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I have been addicted to the song Zero by Bump of Chicken, the theme song for Final Fantasy Type Zero. The video on the DVD that comes with the limited edition of the single is quite depressing yet cool, check it out here. spoilers for the game )

Finally! More Generation Kill/A Companion to Wolves: You Just Brace and You Breathe by dira. The series is collected here.

The Art of Flat-Sharing by [ profile] out_there is an adorable Sherlock POV fic about being roommates with John. The little observations, how Sherlock decides to do the little things he thinks are pointless just to placate John, all of it.

Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) by [ profile] out_there is another adorable one, this time from John POV. Sherlock starts randomly kissing John. John tries to figure out why.

Incantations and Deductions by [ profile] hbomb90 is a HP crossover in which John, a Griffindor, and Sherlock, a Slytherin, become improbable friends. It's incorporating plot lines from the show, but it's WIP so I have no idea where it's going to.

The Important Bit by Solshine, Sherlock, bits from a platonic marriage of 30 years. A bit sappy, but mostly sweet.

Making the Connection by JessamyGriffith, John is working as a phone sex operator and gets a detoxing (and bored) Sherlock. They "make a connection." It's WIP and it's...uneven. There are bits of conversation that are fun to read, but then it gets weighed down with angst/melodrama/whatever and flies off a bit too much. I'm hoping it gets a bit more grounded more consistently because I would like to know where this ends up.

The Happy Announcement by knittingkninja, Sherlock, Sherlock/John. I think an excerpt explains it all: " In six months, apparently he and John were getting married. Odd that he wasn't consulted about this. It was generally something that people agreed to do in this culture." Mycroft being helpful, naturally. XD; WIP.

If At First by kellifer_fic, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve College AU, Tony was mean to Steve in high school when Steve was a scrawny geeky thing, but he notices Steve once he's grown out quite nicely. A pulling pigtails kind of story. Cute, and Tony's POV is fun, but slightly lacking. Steve needs to push back a bit more.

Expectations by shinysylver, Marvel movies, Tony and Steve in Vegas. Tony tries to act in a certain way that Steve doesn't want anything to do with. Short and cute.

Still LIfe with Potstickers and Welding Torch: Or, Tony Stark at Rest by melannen, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve-ish, there is art, and it is cute.

Knitwear by tsukinofaerii, Marvel comics, Tony/Steve, short, sweet, absolutely adorable crack.

Babe, I'm Gonna Be Your Man by cherryvanilla, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, strippers lead to jealousy lead to...

These three Things Remain by Siria, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, Steve gets used to the 21st century and Tony. Not in that order.

Paint the Ocean Blue, and Marigold too. by godofwine, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, marine biology AU. It's rather lovely, and I love the guys made into scientists stuck on a boat looking for whales and other stuff.
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Love this fic: Parlour Games by [ profile] prillalar, Harry Potter, Pairings: Sirius/James, Bellatrix/Sirius. It's like caramel, burnt and bitter, but oh so lovely.

I was looking at reviews on Amazon for a simple pattern-making book and came across the following review: "This book creates fashions for women who have figures of little girls, not real women. It was very disappointing in that the patterns were for stick, straight bodies." It was rather insulting since I have a very straight figure, so I was glad to see a response that began: "It's nice to know that those of us who have athletic body types or who haven't been blessed with huge boobs or hourglass figures aren't considered real women. You could simply say it's not for all body types instead of degrading a certain type." You go girl!
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This morning before work I saw [ profile] seperis's post asking for "recs for Harry/Draco written by someone who doesn't hate Harry", and I didn't click on a single link. I read a decent amount of H/D way back when, but was eventually turned off by the prevailing favorite canon relationship dynamics and characterizations (I kept thinking that Draco was the new Duo at times...And that is not a compliment. XD;). But it's hard to resist the lure of an old fandom...
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Awesome fic rec of the day (week/month/year): Reconciling Lily's Eyes by [ profile] persepolis130 is post-DH Snape/Harry that is mind-bogglingly fabulous. Yes, Snape is alive (this doesn't constitute a spoiler, does it? It's been a while and anyone who was planning on reading it spoiler-free would've read it already, right?). Snape is contrary and prickly and sneering and ugly, Harry is dense and confused but determined. It's been praised in the comments for being IC, and I suppose to a certain extent it is--I felt like this Harry was more like the Harry of the earlier part of the series, pre-book five or so, instead of post-DH. They have an excruciatingly confusing and complicated relationship, embarrassing and awkward and strange. The sex is so embarrassing and awkward and strange, too. I love how things don't work out naturally, how people misunderstand or just plain don't understand everything and anything, how hard it is to figure out what you really want and what will make you happy. I very much appreciate that the story wasn't the one huge angst-fest it so could've been. It helped that Harry was mostly dense and confused but determined. There isn't much room for wallowing in angst when one is wallowing in utter confusion and trying to pull yourself out of it by sheer will (which is what I felt like Harry was doing most of the time). I had some minor problems with the story, mostly with some wording choices and other trivial details, but they all pale in the face of the good.

I just wish I hadn't had such a hard time reading this fic (it's in eleven parts) because I kept getting an error message telling me the next part didn't exist from Earthlink. Some kind of internet connection problem? It was very frustrating having to go find something else to do while I waited to try clicking on the next part...
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Huh, Midare somenishi by Kodaka Kazuma was reprinted under a new publisher with an additional chapter, available as rather blurry photos here. I hope someone scans a legible copy of it because I'm not going to buy another copy just for the extra chapter unless it's amazing, and at this point I can't read it to judge.

I really hate all of these new editions of Biblos titles since a lot of them seem to come with new material in them. *sighs*


I had to laugh at Albus Dumbledore's Fail-Proof Master Plan Following The Events Of Harry Potter's Fourth Year (Including Later Revisions). Obviously spoilers to end of series. XD

Not so funny is Conjure-Man by Ishafel, an amazing HP/SS post-DH fic that evokes the setting so vividly, it's like the city is alive and another character. The story is bittersweet but not melodramatic, painful without being breast-beating.
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I am torn between desperately wanting to eat and wanting to sleep. So instead I post. First, fanfics:

Reason by [ profile] kishmet, PoT, TezuRyo + MomoKai, lots of fun and completely dorky MomoKai goodness.

The Brilliant Find A Date For Kyouya Plan parts one and two by [ profile] sam_storyteller, Ouran, sekrit pairings, hilarous. I had some problems with some details (mostly to do with how people addressed each other and Japanese usage), but the story rises far above those problems. It's really like an episode, just with real romance at the end. XDXD

Kyouya/Tamaki + Haruhi drabble for [ profile] petronia by as-of-yet-unknown-writer, Ouran, sweet and tranquil.

Random linkage:

The Simpsons Go to Paris with Linda Evangelista
A spread in Harper's Bazaar featuring Simpson's characters dressed in coutoure clothing!

Potter Publisher Predicted Literary Magic
I got a trip out of learning that the man who brought Harry Potter to the U.S. also brought over Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials, and had predicted that the initial review copies would be very valuable. I also loved his explanation on how he chooses books:

"I am just aware of how I feel and how I am reacting — am I laughing? Am I moved? Am I bored?, he says. "I am just being a reader, and I trust that if my response is strong enough and powerful enough that other people will have that response."
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It's at times like these (when I'm lacking sleep, tired, and supremely lethargic) that I really feel just how much effort it takes to compose a proper squee and pimp post. ^^; So in lieu of a proper post (or two or three) that I'm actually dying to write up, two interesting Harry Potter-related NPR stories I heard today:

Rush Is on for Harry Potter Knockoffs in China
Apparently fake Harry Potter stories are supremely popular in China...Some of the story ideas are fanfic-worthy in their luridness. Do these knockoffs not count as fanfics because they aren't written by fans for their own enjoyment but for piracy?

Wizard Rock: Harry Potter Goes Punk
I love the lyrics of a song by Draco and the Malfoys: "My father's rich, your father's dead." The music kind of sucks, but I love the passion evident in everyone involved. It's nice to see geeky fannishness so out in the open, without the stigma these things used to have. XDXD

I seriously need to watch the movie. *sighs*
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ARG. I had found a nice cache of HP fics I will probably like and had been going through them happily, only to have [ profile] mitethe suck me into thinking about meta by bringing up the stupid anon hate meme nonsense that had been going around LJ recently (which I had been successfully ignoring this whole time because ugh, hate memes). I started reading some other meta and it triggered "deep thoughts" about why I don't read more in HP fandom. Biggest (and most shallow) reason would probably have to be the huge part of fandom that dotes on characters like Draco or Snape and makes them Misunderstood and Suffering and all kinds of other really annoying and indulgent things. I love angst, I love characterizations that are so extreme they become completely divorced from canon, but overexposure to badly-done fic of that type just kills me. I think it was so hard to avoid fics like that I gave up. It didn't help that HP was such a huge fandom after a while that it was hard to just dabble in it.

I'm starting to feel that way with SGA. I am becoming less and less tolerant of certain portrayals of characters because it's often done in such a shallow and obviously fanon-ish way. I have loved the fics that have a take on the characters that I 100% don't agree with but make it work in the fic because they bring them to life, but not many have the skill or put in the effort to go that far. :P

But as I hate ending a post on a downer note, good crack I stumbled upon today: Harry Potter and the Jealous Husband by Lady K. d'Azrael in which (an insane) Harry is a nagging wife to a pathetically pussy-whipped Voldemort. And the Death-Eaters are pretty sad, too. Unfortunately, I thought the sequel Lord Voldemort and the Shrewish Spouse fell flat on its face.
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Fanart: radio creo is amazingly colored Marauders (minus Peter) gorgeousness. XD Love the half-dressed hotness of everyone. GUH.

Fanfic: Gasconade by [ profile] canis_m is absolutely delicious Richard/Alec post-Swordspoint interaction. Makes me want to buy the book (my original copy my friend has been "borrowing" years now?) to reread it.

Speaking of fanfics, I came across リョーマ誕生日祭ぶち, a Ryoma birthday celebration drabble thing. Yamaguchi 2 is HILARIOUS.

Yamaguchi 2 )
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First things first, saw KKM 67.

some thoughts )

The next episode looks promising. Gorgeous men going around being heroic. ^_^

And I spent some time reading fanfics this weekend. Lots of HP, but found very few fics to my liking (though there are many good ones out there). In any case, some fics I enjoyed recently:

KKM: Turning Point by [ profile] elihice is such a lovely wonderful Conrad story, I just sighed in contentment when I finished. I love it when ConYuu stories don't ignore or trivialize the Wolfram factor in their relationship. I love it when they allow Wolfram to be a great character. I love a pensive, quietly angsty Conrad. And how can I not love a fic that ends with the line: "He hadn’t expected to be happy, but it was very nice to be wrong"? XDXD

xxxHOLIC: Measure for Measure by Neo is just hilariously perfect Doumeki/Watanuki, with Doumeki fangirls accosting Watanuki and Watanuki being so Watanuki (saying stuff like "Those girls told me not to walk with you, and I needed an excuse not to walk with you anyway, so. HAVE A HORRIBLE DAY.” is so like him). I also loved the interweaving of the supernatural with the everyday.

HP: Good Boy by [ profile] memorycharm is a disturbingly well-done AU Harry/Sirius fic that was...well...disturbing. (Overwhelmed by my way with words yet?) I don't even like this pairing but the way Harry was confused and needy and slowly sucked in like the innocent young thing that he is, and the way Sirius was fucked-up and manipulative yet also kind of confused and maybe innocent (or maybe not?) was totally cool.
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...and here's what I thought )

Actually saw it last night, but couldn't post until this morning because of that LJ move thing that I had no idea was happening. :P
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I've come to the realization that making time for fangirling is the healthiest thing I can do for myself. Wish it weren't so hard to. ;_; Anyhow, onto fangirling:

A one-shot called Bukiyou na Silent (An Awkward Silent) by Takanaga Hinako is being posted on [ profile] yaoi_daily (parts 1 and 2 so far)...I like the art, and the story amused me. I checked out mochi mochi's site and downloaded the whole thing. Cute! I love the gap between the main character's thoughts and his (non) expressions. ^__^ I didn't know they had also scanlated the Fujimi Orchestra manga. I'm sure they did a good job on it.

Also been following with interest the manga He is a Naturalist by Takaaki Kusaka. The short, cute "summary" (?) of the story made me grin.

Somehow or another I ended up at [ profile] danielleleigh's LJ and had a wonderful time reading all of her PoT reaction, here, here, here, here, here, and here (and I will deny any hints that I am being in any way stalker-ish).

I'd write more (lots more) but I am forcing myself to sleep early. This getting up at 5 and going to work at 6 thing is getting old. *sighs*
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Ishida Akira voicing Tom Riddle

It's so perfect it's mindblowing.

On a sidenote, Harry is voiced by a female (whom I don't recognize) and sounds WAAAAY too young. >_<

Also, [ profile] prillalar is doing an episode by episode analysis of TezuRyo content in the anime. I love all the [fangirling deleted] cut tags. ^^

Last night got together with some friends. I had forgotten how much fun it is to squee in a group (I was most gratified by their reactions to the Ishida Akira as Tom Riddle thing XD). And I didn't realize that the singer of the Sousei no Aquarian OP sang Voices from Macross Plus and the Lodoss Wars OVA songs, as well (I think...AKINO is Akino Arai, right?). I love the Sousei no Aquarian OST. Here are the two songs I play on infinite repeat at work nowadays:

Sousei no Aquarian
Pride ~Nageki no Tabi~

Lovely songs, both. The second one soothing and I can't help but rock back and forth along to the rhythm.
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I read an article about the people who collaborate to change British slang in Harry Potter into something Americans can I know who to blame for suggesting the change of the first book from Philosopher's Stone. Yes, it's been many years, but I'm still sore about it. I know what a Philosopher's Stone is! It's a real thing! (Well, as real as a legendary thing can be...)


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