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I've been sucked into Naruto fanfic goodness, so no post any time soon (my brain has been captured by fandom--been rereading the good ones while looking for new ones). Not only have I found some really engaging fanfics in English, I ventured back into Japanese fansites and have found a treasure trove of awesome. Sadly, in both English and Japanese there are way too many WIPs that may not ever be completed (judging from how long it's been since the last update). ;_;

I've been keeping up with most of the anime I mentioned in my previous post, but the ones I really like right now are Hataraku Maou-sama! and Majestic Prince. I'm surprised at how much I really really like the latter. It really has a great mix of humor, action, sci-fi, big mech, dislocated teens (who aren't angsty!!!), and sweetness. The kids are adorable. Arata Kantagari is starting to try my patience. Kannagi's back story was *ridiculous* and makes me want him and the other dude to just die and go away. GAH.

In other anime news, I just realized the Blu-ray of Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope) is out and that Tsuritama will be coming out in a couple of months. They are some of the best anime I saw last year and are definitely going on my to-buy list. I highly recommend both to almost anyone. ♥♥♥

Okay, back to reading...
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I stayed up too late reading some really silly Naruto fanfics the other night. The author likes to start off with a ridiculous half-baked premise obviously made for MAXIMUM ANGST. Not only does the author have this need to make one or both of the characters totally miserable, she needs them to have an audience. In other words, the stupid angst-causing situation always becomes known to a wide group of people who don't actually do the logical things to alleviate the angst but instead gnash their teeth in rage or feel sorry for the miserable sod(s) or get mad at the cause(s) of the angst. It's one thing if one or two people do really stupid things to plunge themselves into a sad state, but a whole village? GAH. The author always makes things worse, too. The story starts off wobbly but then teeters when she piles on the angst. I'd read several chapters then give up because I can't take it anymore and read the end just to find out what happened. They always end happily, too. It's so hard to find many authors who write long fics (and finish them!), which is why I tried so hard to find at least one fic that didn't suck.... :P

I did read one all the way through because it made me laugh more than cringe, even though Sasuke in particular seems spectacularly OOC. The angst! The suffering! The weeping! It was beautiful, it was so badly done. XD;

I saw about three episodes of the J-drama Rookies based on the manga. It's about a very passionate teacher who helps a baseball team full of delinquents change. I was amused in the beginning because the teacher is *really* passionate and really straightforward and his reactions were just weird. The delinquents were annoying as teenage delinquents tend to be. So full of themselves, ya know? But they all get sucked into the teacher's weird mind-set and show their true, pure-hearted, baseball-loving (if still very violent) selves. Unfortunately I found the teacher and the delinquents just too violent. I know, it's shonen manga...But I prefer my sports manga to be more about fighting on the field and less about swinging fists. Has anyone seen this? Does it get less stupidly macho and violent? In any case, I found links to Megaupload downloads for a Spanish subtitled version here:

At this point the best part of the series for me: the main delinquent has EXQUISITELY SHAPED EYEBROWS. I wish I had eyebrows half as lovely as his...
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I decided to look around Japanese Naruto fanfic sites today and stumbled upon a fascinating WIP at 推定有罪 (Suitei yuuzai, called エアケントニスの怪物 (Erkenntnis's monster). During some big battle between Naruto and Sasuke, the 9-tailed demon fox is fully freed. Sasuke uses the Sharingan to shove it back into Naruto. The two are very injured, Naruto is in a coma for 6-months. Sasuke is a prisoner at Konoha, still heaing. He is in a wheelchair, wears manacles, and bandages around his eyes because he's not supposed to use his eyes much. Naruto's physical injuries quickly heal when he wakes up, but he's lost his memories. Not only that, but his personality is freakily different. He's cold, calm, indifferent. The only thing he responds to is Sasuke when Sasuke is brought in to activate his Sharingan to check Naruto out. He is filled with fear by Sasuke's Shanringan, saying that only Sasuke can completely dominate him. Sasuke finds Naruto's changed personality odd and tells Kakashi, acting leader of Konoha, that Naruto needs to be watched. So Kakashi decides that Sasuke should "watch" Naruto as they don't have enough people to spare. To kill two birds with one stone, Naruto takes care of Sasuke during the day so that they can watch each other. He's turned into a model ninja. He reads through textbooks in preparation for taking an exam to resume ninja duties quickly and actually picks everything up. He can do all the basic ninja skills he apparently wasn't the greatest at picking up before. But he's not the Naruto of old. He's cold, and thinks of everyone other than Sasuke as background scenery. He is repelled by his old self and wants to be dominated by Sasuke. He declares that he's willing to escape Konoha with Sasuke. Sasuke, for his part, is having none of it. He orders Naruto to absolutely obey Kakashi.

Erg, that summary doesn't convey the utter creepiness of Naruto's POV. Sasuke POV is very similar to other "brought back to Konoha after big battle" fics, so I'm familiar with it. He's weary and kinda blah about life in general. But this Naruto is just...wrong. His obsession is all-consuming but very, very cold. Also, there's no sexual tension (yet). The author says in her blog that she plans on four more chapters, hopefully two in this year. I hope she finishes it. I wonder if she'll bring back Naruto's real personality...At least momentarily. I just don't know what this story is supposed to go and I'm very intrigued.
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There's an anime hero heroine series of stamps that's been coming out since 2005, and this October the 11th one will be released. Guess which anime? Naruto! I read about it on the blog of one of the writers I stalk, hoping they will update their WIPs...

In any case, it's interesting to see what the first ten were:

1. Pocketmonster
2. Gundam (the original one)
3. Galaxy Express 999
4. Meitantei Conan
5. Evangelion
6. Mirai shonen Conan
7. Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi
8. Patlabor
9. Gegege no Kitaro
10.Meitantei Conan

Pics of the stamps are online here.

Why Meitantei Conan twice? Because it ran so damn long? Seems silly to do one anime twice when there are other choices out there. And why Naruto? I didn't know it was so popular in Japan as to merit being put on stamps.

Even though I don't remember watching any episode of Manga nihon mukashibanashi (my mom tells me I used to see it often), as soon as I saw the title the opening song popped into my head. Very, very memorable.
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I was having a ball reading (mostly bad) English Naruto fanfic, wallowing in very Americanized emo-teen angst and having fun reading the various combinations of ages, statuses, and relationships the writers made up. Then I saw the title to one fic and it just stopped me in my tracks. The title? Swollen Obsidian Eyes. Seriously. I...need to take a break from the badfic. Just. Not good.
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I have been faithfully checking out the sites with the Naruto WIP I've been following and have been mostly disappointed. One site that hasn't isトマト畑でつかまえて(, which features the modern-day AU with NaruSasu and ItaSasu. The present day timeline has been put aside for extended flashback time! Oh, the past is even better than I'd hoped for. Sasuke is locked up in the house as the treasured "priestess, " which really is some kind of sacrifice. He'd snuck out and met young Naruto and had lots of fun, which ultimately gets him into trouble. But the big problem arises when some kids start disappearing in the area. The Uchiha have to do a sacrifice to appease the gods or whatever. Sasuke is in major lock-down due to his escapes and the fact that he will be "sacrificed." Itachi sneaks into the area of the residence where Sasuke is held, and lo and behold, mean grandpa is molesting Sasuke! This makes Itachi's blood boil, and coupled with the knowledge from the wet-nurse that the "sacrifice" is not for show as he'd been told but something real, this causes him to break. He goes to the grandpa and stabs him. I think numerous times. He then goes to Sasuke to escape with him, but then grandpa shows up again! He's not dead, because HE'S NOT HUMAN. He's some demon or something with a long life sustained by the lives of the missing children. Itachi makes Sasuke run away while he grapples with DEMON GRANDPA. Sasuke runs away, but finds that the servants have all turned into zombies out for his blood. He's cornered, but he's saved at the last moment by his parents. They finally rebel against DEMON GRANDPA and want to help Sasuke escape, but DEMON GRANDPA shows up and cuts them up. In front of Sasuke, of course. Looks like the end of Sasuke as he's choked to death. But just before he blacks out there is a bright flash of light, like THE SUN. When Sasuke wakes up his brother covered in blood is there. His cut up parents' bodies are there. DEMON GRANDPA is not mentioned. But Sasuke has other problems, because his brother then rapes him. Yay! This betrayal is what pushes Sasuke over the edge and makes him seal his memory. The residence is set on fire, presumably by Itachi.

That's as far as the flashback goes. I'd guess the next chapter will be back to the present. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed the mishmash of cliches. I hope the author keeps writing, and keeps writing with the momentum she has now. The question I really want answered is, what happened to DEMON GRANDPA?
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Yay! A fairly new chapter of the FF7 fic "Green Dreams"!

It Takes a Village by [ profile] chaletian, new Star Trek, vignettes about life about a starship for a new CMO.

Everyday I Miss You has written yet another amusing Naruto fic called "Blacklist" ( It takes the bastard Naruto from the long badfic she just isn't updating (;_;) and sticks him into a silly story. It is Sakura POV, she is horrified when she finds out how Naruto subdued Sasuke enough for treatment after bringing him back to Konoha with all limbs broken. When the casts are taken off Sasuke tries to go after Naruto for taking advantage of the fact that he couldn't move to fuck him repeatedly...
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AMKZ ( is a fairly new Naruto fanfic site with two longish fics, one WIP and one completed. I first read the modern day AU WIP and laughed all through it. Naruto is a happy-go-lucky college student with a dead mother and a father always away on business, who spends a lot of his time having sex. Shikamaru is his sarcastic yet mostly sympathetic friend (I love Shikamaru as sarcastic yet sympathetic friend in these types of AUs). Naruto works at a convenience store. One day he has a run-in with a customer, a very mouthy high school student. Obviously this is Sasuke. Naruto waits for Sasuke to show up so that he can say something rude back to him, but after the first encounter Sasuke more or less ignores him. Naruto finally decides to do something--he gives Sasuke a condom and tells him he should loosen up and have fun. Naruto sincerely meant it (more or less), but Sasuke does not take it well. He punches Naruto. When Naruto relates this to Shikamaru later, Shikamaru nearly headdesks and tells Naruto he was wrong and a dork and should totally apologize the next time he sees Sasuke. In any case, the way they just rub each other wrong is just plain hilarious. The best part? Itachi as gentle yet very observant, very protective, and very scary older brother. I love love love modern AUs.

The other fic is set in canon, after Itachi dies. Naruto and Sasuke have another humongous fight and Naruto manages to drag Sasuke back to Konoha. After Sasuke heals he is questioned, then released into Naruto's custody. Naruto has to watch Sasuke 24/7, except when on missions when someone in Anbu watches Sasuke. Sometimes these types of fics get too angsty and/or sappy, but for the most part this was very pleasant. The day-to-day life of the two and how Sasuke totally sucks at making emotional connections is very sweet. There isn't romance for most of the fic, it develops over time. Sasuke losing his eyesight due to the Magenkyo Sharingan is also pretty well done. There's adorable Team 7 interaction, a lovely meteor watching party, and the timely intervention of a ghost to bring the two together. Yeah, the ghost is a bit much, but it still ended up working. Naruto gets a pocket watch from a ghost, which on impulse he gives to Sasuke. He lies that he bought it, and feels guilty when Sasuke seems to treasure it. When Sasuke loses it during a mission and tries to look for it, Naruto tells him they can always get another. Sasuke tells him he doesn't want a replacement. I am such a sucker for stuff like that. XD
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One of the things I love about the internet is the sheer number of silly websites. One Japanese blog was cackling over this "component analysis" site that will take a word and tell you what it's made of ( She entered Naruto and Sasuke and Narusasu in katakana and laughed about the results. I have to admit, getting 53% show/display (見栄) and 34% white ink for Sasuke is pretty hilarious. I also stuck in romanized "sasuke" and "naruto" and rather liked both results.

sasukeの93%は華麗さで出来ています (splendor)
sasukeの5%は言葉で出来ています (words)
sasukeの2%は成功の鍵で出来ています (key to success)

narutoの95%は気合で出来ています (fighting spirit)

narutoの3%はマイナスイオンで出来ています (negative ion)

narutoの2%はミスリルで出来ています (mithril)

So meaningless yet so fun. XD;
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Heard an amusing interview on NPR with the Smart Bitches on their new book Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches' Guide to Romance Novels. After an absolutely painful intro that they so should've not bothered with, things got funny quickly. The magic hoo-hoo! I want to check out this book now. XD

On the topic of romance, [ profile] rachelmanija asks for recs on angsty romance novels and invites people to create your own romantic hero/heroine.

[ profile] oyceter makes a good point about Amazon Fail (is the official name with the "#" in front?) here. No matter what the real story behind this incident, Amazon's secret categorization of "adult" books is disturbing.

It seems like the long-talked-about great LJ migration is finally happening? Seems like everyone (but me) is getting a Dreamwidth account and some have already decided to jump ship...

I made Panna Cotta! It was massively easy and yet I was able to mess it up! Luckily I didn't botch it so badly that it came out inedible, and it was very, very tasty. This time I made it with half-and-half...Next time I'm using heavy cream. I recommend making it! Just make sure the gelatin is completely dissolved. XD;

I read a hilarious NaruSasu fic over at Everyday I Miss You. It's the continuation of a fic called 全ては、掌の中 that she'd posted a couple of days ago, shockingly titled(続)全ては、掌の中. In the first fic Sasuke has a problem. Naruto is harrassing him constantly. Naruto had confessed to him, so he'd confessed right back. Unfortunately for Sasuke, Naruto wants sex badly. Sasuke...not so much. Finally, Sasuke asks Kakashi for advice on how to deal with Naruto. He asks Kakashi to say something to Naruto, but Kakashi laughs at the idea that Naruto would listen to him. He tells Sasuke to just sleep with Naruto once since Naruto is probably just pushing because Sasuke said no. Sasuke goes away to think about it. Of course it turns out that Naruto had figured Sasuke would seek Kakashi and had gotten Kakashi to help him out. In the sequel Sasuke falls into Naruto's trap (the sex is not massively graphic but is really funny), realizes Kakashi had been in on it, and in the very last sentence is tromping around the village with his sharingan turned on to exact his revenge on Kakashi. XDXD Now if she'd only update that other badfic....
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I was doing my rounds of fanfic sites (and being horribly let down) again when I decided to hit a site with a fabulously twisted Narusasu/Itasasu AU where the Uchiha family was fucked up and died but for totally different reasons than canon. Also, set in modern Japan. Sasuke was the "priestess" their family needed to sacrifice every generation due to lack of a real female. Everyone except Itachi and Sasuke die in what seemed to have been a bad event and Sasuke "loses" his memories from the trauma. He meets up with Naruto in high school, all broody and solitary, but ends up breaking down and becoming friends because Naruto latches onto him and will not stop bothering him. Since this is slash, the two eventually drift towards each other in more than friendly ways. What complicates things is that Sasuke has been sleeping with Itachi as well, and Naruto finds out. I love how the first time Itachi fucks Sasuke is to distract Sasuke from his bad nightmares and make him forget everything. I've seen this little handy excuse used in a number of the Uchihacest fics and can't help but get a kick out of it. Way to make incest seem like a kindness. XD; In any case, I'm anxiously waiting for more because in the latest (dramatic) development Itachi collapses from overwork or something, and Sasuke is kidnapped. Naruto (and Kakashi) must go to the rescue! Despite the fact that Naruto had broken up with Sasuke due to the whole cheating on him with his brother issue! The annoying thing about that site is that she hides the more graphic sex and I can't find the link to the hidden stuff. >_< Unfortunately she's been in hiatus due to a family emergency...I checked out her blog to see if she'd posted since then, and sure enough she has. It seems the family emergency has mostly finished (her mother was hospitalized and got surgery), but she is trying to catch up with life. The funny bit was her mentioning the 10th Chronicle Minibook and how she did try to stick them together and lo and behold it worked! Another blog actually posted the Naruto and Sasuke on the covers and stuck them together to see if they'd meet at the lips...I love fangirls so much sometimes. XDXD;

If anyone's curious about the fic I mentioned above (and can read Japanese), the site is トマト畑でつかまえて ( (If you find the link to the hidden pages please please please let me know!)
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I have to laugh at the enthusiasm of fangirls. During my daily (futile) round of Japanese fanfic sites for updates on my favorite WIPs, I checked out their blogs as well today. There was much fangirl squeeing over the 10th Chronicle Minibook that apparently came with this week's JUMP. The front and back covers show Naruto and Sasuke in profile, which in rosy fangirl vision looks like they are 5 seconds from kissing. *giggles* I especially delighted in the truly bouncy blog post at Everyday I Miss You in which she imagines a conversation between the two:

Naruto: Let me kiss you, or else I'll jump you!
Sasuke: Humph, as if you'd have the guts...

And then she sums up the contents of the minibook by claiming it covers 10 years of NaruSasu-ness. Actually, she asserts AND assumes agreement with a "OKですよね?"


Download the entire minibook here.

Now if she'd only update her lovely badfic, I'd be a happy camper...
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I checked out the scanlation group Vices and Devices to see if they finally had the next Ore ni koishite dousunda! by Yoneda Kou, and was disappointed by the horribly misleading title of their newest update post. I did see that they have a new release of the wonderful Doushiyoumo nai keredo by Natsume Isaku, which led me to reread the series. I even tried reading the chapters with another couple at the end of the second volume. The characters are not particularly engaging (I have a problem with guys who constantly tease the object of their affections in order to get attention, especially if they don't realize their own feelings. I guess I like bastards more than jerks. XD;). The short chapter about their last day in junior high was lovely, though. Slightly bitter, juxtaposed with cherry blossoms, incredibly pointless.

I also reread the bit in Tightrope....I want more Doushiyoumo nai keredo! ;_; Will she write more???

In any case, back to Yoneda Kou. She has a blog where she posts work info ( Looks like she has steady work, though she hasn't done a chapter of Ore ni koishite dousunda! since September...Did it end in that chapter or is it going to take forever for her to finish it and for a volume to be released? GAH.

Switching gears, I am still reading Japanese Naruto fanfics. It's sad how I faithfully check certain sites to see if they've updated. Mostly I've been disappointed. I randomly read some English fics as well and rather enjoyed But a Little Thing by [ profile] ka0richan, a Kakashi/Sasuke "songfic" (it's a fic set to a real live song that you can listen to while it plays). Frankly, I don't understand the Kakashi/Sasuke pairing (I've come across it in various fanfic sites and have read some). But this fic doesn't really require belief in this pairing, it's so generic. But I think it really works with the song. XD
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I've been checking out more Japanese Naruto fanfics. I've come across some pretty nice fanart along the way:

Maniac Love:
Two pairings: Kotetsu x Izumo and Genma x Hayate. I particularly love the art of the first pairing even though I have no clue who they are. XD; The art is a bit sketchy but still very solid. I love the poses and the coloring...

未来航空 (mirai-kouku):
Absolutely lovely art of mostly Sasuke and Naruto (gen). I am totally in love with this artist. The quality is so high, I wonder if this person is a professional....There are also some adorable Itachi brother pics as well.

I love modern day AUs where the characters are attending school (esp because Naruto's dad is almost always alive and very, very doting--no clue if he's actually like that but it's fun to read). I just read a WIP called "adolescence" at Sione ( where Sasuke is a junior high student who is in love with Itachi and acts like a jerk because he doesn't know how to act normally around his brother. Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Sai are his friends who know his problem and mock him about it (well, everyone except Naruto) in that mostly good-natured ribbing way of kids. They sympathize to some extent but they've been exposed to Sasuke's pointless angst for years. They go to an amusement park to let off some steam (they are all studying for high school entrance exams) and while the others are waiting in line for some insane ride Shikamaru and Sasuke wander off to drink coffee...But they see Itachi out with a bunch of HIS friends. Sasuke tries to avoid acknowledging Itachi, but Itachi spots him and chases after him. I had to laugh when Shikamaru basically shoves Sasuke at Itachi, even claiming that Sasuke had mentioned having wanted to come to the amusement park with Itachi, and Sasuke basically sputters and vows revenge internally because he can't figure out a way to get out of hanging out with his brother...I hope the author continues this one. It's labeled as a comedy so I'm hoping it won't get too serious.

I've been enjoying the fluffy Itachi brother non-slash fics I've come across. A lot are as sickeningly sweet as I'd feared, but there are enough good ones to make it worth the effort. The shota slash stuff grosses me out, though. There's this one WIP AU that's serious and totally messed up I'm avidly following as well...
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Ha! There's a doujinshi event dedicated to the female version Naruto (Naruko)! I love Japanese fandom, they have events for every weird pairing or fetish. Not like I'd go (well, maybe I would if I lived in Tokyo...), but it's just nice knowing such things are out there. Kinda wish I could go to the NaruSasu event on 9/27, even though I don't really want more doujinshi....How do people who live in apartments manage large collections of doujinshi? Or do they just get rid of fandoms they are no longer in? I'd have such a hard time letting go since it took a lot of effort (and money!) to accumulate...

Some of the Japanese WIPs I'm following:

たったひとつの… @ Everyday I Miss You:
This it the Naruto is a bastard and turns Sasuke into a female one I've been blathering about...

裸足の100マイル@ オレンジとチョコレート:
This is a really cute AU where the gang are in high school, Naruto and Sasuke are best friends, Sasuke is in love with Naruto and hiding it and Naruto is basically clueless. The author does a good version of the angsty friend-in-love tries to put some distance and clueless-object-of-affection-friend keeps pursuing...

バロック・パラディス @ ユメヲミタアトデ:
This is set in a future where Naruto is Hokage and Sasuke is brought back to Konoha but dies from some mysterious illness (that made me think of consumption, the whole business was so overly romanticized >_<). Five years later a gravely injured 12-year-old Sasuke appears. He's from a parallel universe where things are similar but not quite. They try to figure out how to send him back but never do, so young Sasuke settles in to this world. Itachi is already dead in this world so Sasuke has no reason to run off, and he makes his way up through the hierarchy watched over by the adults (in this case all of his peers grown up in addition to the people who'd been adults to him already). There's a whole lotta angst courtesy of the fact that Naruto and Sasuke had been in a relationship, and chibi-Sasuke finds out about it pretty quickly. Recently there was a revelation about how/why he'd appeared in this world that was both ridiculously silly and rather ingenious. XD;

I seemed to have forgotten to bookmark another WIP I was enjoying, a student x tutor AU. *sighs*

I should go look for Japanese ItaSasu sites...I'm sure there will be many saccharine sweet AUs full of pure brotherly love, some of which may actually be good. XD;
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Read the last two chapters of Totally Captivated....It actually did end in 6 volumes! Sadly, the end was not particularly good. The author really lost steam. WHY'D she go so sappy and conventional? *sighs* It really lost the sparkle that made it so much fun. Ah well, I can always enjoy the beginning...

I'm curious about Bakuman, the new manga by the writer and artist who did Death Note about two boys who want to be (are?) manga artists...But not enough to randomly buy the volume. XD;

Hand signals at the Stork Club

I ended up spending the entire day today reading mostly bad Naruto fanfic in English...First a bunch of Narusasu then ItaSasu. I love incest. Especially incest with love-hate obsession issues. XD; Lots of twisted shit out there. I particularly laughed reading The Never Played Symphonies by Stina the Wicked because there is a lot of guilt and shame and humiliation and sex and LOTS of angsty emo Sasuke (I can't help it, this makes me laugh SO MUCH). Though I do feel sorry for the guy since things are very confused. I think the real character is less emo and a lot more uptight (at least, what I gather his *real* personality is), but it amuses me. XD There's a really interesting NaruSasu development in the latest chapter as well (it's a WIP)....

I hope the various Japanese WIPs I'm following update soon...
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Oh ho ho! My favorite Naruto badfic was just updated and the newest chapter does not disappoint! I can't believe how perfectly awful it is...I just hope the author doesn't cop out with a forced lovey-dovey ending after all the crap she's thrown into this fic. XDXD

as expected )

A wonderfully engaging unrequited love AU has also been updated, to my delight. It does a great job of portraying a completely clueless dork x very self-aware and desperately trying to get over it but mostly failing and angsting emo-boy and their cute (and angsty for one of them) path to love. I really want the next chapter already, this latest chapter ended with much promise for mischief. XD
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I saw DN Angel had a new volume (in how many years) and couldn't resist--I bought it. Flipped through it, found the origin explanation kind of odd, but what really got me was that I had no idea what the hell was going on. I have no idea where my earlier volumes are so I'm stuck with a manga full of prettiness that makes very little sense to me.

I also want Hiwatari/Niwa to be canon. They would be good for each other (and really adorable!). Not that I don't think that girl is bad for Niwa, just that Hiwatari would be better. XD;

I love that the 25 songs that all women love list at the debonair magazine blog has embedded music videos (though some have already been removed due to copyright violations...). I do love Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know," but I hadn't know how bad the video was. XD; Also, the hair! The makeup! It's all so dated. Though I think Bon Jovi's hair in "Livin' On a Prayer" is worse....

Kittens inspired by kittens: so cute!

I found several more Japanese Naruto fanfic sites with good entertaining fanfic. Ah, Japanese fandom, how I've missed you. The lack of archives and recs. The bizarre choice of backgrounds and fonts. The one-sentence paragraphs each ending in ellipses. And the annoying hidden pages of smut. A new chapter of that badfic I described earlier was updated with an awesome chapter. cut for the stupid )

[ profile] bookshop wrote up a McShep Primer that made me cackle. She starts of fabulously:

Forgive me if I don’t spend too much time (or any) time going over who the characters are and why you should like them. Really, there’s only one thing you need to know about Stargate: Atlantis and the McShep pairing, and that is the following:

The fanfic is incredible.

And just keeps going. She also has some author and fic recs, which I don't always agree with (there are some on that list I found less than "meh," let alone rec-worthy).
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I was so right about becoming fanfic obsessed. I read a lot of fics. I slept very little. I managed to keep going with severe lack of sleep. Until today. I crashed a bit at work. I think I need to take a break from reading fanfic...Besides the fact that too many are...lacking. There were a couple of LONG and MEATY ones that really satisfied me, though none of them were actually good. The only problem is that they were all WIP so I'll be stalking those sites...If I can remember which of the bookmarked sites those fics are on. It's so easy to lose track...

cut for a long rambling description of a badfic )
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I have been obsessively reading Naruto fanfics (again). After reading a whole lot of badfics I started eyeing doujinshi, but I'm just not as interested in fanmanga than in fanfic...So I took the plunge into Japanese fanfic sites. I got lucky with the first site I went to. It has a fabulously awful badfic that I can't stop reading. Unfortunately it's WIP so I'll be checking that site quite a bit to find out what happens. So bad, yet so addictive! I'll eventually write about it when I'm less excited. I'm now doing the link-hopping to find more good badness. I'll probably be busy for quite a while and won't post much. XD;

The next two sites I ended up at were very pretty fanart sites:

Mostly silly pictures and one-page manga. I love love love Wedding Bell, Kaeri michi, and the brothers AU (Naruto is Sasuke's adopted--or step--brother. There are fanfics written by others that are adorable as well. I am such as a sucker for brother AUs. XD;).

Cuteness abounds! There's also a very interesting Naruto time travels to the past and meets 10-year-old Itachi and 5-year-old Sasuke picfic.

One really annoying thing about reading in Japanese--some of the characters have kanji names!! The main people had katakana names so no problem there, but I was scratching my head with all the others. I also just realized that the beginning parts of Jounin, Chuunin, and Gennin are 上、中、下. XD; And Chidori is 千鳥? All the damn jutsu have kanji names! I'd only read the first volume of the manga in Japanese a long time ago so I hadn't remembered anything. It's amazing how much is stripped away when terms and names are romanized...


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