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ETA3: Added TRC figurines and Square Enix The World of Mana (what is this anyhow?) plushies

ETA2: Added a Hikago Sai fan keyholder and xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set.

ETA: I found another mug cup in a random drawer while cleaning today. T_T It's a Karekano Pero Pero mug cup I already have and use....Why I have two, I don't know. In any case, see below for pics.

While digging through my closet I discovered the mother-lode of goods I'd pretty neatly stuck into a bunch of boxes. They were kind of heavy and took up a good amount of room, so I decided to cull. A lot of it was easy because I had this horrible habit of buying two sets of stationary...So there are lots of letter sets below. I also found things that baffled me. Why the hell would I have bought them? I realized that some of them were given to me, thus explaining their presence without me having to resort to a temporary lapse in judgement. In any case, I did a mad run of picture taking and uploading of stuff I wouldn't mind parting with.

Prices are in US dollars, they don't include shipping. Some of the items (such as the mugs and bowl) are heavier, thus will cost more to ship. I may also have to buy a box or a package to send these things safely. Please don't ask how much postage will be...I won't know until I go to the post office. I don't have a scale, unfortunately. I'd prefer payment in postal money orders for those in the US. If anyone outside of the US wants any of this stuff, I'd prefer international money orders. I'd like Paypal to be a last resort.

Warning: Lots of images under the cuts

hello kitty phone strap )

hello kitty/nana fastener )

wolf's rain t-shirt )

pot clear cd case, pouch, pencil board, wristband, fan-made goods )

kkm fastener, letter set )

ouran fastener, notebooks )

fma mugs, bowl, figurine, double file, hand towels )

fushigi yuugi letter set )

princess princess notepad )

matsumoto temari minicard cases )

saiyuki postcard set, letter set )

morimoto shuw notepad )

sugiura shiho koori no mamono notepad )

CLAMP mokona mugs, TRC letter set, gouhou drug postcard, xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set, TRC figurines in Mokona containers )

matantei loki ragnarok plushie, minicard set, hand towel, letter set )

hikago clock, pencil case, cards, sticky notes, plushies, notepads, fan-made stickers, Sai fan keyholder )

karekano hand towel, mug cup )

cafe kichijouji de letter set, postcard set, notepad )

loveless postcard )

angel sanctuary letter set )

fruitsbasket )

dn angel sticker book )

yami no matsuei minicard set )

rurouni kenshin letter set )

genjuu bunshou by narushima yuri letter set )

oh my goddess! letter set )

Great Place High School (manga by Koujima Naduki) postcards )

mirage of blaze fan-made letter set )

square enix the world of mana plushies )

Sorry the pics are not that great. I tried retaking when they were really bad, but I couldn't get good shots of some of the stuff. :P
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Came across a bunch of pretty postcards by Kaori Wakamatsu from Tokyu Hands and decided to scan some of them. She has more pictures on her website Graffiti Bunny.

Life After Hokuto by lachesis33 is a gen Hikago WIP set after the Hokuto Cup. While I have some minor problems with word choice (particularly the adjectives) and grammar, overall I throughly enjoyed what I read and look forward to more. The characters feel solid and their interactions authentic. The author's descriptions of games are pretty exciting, too.

A Brother's Love by [ profile] kessie is a fairly plausible PoT/Loveless crossover featuring creepy creepy Seimei and creeped out Ryoma and family. Even Karupin avoids Seimei!

Kiss Me Here, Please by Yamada Sakurako is a cute story about a sempai/kouhai relationship (scans on [ profile] crimsonevening: parts 1 and 2). I think I'd like this a lot if I read it in Japanese, so I'll probably pick this manga up at some point. Unfortunately the English was a bit difficult to read and understand for me.
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Listened to the Loveless vocal album and the second Ouran vocal album and soundtrack (former downloaded from here) coming into work today. My impressions:

Loveless )

Ouran )
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One of the doujinshi I read the past several weeks was a Hikago Heian fic, "Chirikau hana ni." I picked it up because the cover was pretty (as can be seen above). I also liked the back cover:

Looks like the two of them are children playing that kick ball game the nobility used to play back then.

The story was actually pretty decent, even though some of the more unbelievable elements were so fannish it was laughable. It was a bit hard to read because the author made an effort to make the courtiers use the old ways of saying things...which I'm not that familiar with. In any case, Hikaru and Akira had their identities the same as in the game, as Konoe no Hikaru the guard and Kamo no Akira the onmyouji, but they both turn out to actually be very high-born.

My favorite part has to be after Akira kind of forcefully engages Hikaru into sex. Hikaru wakes up, is groggy and not really aware. Akira is solicitous, asking him if he wants water or if he feels any pain. Before Hikaru slips back to sleep Akira gets him to eat a piece of mochi...and that rang bells in my head. In Heian days there wasn't so much a formal wedding ceremony as a custom of eating mochi after the first night together to indicate a marriage. Oh Akira. XDXD

In any case, I ended up doing a whole bunch of research in regards to this. I found a nice site in Japanese explaining in more detail Heian marriage customs. I also discovered that the title of the doujinshi is taken from a line of waka by Ki no Tsurayuki in the Kokinshu (116, to be exact). There's a nifty site with all the poems from the Kokinshu and explanations of their meanings (in Japanese) (116 here). I couldn't find an online translation of the verse, unfortunately (But I did find a site with a lot of his other poems in Japanese, romaji and translated, here). And I've forgotten virtually all of my classical Japanese. :P

Speaking of classical Japanese, I thoroughly enjoyed reading a blog post in which there is much fanboying over The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon. I must confess that I haven't read that particular book yet. I really should.

And back to regular old fangirling:

100 Ways by Castalia is a list of ways Yuki loves Shuuichi. Not done yet, but what's there is hilarious. Yuki is But his meanness is really funny, and at times very understandable.

I want: Damn cute Soubi doll *_*
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It's been pretty interesting seeing all the cosplay pics from whatever con just happened recently. In particularly like the first pic of Ritsuka and Seimei cosplay posted here. She has a look in her eye and the right kind of looks for Ritsuka.

I've started reading Flesh & Blood volume 3...I had initially skimmed it really fast, but this series is not one for skimming so I'm going to go through each volume steadily instead of flying through them. I do like how the series highlights how spoiled we modern humans are. Kaito thinks he 'd rather die than eat buggy bread, but he learns to do so because he wants to survive. I felt strong empathy with him, because the thought of doing something like that is so revolting...but what if you have no choice? It's very easy to relate with Kaito because he's such a normal kid in many ways, but then I admire him for being able to survive (so far). I can't even begin to imagine living in such a stratified, dangerous world, especially as a clear foreigner.

Oh my, Youtube is amazing. It seems everything is on there. I managed to skim through the entire Jyu Oh Sei anime without downloading anything. Admittedly the quality sucks (and the translations of the subtitles were awful) but at least I got to see the entire series without having to bother with bittorrent (which is still giving me problems *sighs*). It's interesting how each episode was made into there some kind of limit on file sizes? In any case, too bad I couldn't find direct downloads of the series. I continue to be amused beyond all belief that the main character is voiced by Dohmoto Koichi from Kinki Kids. I've seen him in numerous dramas over the years, from when he was a youngster...but voice acting? I kind of skipped and hopped around the series, but it's interesting enough that I will probably try to somehow find a way to download it (and maybe find a better subber because seriously? The one that was uploaded on youtube was BAD) and watch it at decent quality. Two completely superficial reasons to watch it: Kazi in black and Third. I love their character designs, their voices. And I love Third later on, too. Oh, that was just too sweet. *_*

Part of the reason I wanted to watch the show (aside from the fact that the character designs were to my taste) was the ending song. I love the ending song. I fiddled with my bittorrent settings to attempt to get a decent speed (I failed and it took forever) to download it. Oh, but it was worth it. How I love the song:

Te wo tsunaide [Lyrics and translation]

I thought the name of the artist sounded familiar, and then it hit me that she sang one of the Bleach ending (or was it opening?) songs, Houkiboshi. Ah, that was a nice song. Check out Houki Boshi live on Pop Jam--for some reason I can't help but think there's a big gap between her looks and her voice. She's so wide-eyed, and yet her voice is (fairly) deep and mature.

I need to go find the opening song as well...*sighs* Mendokusai...

I remember reading the thing about how people can read scrambled words if the first and last letters stay in the same place (Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.). Found an interesting article explaining the myths and truths behind the claim. The article also has examples of similar things in other languages, mostly European languages. Apparently it doesn't work in Hebrew. I know it wouldn't work in Japanese.
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There was a short interview with Kouga Yun in the April Pafu. Being sick and laid up at home, when I was actually more or less coherent I decided that it'd be a great idea to translate this short bit (delirious any? ^^;). I only translated the part directly relating to the manga:

Q: Regarding the manga, it seems as though there were dramatic developments for various characters in 2005.

K: After this I am thinking of preparing episodes in which Seimei will become even more unpleasant and Soubi will become more hopeless (laugh).

Q: Are Seimei's speech and conduct "unpleasant?"

K: To me they are unpleasant.
Editor: When Kouga-sensei calls a character "unpleasant," it means she is pleased with that character.
K: Oh, really!? (laugh) Ah, and I plan on making Ritsuka even more cool.

Q: Speaking of Ritsuka, compared to when the serialization began he's gotten very good at handling Soubi, hasn't he?

K: I want him to continue working hard like he has been doing. Even though I'm the one drawing him, I feel that Ritsuka is pitiful (laugh). That his life sucks. Compared to scenes in which the other characters appear, the scenes in which Ritsuka appears often makes me gloomy.

Q: After all, the people around Ritsuka are Soubi and Seimei, who are slightly different from the ordinary person.

K: Soubi is a kind of airhead and has fallen away from normality a bit, but he doesn't think he's strange at all. Seimei is slightly more self-aware, but there's a streak in him that thinks, "I want to do [it] so [it's] okay." That's way more dangerous. Because Soubi is an airhead, I want him to be forgiven even if he's odd (laugh).

Q: As for future developments, what is on our minds is whether there will come a day when Seimei and Ritsuka will have contact with each other, and what will happen to Soubi at that time.

K: On Seimei and Ritsuka having contact, I can't state when but it will happen before long. As for Soubi when that happens...he'll probably be totally useless (laugh).

When asked what goals she had for 2006, she replied that one of them was to put out two volumes during the year. Wouldn't that be nice?...Except that it'd be two volumes closer to the end. ^^;

It's interesting to see again and again how manga artists can view adaptations into other media of their own work so objectively and distantly. They seem to think of the manga as their baby, and anything else as an associated work to be viewed with interest but not really claimed as theirs. Kouga-sensei expressed this view in this interview, and I've read other interviews of other artists where the same thoughts have been professed.


Dec. 29th, 2005 12:02 pm
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I foolishly ventured into the LJ of a rabid fan of an important but not main character in a certain series. Oh, what a mistake. I love fangirl histrionics even while wincing when it gets bad. I've done my share of rants about something or another, but the sheer DRAMA associated with the "What is the (idiot) author/artist doing to this obviously wonderful, special and perfect character??!!! Why does the creator of the character not understand him? OH WHY?? I must WITHDRAWL from the fandom if this TRAVESTY continues!" is just...yeah. Suuuure, you know better. But then, at least they are doing the worst of it in their own LJ and not subjecting any comms to their tantrum (I hope).

I also, against my better judgement (okay, it was a lapse into insanity), read an AU Loveless fic. Another mistake. First off, she was attempting to write in a particular elaborate style and was failing. Badly. Well, it was in the details...but everything's in the details. :P But beyond that, the story! The characterizations! Oh god. I think I'll stick to my policy of avoiding all Loveless fanfics...unless someone I can trust regarding their fanfic judgements recs one. And no pedophilia unless it's somehow beyond amazingly done. Unlikely, though.
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Well, seems like I was a fool. I didn't expect the limited edition of Loveless 6 to be sold out at all the usual online places in less than a week. Does anyone know of a place that still has it in stock that isn't insanely overpriced? ;_;

*kicks self for being lazy and not ordering earlier*
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*swings a pendant in front of my eyes*

I do not need the Loveless artbook. I do not need the Loveless artbook. I do not need the Loveless artbook.


Did it work?
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OMG a non-Mirage post! *gasps* I needed to come up for air. Mostly randomness to follow.

My friend told me that she saw a couple of episodes of Loveless and all she could repeat over and over was "He's creepy!" (Of course I didn't have to ask who she was talking about ^_^;) I could only nod and agree and recommend the manga to her (as any good friend would). She said she'll be buying the manga. XD another victim down...

Speaking of Loveless, how many chapters are there between the July Zerosum chapter and volume 5? I downloaded the July one recently and there seems to be quite a bit between them...

What the heck is the free Photobucket account max storage space?? I've never been able to find any info on it on the site and I've been sticking things up there (and never taking them down) for a year and I wonder if I'll ever hit this mysterious storage limit...^_^;

Dark is Rising drabble, Home. Short and wonderful. XD

[ profile] leviosa8 gushing about Millenium Actress brought back such wonderful memories. I saw the anime at a film festival many years ago and was just captivated by it. Saw it with several friends and we talked about what everything meant and what was real and what was imagined and what was symbolism for HOURS afterwards...ah...the that is a great movie with a fabulous soundtrack...I wonder where my copy went to? Hm...

And last but not least, because it is PoT and it is Engrish and it is fangoods, it is RABU.


Okay, back to reading...
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Phew. Finally done. See Parts 1 and 2 for the rest of the interview.

The ears and tail that fall off )
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I've been sort of working on this and fiddling and nitpicking on and off for the last month, but I've just gotten sick of "polishing" (read: going in circles) so I'm going to post it so I stop the viscious cycle already. Also, it's very interesting stuff she says (at least to me XD). Part 1 was about the anime, the rest of the interview is more or less about the manga. There is one more part forthcoming. Warning: There are some details that could be construed as spoilers for the manga.



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