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Via [profile] ariss_tenoh, new Fafner to come out Autumn 2014. See the PV here). It's a bit...dour. :P

So, the Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai~ movie is coming out in March 2014 (official site with PV here). As I haven’t been reading this series I didn’t realize there were already FOUR books out! I really can’t get myself to care enough to read the book(s) or watch the movie. Can anyone highly recommend this?

In Sekai Ichi news I do care about, the blu ray box set of the two tv seasons is coming out in March as well (see the announcement on the official site). Now this I want. I already ordered the Natsume Yuujincho OVA, I don’t think I can afford to get this 38,000 yen box, but…how can I not? If I get a tax refund maybe I'll spend it on this...

Speaking of the Nasume OVA, Amazon Japan has a different shipping cost for international orders? I was expecting minimum 2,500 yen EMS shipping, but there was something called "Amazon priority" that was 800 yen per order (plus the per item cost). So much more affordable! Is this a trackable shipping method? If it is, I am tempted to go with Amazon instead of because my order from November still hasn’t come. ;_;

I am on a Natsume withdrawal. Finished it all (the final arc in the fourth season was depressing as hell, and annoying because of the stupid selfish girl who grew up to be a stupid selfish teen who should’ve just been *drowned* to put her and everyone else out of their misery) and need more. I found one drama cd bit that was an extra on a DVD (a hilarious story of a sick Natori and his shiki who want to make him “nabe yaki don don” XDXD) but nothing else. I think there are more drama CDs, no? Must….find….

I bought a pint of seasonal peppermint gelato made by a local company. It has bits of peppermint candy in it and it is oh-so-good. I was worried I was too late as it is after Christmas, but they still had it in stock! ♥
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Ugh. I made some dry-rub chicken to take for lunch this week and had the most awful experience. Luckily the food turned out fine (despite some major mishaps along the way). First, I mistakenly used 1-1/2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper instead of chili powder and had to carefully scoop out most of it (I had other spices and things already in the bowl). I then sloshed the brining liquid around and spilled it all over the place, including on my iPhone which I was using to read the recipe. I don't get totally freaked out about raw chicken contamination, but I still cleaned everything that got splashed pretty well. Then I spilled a bunch of the cooked chicken juices all over the place, including on my clothing, so I got to clean greasy liquid from the floors/counters AND my clothes (as well as the dishes and utensils). The entire time I'm dying from the heat and humidity and I just want to flop over somewhere, but the only cool place is sitting on a pretty uncomfortable chair out on the balcony to catch the breeze (no AC in my house). I ate a thigh for lunch, tho, and it was good. I don't know what I would've done if I'd gone through all that and had crap food at the end. ^^;

Last night I saw Pacific Rim, which was about as fun as I thought it'd be. Giant robots battling giant monsters! Very, very anime-influenced, also very, very shallow and cliched, and with lots of stupid science. But it was fun!! The only thing I really disliked was the dynamic of the two main males and the main female. Wish she wasn't so…vulnerable. I understand that her backstory does support her being the way she is to some extent, but it was annoying. However, the Japanese spoken not only by the Japanese actress but by Idris Elba and by…er…the other main male amused me (also, why does the other guy even speak Japanese? I can understand Idris Elba's character speaking it due to his backstory). I definitely enjoyed this more than Monsters University (it wasn't bad, it just wasn't…awesome? Too cliched in a way I didn't love) and possibly as much as Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing (I liked the B&W modern updated setting, and the actress playing Beatrice was wonderful--plus Nathan Fillion was as funny as all the reviews said).

Saw the second episode of Free!, and am still confused as to what this anime is going to be like. I enjoyed the "build the club/team" thing in this episode, though. I almost always do like club/team-building (H2, Chihayafuru, Hikago, to name a few). And it continues to be pretty. We even get a female proxy ogling the half-naked men for the audience.
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In lieu of a SIH screencap-fest (OMG next week is also them ;_;), I thought I'd mention an incredibly easy, incredibly tasty way to use up kabocha slowly going bad in your frig. Though you can also use very new, very nice kabocha as well. Makes it easier since you don't have to cut away the bad parts. XD; In any case, I saw my poor slowly-going-bad kabocha and decided it needed to be eaten pretty soon so I looked up kabocha+recipe in Japanese and ended up at A pretty pic for a ridiculously named dish caught my eye and as it had lots of positive reviews and I had all the ingredients I decided to make it. For those who don't read Japanese, you need to throw 2 tablespoons each of soy sauce, sake, sugar, and mirin* into a pot with 200 cc (somewhere between 3/4 to 1 cup) of water with cut up pieces of kabocha. Bring to boil then simmer until the liquid is gone. I put in waaay too much water so after about 30 minutes I stopped simmering and just dumped the excess water, and let the kabocha sit in the pot on the cooling stove for a while to dry off. It wasn't that great hot, but once it cooled down? Quite nice.

*I had tasted the mixture and added soy sauce to make it less sweet so it might be a good idea to start with less sugar and add to taste. In any case, splendidly simple and oh so good.
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Erg, haven't posted in forever. Unfortunately my laptop is not working properly (battery life is shot and it heats up like crazy pretty quickly) and my ipad is awesome for consumption. Instead, I've been collecting Generation Kill fics that I'm just going to post without reworking the blurbs for the fics (some are just cut and pasted from the author's summary ^^;). I got on the recent kick thanks to [ profile] thefourthvine's rec of a fusion with A Companion to Wolves. XD

I've also been rereading my manga/books and been finding out that some just suck. One that was particularly distasteful was Keijijou na bokura by Kawai Touko. Holy crap those kids are emo woobies...I doubt I liked it all that much when I first read it because it reminds me all to much of Cut, another emo manga by her I have never warmed to.

cat and food pics )

Generation Kill fanfic dump )
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On Saturday after leaving the (insanely busy) farmer's market filled with tourists, I decided I needed to eat malasadas. A malasada is Portuguese and is quite popular in Hawaii. It's deep fried dough rolled around in sugar. I foolishly decided not to look at a map but almost randomly drove down various streets in the right direction, hoping to hit the main thoroughfare that the bakery was on. I made lots of turns (LOTS), but eventually got there. Then I stood in line filled with tourists for my two malasadas and a weak cup of coffee.

Pure joy, I tell you. (I went to Whole Foods afterwards and ate the malasadas there instead of sitting in my hot car in the sun, and appropriated a napkin so that I didn't get sugar all over myself as I ate them.) I wish I'd bought coffee at Whole Foods, though. At least their coffee isn't weak.

I then ate tasty savory crepes with spinach, ham, and cheese for lunch, and went bowling. Bowling is so much fun, need to do it more. Too bad lots of alleys have shut down over the years.

It's been interesting seeing some posts on various communities about unexplained purging of members from some scanlation group. I hadn't realized some groups had not only become closed, but had become insanely asshole-ish. Including having rules about not talking about them anywhere (which I suppose is part of why I hadn't heard about all of this until now). There had always been asshole scanlation groups, but perhaps the level of asshole is greater now?
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It's still Christmas here, though I know it's already the next day in most of the world...I was unconscious for most of the day, thanks to a night of bad sleep. XD;

Random Christmas stuff:

Lena Park singing Christmas carols

Don't forget Amazon's free Christmas MP3's (I can't get a clean link, so go to MP3 downloads, there should be a link from the top page). I particularly liked "You Holiday Song" by Indigo Girls, "Joseph's Lullaby" by MercyMe, "Winter's Games" by Superchunk, and "In the Bleak Midwinter" by Dan Fogelberg. I haven't listened to the last three, so no opinion there.

Not Martha shows how to make a Christmas tree mobile (love this, wish I was handy and could do it)

Non-Christmas but funny (even though--or it is because?--I haven't read the book): My Breaking Dawn Reading Experience by bookshelves of doom

Non-Christmas but tasty-looking: Swedish Butterhorns

Last but not least, Non-Christmas but cute: Bunnies and kitties at Lovely Clusters
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The Fresh Air interview of Harold McGee, writer of several cooking books (such as On Food and Cooking and the upcoming Keys to Good Cooking) was absolutely fascinating. He's like Alton Brown in that he explains why things happen the way they do while cooking, but without the cheesy shticks (which sometimes work and sometimes so do not work for me). He gives lots of good tips that I can totally use in my own daily life, just in the interview. I'm going to have to check out his books at the bookstore/library and see if they are something I want to own. He also has a column at the New York Times.

I'm not sure if anyone that reads this has iPod Touches/iPhones, but I figure it can't hurt to throw a question out there. Is there a way to load zips or folders of jpgs of books for on-the-go reading? I have seen pdf readers (figuring out which one to get will be tough--I don't deal well with choices sometimes) but just wondering about jpgs. Any other cool/useful/awesome apps to recommend? I just got a new iPod Touch as my 1st gen Touch was getting a little too slow for me, so it feels like I can finally indulge in apps. XD;

I am sleepy and lethargic. I hate stress-induced insomnia so much.
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I am very motivated to try the latest of Mark Bittman's The Minimalist video podcasts Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi and Quick Preserved Lemons. So easy, so tasty looking. I look forward to trying them at some point. And on newspaper columns, I heard good things about The New Vegetarian column on Guardian UK.

I love how creative people can get with costumes (be it for Halloween or for cosplay or whatever), so i really liked seeing this Toy Soldier Tutorial. The Tutorial is mainly concerned about the cosmetics to make her face look doll-like as she bought the costume itself. The transformation is just trippy.
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I'm quite excited about the upcoming release of Kansha: Celebrating Japan's Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions by Elizabeth Andoh. She wrote the excellent Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen. I'm interested in eating vegetarian food at home. It's perfect! I hope it's as good (or better!) than Washoku.

She's launched two "on-line culinary classrooms," KANSHAcooking and WASHOKUcooking. According to the sites, she'll post recipes from the books with tips not in the book at somewhat regular intervals. She already has PDFs of several recipes. I downloaded the one for Dark Miso Soup with Sweet Potato (Satsuma imo no aka dashi), and found explanations about soaking the satsuma imo before using with pictures of several brands of the stuff you're supposed to soak them with (along with other good info). I love this kind of detail, personally.
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On radio program (which I listen to via podcast) The Splendid Table they had a trivia challenge that asked, "What's the translation of Adam and Eve on a raft with Noah's boy and where does it come from?" It's lunch counter lingo or diner speak, the terms waitresses and cooks used for menu items, and it means two poached eggs on toast with a side of ham (Noah's second son was named Ham). The example I liked was "first lady with cow feed" for spareribs with salad. Eve was the first lady and she was made from Adam's rib. More lingo here.

I stayed up too late finishing "Accident in Blue" last night...more Fujimi )

I knew rereading Fujimi would turn into a major time suck. *sighs* I love the series and can't resist temptation, and so am not doing things I should be doing.
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I heard a hilarious quote credited to Ernie Kovacs today: "Television: a medium, so-called because it is neither rare nor well done." XD;

A friend gave me some tasty wildflower honey as omiyage, and now I want to make Honey Toast. I just need to buy some good Asian-style white bread and overload on more carbs and sugar. Lately I've been inhaling carbs like there's no tomorrow. So good. So, so good.
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I bought my first ebook from a small publisher this weekend...a very nice experience. Easy, fast, and the PDF was easy to read. Too bad the books (it was a trilogy) turned out to be not that great. I didn't expect much going in, but I wondered if I'd read the same books as the people who'd reviewed them on amazon. ^^; Good thing I bought the ebook and not the (expensive) paperbacks.

I reread Kirith Kirin by Jim Grimsley and once again thoroughly enjoyed it. It's totally too long and has too much info about things that really don't matter (as some people have complained), but personally I can't get enough. Too bad it's out of print and the used copies are so expensive. I read a number of reviews of the two books set in the same world and have come to the sad conclusion that I don't want to read them. First, they have different main characters and are set thousands of years apart. Second, they turn into sci-fi. Considering just how much of a fantasy Kirith Kirin is, I don't want to make the switch over to a more sci-fi world.

Because the internet is for spreading pointless stories: English professor rants about being asked if she wanted cream or butter with her bagel in a Starbucks in NYC and gets kicked out by the police. What a bitch, ranting at some poor counter server who doesn't get to decide what the script is at the chain.
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I've been coming across eggplant hate lately. Whenever people pick a vegetable as an example of something they dislike, eggplant shows up a lot. I adore eggplants, and don't understand the specific hate. So please tell me...

[Poll #1604824]

Please share any favorite recipes, eggplant lovers! (I hope there are eggplant lovers out there...) There are such lovely eggplants in the markets right now.
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I've been in a bit of a blah fandom/BL-wise. No fandom loves, no good BL novels, no good manga. I have been craving more "Hakkenden" by Abe Miyuki, and just explained to friends over dinner how baffling I find "Super Lovers," the series (I assume) she's abandoned "Hakkenden" for recently. I haven't started rereading the Fujimi Symphony novels yet, either. I was kinda disturbed by the idea of Founding Fathers slash potential.

I've been working and trying to figure out how to eat mostly non-meat meals. It's amazing to discover how much meat played the central role in meal planning now that I'm trying to do something different. Been borrowing scary numbers of cookbooks from the library...It reminds me of how I used to borrow so many I'd lose track of them and end up paying tons of overdue (or lost!) fines. :P
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Wow. "The Last Airbender" is getting a bashing from the critics. I spent some time reading a bunch of the reviews, and now have a morbid curiosity to watch it. In 2D.

I spent some time after work getting lost looking for a particular library branch to borrow a particular book (Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, as I'm interested in trying to eat a lot less meat but have no clue how to cook meatless non-salad meals). First I was on the wrong street. That was easily solved with a quick look at the map and two right turns. But then even on the right street I couldn't find the dang thing. I finally saw a small sign on a fence, "Library Parking -->." I passed it and had to turn around to get back to the sign. I realized when I went into the parking lot that the library branch is actually two portables on school grounds. One portable is for staff. The other is the "library." So small! But I still ended up borrowing five books, including the one I wanted to borrow. Going to a new branch is dangerous since it's so easy to randomly find interesting books. :P
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cut for pics )
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Never never never ever bother listening to the food podcast The Sporkful. My mini-rant. )
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[ profile] seperis asks for tea recs and gets A LOT. Oh man, now I want to order tea! Check out both LJ and DW. I can't wait for the shincha to start arriving in my local tea store...

Via The Splendid Table: There are a couple of guys in NYC with a truck farm, as in vegetables grown in the back of a pickup truck. They even have a CSA. For $20/year you can get miniscule amounts of veggies delivered right to you by the farm itself. The concept is so cool, but how do you make sure people don't steal the food?

pics of food I made yesterday )

It's sad how much I post about food and not about books lately. It's not like I'm not reading any books. It's just that I'm either reading non-fiction books, which I almost never post about, or crappy books that aren't worth posting about (like, not so awfully bad it requires a post talking about how bad it is). I want to read an awesome book that makes me do a post with lots of exclamation marks...*sighs*


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