can remember he sounded quite different, but I know I really liked his voice in it. XD I am tempted to watch Death Note simply to hear what he sounds like as Light (even as I want to pound that character into the ground). In any case, I need to dig up my copy of Right of Left because that was a very good (if depressing) OVA with pretty pretty art and very nice music. And Tamaki's voice actor! (I need to remember the dude's name one of these days. ^^;)


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