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I should've known what would happen if I tried to deny what I really wanted to do for too long. I not only ordered the Sekai ichi hatsukoi with the DVD I might never watch, I ordered TONS of books. I hope they don't all disappoint. In any case, I got into that evil cycle of updating the tracking constantly to see if the boxes (the order got sent in three parts, one of which consists of ONE ITEM WHY?) are any closer to me. The official arrival date was Monday but I kept hoping that it was wrong...But no. The first two boxes send out are stuck in California, TAUNTING ME. I know i'm going to get very little sleep as I read through the order during the workweek. :P

I decided that I needed a distraction from the taunting boxes, so last night I stuck the Mirage of Blaze DVDs in. I let the anime run, paying attention only when I felt like it. I paid attention a lot when Naoe spoke. Aahh, Hayami Shou, your voice is divine. In any case, I ran through all of the TV series and OVA and started rereading my favorite arc (Red Whales) in the books. Since I *just* rewatched the series I could totally hear the voice actors saying the awesome lines I read and made rereading ten thousand times better. I particularly loved imagining Hayami Shou speaking Naoe's thoughts at one point. Takaya had just been awesomely leaderlike to the Red Whales, which makes Naoe jealous as hell. So he thinks of ripping Takaya's clothes off and fucking him in front of his "worshippers," turning his pride into humiliation. He wants to see Takaya's face. He figures Takaya's devotees would die of jealousy, as well. (for reference: book 27 p 143) *sighs in contentment*

I've actually been rather put off by angsty painful BL books and manga and have gravitated towards more "normal" people having more "normal" (or even fluffly) relationships lately, so it's nice to read such a satisfyingly angsty and fucked up story that no fanfic or doujinshi could top. And I'm not yearning for my order nearly as much as I feared I would.
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Via [ profile] mirageofblaze: Hotaka Ran, the illustrator of the prequels did a series of short manga strips for Naoe's birthday on her blog. Very hilarious and very cute. I linked to each post and provided a very quick and dirty translation under the cut. (I did a crap job on the SFX as usual, sorry.) :P In any case, her website is worth checking out as she does fanart for Hikago! Among other things.

Naoe's Birthday )


Jan. 10th, 2010 10:43 pm
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I finally got around to reading the latest Mirage prequel novel and enjoyed it. I really like the demon slaying because the situations are always so complicated. I love the cover of this volume--I always want to pull their ponytails. :P In any case, it seems that the big bad guy has been revealed. I assume many books will be filled with Kagetora and co's struggle against a very devious and ambitious organization with creepy chimera monsters (part demon part human) and a hidden in plain sight leader. I can't imagine things finishing up in the next book. I hope she doesn't skip forward to Bakumatsu again. I really like reading their Sengoku period "lives" because it's so personal. For example, they gain an ally in the spirit of a daughter of a lord who'd sided with Kagetora. She'd join them to serve Kagetora, but also to get revenge for her family. She actually tries to take out Naoe, who'd served Kagekatsu, by helping out someone, but ends up saving Naoe when she realizes that someone wants to actually eliminate ALL the Yashashu including Kagetora.

Later, when Naoe is discussing her with Nagahide he admits that he can't help but be conscious of her. Her very cold gaze reminds him of his wife Osen. Nagahide tells Naoe that Naoe is the type to be drawn to those who are very cold to him. Nagahide goes on to say that Naoe prefers being treated badly because he doesn't have the confidence to feel comfortable being made a fuss of. He warns Naoe that a servile man will never gain a woman who loves him as he'll always distance himself first. When Naoe denies it, Nagahide asks if Naoe had ever lasted long in a relationship. When Naoe falls silent, Nagahide sees it as proof. He swears that Naoe will never in life be in love with another person who loves him back. Then he adds, oh sorry, your life's already over, isn't it? XD; Naoe thinks about his life and kind of has to agree. He'd somehow understood Osen's cold attitude toward him, one that had zero expectations from him, while never lasting with any other woman. He wonders if that's why he's drawn to Kagetora...Though he thinks there's something else there too.

I loved that exchange SO MUCH. Nagahide is such as ass! And Naoe is such a loser when it comes to love....I still chuckle when I remember from an earlier prequel book Naoe recalling Osen saying that being fucked by him was like sleeping with a log. Or something like that.
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I was highly amused by a post of a photo of a sign at Kasugayama Castle that refers to Mirage of Blaze at [ profile] mirageofblaze. As a fangirl it makes me want to go and see for myself! It also reminded me that I'd gone to see Matsumoto Castle on this past trip. A lovely castle and the leaves were changing right then, but unfortunately I didn't take very good pics. I highly recommend going to visit when walking on bare wood in your socks won't make your toes freeze, because you have to take your shoes off and the castle is basically open to the outdoors. The stairs are FREAKY, too. It was fun if scary to climb up and down some of them, but it also made the lines really long since there were bottlenecks at each set of stairs.

Instead of my crappy pics of Matsumoto Castle, see a less crappy picture of Kaizo-ji in Kamakura:

I like this temple because it's pretty, it's close by, and it's usually pretty quiet--especially early in the morning. I made the mistake of venturing out to Hachiman-gu on a Sunday and almost died from the sheer number of people milling around. It didn't help that it was Shichi-Go-San that day so there were tons of families bringing their little kiddies. Some of the girls were so beautifully made up in kimono with shiny things in their hair. Very cute!

In any case, I do want to check out more sites that were featured in Mirage. I've gone to Nikko and Hakone before, but that was before I'd read Mirage. I want to go again so I can properly fangirl!
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Via [ profile] ariss_tenoh: Star Trek chibi art!

Rumors of an X revival at [ profile] clamp_now...Like someone commented in the post, I'll believe it when I see it.

Via [ profile] mirageofblaze, Hotaka Ran posted at her site that something big is supposed to happen with Mirage next year. I hope it's an anime (with the same voice actors!!!), and I pray it's not live action. Read the post for more English and link to Hotaka Ran's site (which has some awesome Mirage prequel pics in the blog and in the Mirage gallery--check out Naoe's 2009 birthday manga, it is hilarious).

Five Kindnesses Charles Emerson Winchester III Performed (But Would Never Acknowledge) by Amilyn, a MASH Yuletide fanfic I remember reading a while back and loving. Somehow ended up at it again the other day and loved it once more.

The PV of up-coming anime Durara!! is kind of off-putting, but I want to see it because it's apparently set in Ikebukuro. XD;
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I put on the Mirage TV series as background last night...Oh, it was so natsukashii. Takaya was kind of grating because he's such a...young punk kid? I mean, I understand that he's confused about everything and his wanting to know what's going on would come out that way, but I guess I'm more used to the later parts of the novel series where he's a mix of Kagetora and him. :P I had forgotten how perfect Naoe's voice was. Perfect! I laughed during the "I'm your dog, your mad dog!" hotel scene because...that voice! And Kuwabara-sensei actually backs up the rhetoric by making him act like a mad dog later on. I had to stop watching to go to sleep in the beginning of the tsutsugakyou arc, but I look forward to more of Naoe's obsessive behavior. I really need to dig up the novels and reread the middle part of the series.

Seeing glimpses of obsessive Naoe made me think back to the Bakumatsu period prequel...While I enjoyed the interactions between Kagetora and Naoe in it, it wasn't tinged with insane obsession laced with barely suppressed sexual desire like I thought it would. I mean, it's not that far from the "present," right? Did he just go totally nuts in their next set of lives, the one with Minako and the show-down with Nobunaga?
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I wanted something to flip through right before bed, so I picked up one of the Mirage prequel books, Shishi kurau, and quickly realized I hadn't read it yet. It threw me off because it was set in the Bakumatsu period....All the others were set in their first lives as Yashashu, so everything's radically different. It was interesting to see how their loyalties have become divided--Haruie can't push himself at Kagetora anymore partly because he'd once asked to leave the group for love, everyone is allied with different factions and it *really* matters, and Kagetora has become really tired of "living." But it was a jarring change. I suppose Bakumatsu is always an interesting setting (tho a bit of a cop-out, precisely *because* it's so interesting??), but...It'd have been nice if she'd shown how they changed over time more. *sighs* I laughed at Naoe's belief in Kagetora when others were more doubtful, and at the end he insists on following Kagetora despite the fact that he'll betray his current life to do so. You see a bit of the crazy dog Naoe from the original series, but it felt a bit lacking because she jumped time so much. One other thing that was irritating--so many names! I knew some of the Shinsengumi names because they are so famous and used in lots of manga and other stories, and the names of the big movers of the Meiji Restoration, but there were tons of people I got confused about. I'll have to go back and read it at leisure, since this time I was reading more for the Yashashu characterizations and relationships.

I also really liked the interaction between Naoe and Kagetora when Naoe was still a little boy in his current life and Kagetora was an old man in his previous one. Kagetora had come to visit Naoe before he died, and it had a bittersweet tone to it. I want to see more of how Kagetora had become worn down. He's so vigorous in the other prequel novels!

I wanted to pet Nagahide when he turns out to be dressed in Western clothing and is all enthusiastic about the foreigners. How typical of him. XD;

Like one reviewer on Amazon Japan commented, I hope Kuwabara-sensei eventually writes about the thing with Minako...

Now I want to rewatch the series....Maybe reread it, as well. :P


Feb. 9th, 2009 08:35 pm
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I laughed when someone asked whether people liked the idea of Kagetora/Takaya topping Naoe in sex at [ profile] mirageofblaze because the idea is inconceivable to me. The author is so relentless in how she portrays the dynamic of their sexual relations there is no room for switching in my mind.

I wish I could dig out my books to look at them. The image of a Takaya so driven crazy from sexual frustration that he tries to cut off his dick won't leave me alone now. I suppose it was supposed to be angsty or something, but I found it really funny. The self-mutilation I'm used to is losing eyes or arms, NOT dicks. XD;

I wish I didn't use the word "inconceivable" above. Now I can hear the dude from The Princess Bride saying it. Over and over. It's now juxtaposing over the Takaya-tries-to-cut-off-his-dick scene, which only makes it all worse.
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ETA3: Added TRC figurines and Square Enix The World of Mana (what is this anyhow?) plushies

ETA2: Added a Hikago Sai fan keyholder and xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set.

ETA: I found another mug cup in a random drawer while cleaning today. T_T It's a Karekano Pero Pero mug cup I already have and use....Why I have two, I don't know. In any case, see below for pics.

While digging through my closet I discovered the mother-lode of goods I'd pretty neatly stuck into a bunch of boxes. They were kind of heavy and took up a good amount of room, so I decided to cull. A lot of it was easy because I had this horrible habit of buying two sets of stationary...So there are lots of letter sets below. I also found things that baffled me. Why the hell would I have bought them? I realized that some of them were given to me, thus explaining their presence without me having to resort to a temporary lapse in judgement. In any case, I did a mad run of picture taking and uploading of stuff I wouldn't mind parting with.

Prices are in US dollars, they don't include shipping. Some of the items (such as the mugs and bowl) are heavier, thus will cost more to ship. I may also have to buy a box or a package to send these things safely. Please don't ask how much postage will be...I won't know until I go to the post office. I don't have a scale, unfortunately. I'd prefer payment in postal money orders for those in the US. If anyone outside of the US wants any of this stuff, I'd prefer international money orders. I'd like Paypal to be a last resort.

Warning: Lots of images under the cuts

hello kitty phone strap )

hello kitty/nana fastener )

wolf's rain t-shirt )

pot clear cd case, pouch, pencil board, wristband, fan-made goods )

kkm fastener, letter set )

ouran fastener, notebooks )

fma mugs, bowl, figurine, double file, hand towels )

fushigi yuugi letter set )

princess princess notepad )

matsumoto temari minicard cases )

saiyuki postcard set, letter set )

morimoto shuw notepad )

sugiura shiho koori no mamono notepad )

CLAMP mokona mugs, TRC letter set, gouhou drug postcard, xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set, TRC figurines in Mokona containers )

matantei loki ragnarok plushie, minicard set, hand towel, letter set )

hikago clock, pencil case, cards, sticky notes, plushies, notepads, fan-made stickers, Sai fan keyholder )

karekano hand towel, mug cup )

cafe kichijouji de letter set, postcard set, notepad )

loveless postcard )

angel sanctuary letter set )

fruitsbasket )

dn angel sticker book )

yami no matsuei minicard set )

rurouni kenshin letter set )

genjuu bunshou by narushima yuri letter set )

oh my goddess! letter set )

Great Place High School (manga by Koujima Naduki) postcards )

mirage of blaze fan-made letter set )

square enix the world of mana plushies )

Sorry the pics are not that great. I tried retaking when they were really bad, but I couldn't get good shots of some of the stuff. :P
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I started reading the new Mirage prequel book tonight, and so far, so good. I'm eternally amused by a very solicitous Haruie talking in such polite subordinate language, since it's so different from "big sister" Ayako. There's also an army of female ghosts going around punishing men who've treated women badly. Also got some info on why Echigo split so evenly between Kagekatsu and Kagetora, even though Kagetora was an outsider. Kagekatsu's real dad had rebelled against the Uesugi twice, his life spared only because his wife was an Uesugi, so people didn't trust Kagekatsu as the son of such a man. Kagekatsu's dad was supposedly murdered on Kenshin's orders, since it'd be too dangerous to keep him alive. I am still not digging Nagahide, but I was amused that he admitted that he only sided with Kagekatsu because he was the lesser of two evils. Better the betrayer's son than the outsider. ^^;

But what made me laugh was Naoe trying to come to terms with his strange feelings, impulses, and fantasies regarding Kagetora. He's glad he's partnering with Nagahide and away from Kagetora so that he can have some breathing room. What got to me was his total jealousy over Nagahide and Kagetora's insanely powerful joint exorcism from the previous book. He was supposed to be the only one who could be face-to-face with Kagetora! Kagetora is mine mine mine! My precioussss...

I want to pet Naoe very much. XD

The art's really pretty, as always. If I don't see the illustrations floating around I'll probably scan and post them when I get the time.
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I was slogging through the scary weeklong friendslist backlog when I saw a post in [ profile] mirageofblaze showing this cover of the February 2008 issue of Cobalt magazine. I wondered if Kuwabara-sensei had started up the prequel without my knowledge, so I checked out the website. It's apparently the grand restart of the series! The issue contains an author interview, character and world intros, and map of Echigo as well as a new chapter. There's an excerpt of the new chapter online as well. I kind of want this issue...Which makes me wish I were in Japan so I could easily (and cheaply) pick a copy up. *sighs*

I am very glad that the prequel is starting up again. I love the art. I enjoyed seeing how the characters change from very different people to something more familiar from the original series. I am interested in what else happens between Naoe and Kagetora (I love incidents like Naoe getting very upset that Kagetora is doing laundry since it's so beneath him when he had been contemptuous of Kagetora's privileged background and his supposed to be the self-appointed watchman to make sure Kagetora doesn't try something against Kagekatsu).

I don't quite look forward to seeing more of Nagahide, because he's a total asshole. I know he was an ornery geezer when he died so is still an ornery old geezer in reincarnation, but still. Bah.

(I just realized that If I had just read the cover I would've noticed it was the grand restart. DOH!)
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There's something fun about looking at pictures of other people's book/manga collections. June Manga is running a contest with several categories and people have posted. I envy the organized ones...But I have a feeling they might start having problems with organization once they run out of bookshelf space. I personally have resorted to piles placed on sturdy flat surfaces less likely to be bumped into but still fairly easily accessible for my new acquisitions.

One nice thing about buying more novels than manga is that they are smaller and thinner. I also have a homemade mini-bookcase I stole from my mom that is the perfect size for those Japanese paperbacks. Of course, Mirage of Blaze easily fills up an entire shelf...and that's without the prequels.

Speaking of which, is she not going to write any more prequels? I like the prequels! The art's so nice, too!
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I've been having fun reading a Mirage of Blaze AU doujinshi titled "Cybernetic Moon," which I bought for the lovely English blurb that runs from the front cover, over the spine to the back cover:

"Takaya" has worked his way through school, ever since he lost his family in their suicides. one day at dawn he finds the man named "Naoe" in a trash dump. Naoe tracks down "Yuzuru Narita" to kill, who is a student of Takaya's school. Because in the future Yuzuru will invent the medical artificial intelligence which by Japanese enterprise "Cyber O-dyne" will be brought in the terrible system "GreenNet" tyrannizing in the world 50 years after. GreenNet regards itself as God and eliminates the human beings. It is the human beings versus GreenNet war. To delete Yuzuru, the originator of GreenNet, "Reijiro," the leader of the human resistants remade Naoe into their ally, who was a waste android for secret police, and sent him to the 'now' through the 'time hole'. But Naoe cannot kill him. And Takaya will...?

The author relates in the foreward that she was inspired by a trip to Universal Studios Japan, by something called the "Terminator 2-3D." I barely remember "Terminator 2" (having seen it only once) and never saw the original movie, but I do recognize that some of the elements. The author took the idea of two androids, each one sent by opposing sides, from the second movie. Naoe is the older model sent by the humans to kill Yuzuru, and Chiaki is the newer shapeshifting model sent by "GreenNet" to protect him. She threw Takaya in (I can't help but think of Zetsuai whenever there's a pick up a guy lying in a trash dump scene...) to kind of play a Sarah Conner role in that he's more athletic than Yuzuru and has a tragic/traumatic past (am I a bad person for laughing when the author related Takaya's horrible past, which culminated with him finding the dead bodies of his entire family in a sea of blood?), but Yuzuru is in turn very protective of the emotionally vulnerable Takaya. I had to stop reading for a moment because i was creeped out by the really bizarre sex scene between Naoe and Takaya...I'm not sure what the author was going for, actually. Naoe doesn't have sexual function nor knowledge, apparently (though you'd THINK it'd be a basic thing included in all memory?) and has Takaya lead him through the motions. It's creepy because Naoe doesn't feel sexual excitement and is kind of observing Takaya getting off (even as he helps Takaya in the process). I can't imagine feeling...fulfilled in that situation?

In any case, putting aside that bit, I am enjoying the interaction between Chiaki (with the closer to human AI), Yuzuru, Takaya, and Naoe. I hope it doesn't end lamely...Also, maybe no more sex. ^^;

I love Mirage AUs. I don't think I've yet picked up a novel doujinshi that wasn't an AU. I suppose it's because it's hard to beat canon for fannish indulgence. XD
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I came across this pic in an interior design/style blog and immediately thought "Kyouya's room come to life!" Also, totally drooled over all that shelf space (am currently struggling to find room for all my crap...). And the hardwood flooring. And the wall of windows...

Two hilarious Doumeki/Watankui fics: Day 2 by Circe and the one where watanuki makes him a scarf by [ profile] lazulisong

Hobbies by [ profile] insaneidiot is an amusing Mirage of Blaze fic, on many levels. Superficially, it's fun. I love the Kousaka POV. It's also funny for another reason: cut for allusions to spoilers to novel series ) tee hee!
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I ADORE THIS COLORBAR...But the funny thing is that I am not that in love with furigana. Nice to have, but not necessary. But still, the concept is love.

There is such cute Yamane Ayano fanart in this post, which incidentally has tons of cool news. Glad to hear that Libre has supposedly secured printing rights for most of the old Biblos titles. Crimson Spell plushie? OMG WANTS...But I don't live in Japan. *sighs* And I'd forgotten that Ikoku Irokoi Romantan will be animated. :P

Speaking of Crimson Spell, I was rereading the first volume and had to laugh at how Bart gives Havi the potion via mouth to mouth and is struck by a strange feeling. It reminds me of Naoe doing the same for Kagetora in the prequels and having such innocent "why do I feel so strange?" moments. OH NAOE. If you only knew just how much your master will consume you eventually.

Will they animate more of Mirage? I hope so. I want more Hayami Shou doing his thing as Naoe. And Seki Toshihiko does dominant in a strangely inviting way far too well.

Lately I have been subjected to the Takumi-kun series CD dramas (mainly because I couldn't leave the room in which the CD dramas were being played). I can't begin to express my relief that the series is very low on the smut factor, because I can't stand listening to smut in the first place (unless it's Papa to Mira XD) and I'd hate to hear it for a series I don't even care for. But one thing that delighted me in the last drama I sort of heard? Apparently three kittens are found, and are being cared for by a teacher until they could find permanent homes. Their names are Kuro (black), Shiro (white), and Yayashiro (slightly white). I understand that Kuro is actually a black cat, so it follows that the others must also be named for their coloring. How I adore Yayashiro. It's so...literal, yet so sweet.

Oh, another good thing about the series is that the BGM seems to be classical music. I really dislike the BGM on many of the drama CDs I've heard. Can you say cheesy? -_- Give me classical anytime, even insipidly played classical.

I have an urge to pimp Saiunkoku Monogatari to friends even though I haven't watched a single episode yet. I've heard a lot of positive things about it, but what is currently making me excited is finding out that Hirahara Ayaka sings the opening. I didn't recognize the song by title, but as soon as I heard it I a) was slightly disappointed it wasn't a song I'd never heard before, then b) squeed because I LOVE the song. I love the album the song is on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hirahara Ayaka. From the album 4tsu no L I've been listening to non-stop lately:

Hajimari no kaze, the Saiunkoku opening

Eternally, probably my favorite on the album. So, so pretty. *_*

Ariesu no hoshi, a song with a jazzy feel to it.

Circle Game, er...I've run out of descriptions. It's a really nice song. ^^;

Lyrics for this album available here. Looks like I don't own one of her albums...I need to correct this deficiency ASAP.
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Takaya's Revenge is the sequel to the special CD in DVD box, Part-time job hell tour, that dealt with Takaya attempting to pay back his bike loan and having to switch jobs thanks to the well-meaning (but completely unhelpful) Naoe and others not so well meaning. Takaya gets his revenge in this one. I've uploaded both:

Part-time job hell tour
Takaya's Revenge

I had initially translated the thing, but after poking at the translation for a while I realized it was a piece of crap that would take far too much work to polish into something decent so I gave up and summarized it instead:

Takaya's Revenge summary )

Once again, the crack flows long and hard. I loved seeing Kousaka getting it this time, and how Takaya relishes rubbing the situation in. And Naoe getting his digs in so casually. XDXDXD

BTW, anyone who downloaded Violence na kimi ga suki the other day? There was an extra last bit that was just released. Download it here.
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Thanks to [ profile] genkischuldich I've learned of Nekobukuro, a mini cat theme park (or more aptly put, a cat host club) in Ikebukuro. More specifically, it's in TOKYU HANDS. I go there every damn year, and yet I've never known of the existence of the place. >_<

mirage fanart babble )

Trivia: In coffee shops "cups are usually filled little more than half way because this, for aesthetic reasons, is how green tea is served." (From here)

Paragraph I really got a trip out of: "Ramen really is an entire cuisine, a food group, a cult, a movement, an industry, an art, and the best damn meal for under ten bucks anywhere in Japan. Did I mention, the nectar of the gods? Forgive me as I wax rhapsodic." from an old ramen shop review. LOL.

Weird themed restaurants:
Ninja Akasaka
Vampire Cafe
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Instead of doing something remotely productive, and in an attempt to fight off the crazy urge to reread Mirage, I was wandering about LJ including more exploration of [ profile] yaoi_daily:

Does anyone have scanlations of Seiryou's Scariest Tales by Tatsukawa Kazuto? I was caught by the poster's note in her first post, referring to a "delightfully psychopathic seme in the primary story and his hapless uke. They only confirm my definite belief that the only thing scarier than being hated by a psychopath is being truly loved by one." And the art is pretty! There's 5 and a half chapters scanlated (though apparently not all on the "psychopathic seme and his hapless uke," judging from the "primary story" description) and I'd love to not have to wait day by day. And IRC and I are not on good terms. :p

Akuma no himitsu by Takanaga Hinako is an adorable one-shot about a priest, an incubus, and the incubus's brother. It's pretty pointless, but I liked it. XD Parts 1, 2 and 3 of 3. There's apparently another one-shot featuring the characters which I hope gets posted soon! ^^

Situation by Kawai Toko has apparently been scanlated by [ profile] toko_kawai, and the first part has been posted. This is, if I'm not mistaken, part of the Bondz volume and is a sweet story. Too bad the translation kind of pissed me off (even though most of it is good...maybe that's why it pissed me off?). What is the logic of not translating phrases like "ano?" -_- I think it reminds me too much of fangirl Japanese in fanfics and the throwing in of seemingly random Japanese phrases....but these people should know better.

A poster pissed me off by offering what I think was a TOTALLY UNNECESSARY spoiier instead of providing a simple summary of the current post (it's raw) and letting people find out for themselves when she does post that part. GAR.

I suppose I should give up on the random LJ surfing and just resign myself to reading. But I'll read Fujimi, not Mirage. I actually spent a good part of my free time last night and the night before reading the Shikoku arc and chortling at the dialogue. Especially the stuff between Naoe and Takaya. I'm sorry, but being torn between the desire to fangirl squee at the angst and obsession and to laugh till I die (at the angst and obsession) is just killing me. As is fighting the urge to randomly translate passages. :P
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The Kuwabara Mizuno doujinshi event Night Wing Final website has a survey that I would have filled out and submitted if I had known about it before the deadline. For kicks, I translated and responded to it (at work) because I'm being stymied and am rather frustrated. It was fun thinking back to the series, but my responses are really off the top of my head. :P

Survey )
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YESYESYES! I was once again idly checking to see if there will be any other doujinshi events scheduled when I will be in Japan (other than the TezuRyo event Hashira II I'm already going to) when I discovered, to my utter delight, that a Kuwabara Mizuna event, Night Wings Final, will be happening on the same day!! It's even at the same place the last Kuwabara Mizuna event I went to, so no wandering around trying to find the place! ^___^

One of these days I want to go and watch the lanterns being released into the ocean for Memorial Day. It must be beautiful to see all those pretty paper lanterns floating in the dark sea, as the pictures accompanying the
article on this year's ceremony shows. I find it fascinating when different cultural traditions are combined, in this case the Japanese Toro Nagashi from Obon and the American Memorial Day.


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