Mar. 19th, 2010 11:28 pm
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Surrendering to the Fall by [livejournal.com profile] moshesque, KKM, Conrad/Yuuri, beautiful but painful. I hope she writes a sequel, and that it won't be more painful.
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ETA3: Added TRC figurines and Square Enix The World of Mana (what is this anyhow?) plushies

ETA2: Added a Hikago Sai fan keyholder and xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set.

ETA: I found another mug cup in a random drawer while cleaning today. T_T It's a Karekano Pero Pero mug cup I already have and use....Why I have two, I don't know. In any case, see below for pics.

While digging through my closet I discovered the mother-lode of goods I'd pretty neatly stuck into a bunch of boxes. They were kind of heavy and took up a good amount of room, so I decided to cull. A lot of it was easy because I had this horrible habit of buying two sets of stationary...So there are lots of letter sets below. I also found things that baffled me. Why the hell would I have bought them? I realized that some of them were given to me, thus explaining their presence without me having to resort to a temporary lapse in judgement. In any case, I did a mad run of picture taking and uploading of stuff I wouldn't mind parting with.

Prices are in US dollars, they don't include shipping. Some of the items (such as the mugs and bowl) are heavier, thus will cost more to ship. I may also have to buy a box or a package to send these things safely. Please don't ask how much postage will be...I won't know until I go to the post office. I don't have a scale, unfortunately. I'd prefer payment in postal money orders for those in the US. If anyone outside of the US wants any of this stuff, I'd prefer international money orders. I'd like Paypal to be a last resort.

Warning: Lots of images under the cuts

hello kitty phone strap )

hello kitty/nana fastener )

wolf's rain t-shirt )

pot clear cd case, pouch, pencil board, wristband, fan-made goods )

kkm fastener, letter set )

ouran fastener, notebooks )

fma mugs, bowl, figurine, double file, hand towels )

fushigi yuugi letter set )

princess princess notepad )

matsumoto temari minicard cases )

saiyuki postcard set, letter set )

morimoto shuw notepad )

sugiura shiho koori no mamono notepad )

CLAMP mokona mugs, TRC letter set, gouhou drug postcard, xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set, TRC figurines in Mokona containers )

matantei loki ragnarok plushie, minicard set, hand towel, letter set )

hikago clock, pencil case, cards, sticky notes, plushies, notepads, fan-made stickers, Sai fan keyholder )

karekano hand towel, mug cup )

cafe kichijouji de letter set, postcard set, notepad )

loveless postcard )

angel sanctuary letter set )

fruitsbasket )

dn angel sticker book )

yami no matsuei minicard set )

rurouni kenshin letter set )

genjuu bunshou by narushima yuri letter set )

oh my goddess! letter set )

Great Place High School (manga by Koujima Naduki) postcards )

mirage of blaze fan-made letter set )

square enix the world of mana plushies )

Sorry the pics are not that great. I tried retaking when they were really bad, but I couldn't get good shots of some of the stuff. :P
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Wow, there's KKM a Halloween Special Present featuring wallpapers with Yuuri, Conrad, and Wolfram cosplaying on the official site. I'm not that impressed with the Yuuri and Wolfram ones (though they are kind of cute), but...CONRAD. Wow. He looks good as a vampire. *_* They are downloadable until 11/6.

On a more serious note, a quote that made me think today:

You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.

-- Marcus Cole, Babylon 5
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My mini-squee moment of the day: Unprofessional by [livejournal.com profile] madsciencechick, a Conrad-focused Conrad/Yuuri KKM fic that is short and sweet. I adore how Conrad just can't help himself, and his relationship with his men.

I just read a manga featuring a hetare seme x violent uke (one of my favorite BL tropes) that just made me laugh so much. Violence na Kimi ga Suki by Araya Miki is about the pathetically shy and introverted Myouenji and his stunningly ridiculous first meeting with the scary, violent Kuroda, who becomes the love of his life. My enjoyment of the manga came from Myoueji's total pathetic nature and his desperate, single-minded admiration and love for Kuroda. His attempt to become stronger to be able to stand next to Kuroda as an equal was just so...earnest, yet so misguided it was adorable.

I particularly love the spread above--it encapsulates Myouenji's earnestness and lameness (notice the streams of tears).

The big weakness of the story is the uke--his personality does not shine the way Myouenji's does, and it's a pity because a properly executed hetare seme x violent uke dynamic just sparkles and is so much fun. But I think Myouenji makes the manga worth reading. I uploaded the first scanlated chapter, grab it here and check it out. A zip of all the scanlated chapters (which I believe is the entire story) is here.

Just wanted to add a disclaimer--I'm not saying the manga is good. It isn't. I just enjoyed reading it because it was fun, flaws and all.

ETA: There was an extra part to this manga that was released today (or was it yesterday?). In any case, here it is.
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Woot! While I wasn't checking, Chapter 15 of the FFVII Sephiroth/Cloud fic Fusion by Knowing Shadows was posted! And it was a meaty chapter, full of....stuff. It feels like the story is progressing. God, I love this fic.

Newest KKM raw manga posted at [livejournal.com profile] conradxyuuri? Hilarious! There's a version of the silly bit in one of the CD dramas were Conrad and Yuuri sound like they are doing something very naughty and Wolfram loses it. And Gunter's frightening diary makes an appearance. XD

Today's happy song: No Sleep Tonight by The Faders is upbeat, fun, with a driving beat, and absolutely perfect for cruising on the freeway with the sun beating down shining brightly. AND the lyrics made me laugh (once I paid attention to them) because they reminded me of a certain type of McKay/Sheppard fic that SGA does soooo well.

look at the lyrics and tell me I'm wrong )

And onto the SGA stuff proper:

A cool fic/music fusion based on Four Quarters by [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone, a band!AU, The Best of The Puddlejumpers: Bootleg Edition. The music, the lyrics, the snippets, they all kind of come together. Very cool.

Waltz, tango, Foxtrot by [livejournal.com profile] out_there is an adorable McKay/Sheppard AU (originally started for the Harlequin Challenge, so that should tell you something right there) in which Rodney takes dance lessons with his girlfriend. Their dance instructor? John. I loved Rodney: obnoxious and socially retarded, neurotic and big-mouthed. John just oozed, all over the place, yet managed to be real and sweet. ^^

[livejournal.com profile] mitethe pointed me at the terrifying clone!fic Convictions by [livejournal.com profile] graycastle. Yowzers. Fics that take a premise and run and run and run...in such few words just blow me away. And the angst!

Such Is The Way to The Stars by Otter is one of those fun McKay/Sheppard fics I smile at every time I read it. How can anyone resist the opening:

When Rodney sat down -- a little too calmly, considering he'd entered the room at a sprint -- he said, "I've been here for the last twenty minutes. In case anyone asks."

John raised an eyebrow and put down his sandwich. It didn't actually taste much like turkey, anyway. "McKay?" he said, and he managed to insert a few layers of inquiry and reprimand into the word with no additional syllables.

Rodney waved one hand dismissively, and used the other to steal one of John's crackers. "Relax," he said. "It's nothing. Well, nothing they'll be able to prove, anyway."

And it only gets better!
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Wow. I was going to do a bunch of things on Saturday, none of which happened. Partly it was because I wasn't as over the cold as I was hoping, but partly it was because I read fanfics all day long. It kind of started when I was looking for a particular SGA fanfic. I didn't remember the title or the author, only a kind of vague memory of the story and that it was really good. So...I started looking for it. Of course, looking for meant clicking on lots of fics because "summaries" can often be totally unhelpful, and clicking on fics meant I read them. I read a lot of them until I finally had the realization that night that I was totally looking in the wrong places. And promptly found it in 5 minutes. -_- But at least I found even more good fic (at the cost of the entire day), and I even felt pretty good.

And speaking of fanfics, I found a finished LJ post I hadn't bothered posting for some reason. I really don't feel like editing it to make it work now, so I'll just tack it on at the end of this. XD


I haven't exactly been going on fanfic hunting/reading marathons, but somehow I managed to get a sizable number of fics to rec, from a very diverse array of fandoms (for me, that is). I need to clear out my tabs (bookmarking and memories are far too logical. my method of keeping fic is that handy-dandy tab feature...).

amazing how the fics pile up )
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The subject explains it all, but I'm even too lazy to use an lj cut judiciously. :P I think my interest in being online is at an ebb. I've been reading (and I've read almost all the personal f-list posts that I've caught) but haven't commented much, or posted much. I've been slacking on email correspondence, and not wanting to chat. *shrugs* I suppose I'll get all into it once again at some point.

Haru chapter 43 scans were uploaded on [livejournal.com profile] youka_nitta here, and oh boy...it was long and made me very happy. I love Katou and Iwaki snuggling like an old married couple. I love how comfortable they are with each other. And once again we have one of them managing to push the other forward by just believing in him. I love their relationship. I wish we got to see some of the shoot, though. What is the director trying to do to Iwaki?

The Yamane Ayano fans did it to me again. Here I was, totally oblivious that the next Viewfinder chapter was coming out soon (is already out?), until I saw the squeeing preview posts (WITH PICS!) that made me all expectant and wanting (hm, if only I had a big bad seme that might be a good thing?). Now I'm going to be checking LJ like MAD for the next couple days until the stupid scans are posted. -_-

Downloaded some cute Wolfram/Yuuri DJ from [livejournal.com profile] kyou_kara_maou here. How I love the cuteness. XD

And in an unusual fandom for me: Seventh Son by [livejournal.com profile] rhymer23, a Howl's Moving Castle fic that I think is very much in DWJ's style and hilarious to boot. Drunk Howl and angry Sophie through the eyes of a poor schmuck innocent bystander. XD

And has everyone in SGA fandom read the Teacher's Pet series? The one about John turning 8? OMG IT IS PURE LOVE. I wish I knew the characters better, but it's so fun and cute I don't think you have to know anything to enjoy it immensely (since I did, and everything I know is from fanfics). Parts 1-3, 5 and 7 are accessible here, and also Parts 4 and 6.

And onto the PoT. First off, some really old stuff I've been meaning to post about. [livejournal.com profile] prillalar made an interesting post about how PoT is not a typical sports series and why. Made me think quite a bit.

[livejournal.com profile] bookshop made a massive mulit-post PoT introductory thing (first post here) that covers the story, the characters, the gay, the fanfics, etc. It's pretty amazing stuff. I love that she didn't focus only on her OTP.

Speaking of OTP, the massive amounts of amazingly good TezuRyo just pouring out just leaves me breathless. I don't always agree with the characterizations or the relationship dynamics, but I can't help but be happy because it's good writing. A turn of phrase there, an image here...it makes me delirious with joy. Several of the many I've been enjoying:

Gravitation by [livejournal.com profile] achiasa is a lovely crack piece about the power of two opposing Tezuka Zones.

Rebirth by [livejournal.com profile] kessie, an amazing continuation to two other fics (links available at post). I love the switching between past and present, and how Tezuka is torn in a not uber-angsty way and how Ryoma knows just how to push. XD

Facing Forward by [livejournal.com profile] achiasa is the fic that has been making me just squee to death because it's pre-slash so it's ALL ABOUT THE TENNIS. I love how the coaches, after seeing the two of them play, start talking about famous tennis rivalries. And possibly my most favorite line? "Tezuka remembers looking down on Echizen from above, challenging him to climb higher; he remembers the shock and pride of realising that Echizen had taken him at his word and leapt."

I was totally stuck in traffic coming home tonight, and started rummaging through my car looking for something to keep me from raging. I first found SR Disc 2, and that made me happy as I listened to Arigatou (OH THE TEZURYONESS OF IT ALL) and Dreaming on the Radio and We Love Seigaku. I then found a mixed CD simply titled "Tenipuri." I had no clue what was on it (other than something to do with PoT) so I stuck it in. Oh, the memories. Lots of the older stuff, like Ryoma's first album songs, CROSS WITH YOU (Atobe-sama, you rock), Days of Moments (I love the two duets on Fuji's album), and so many other songs. XD


Feb. 7th, 2006 07:24 pm
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GAH, I did it again. I found out two days after putting in my amazon japan order that Koicha no Osahou Volume 4 is out. I can only hope that there will be scans uploaded somewhere, but I really like owning my own copy. ;_;

I think I'm going to stop checking the news so carefully from now on. There are far too many depressing and/or infuriating and/or sad issues out there...Just too much. *sighs*

I gave in and read Bandages by Konitsu, a FFVII/FFVIII crossover even though I know nothing about FFVIII. I was confused about all the FFVIII characters and their world as I expected, but I was happy by the messed up SxC in it. XD

I've been telling myself I don't need more goods, but...mewants.

I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to download and reconstruct Bishonen Beauty. It's available via megauploads in parts (with subtitles!) here, but looks like it uses some specialized program and that just seems...a lot of work. :P Especially for a movie that some call cold, if beautiful to look at.

Oh, and random link for the day: There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell Viagra. More things people really didn't need to know but someone decided to figure out. ^^;
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The Conrad vocal single is available via the general KKM comm, as well as the ConYuu comm. I have come to like "Eternal Ring" quite a bit after repeated listens. "Love Me Tender"...cracks me up each time I listen to it...maybe if he was a bit less Engrishy I could take it...or I could erase the image of Conrad gyrating around in a shiny suit and sunglasses...^^;

I recently purchased Hirahara Ayaka's cover album, From To, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I love her deep voice, and for the most part the arrangements are very well done. The one exception is this version of "True Love" by Fujii Fumiya...I've listened to it over and over and just can't like it. The arrangement just distracts from the essential beauty of the song. But I digress...I wanted to share a couple of my favorite tracks...Though I had a hard time picking just two. I ended up with:

Itoshi no Erii
This is a Southern All Stars song which I 've heard before but don't really remember. Oh, what a lovely song. Oh, what a lovely arrangement. It's groovy and fun, while still being mellow. I initially wasn't going to bother with lyrics, but I found myself singing along every time I heard this, so I dug some up. ^^

Nagori yuki
This is apparently a very old song, which I think I have heard before...but a cover version with a guy. In any case, a lovely, sad arrangement of a lovely, sad song. The train mentioned in the song is actually the word for a steam engine, so I imagine a setting years ago...The lush instrumentation works to fuel that image. I ended up translating the song because I thought it was a beautiful, longing song. I love the idea of a little girl growing up and blossoming one day, leaving behind someone who didn't even really realize his own feelings...

Some other notable tracks on the album which I didn't upload include:

Inochi no namae, a vocal and piano arrangement of a piece from the Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) soundtrack. Hisaishi Joe himself arranged the piece and played the piano.

Sakurazaka, a cover of the wonderful Fukuyama Masaharu song. Hirahara Ayaka's throaty voice works so well with the guitar arrangement of this song. I rather like it without the pronounced drums as in the original, even though I still melt at Fukuyama Masaharu's voice...

I highly recommend the album. It is incredibly soothing, among other things. XD

The lyrics:

いとしのエリー )

Kanji lyrics from here (Warning: Annoying midi sound file). Romaji lyrics and translation. Also the lyrics to the English cover version "Ellie, My Love" by Ray Charles.


なごり雪 )

Nagori yuki )

Regretful Snow )

Kanji from here. (Warning: Annoying midi sound file again)
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First off, I want to point out that [livejournal.com profile] teletha so graciously uploaded a whole crapload of Lacus Clyne (Tanaka Rie) songs here. Shizukana Yoruni is so peaceful and pretty, but the one I'm currently obsessing over is Shinkai no Kodoku which is actually not sung by Tanaka Rie. But it's in the same style, and just plain lovely.

While doing the book meme, I came upon a title, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, that I've always loved. I have never read the book, and at this rate will probably never read it, but the title always gives me shivers because it's just amazing. Yes, the title. I love how it falls from the tongue, I love the imagery conjured when I do say it (and I have to say it out loud when I see it). Am I the only one that falls in love with book titles? ^^; I also love The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul. Another one I've never read and will probably never read, but will love the title of forever.

In a sort of related note, I recently saw the name "Honor Harrington" somewhere...I love that name. I've never read any book from the series, don't know if I ever will, but that name...It's love. Most names in sci-fi and fantasy (not to mention) tend to be a mouthful, or rather contrived. This one is simple and perfect and balanced. Hopefully the name fits the character well, too.

And damn...getting the lowdown on the KKM drama CDs just makes me want them all! ;_;
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I hate coming home late...It takes so long to unwind to be able to go to sleep. :P I also can't read the newest Fujimi novel because once I start I won't stop...and I do need some sleep tonight.

My happy discovery for the day: Fields of Hope, a Lacus Clyne vocal single. Wow, it's so beautiful! It's so soothing! It's so perfect for driving at night! I wonder if there are more Lacus singles out?

Read a pretty thoughtful pairing rant post regarding Yuuri/Wolfram and Conrad/Yuuri in KKM. When I first saw it posted, I avoided it because I didn't want to get into a pairing bashing thing (esp since I like Wolfram and don't mind Yuuri/Wolfram in principle), but I decided to give it a go. I didn't really have anything to contribute to the discussion (thankfully the comments stayed civil), but I thought about my own feelings about the whole thing. I actually avoid the general KKM fandom because I don't want to start hating Yuuri/Wolfram because of the rabid fangirls. I think it's worked, because I have a very positive image of them. While I don't have any kind of need to read the pairing, it in no way offends me even as I totally ship Conrad/Yuuri. I can't stand it when the fandom is what can drives people away.

Funny TezuRyo short.

Also, a cute and silly salary-man one-shot, Nariyuki dakedo, was posted on [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_daily. I like this story. I like this art. I like how cliched it is. ^^;


Jan. 12th, 2006 09:38 pm
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I downloaded the KKM cd drama 裏 明日は(マ)のつく風が吹く! 本家すぺしゃるVer.(Ura Ashita wa ma no tsuku kaze ga fuku! Honke special version) the other day, and burned it onto a CD to listen on the way to work. OMG I laughed so hard!!

Track 1 is when Murata runs into Shoori several days before the aquarium trip. I adore Murata, and Shoori being so stubborn and burakon, and the two of them interacting. Murata baiting Shoori was so perfect! Track 2 is a normal morning in Shinmakoku. XD And Track 3 is ultimate fanservice! With seriousness thrown in! But mostly fanservice. I have to confess, I was just waiting for Wolfram to barge in on their fun, all riled up. And it was just perfect, with him frothing at the mouth and Yuuri and Conrad totally confused (though I swear Conrad must just be playing innocent. He's far too devious). I don't remember the other tracks right now (as my mind is kind of on the blink). :P

In any case, psyched up by fangirl happiness, I started translating some of the tracks a little bit at a time. Ten minutes here, a bit more there...But the quality is pretty bad (Proofreading? What's that?) and I kind of didn't fully think through everything but hey, I had fun. Unfortunately I lost steam so I only got through most of the first three tracks. Ah well.

funny! )

I'll be on the lookout for the other cd dramas! I hope they are as funny (or even funnier!).

P.S. Sorry for stranger than usual babbling. I am extremely tired, but idiotically decided to post anyways...

ETA: The actual CD drama! I forgot where I downloaded it, so I figured I might as well upload it. Via YSI. ^_^
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Ah, crap. I want. How I wish I was in Japan...And I rarely want this kind of thing, too. Then he could sit next to my animal Fuji and Ryoma...I wonder what Yuuri looks like?

The other day, I noticed again at how inconsistent I am with romaji. I type "shoujo" but never use a "u" in "shonen." I insist on using "ToUya" even as I never use "RyoUma." And so on and so forth. I know part of it is the fault of the Japanese, because they aren't consistent themselves. But still, the anal part of me is not very happy. ^^;

I really hate getting all the "technical difficulty" error messages I get recently when navigating around LJ. Especially when a simple refresh brings up the page. *sighs*


Dec. 27th, 2005 10:19 pm
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MinaJun is rabu. MinaJun singing as Ryoma is double rabu. Been listening off and on to Ryoma's new single, Progress, and falling in love with her voice all over again. The songs are pretty good, and even the duet with Konomi-sensei is fairly nice. The free talk was fun...but then, MinaJun's breezy manner is so easy on the ears. XD

Speaking of character songs, I've been listening to the KKM ones quite a bit. I definitely like the Yuuri ones much more than the Wolfram ones. At first I didn't even like the Wolfram ones, but they've grown on me. I think they are "okay." I swear they could have used Saiga Mitsuki's talents better, though. *shrugs* I wonder when Conrad's is going to be released?

Being a big fan of Sakuragi Yaya, I was ecstatic to see the scans of the Koi Cha no Osahou Mini Artbook that came with the January 2006 issue of Ciel on [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_daily. Oh, the loveliness. I had just reread Calorie and 20 cm no kyori the other day, too. I need to go dig up my Koi Cha no Osahou volumes and reread those, too. One thing I wasn't too impressed with was the last page, where she draws the college versions of the two. I think both of them looked waaay better in high school, Tokimaru in particular. :P

That novel illustrated by Yamane Ayano I was laughing about the other day? It's being translated. Out of curiosity I downloaded and skimmed it. Looks to be a very good quality translation, if a bit stiff. I admire her for deciding to translate a novel, but...why this one? It's not bad, but I can't say it's good either. And it has the most tiresome ten-page sex scenes that I'd rather commit ritual suicide than be forced to read, let alone translate. :P

And speaking of Yamane Ayano...thanks to the fangirl agitation on the comms, I'm starting to get excited over the prospect of reading the new chapter of Viewfinder soon. I reread the three volumes last night, laughing at the walking sex god that is Asami (that one scene where he's licking Takaba's fingers is...GUH). I really don't know what to expect...I just want to read it already...
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Does anyone have the Conrad character single? I've been patiently waiting for it to appear somewhere on one of the many possible comms and I just haven't seen it. The Yuuri one appeared basically the next day. ;_;
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Partly because I'm desperately trying to stay awake and anything I'd want to do would probably put me to sleep. And the stores are probably swamped by Christmas shoppers...

kkm 68 and 69 )
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Read some great...er...I guess I can't even call them drabbles. The [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence community features one sentence for each of 50 themes. [livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki is doing the set for ConYuu and posted four theme sentences.

And on to the music:

I've recently been completely obsessed with my newest aquisition--Yano Maki's album Takaramono. One of the best tracks on the (very excellent) album:

Otenki by Yano Maki
Lyrics and translation

And other random music:

Promise by TiA
Re:Start by Surface

I got the Yakitate! Japan OP and ED thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sorezore_noyume, and I'm totally addicted to Promise! I'm sure almost everyone already has the music as they've seen the anime and have heard the music, but to those (few) who haven't seen the anime...the music is super catchy!

Fly Away by Corrinne May

Reupped this one, so another chance to grab it. It's a great song, really.
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First things first, saw KKM 67.

some thoughts )

The next episode looks promising. Gorgeous men going around being heroic. ^_^

And I spent some time reading fanfics this weekend. Lots of HP, but found very few fics to my liking (though there are many good ones out there). In any case, some fics I enjoyed recently:

KKM: Turning Point by [livejournal.com profile] elihice is such a lovely wonderful Conrad story, I just sighed in contentment when I finished. I love it when ConYuu stories don't ignore or trivialize the Wolfram factor in their relationship. I love it when they allow Wolfram to be a great character. I love a pensive, quietly angsty Conrad. And how can I not love a fic that ends with the line: "He hadn’t expected to be happy, but it was very nice to be wrong"? XDXD

xxxHOLIC: Measure for Measure by Neo is just hilariously perfect Doumeki/Watanuki, with Doumeki fangirls accosting Watanuki and Watanuki being so Watanuki (saying stuff like "Those girls told me not to walk with you, and I needed an excuse not to walk with you anyway, so. HAVE A HORRIBLE DAY.” is so like him). I also loved the interweaving of the supernatural with the everyday.

HP: Good Boy by [livejournal.com profile] memorycharm is a disturbingly well-done AU Harry/Sirius fic that was...well...disturbing. (Overwhelmed by my way with words yet?) I don't even like this pairing but the way Harry was confused and needy and slowly sucked in like the innocent young thing that he is, and the way Sirius was fucked-up and manipulative yet also kind of confused and maybe innocent (or maybe not?) was totally cool.
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Because it is Thanksgiving here, I wanted to share a very appropriate quote I saw the other day:

"When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself."
~Attributed to Shawnee Chief Tecumseh on a blog post

At least I can be thankful for silly anime. ^_^ Just saw KKM 65 and 66...and... )

I wonder when the next serious arc will truly kick in? I assume there will be one...

I need to go pick up the novels again. This long weekend is the perfect time to.


Nov. 9th, 2005 08:48 am
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I had a couple of PoT-related questions that I hope someone can answer:

1. Did Tezuka have an extended conversation with Ryuzaki regarding why he wanted to play against Ryoma? I know at the end of volume 5 of the manga, he asks permission. Is there more than that? Didn’t see anything in a fast glance through the manga. Was there anything in the anime? If so, what episodes?

2. Is the name of Oishi’s uncle ever mentioned? What is it?

3. What is the translation of to-taikai (the Tokyo city tournament) in translations, scanlations, fansubs, whatever. (I hate not being able to type in Japanese freely...)

Also, a KKM question. Yuuri’s horse, Ao. Do translations use “Ao” or do they “translate” the name?

I was wrong about not translating. While digging around looking for something, I discovered a stash of doujinshi from my last trip. Started reading and totally enjoying them, so I ended up translating them. Seems like my arm doesn’t hurt as much when I actually sit at a desk and chair, as well as use a pencil. Though I only had a 3 mm mechanical pencil to work with so I kept breaking the lead. :P I haven’t used a mechanical pencil in ages. At work we use regular pencils, so it’s been since college. Takes me back to all that note-taking in class (I was an obsessive note-taker)…


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