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Via [profile] ariss_tenoh, new Fafner to come out Autumn 2014. See the PV here). It's a bit...dour. :P

So, the Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai~ movie is coming out in March 2014 (official site with PV here). As I haven’t been reading this series I didn’t realize there were already FOUR books out! I really can’t get myself to care enough to read the book(s) or watch the movie. Can anyone highly recommend this?

In Sekai Ichi news I do care about, the blu ray box set of the two tv seasons is coming out in March as well (see the announcement on the official site). Now this I want. I already ordered the Natsume Yuujincho OVA, I don’t think I can afford to get this 38,000 yen box, but…how can I not? If I get a tax refund maybe I'll spend it on this...

Speaking of the Nasume OVA, Amazon Japan has a different shipping cost for international orders? I was expecting minimum 2,500 yen EMS shipping, but there was something called "Amazon priority" that was 800 yen per order (plus the per item cost). So much more affordable! Is this a trackable shipping method? If it is, I am tempted to go with Amazon instead of because my order from November still hasn’t come. ;_;

I am on a Natsume withdrawal. Finished it all (the final arc in the fourth season was depressing as hell, and annoying because of the stupid selfish girl who grew up to be a stupid selfish teen who should’ve just been *drowned* to put her and everyone else out of their misery) and need more. I found one drama cd bit that was an extra on a DVD (a hilarious story of a sick Natori and his shiki who want to make him “nabe yaki don don” XDXD) but nothing else. I think there are more drama CDs, no? Must….find….

I bought a pint of seasonal peppermint gelato made by a local company. It has bits of peppermint candy in it and it is oh-so-good. I was worried I was too late as it is after Christmas, but they still had it in stock! ♥
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I got my limited edition Junjou Romantica volume 16 today! My god, I love this manga. It's like a warm and fuzzy blanket. Godzilla versus Mothra Usami versus Ijuuin was hilarious, and…spoilers )

I was sad to see no Terrorist and two Egoist chapters, but oh well. Can't have everything.

The three shorts on the DVD were so cute! I even enjoyed the Egoist one! Hiro being grumpy and so not honest with his feelings, and Nowaki being so…nice. He has to take pictures of the train for his patient! The Terrorist one just made me laugh. The reaction Miyagi had to Shinobu showing up dressed so ridiculously…There are no words. And how he's filled with love seeing this smart and snarky teen acting ridiculous because of him. &hearts: ♥ And the Romantica short was great. Not sure if how Misaki's brother and Usami became friends was ever addressed in the manga--I don't remember reading it. Glad to see it here, though. So…so….shoujo manga! XDXD

I forgot that Yokozawa's story will be animated next year. I'm disappointed that Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or Junjou Romantica proper aren't getting new seasons, but I'll watch it. I bought the first volume of the novel but haven't gotten around to reading it. Maybe seeing the anime will prompt me to crack open the book, finally. :P
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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi volume 7 brought me joy, as expected. The pattern is annoyingly repetitive (Ritsu, just come out and be honest with yourself and ADMIT YOUR FEELINGS!), but I love these characters too much to be too put out. things I particularly liked )

I *really* want a season three of either Junjou Romantica or Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. GAH.

I also finally read The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan. Ah, how I love this series. It's so pleasant to read a fantasy series where I basically like all the important characters. Loved seeing the Roman side of things (…Roman…), loved seeing Percy again (loved him getting all upset when he finds out someone has a cool power from Poseidon/Neptune that he doesn't have, forgetting all about all of his cool powers), loved the Amazons taking over the world via, loved the battles and the friendship and all that. Wish there weren't so many significant characters, though, as I like to focus on a handful rather than having to keep track of a bunch. Now…it's a waiting game for the next volume. *sighs*


Jul. 23rd, 2012 06:37 pm
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How did I not remember that Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi volume 7 has a limited edition version? It looks like the usual suspects have sold out!!

It's sad how distressed I am about this. ^^;

More distressing is that my right arm is in a brace thanks to a "golfer's elbow" type condition. It's made using a mouse and typing rather unpleasant, especially at home where I have no ergonomic set-up and really no way to get one. So....not much intensive typing going on right now, and thus no posts. I'm currently typing this at work where the set-up is slightly better (and I'm waiting for someone to check something so that it can be sent out...). A couple of things I've been wanting to talk about:

First, anime. Finished both Tsuritama and Sakamichi no Apollon and enjoyed them both. I had issues with both (some things were just lame), but in the end I'd become quite fond of the characters and thus was happy with how things turned out. I thought Sakamichi was going to be A LOT more depressing, which was a pleasant surprise. And the soundtrack piece that played when Kaoru was leaving on the train? I liked it out of context as it's super pretty, but LOVED it in the scene. I'm behind on Kuroko no Basket, but have heard and am a bit disappointed in the second opening. It's just not as good a song as the first.

Bought a whole crapload of manga and books and really liked a bunch. The ones I remember off the top of my head:

Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru 1 and 2 by Kannagi Satoru (writer) and Ninomiya Etsumi (artist), story about two high school kids who are the lucky ducks from their respective families tied together for a year of misfortunes. The art is beautiful and the characters are fun (well, except the "older brother" dude whom I find a bit tiresome), and I love how one guy explains why he sticks like glue to the other one by openly confessing his "love." I assume it'll be somewhat BL-ish since it's a Chara title, but I'm fine if it remains suggestive if the story actually goes somewhere good.

Shizuku Hanabira Ringo no Kaori 3 by Kawai Toko keeps the awesomeness of this series going. Sadly, this is the final volume but the end was wonderful. I love how sex-positive the uke is in this, and how the seme is the silent brusque type but not so much so that he won't do his best to respond to his much more open and direct boyfriend.

Honto Yajuu 5 by Yamamoto Kotetsuko feels a bit like she's coasting, but as I love the characters I don't have much to complain about. Plus, we get "yakuza" Ueda!!!

Mad Cinderella 2 by Yamamoto Kotetsuko is the second volume (duh) of a series about a poor boy and his rich neighbor who is at first his best friend but becomes his boyfriend. It's *really* adorable, IMHO. There's a distressing trend of not letting them consumate their (openly accepted!) love, but otherwise I am enjoying this one.

Junjou Romantica 15 by Nakamura Shungiku...Is it sad that the thing I remember the most is Ijuuin coming onto Misaki and Misaki sensing it and running away but trying to make Ijuuin seem less skeevy because he is such a fanboy. So adorable! I was rereading an earlier volume where Misaki meets his "Za Kan" soul mate at university the
other day... XDXDXD

Ha, all manga for now. Will someday talk about the novels.
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How I felt for most of episode 9, thanks to Kisa being stoopid AND mopey. I really enjoyed the beginning of episode 8 and the end of episode 9, though. Cute and funny!

episode 8 )

episode 9 )
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Can I say I love this episode? A lot? Ritsu gets to make lots of great faces, like the one above. There's humor, there's romance, there's sweetness, there's Ritsu being indenial and dorky.

beware there are many pictures under here )
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This episode had so much cute little kid pics! My favorite bits were Isaka close-ups and the kid pics.

lots of pictures )
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I can't believe how long it's been since I've engaged with anything much online. The last bit of 2011 was spent doing stuff with friends (good) and playing games on my ipad (bad bad bad). I seemed to have missed a bit of LJ drama? I guess I'll have to actually look at Dreamwidth since there actually seems to be even more migration now. My biggest hang-up is what to use instead of LJ for storing images. My problem with the usual suspects is that they don't like any kind of explicit images. *sighs*

I hadn't watched the last 7 episodes of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, so in the guise of testing my new Blu-ray player (finally got one! more on that later) I finally watched them all. Will write more about it in another post, but I gotta say the Isaka/Asahina one was a bit tiring. Isaka is so young! So cliched! It was only my fondness of his older self that kept me watching, sadly. Glad that the rest of the episodes were all Takano/Onodera and Yukina/Kisa. I have so much to say about the Takano/Onodera stuff, but will save it for later. The only thing I want to say is...Yokozawa animated as he berates Ritsu forever gets old really fast. It's not that I don't get where he's coming from, to a certain point, but who appointed him as Takano's minder?!? And he's so blinded by his own desires he can't see the actual dynamics of Takano and Ritsu's current relationship. GAH. Seeing Takano firmly put him in his place was that much more sweet after that. I did buy his novel...while I have little faith in the writer's (non?)talent, maybe he'll come off better when he's not harassing other people so much. Oh, and I was glad to see that we get some clues that these couples actually engage in SEX instead of just fully-clothed, not-very-passionate kissing on beds. Look, a morning after where there are naked people in bed! I can't believe they animated that!

I want the next volume of the manga, already. *sighs*

I got a copy of the new Sherlock BBC episode! I haven't watched it yet, but I'm excited! Sounds like it was quite good. XDXD

I nodded along while reading this at NPR's Monkey See blog: The Big Bad Swap: The Problem With Replaced Music

techie stuff )
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Of course I downloaded this week's episode, just to see if they were getting back to Takano/Ritsu next week. I assumed they would since I don't think they spend more than 2 consecutive episodes on the other couples. I skipped to the end and was happy to see that they were! I'm already excited for next week!

On kinda meh news, Junjou Mistake is being animated? I'm not against this, I just want more Junjou Romantica anime and this would push any third season further into the future. It's going to be episode 6 of SIH, which sucks SO HARD. More Takano/Ritsu please! I'll definitely check out JM to see if I'll like the dynamics of the relationship despite what I've heard. Also in anime news, apparently Hakkenden will be animated? I'll be happy only if the art isn't crappy and the animation doesn't totally suck. That is a series that needs pretty good special effects! If they use the same voice actors as the drama CD I'll be a little sad because I didn't think Paku Romi worked as Shino.

The newest VF chapter made me laugh. How does Asami overcome Takaba locking his door? Use a gun with a silencer! So much more efficient and less work than breaking the door down! This series has become so fluffy I laugh reading every new chapter.

I don't even know who Ryan Gosling is, but he's pretty awesome when he's Feminist Ryan Gosling.
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this complete cutting out of sex is getting kinda ridiculous... )

Skipping next week as it's Hatori/Chiaki. Oh well. I hope the week after is either Takano/Ritsu or Yukina/Kisa.
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I bought the November issue of Ciel as part of my mega order just to get the next chapter of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. It initially felt like a let down... )

Looked at the Hakkenden chapter in Ciel and was very WTF??? There's too much of a gap between the last Tosuisha volume and this chapter for me to follow. I also learned that there are some reissued volumes with added material in them? Now I have to buy a whole new set of the manga!! I have no idea what to do with the 13 volumes I already own as I really don't have the shelf space to store lots of extras. *sighs* Can the yen get a little cheaper to help a poor fangirl out. ;_;

I also flipped through volume 6 of the manga. The only new thing was the Takano's case 1.5, which was adorable but TOO SHORT. I loved Takano thinking how he had to play it cool as he walked to his house with Ritsu. I didn't quite love the reference to shoe sizes...A bit TOO much of a coinkidink for my taste. I want more Takano's case, though! Love the dichotomy between his poker face and his really cute "first love" thoughts.
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People who don't care for the Hatori/whatshisname* pairing in Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and are buying volume 6: Are you getting the special one with the DVD that I've heard contains an extra episode of that pairing? I dislike that pairing SO MUCH, yet am tempted to buy the one with the DVD just to be "complete." I need to be talked out of wasting money or have my need for completion validated. Please give me your input!

*I laugh that I genuinely can't remember the dude's name!! I'm soo not looking it up, either. I feel like I'm wasting precious seconds of my life being anxious over this already. XD;
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I wanted to excuse the lateness of this post to computer problems (which I totally have--my laptop basically overheats in about half an hour to maybe an's hard to work in half-hour chunks), but mostly I didn't get around to it because it just wasn't as awesome as episode 11 and I didn't want to face that fact that the anime was over. ;_;

I ended up screen-capping way too many close ups of Ritsu like the one above (and somewhat to a lesser extent Takano), a bunch of which I just deleted. It didn't help that I looked back at the screen-caps and couldn't figure out where they occurred in the episode! But I liked the expressions in the close-ups...

lots more pics )
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The Junjou Romantica anime. Yes, I finally watched them all (except the Nowaki/Hiroki eps). I wish there had been a third season!! If I have the energy, I'll do a squee post...Years late, yes, but I love reading really late to the bandwagon squee posts, personally.

Richard Dreyfuss Reads the iTunes EULA, especially "Effective until."

Via [ profile] wednesday_10_00: Cartoonize My Pet...I'm obsessed with getting my cat just right (and failing).

Dear Photograph, a tumblr that shows old pics in the locations they were taken now. I love the idea!

Ninja Pins...Why did I find out about these AFTER I got back from Japan. ;_;

My iPad! Along with Google Reader and the app Reeder, I can keep up with the many, many blogs I follow so much easier. Transferring my bookmarks took forever, but once it was set up? Perfect!

I also learned a couple of (new for me) tricks to make things even easier. First, the switch next to the volume controls can be set to lock the rotation of the screen! I carry the iPad around all over the place and always got irritated when the screen turned to match the iPad even when I didn't want it to. Now I can keep things horizontal even as I shift around. Second, pressing the home button twice brings up the open apps. You can hold your finger on one of the icons to make them wiggle, which allows you to close them. Or you can just select one to go to that app instead. If you swipe to the left you get ipod controls, if you swipe to the right you get more open apps.

I am also even more addicted to Sudoku now. I need to find a good Kenken app, as well as good solitaire and mah-jjong apps.

(It's sad how many "basic" things I don't know how to do. The reason screen caps are showing up in my posts recently? Because I recently learned how to do screen caps on a Mac! least six years owning one. ^^; I never had that big an urge to screen cap, but learning to do it now just seems a bit pathetic.)

Less happy-dance and more thought-provoking: The Media's "Ugly" Women.
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I really loved this episode. Perhaps it was just the long wait to see Takano and Ritsu again, perhaps it was just that the episode was that awesome, I'm not sure why. XD; I particularly thought there were tons of great great Takano shots, like the one above.

I went nuts with screencaps )
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I can't believe Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 10 is Chiaki/Hatori. The end of episode 9 cut off so I didn't see the preview, but I assumed that it'd be about Ritsu/Takano since 8 and 9 were about Kisa/Yukina. I feel....betrayed by the universe. I was SOOO looking forward towatching a new episode, too. This week was kind of awful work-wise. ;_;

Naturally, I'm not going to watch episode 10. I'm contemplating deleting the thing off my computer to prevent contamination, but I'm too much of a completist to do so. *sighs*

Did I mention I feel betrayed by the universe? Because it really, really feels that way right now.

I would watch episode 10 if it ended with Chiaki's demise, though. If someone would (please) tell me the happy news and tell me exactly which frame it occurs in, I'd cheerfully skip to that part and watch it. Many, many times--especially if it's unpleasant.
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Best image from episode 9 of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. ♥♥

Also caught up with Ao no Exorcist. Still fun, loving main characters who can cook and doesn't fall into every shonen manga hero trap, the Kyoto monk gang make me laugh, am wanting the first major arc to start already. some scenes I particularly enjoyed (and one I didn't enjoy) )


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