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Am currently in love with Obadiah Parker's cover of Outkast's Hey Ya...Check out the video here.

I also threw out a couple of years of Pafu yesterday. It was...painful. But I do feel better. Lighter. I need to let go of more of my books--I already have, but I do really need to cull. The annoying thing is that it's hard to find new homes for the BL titles. Who will take them? I don't want to throw away perfectly serviceable books needlessly...

I checked out a recommendation by Amazon Japan for a book called Namida no naka wo aruiteru by Mizuhara Tohru and had to snort. It's about a college student who meets again a guy he'd met when he was a little kid and the guy was a nice resident at a hospital, at a gay bar. And goes home (or perhaps to a hotel?) with him. And is treated really badly (as in not really consensual BDSM). But he endures and goes back for more in the hopes that the sadist doctor will like him. Because he was nice that one time a long time ago, which doctor doesn't even remember. Yes, really. The lone review is pretty harsh, I had to cackle when I read it because it sounds like something I'd write in disgust. XD Found another review that's also not that favorable here. That review describes it as a "someday my prince will come" story in which the prince is super sadistic. I almost want to read it to see just how much I'd hate it, but since I already know there's a 99% chance that I'll hate it (spineless pathetic uke + probably pointless graphic sexual nastiness = me hate) I really shouldn't. Plus, I kinda remember reading some other book by this author with a sadistic seme and a totally pathetic uke who endures, and not liking it much. :P
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I have decided to chuck around 4-5 years of my old Pafu magazines, from around 2001-2005. I feel kind of bad throwing them all away, so...does anyone want them? If you're willing to pay for postage I'd totally mail them to you. I weighed two of the magazines and they were about 12oz/335g each. They are about the size of a piece of paper, 8.5"x11", and maybe 0.5" thick (some are thicker, some are thinner).

It's so hard to let go of things you really don't need and take up too much space, but have an attachment to. GAH.
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Man, this week has SUCKED. Work has been very very GAH, and there's nothing like insomnia to make everything worse. *sighs*

In any case, I have high hopes that Sakura Gari will end satisfactorily. I recently read an interview with Watase Yuu in an old issue of Pafu I'd forgotten to look at. XD; She had written the entire thing 7 years ago as a parody, for fun with her and her assistants. She had actually written a 650 page storyboard to understand how the two main characters had come to be who they were. She hadn't chosen a specific period when she'd first written it, but she was influenced by a movie called "Rampo" released at the time. So she liked that Meiji/Taisho/early Showa period, and more firmly chose a period when she did the storyboard.

She'd initially gotten suggestions to publish it as a doujinshi. The most common reaction from readers when the first chapter was released was of surprise. Many fans said they'd go along with her, but some couldn't follow a story with (blatant) homosexuality in it.

She felt like she was able to draw the negative aspects of humans that she couldn't in shoujo manga. The interviewer notes that though the manga has homosexuality in it, it's clearly different from BL. Watase-sensei responded that she wasn't very familiar with BL, so she wasn't conscious of the genre as she'd written it. She'd tried to do things differently from the shoujo manga she'd done before, and portray the Taisho period through the way she did the manga. She thinks of how she drew the manga as almost like a movie, like she'd taken a camera and filmed Souma and Masataka. She felt very moved by and involved with the characters while drawing it, and there were scenes she wished would hurry up and end as she drew them. She doesn't get as involved with all of her works, but she'd worked on this for 7 years so she felt like she really knew the characters. She felt bad for writing about them, like she was intruding on them and revealing their lives to everybody. She felt she had a responsibility to properly convey the character's feelings to the readers because she was invading their lives.

The scenes Watase-sensei found painful: Katsuragi and Masataka in the tea room (the criminal incident, as she put it) and the scene in the warehouse when Masataka and Souma's relationship totally breaks down.

The scene Watase-sensei liked: the fireworks scene and their interaction after that, though she did think it was rather heartbreaking when you consider what comes after that...She also liked the conversation between Masataka and his brother at the river and the harmonica thing, as it showed the sadness of brothers who care for each other but can't quite make things work.

The scene readers liked: when Masataka and Souma dance together at the party. Watase-sensei comments that she'd wanted to convey Souma's isolation and where the the two stood in that scene.

Watase-sensei notes that someone had suggested she publish a commentary book as each scene is filled with meaning. It'd probably be 1000 pages if she did write one.

Er...I didn't mean to write so much about the interview. It's kind of long and there's a lot of interesting crap in it that I'd like to mention, but I think I've lost steam. ^^; My main point is that I have more confidence that she won't screw it up after reading this interview.
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The June Pafu had a Kuroshitsuji special with an interview with Yana-sensei. Fun to read, I also learned something very important. The book cover under the dust jacket shows the character on the dust jacket cover in the same pose doing something else! The back cover has some humorous bits in the same vein...I looked at the couple of volumes I could find and was delighted to see how adorable and funny the secret covers were! XD;

In any case, I thought I'd summarize the parts of the interview i found interesting. Sorry, as usual I have almost no interest in the artist and focused exclusively on the work.

Yana-sensei had started with only an idea for a butler who is really powerful. But when she came up with the idea for a demon butler, it brought a Western image to mind. She could've set it in Japan if she was only going for just a powerful butler.

Yana-sensei had the hardest time creating Sebastian's image. He can't be flashy since he's a butler, but he's the main character. She always has problems with Sebastian's position as a demon and a butler. She had a very easy time with Ciel. She had chosen to make him a boy for the unbalanced effect of having a small master and a big butler, but they are so much a set now that it doesn't feel right when Sebastian stands next to someone else.

Yana-sensei had come up with the setting, Ciel's past, the servants' pasts, the stance demon's have about humans, the Phantomhive family's role in the underground society, and Sebastian and Ciel's final enemy and final outcome when she started the series. She's been inserting foreshadowing elements from volume 1. But since it was slated to only be a short 4-chapter series, she wanted to make sure that readers wouldn't be left hanging at the end of one volume. Luckily she's been able to continue the series, and she's glad that she's been able to insert bits earlier in the series.

When Yana-sensei draws Sebastian, she has to be careful that he doesn't look frail or weak because he is rather slender. She draws him with the idea that he looks thin but is quite muscular and toned under his tuxedo. As for Ciel, she tries not to make him too adult. She takes care that he seems like a child with the actions and expressions of an adult.

Yana-sensei emphasizes the butlerness or the demonness of Sebastian at different points. Volume 1 emphasized his butlerness, but the current circus arc emphasizes his demonness.

Yana-sensei has to be careful about not letting Sebastian just fade into the background when the spotlight is on Ciel. Her ideal butler is a gentleman who smartly yet subtly supports his master. She particularly loves an older man as a butler.

Yana-sensei would love to have Sebastian and Ciel do something together, such as cooking or a three-legged marathon. She has a feeling it'd turn into a competition to piss the other guy off, though.

Scenes that had particular impact on Yana-sensei:
Volume 1, when Sebastian does his "akuma de, shitsuji desukara" (how is this typically translated?) statement. This is the basis of the series.
Volume 2&3, when Grelle and Sebastian throw around quotes/references of Shakespeare during their battle. She wanted a very theatrical feel to the whole thing. Most of Grelle's lines come from Juliet's lines in Romeo & Juliet.
Volume4&5, when Sebastian laughs and says "Ningen nate mono wa ne..." (sadly, I don't have those books and can't look up the context to translate) after the curry contest. It's also the first time Sebastian has made a friend...

Ciel can see in the eye with the seal in it. He uses a patch with a hole in it for depth perception while fencing, and takes off his patch when reading in his room.

Yana-sensei would love to write a side story about Grelle and Madame Red, or about Ciel's father and Queen Victoria.

Yana-sensei particularly likes the outfit Ciel wears on the color cover of chapter 21. It's even been used for a figurine. She also likes Ciel's riding outfit from the G Fantasy March 2009 cover. The key is how he is wearing a small silk hat tightly.
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The February issue of Pafu featured a bunch of artists who debuted manga in 2008.

The ones I've read:

Doushitemo furaretakunai by Yoneda Kou: Salaryman and his boss fall in love, both with issues that affect their relationship in various ways. Sounds conventional, is conventional, but is totally delightful. I've already raved about this one. XD I did notice a couple of panels that puzzled me when I reread it, I didn't understand what the artist was trying to convey in it, but they were minor irritations that were totally overshadowed by the good points.

MIgatte na anata by Sangatsu Masao: Collection of short stories, the main one about a guy with a sempai from high school who shows up at his apartment to be fucked when he'd broken up with his boyfriend or just wants sex. Most of the stories are cute and sweet, everyone's earnest yet awkward and/or embarrassed. Nothing fancy or super amazing. The artist draws legs oddly--they are shapely, like a woman's legs, at times. It disturbed me, but didn't stop me from reading. The 4-koma manga all featuring tangerines are hilarious.

Borura ni matsuwaru etcetera by Kyugo: I think this was made up of three short stories. The first one about high school boys bored me to tears. The second one about a grumpy (not that old) man and an awkward boy was pure love. I really like the art on this one. I'm pretty sure I raved about this one in a post as well...

Tonari no by Koshino: A collection of short stories. The main one is about a guy who is woken up by his considerate if gruff next door neighbor every day because he has a really hard time in the mornings. He knows the neighbor is gay, knows he shouldn't think about it as it doesn't concern him, and yet he is drawn to his neighbor....The other stories weren't bad, either. They are amusing. This artist's style is hard for me to get through. She crowds her panels with images and text. I like my manga to be less dense, so it took me a while to get the hang of it.

Kotae wa soko ni umi ga arukara by Ichinose Yuma: A salaryman runs into a writer at a surfing magazine and decides to get back into surfing. The salaryman naturally becomes drawn to writer....What will happen?? Oh, the suspense, it kills. I think there were more stories in this manga, but I don't remember. The art was pretty good, the story was not bad, the characters were very forgettable. Didn't hate it, didn't love it.

The ones I haven't read, with my (very) loose translation of the blurbs provided in the Pafu feature:

Toshoiin no koi by Koiwazurai Shibito: Library worker student A is irritated when his best friend gets a girlfriend, doesn't know why. One day he's confessed to be library worker student B (a guy). A is rather repelled by B and rejects him, but is told by B that he'll fall for a guy...

Sore wa tabete wa ikemasen. by Koishikawa Ao: College student is kicked out of his apartment and is kindly given a place to stay by a half-vampire who sucks at being a vampire (he's afraid of coffins as they have cockroaches). He holds back his hunger as to not scare college student.

Ai nante kuerukayo by Rakuda Torino: The younger brother of a high school teacher's ex-boyfriend brings him homemade bento. High school teacher can't quite let himself be honest about his attraction to the straightforward and cheerful younger brother, but things change when the older brother (the blurb doesn't make it clear if this older brother is the one that is the teacher's ex or a different one) shows up.

Koi no mannaka by Matsumoto Miecohouse: Two high school students (who are sleeping with each other but may not be in a "relationship"?) run away from home together one summer. Sounds kind of emo.

Hatsukoi no 25% wa, by Yamanaka Hiko: Smart and talented and popular high school student likes to watch another guy on the track team who runs a lot. He starts having fantasies about doing some naughty things to the other student....

Tango no otoko by Okadaya Tetuzoh: A guy how dances the passionate tango but doesn't know real love meets a straight half-Latino guy and is drawn to him immediately. Straight dude isn't interested in tango dude that way, but does open up to him because of the sense of security and the kindness he gives straight dude.

(I can't take this manga seriously because it has a huge "THE MAN OF TANGO" on the cover. It just sounds so silly in English, doesn't it? I suppose it'll turn out to be awesome because I've mocked it. :P)

Doramachikku Maesutoro (Dramatic Maestro) by Sagami Waka: High school student had three girlfriends stolen by a majorly popular guy. He slaps the guy and is kissed in return! After that, majorly popular guy hangs around the student and the student ends up getting sucked into a strange group in which "maestros" of various fields gather.

Eryushion no tobira by Dr. Jikyll: About a genius conductor and a guy who is drawn to the genius conductor while targeting some legendary violin. I think. The blurb confused me. ^^;

Moshimo negai ga by Tatsuki: A guy doesn't want to destroy the relationship he has with his dear childhood friend even though he's in love with him, done with a comedic touch.

Has anyone read any of the above? Any of these good?
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The December 2008 Pafu has an interview with Sugiura Shiho. Some of the interesting tidbits:

-When asked if the story is proceeding as she'd planned initially, Sugiura-sensei responded that things were going smoothly. The only problem she has is that there are so many characters she needs more pages than expected (such as one chapter's worth of story taking three chapters to draw out).

-According to Sugiura-sensei, Rakan sees Chigusa as "honest" and "open," a "friend" (as opposed to "pervert" or "weirdo" like the other characters XD). She plans on developing that relationship further, so stay tuned.

-When asked if there was a significance in Rakan wearing a gakuran instead of a blazer-type school uniform, Sugiura-sensei responded she wanted to connect the reader to reality in some way. A gakuran immediately conjures up "school uniform." She also just likes gakuran. She likes manga in which the characters fight in gakurn. She'd always wanted to draw someone fighting in a gakuran at least once.

-Rakan is supposed to be the most powerful sanome (ever?).

-Chigusa can't read people's minds, but he can sense the aura or atmosphere around people. He puts that aura together with a chart in his head that associates certain auras with certain emotions and figures out what a person is feeling. It's something all people do, he just can do it much better.

-Sugiura-sensei finds characters with no darkness, who are only happy or cheerful or gentle, to be rather unnatural. She thinks that having a negative side along with that positive side is more balanced. She likes to see people who lack something realize that emptiness and fill it.

-There is no connection between the "thousand" character in Senrou and the practice of giving names with numbers in them to extraneous children. She hadn't even realized it until after she'd established the numbered children idea.

-Until chapter 35, the Prince had never been interested in Kinrei. He'd only thought of Kinrei as someone who did what he was told to do. Sensei compares the Prince to a hamster that becomes attached to the person who feeds it...

-When asked which character is the stupidest, Sugiura-sensei responded with two characters. Hakubi in an adorably stupid way, Yoruaki in a pitiful and unfortunate way. When Hakubi turned out the way he did when she'd tried to write a smart enemy, she realized she can't write a smart character...

-The Prince's "voice" in people's heads essentially sounds like Rakan's voice, with differences in tenor due to their differing personalities.

-The interviewer points out that none of the characters can be described as pure bad guys. Sugiura-sensei agrees, as she prefers stories that do not feature black and white good and bad and thus seems to write that way as well. She does try to write truly bad guys, but she can't get their personalities down and has a hard time with them.

-Things Sugiura-sensei would like to do with the various cute animals that appear in the manga: She'd give Kou a fast-moving, furry toy to play with. She'd ride Kuro. And she'd like to brush her. Give the birds fruits and take a picture of them. She'd like to wet the stone creatures with water...

-Sugiura-sensei does love her characters but they don't hit her moe points (if Rakan's grandpa had been completely bald he would've done it, tho). Instead she gets excited over things like futon. If she could've made it work within the story, she would've liked to have Rakan and company have a big pillow fight. Just thinking about the pillows filled in with cute tones excites her.

-Sugiura-sensei's favorite character is Rakan since she created him when she was in high school.

-Yoruaki makes Sugiura-sensei feel sorry for him. His name is "night," he's into a blond, he speaks politely...He reminds her of Nei from "Koori no Mamono."

-When asked if there were characters that "acted on their own" or wouldn't easily get moving, Sugiura-sensei mentioned the Prince and Chigusa. She hadn't planned on the Prince cutting his own throat, but when it happened she agreed that he totally would've. Chigusa often ends up looking out quietly from behind in everyday life, but when she makes him say something he never says something reasonable...

-Sugiura-sensei apologizes to each of the four main character: Rakan, for not drawing him in cooking scenes more. Chigusa, for writing him as more like a chick (baby chicken) instead of the black panther she'd intended to. Narushige, for turning him into a mother-in-law type instead of the cool, gorgeous, smart young man she'd meant to. Touji, for intending to have him teased from the beginning and actually going through with it. And as a bonus, Kinrei, for always putting him in the same clothes. She'd wanted to put him brighter colored clothing, but he is laughably unsuited for such things.

-Sugiura-sensei's favorite scene so far is the entire latter half of the last story in volume 4 (I don't have my manga so I don't know what happened). The scene she'd most wanted to write is yet to come.

-Sugiura-sensei thinks Chigusa is the character that's grown the most, even though he's still incomplete as he's without his memories.

-Sugiusa-sensei has drawn storyboards up to volume 17. She feels the series is about 75% complete. She hadn't taken into account the sheer number of characters she'd have to give some kind of end to...In any case, the manga has entered the final stage.
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I happened to notice the cover of this issue (it was on top of a pile of books in the hallway) and quickly skimmed the interview because I couldn't do either of the two things I'd like to be doing right now (sleep or study-I don't have the thing I was going to study with me). XD; I decided to do a quick summary of the parts of the interview re: Junjou Romantica rather than toss and turn in bed...

-The fact that her manga was becoming an anime didn't feel real to Nakamura-sensei (hereafter shortened to "N") until recently. She's happy that her work, out of the many out there, was chosen, but she wonders how they'll handle certain aspects as it is BL.

-When asked what she was looking forward to in the anime, N responds that as the manga is in black and white and the anime will be in color and will have motion and sound, she has no idea what it'll be like. She feels like one of the general public.

-When asked about the scene in volume 8 where Misaki is finally able to tell Usami that he loves him, N replies that she wanted to link the scene with an earlier scene in a ferris wheel (she can't remember the volume). She recalls the scene being rather easy to draw because the image she had in mind was solid.

-N doesn't feel like the images of the main characters have changed for her throughout the series because she created them in the first place to change and grow as things happened to them.

-N doesn't think Misaki will ever "win" against Usami, even if he ever gets to the point of being able to pounce on Usami. After all, he'd only be responding to Usami's provocation anyway.

-This series, though her longest ever, doesn't feel like long-running to N because she doesn't actually publish that many chapters of it in a year.

-When asked how she brings out the "BL-ness" of the series (she's apparently said before that she's consciously making this series more "BL-ish"), N responds that she tries to keep in mind that she's drawing a romance. She adds that at times she forgets....

-N loves to draw manga in general, but she particularly enjoys herself when she works hard to draw pointless chatchkis like chicks and pandas. What she finds tough are the deadlines...

-N imagines that it'd be easy for Misaki to become a housekeeper after he graduates college, but she refuses to reveal at this time what his actual job will be.

-N would like to have Misaki and Usami make a cake castle or a bread castle...In any case, some kind of castle.

-When asked if she plans on writing another series, possibly Junjou Terrorist or Egoist on their own or something new with other characters such as Haruhiko and his childhood friend (the one that works for the publisher) or some other adult couple, N replies that she's actually writing about Haruhiko's childhood friend right now. She couldn't give any details.

The rest of the interview was about another work, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, which I haven't even heard of, as well as more personal stuff about N. Is Sekaiichi Hatsukoi any good? I guess I should go check it out...

But first I need to get volume 10 of Junjou Romantica. *sighs*
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I forgot about this for quite a while...^^;

Love Love Enpitsu-chan 7 )
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Love love love the September Pafu cover, by Toboso Yana (check out her website--I laughed at the name of her site! XD). I know this artist from the first volume of her manga Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), about a young aristocrat and his "perfect" butler, but for some reason didn't recognize the art at first (btw, click on the image for a bigger version). I was just thinking how nice it was, and only when I looked up the artist's name did it click. I think I posted about it before, but I'm far too lazy to check. :P In any case, it drips with Victorian gothic atmosphere, possibly too much, but...I was intrigued. I want to read more. I want to smack myself for not ordering volume 2 in my last order. ^^; In any case, this month's special feature is about everybody's favorite moe points: butlers and maids.

maids )

butlers )

Damn, I spent waaay too much time on this (I need to sleep!). Looking up and pasting links and figuring out how to read names/titles sure is a time suck...Even more than skimming the blurbs in the magazine and coming up with something short to say about each title... :P In any case, has anyone read any of these? Besides Emma, that is. Everyone's read/watched Emma...Right?

eta: I was thinking about manga with maids or butlers in them, figuring BL would be full of stories with either of them...And drew mostly a blank. I came up with Shitsuji no tokken by Eda Yuuri, but that's a novel. Then Earl Cain by Yuki Kaori popped into my head, but that's not really about butlers per se. Yes, the master-butler relationship is vital and possibly the most appealing part of the manga, but still...Anyone have any favs?
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The August Pafu has a feature called "The Midsummer BL Festival," which is essentially an introduction to BL anthologies. I had never been too interested in anthologies, but seeing the sheer variety out there has peaked my interest. The feature starts off with some basic stuff like "what is an anthology?" and then continues in the question and answer format. I found links for the works mentioned and paraphrased parts of the text, as well as adding some of my own comments. Some of the featured anthologies sound really appealing...

Are there only themed anthologies in BL?
The answer is, of course, no.

For those who want to enjoy a slightly different atmosphere:
Standing for "Boys Guns Men," it has a similar line-up of artists as "MARBLE" and the "Catalog Series"...

This is a themed anthology, but it has a similar line-up to "EDGE" (which features covers by Tada Yumi--the artist of the Yukikaze manga! According to her site she is published in "OPERA" as well!). The big draw is the artist basso (whom I am completely unfamiliar with ^^;). More details at the publisher's site.

For those who want to enjoy new artists:
mellow mellow
There's detailed info at this blog, this is full of one-shots or series that can be read as one-shots.

The subtitle is "A BL magazine for adults that attacks with all it's might" (or something like that :P), it basically seems to be not-WAFF. I think the covers are done by Nitta Youka?

For those who like to enjoy the story to one's heart's content:
An established anthology that had in its pages BL masterpieces such as Kari Sunako's "Noharanoharano" and Konno Kita's "SALVA ME" (and other's I'd never heard of).

What themes should I get my hands on?

Megane (glasses)
All sorts of megane characters, be it uke or seme, hetare or beast, just makes any work that much more appealing.

Megane de, suit (cover image)
This is part of the "Megane de xxxx series," in which the megane is paired with something. In this case, suits.

Megane Catalog
This is the first volume of the "Catalog Series," which is known for unique artists who write good stories.

Hetare seme
All those characteristics that should be minuses, but seen through a fangirl's eyes they become strong points: that is the "hetare." Recently what's particularly popular is the "hetare seme," who can't be aggressive because he cares too much for the other guy. And there's nothing like the younger puppy-like seme! --> Rabuteku 11: hetare seme

Those who lead and those who serve them--master and servant; lord and retainer; employer and employee --> Aqua zettai ryouiki: mibunchigai (cover image)

What themes are there other than the popular and standard ones?
Homely guys! --> b-boy phoenix: fuzaiku (cover image)

What's drawing attention now?
Gotta be "butlers."--> BL Style
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I really like this cover, even though it's so deceptive. It looks like some BL pairing, but the characters are from Ai wo Utau yori Ore ni Oborero!, a shojo manga by Shinjo Mayu. The one that looks like a seme is actually a girl and the one that looks like an uke is a guy. The guy is the "princess" at his all-boys school, while the girl is a tomboy and a "prince" of her all-girls school. The girl has a band who loses a member, and the boy pretending to be a girl shows up wanting to fill the spot. He also pursues her aggressively...

I am not sure I want to read the manga, actually. The guy is supposedly rather calculating and manipulative, which, depending on how it's portrayed in the manga, a big turn off for me in romances (unless they are patently cliched BL romances!). :P Has anyone read this? Is it any good?

And the results of random web-surfing:

So cute! They can be pre-ordered at J-List. ^___^
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And the series continues! Thanks to [ profile] modorenai for proofing. ^__^

Love Love Enpitsu-chan 6 )
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The cuteness continues, unrelenting! XDXD

Thanks to [ profile] modorenai for proofing the translation, which meant this got finished about a month early (because I sit on translations forever when I do it all myself).

Love Love Enpitsu-chan 5 by CJ Michalski )
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Sorry I haven't posted anything "of substance" lately. The raw desire is there, just not all the other stuff it takes. In this case, the focus to proof the translation I did quite a while ago and just left hanging...Does anyone want to proof the translations for me so that I don't have to?

In any case, I love how retarded this family is. XDXD

Love Love Enpitsu-chan 4 by CJ Michalski )
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May 2007 Cover

Though RL has been a bit much lately, I've been itching to post several pics from the latest issue of Pafu. First off, the original cover illustration by Honami Yukine! Click on image for bigger pic, click again for full size. The other two pics are posted full size under their own cuts. All are very pretty! XD

insert art by some BL game/novel illustrator )

silly imaginings by Shimizu Yuki (and me) )

There's also a long interview with Yoshinaga Fumi in this issue, but I haven't had a chance to read it. I will, eventually...I also need to do more posts of that CJ Michalski manga...*sighs*
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Once again the annual rankings. I can't find the excel file to incorporate this year's info into the 1996-2005 chart I put together a while ago so I just typed it up in a list. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised at Fruits Basket's rankings since it ended last year and there's nothing like a last hurrah to push a series up. Couple of real surprises include Gintama's popularity...I guess in my small corner of fandom I never heard very much about it (though I knew of its existence). I'd never even heard of the shojo manga series Kimi ni todoke (some of it has been scanlated, see here for a cover pic and a summary--sounds somewhat interesting...). Am I just totally out of touch? :P

the rankings )
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Um, people who haven't checked this manga out yet? Now is the time to start. There is warning-worthy content below, but it's not squicky at all. It's just plain hilarious. Check out parts 1 and 2, then click on the cut to read on...

Love Love Enpitsu-chan 3 by CJ Michalski )
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The saga of the boy and his pencil continues! I swear that pencil boy is so disgustingly adorable (the watermelon! *flails*)...BTW, if people didn't already guess Chibita says "pitsu" a lot (it's also used as a sfx...which is baffling if cute). In fact, all his sentences end with "pitsu," it's just not reflected in my quick translation (the quality of which I refuse to guarantee) since it just would sound lame in English.

Love Love Enpitsu-chan 2 by CJ Michalski )
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I was flipping through the rather disappointing latest issue of Pafu the other day when I finally bothered to read one of the short manga currently running in it. It...was silly and made me laugh. The art was nice and oddly familiar. I was bowled over when I realized the artist was CJ Michalski. I figured I'd share it and thought it might be nice to start at the beginning. It's a silly, cute story about a boy and the pencil (enpitsu is pencil) come to life...I pray it doesn't degenerate into shota...

Love Love Enpitsu-chan 1 by CJ Michalski )
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Crimson Spell )

I didn't realize Crimson Spell was supposed to be a one-volume manga. I'm so glad she didn't try to cram everything into one volume. How does one do epic fantasy in such little space? Especially when the epic fantasy is littered with sex scenes? ^^;

I...really want a Viewfinder FST. Nothing too serious or too tongue-in-cheek. Not sure what kind of music I'd imagine for the series, though.

Speaking of FSTs, there's a Clover FST on [ profile] fst. No idea if it's any good, but...Clover! XD


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