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My celebration consists of laying around and being glad I don't have to be at work. XD;

I've been rereading a bunch of PoT doujinshi recently. I was looking through my bookmarks and started clicking on old fanfic/fanart sites. Of course most of the sites were gone, so instead of depressing myself I decided to enjoy what I did have. I shifted my (heavy) boxes of doujinshi around to get to the PoT ones and started going through it. The first one I grabbed were the two pictured above. They are a set that came in a plastic bag closed with a specially made sticker you can barely make out under the Ryoma book (I love details like that) and each book is over 100 pages. So OOC, way too sweet, but so much fun to read.

My cat "helping" me change my sheets by getting between the fitted and flat sheet. She'd follow me under the sheet to each corner as I straightened it, looking kind of like a mole as she moved around. I finally pulled the fitted sheet up to take a pic.

♥ ♥ ♥

Apr. 3rd, 2010 06:05 pm
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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes OR Dustorio by [ profile] prillalar is a hilarious(ly touching...not) fairytale Horio/Tezuka Cinderella AU that really cheered up my crappy day. It's a beautiful story. Beautiful.
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I don't watch movies much anymore, but I love reading media criticism and meta on movies and the industry. The Cobra by Tad Friend from The New Yorker is about marketing movies via a profile of one particular marketer at a rather off-beat studio.

A fabulous 4-part series on Charles Darwin by BBC Radio 4's In Our Time, available for listening to here. I love the background on the man and his times, the analysis and the commentary of his work.

Some RyoKai loveliness from [ profile] leviosa8 here and here.
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Oh man, I don't know what Maneschewitz tastes like (or even heard of it until just now), but I want to try Maneschewitz Granita. I wonder if this is even sold here? I don't think there are many Jews here...

I finally made my first batch of cookies ever on Christmas day! I followed the recipe on the bag of Nestle chocolate chips and was delighted at how easy it was. The only funky part was figuring out how the oven heats. The resulting cookies were slightly underdone but still very edible (and incredibly tasty right out of the oven). Unfortunately we received an ungodly amount of cookies from family later in the day. I still have the rest of the bag of flour to use up (the original reason I had decided to make cookies), I'll have to find something else to make.

I could hear the Akutsu vs. Ryoma match from my room and had to laugh everytime Akutsu called Ryoma "kozou" (kid). I mean, HELLO. Akutsu is 14!! He's just a kid himself!!

I feel old when I think this way, but considering I'm old enough to be his mother I suppose it can't be helped.
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1. Holy crap does Hinakick Web have lovely lovely fanart. Mostly Tom Riddle/Harry (Tom looks so gorgeous, especially with his red eyes), but also many fandoms (mostly unfamiliar). The ones I do recognize are FF7 and FF12 (there's a particularly lovely pic of that kid...Larsa? against a wall). There are some lovely yuri pics with women dressed up very elaborately (and/or partially naked).

2. Tantalize by [ profile] kishmet, AtoRyo, AU, over-the-top sizzling sexual temptation and frustration.

3. Overheard in the elevator today:

Woman: I'm tired
Man: Why?
Woman: I'm pregnant
Man: (snickers) ...Seriously?
Woman: Yeah
Man: (pauses) Wow, that's the best excuse I've heard today.

Way to go with the understatement, dude.

4. Anyone have good covers to share? I've been obsessed with them this past weekend and would love some more. Some I shared before:

Closer by Maroon 5
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Tori Amos
Ray of Light by Natasha Beddington
Wonderwall by Ryan Adams

Download here
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Finally read the English version of the newest Totally Captivated. It was better than I imagined when I only had the images to go on! I love bitter quarrels that don't quite edge into full-blown drama. I want to know what happens next!

I was reading some feel good happy fanfics and came across one I'd somehow missed: Of Convergence by [ profile] penm, TezuRyo, one of those slow inevitable ones. I had some nitpicks but in general really liked it. Just my type of TezuRyo fic. XD

How technology is awesome: Using asphalt warmed by the sun to heat water and/or generate electricity
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ETA3: Added TRC figurines and Square Enix The World of Mana (what is this anyhow?) plushies

ETA2: Added a Hikago Sai fan keyholder and xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set.

ETA: I found another mug cup in a random drawer while cleaning today. T_T It's a Karekano Pero Pero mug cup I already have and use....Why I have two, I don't know. In any case, see below for pics.

While digging through my closet I discovered the mother-lode of goods I'd pretty neatly stuck into a bunch of boxes. They were kind of heavy and took up a good amount of room, so I decided to cull. A lot of it was easy because I had this horrible habit of buying two sets of stationary...So there are lots of letter sets below. I also found things that baffled me. Why the hell would I have bought them? I realized that some of them were given to me, thus explaining their presence without me having to resort to a temporary lapse in judgement. In any case, I did a mad run of picture taking and uploading of stuff I wouldn't mind parting with.

Prices are in US dollars, they don't include shipping. Some of the items (such as the mugs and bowl) are heavier, thus will cost more to ship. I may also have to buy a box or a package to send these things safely. Please don't ask how much postage will be...I won't know until I go to the post office. I don't have a scale, unfortunately. I'd prefer payment in postal money orders for those in the US. If anyone outside of the US wants any of this stuff, I'd prefer international money orders. I'd like Paypal to be a last resort.

Warning: Lots of images under the cuts

hello kitty phone strap )

hello kitty/nana fastener )

wolf's rain t-shirt )

pot clear cd case, pouch, pencil board, wristband, fan-made goods )

kkm fastener, letter set )

ouran fastener, notebooks )

fma mugs, bowl, figurine, double file, hand towels )

fushigi yuugi letter set )

princess princess notepad )

matsumoto temari minicard cases )

saiyuki postcard set, letter set )

morimoto shuw notepad )

sugiura shiho koori no mamono notepad )

CLAMP mokona mugs, TRC letter set, gouhou drug postcard, xxxHOLIC/TRC stamp set, TRC figurines in Mokona containers )

matantei loki ragnarok plushie, minicard set, hand towel, letter set )

hikago clock, pencil case, cards, sticky notes, plushies, notepads, fan-made stickers, Sai fan keyholder )

karekano hand towel, mug cup )

cafe kichijouji de letter set, postcard set, notepad )

loveless postcard )

angel sanctuary letter set )

fruitsbasket )

dn angel sticker book )

yami no matsuei minicard set )

rurouni kenshin letter set )

genjuu bunshou by narushima yuri letter set )

oh my goddess! letter set )

Great Place High School (manga by Koujima Naduki) postcards )

mirage of blaze fan-made letter set )

square enix the world of mana plushies )

Sorry the pics are not that great. I tried retaking when they were really bad, but I couldn't get good shots of some of the stuff. :P
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From an LOTR doujinshi (thanks [ profile] leviosa8!): The elves depicted as typical Japanese salaryman working in a typical Japanese office...Rivendell Brewery. XD;

As I was scrolling through the flist my eye stopped at the word "Omphaloskepsis." It was the title of what turned out to be a really cute fic about Ibu Shinji and his sisters (He has sisters?? Or is this one of those fandom things??). In any case, I laughed when I first clicked on it because the author had learned of the word (and was inspired to write the fic) from the same place, Merriam Webster's Word of the Day (which was actually omphalos, but omphaloskepsis was mentioned because its related).
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I've gotten back into a TezuRyo kick, thanks to some great stories I recently read. XD So I dug through my doujinshi and rediscovered this amusing story by one of my favorite TezuRyo circles, Kaiten-Mokugyo. I've scanned and translated some of their stuff before. I hope people enjoy it as much I do.

Does anyone want to buy a copy of this? I actually have two...I also have an extra copy of my favorite doujinshi by the same group, Catch and Release?...

shumi yuuyuu )
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The Fruits Basket-a-thon continues, sometimes to my utter irritation. small rant )

In happier news, lovely figurine of Nagisa Kaworu from Eva. Ah, the most famous character that only appeared in one episode of anything. XDXD

The PoT 100 song marathon sounds awesome. I would love to hear all those voice actors singing all those songs...PoT certainly has cranked out a lot of really good character songs over the years.

My blood pressure must be very elevated right now. I need to find something to soothe me so that I can go to sleep...
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I watched the OVA of Ikoku Irokoi Romantan by Yamane Ayano against my better judgement. wasn't very good. I was expecting bad, was far worse than my lowest expectations. The production values were very low, but beyond that the pace of the story was glacial. Even the sex was oddly lethargic and lacking in passion. The best parts were when Kaoru and Ranmaru were interacting (fighting), sadly. I didn't mind the revised storyline, too bad they sucked most of the zing out of it in the process. :P

I wish she'd write a sequel to the manga, though. I'd love to read more about Ranmaru and his hot Italian Japanese-freak lover, though I suppose they might have to deal with the fact that he's in fact being unfaithful to his wife...

Speaking of Yamane Ayano, where are the new chapters of Crimson Spell and Viewfinder? It's kind of annoying how many months elapse between chapters...It's so easy to forget and then miss the posting of the new stuff while browsing the flist (I suppose I should just unjoin some comms to make things easier for me :P).

After seeing a bunch of posts reccing [ profile] yuletide fics on the flist, I decided to poke around and read a bunch. Some of the ones I rather liked:

Christingle by [ profile] loneraven, His Dark Materials, Will at Oxford.

La Familia by [ profile] sesame_seed, Chrestomanci, Millie gets sick and the Family falls apart.

Breakaway by [ profile] shrift, Whistle!, adolescent confusion.

All True-Hearted Souls by [ profile] mardia, Temeraire, intriguing Granby POV.

Houses and Rain by [ profile] untrue_accounts, xxxHOLIC, the zashiki-warashi does Valentine's Day.

The Longest Night by [ profile] thehoyden, xxxHOLIC, Yuuko riddles as usual.

Hair of the Dog by [ profile] ruffwriter, Black Lagoon, Rock likes pain.

Speaking of fics, love the PoT drabble by [ profile] bookshop that puts Tezuka and Bump of Chicken together and makes it work. Sort of. Okay, not really, but Tezuka is massively weird in a LOL+sweatdrop kind of a way. ^__^

And speaking of PoT, saw a post for a doujinshi I own and haven't looked at in forever: Asymmetry Triangle. Pairings are Saeki/Ryoma, Fuji/Ryoma, and Saeki/Fuji (yes, very WTF?), everyone is massively OOC, the art is pretty, the storyline is "heartwarming," and I really feel like digging out all the doujinshi by this circle that I bought because the art (and the character OOC-ness and the "heartwarming" storylines) made me smile despite the constant undertone of WTF-ness.
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MY GOD. Some people should never own or be allowed nearby karaoke machines. Or at least only allow them near those that are on MUTE. One of my neighbors is probably having a party, and two people (I think) are wailing in the worst way right now. According to my mom they've been going since morning...And it's 7:30 PM now...I am so glad we aren't right next door to them, because I think murderous rage can be caused by awfulness such as that.

Recall by [ profile] kishmet is a lovely TezuRyo fic that...And I am having a hard time coming up with something to say besides that it's lovely. Really, it is. And I love obsessions over wrists. Aren't wrists so sensual?

I was recently cleaning out my hard drive when I came across a mysterious fanmix I had downloaded a while back. It was for a slash pairing between people named Nathan and Peter, but there was no label for what show it was (it was obviously a TV show or maybe a movie because there were pics of two guys on the fanmix covers). I did a search for "Nathan/Peter" and "fanfic" and quickly came up with Heroes. A that point it all came back to me. I had actually seen the season finale of the show by accident with a friend explaining the back stories of each of the characters that showed up on the screen. So I had seen Nathan and Peter before, but they just left so little an impression on me visually I didn't make an instant connection (that Indian doctor dude, on the other hand? I'd recognize him. He's HOT.). I finally stuck the fanmix onto my ipod and was delighted to find out that it kicks lots of ass. Great music. XDXD

Two of the several songs that I've had on repeat recently:

Criminal by Alexz Johnson
Say It Right by Nelly Furtado

In any case, I randomly picked one of the fanfics that had shown up in my initial search to read...and it turned out to be pretty damn cool. wherever you go, the earth just opens up by [ profile] hackthis is a double amnesia fic. It's very prettily written, and it's fascinating seeing two people with no pasts making things up as they go along.

The author had rec'd a fic in the same post. Since I had enjoyed her fic so much I decided to check her rec out, especially since she said it has one of those annoying fannish cliches in it but actually worked...and boy was it cute! It's called I'm no angel, but i've spread my wings a bit by [ profile] kelly_girl and [ profile] skripka...and I think it's pretty easy to figure out what the story is about from the title (yes, I am not joking).'s cute! It's sweet! It's not retarded!

In any case, I killed any insane urge to go poking around another fandom of a show I've not really watched and didn't look for any more.

You know, I wonder if I don't recognize any of the songs being "sung" because I don't know them or because they're being butchered into unrecognizability...
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My browser is in a state of tab overload thanks to the freaky amount of amazingly good SGA fics I've been reading lately (when I want to keep track of something good I leave a tab open instead of bookmarking it). I suppose I'll eventually clear my tabs but for now I'll just mention the non-SGA fics I've enjoyed:

Things To Do Before You Die by [ profile] thedeadparrot, House/Wilson, prank war! I don't think a person has to know anything about House to appreciate this sweet little thing.

The Power of Gossip by [ profile] sinnatious, TezuRyo, WIP, very cute misunderstanding fic (in that everyone else misunderstands and Tezuka and Ryoma can't convince them otherwise). I have some issues with minor details, but the overall delightfulness of the fic outweighs the bad. The link above is to the latest chapter (5), which has links to all the previous ones.

Irritant by rakish, TezuRyo + Nanjiroh, cute and fun fic with an irritated Ryoma and an ever patient and deferential to elders Tezuka and...Nanjiroh. ^^;
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I am torn between desperately wanting to eat and wanting to sleep. So instead I post. First, fanfics:

Reason by [ profile] kishmet, PoT, TezuRyo + MomoKai, lots of fun and completely dorky MomoKai goodness.

The Brilliant Find A Date For Kyouya Plan parts one and two by [ profile] sam_storyteller, Ouran, sekrit pairings, hilarous. I had some problems with some details (mostly to do with how people addressed each other and Japanese usage), but the story rises far above those problems. It's really like an episode, just with real romance at the end. XDXD

Kyouya/Tamaki + Haruhi drabble for [ profile] petronia by as-of-yet-unknown-writer, Ouran, sweet and tranquil.

Random linkage:

The Simpsons Go to Paris with Linda Evangelista
A spread in Harper's Bazaar featuring Simpson's characters dressed in coutoure clothing!

Potter Publisher Predicted Literary Magic
I got a trip out of learning that the man who brought Harry Potter to the U.S. also brought over Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials, and had predicted that the initial review copies would be very valuable. I also loved his explanation on how he chooses books:

"I am just aware of how I feel and how I am reacting — am I laughing? Am I moved? Am I bored?, he says. "I am just being a reader, and I trust that if my response is strong enough and powerful enough that other people will have that response."
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...Saying that, my post has nothing to do with the holiday. Hope everyone in the U.S. is enjoying the odd mid-week day off!!

First some fandom stuff:

Moment by [ profile] kishmet is a wonderful TezuRyo AU in which Tezuka is a photographer and Ryoma is a model. Ryoma's attitude is in full force here, with Tezuka the resolute guiding force. They clash and slide sideways and end up all jumbled together.

The God of Go Singles Ad by [ profile] flonnebonne and [ profile] bookshop is retarded. Shiny, yes, but totally retarded. And cracked.

Then some BL:

Mada ai ni todokanai by Hizaki Yuu and illustrated by Asou Kai is about salarymen Naganuma and Chiya. Naganuma had mentored Chiya from when Naganuma had been a part-time worker in college, and had thought of him as a cute, big puppy. But when Naganuma sees Chiya in a suit, looking all grown up and hot, he is struck by Cupid's arrow. But after much thought he decides that a) they are both guys and b) Chiya is the son of a company president, so there was no future for them even if he said something and Chiya didn't reject him. He will treat Chiya the same as he always had...or try to. Unfortunately, this is a BL novel so things can't be so boring simple. One drunken night one thing leads to another and they kind of fall into a physical relationship. While Chiya insists that he's in love with Naganuma, Naganuma takes the attitude that he'll go along with Chiya to mutually get each other off in the absence of girlfriends. Of course this causes much internal angst, but Naganuma amazingly manages to stick to his story pretty much all the way through. I was pretty impressed at how manly Naganuma was despite the usual torment of unrequited love that makes almost all uke weepy/snivelling and annoying. The story is very straightfoward and very predictable, but because Naganuma and Chiya weren't stupid and weren't forced to act in some grand tragedy by the author I enjoyed reading this. It also didn't hurt that I happen to like the illustrator a lot:

Two pretty pics )

Another nice aspect is that their physical relationship didn't include anal sex, which seems to be de rigueur in BL. Unfortunately the novel did fall into the typical anal sex = consummation of love convention at the end, but...I didn't say this novel was particularly original, did I? :P

And last but not least, some music. I've been listening to some great stuff lately:

bleu sky by moumoon
This group is produced by Nagao Dai of DAI (Do As Infinity), and in a way the sound reminds me of DAI. Possibly a cross between DAI and YUI? It is...breezy and slightly folksy and terribly addictive. I have got to find more of their music...Check out the music video of their single "Flower" on youtube.

Kiss Goodbye by Wang Lee Hom
Lovely Chinese ballad. As the title suggests, it sounds like a sad song. According to this translation the lyrics are exactly what one would expect. It's just a pretty, pretty pop ballad.

Moi...Lolita by Alizée
She's apparently a successful French singer, the protege of Mylène Farmer? This is the big hit from her first album. Fabulously addictive if too...consciously sexy? ^^;

Invisible Ink by Aimee Mann
The way she sings in this song reminds me of Vienna Teng a little bit. It's a lovely, simple, folksy song. (I didn't make the connection immediately, but I have a fabulous live cover version of Coldplay's "The Scientist" by her. Damn, she kicks ass!)

Hm, looks like I've gone for four different languages and styles. I'd share more but I'm sick of uploading. :P
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Been trying to avoid the PoT manga posts I've seen around as I am planning on reading it in one fell swoop when the series ends...but the squeeing that erupted over Genius 349 defeated my resolve. [ profile] leviosa8's post just killed me. I...can't quite believe that one infamous panel. Fanservice, much? I can't take it seriously (even though I do ship that pairing) because it just looks like it came straight out of a doujinshi. Love the fake scanlation, it just seems so much more fitting than the actual conversation!

Again via [ profile] leviosa8, the Absolutely Unreliable Introduction to Oofuri! XD

Via [ profile] wednesday_10_00, Matsuoka Natsuki wrote a bunch of short stories in celebration of the release of Flesh & Blood 10 (FINALLY!) on her blog (she uses Vox...heh) here. The stories will be up until 7/31. Speaking of Flesh & Blood 10, I can't believe how long it took for Amazon Japan to list the stinkin' book! The Chara novels I have ordered and am awaiting delivery of (though NOT from Amazon...):

Flesh & Blood 10 by Matsuoka Natsuki
The cover! *swoons* Too bad he's such a...a...a...

Soshite yubiwa wa kokuhaku suru (Book 4 of Sono yubi dake ga shitteiru) by Kannagi Satoru
What can I say? I like this series and have been waiting for this volume to come out for a long time--even longer than Flesh & Blood. I hope it doesn't suck (a lot of series with long blanks between volumes tend to go downhill...Do the authors just get sick of the series and write whatever to make money?).

Deadshot (Deadlock 3) by Aida Saki
I have only read Deadlock (the first book in the series) and can't say I was all that enamored of it...I think I need to reread it to make up my mind, though. In any case, I more or less liked Deadlock so I figured I'd just get Deadheat and Deadshot to finish up the series. If I end up hating the series, at least the art is nice. ^^;

For those who don't know Deadlock, check out the detailed review by Nanya, the translation of the first two chapters by [ profile] xaevyn, and the very large pics posted by [ profile] rusalkaz. It's prison drama with gorgeous men! In Cali! It does try to be gritty, but I don't think it quite got it...Did watching a bit of Oz spoil me? Man, that show was rather nasty...

(For those who actually buy manga or novels from Chara, don't forget the Chara 10th Anniversary Fair!)

Woo-hoo! I am down to one row of open tabs! Now when my orders (yeah, plural) arrive life will truly rock!
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Two excellent if painful fics I read today:

a closed book by [ profile] sesame_seed, Initial D, Takahashicest and Keisuke/Takumi. I don't even care for Takahashicest (in that I don't really slash anyone in Initial D, but those two the most out of them all)

Flower by [ profile] prillalar, PoT, Ryoma/Kaidoh. Another pairing that's not really my thing,

I love fics that make me believe, if only just while I'm reading them.
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all the appropriate places by [ profile] two_if_by_sea is an amazing whirlwind of dirty yet compelling Nanjiroh/Ryoma with a side of Tezuka. *_*

(BTW, a lack thereof by the same author is a wonderful TezuRyo with a side of Nanjiroh--this time in a sort-of-parental role--I love to read because Tezuka is so tightly controlled I want to poke him and see the springs pop out.)

The fic reminded me of two Japanese PoT fanfic sites I've loved for a long, long time. They've written slightly dirty Nanjiroh/Ryoma (which they call PapaRyo...sounds even more filthy that way XD).

At フックトパン (formerly ルビィに恋したアメジスト):

Kiss Me Beloved

At トオイホシカラキタショウネン:


In less incestuous matters, Untitled TezuRyo fic by [ profile] kishmet, a series of four drabbles, is, in contrast, quietly simmering.
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I was thinking about Hakkenden volume 5 and how hot eyepatch!Sousuke was, and it occurred to me that he reminded me of Naoe from Mirage. You know, the outwardly nice, gentle, caring guy who inwardly couldn't give a damn about anyone else except that one person they are fixated on. I want to say Sousuke isn't quite as psycho as Naoe (because seriously? Naoe is mad mad mad mad mad) but he is not in any way balanced or normal. And this pleases me greatly because I derive much happiness cackling over insane obsessed freaks that fool people into thinking they aren't insane obsessed freaks...

Point of Order by [ profile] likeviolins is a PoT TezuRyo AU with the characters participating in a Model UN conference. Frankly, the writing style was hard to get through...But the snipping between delegates was really fun to read. And that last exchange between Tezuka and Ryoma!

Lately been seeing much mention of 20th Century Boys by the artist who did Monster....While Monster would probably fall under the "not my cup of tea" category, this one intrigues me. Wish one of my RL friends owned it so that I could mooch off them and read hard copies...

I was attempting to put some of the many books/manga I have strewn around the house when as usual I started reading one of those very books I was supposed to put away (rather than read for a while and place in some other place in the house that's not the bookcase). It was Gerald and Jack by Yoshinaga Fumi, and I wanted to share the line that is high on my list of totally sappy declarations of love that somehow manage to make me melt into a puddle of goo: 「愛しいジャック、お前が死んだら生きてはいけない程お前を愛してるよ。俺がこの世に生きているのはもうお前のためだけだ。だから生きていてくれ。お前が呼吸をしているだけで俺は胸がつまる程幸福な気持ちになれる。」Especially that last sentence. XD

(Is this line atypical in Japanese comics? I just had to make up my own punctuation because there were NONE PROVIDED at all and otherwise it'd be one long run-on!)

A podcast I listen to profiles a job in each episode. The most recent one was on a "wallet carrier." This guy carries a very rich man's "wallet" (which includes paper copies of his stocks and a laptop to connect to the internet) around (to the tune of $500,000/yr!!!). When he said he slept in a "closet" that's more the size of a small bedroom adjoining his employer's room so that he can be woken up at 2 AM to bring his employer his credit card to buy some random thing, all I could think was that the situation would make a great BL novel. I think I need to read something else for a change...^^;

Sushi for kitties! I love Etsy...People are so creative. XD
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I was cleaning my hard drive (was getting too low on memory) and decided to clean up my browser tabs as well. Some fanfics I had tabbed a long time ago:

Istanbul by [ profile] beeblebabe is a Gankutsuou fic with a lovely lush feel and the saddest unspoken undercurrent.

Sample/Unit by [ profile] dimmie is such a cute Momoshiro/Echizen fic full of adolescent awkwardness and enthusiasm.

Chibi Tezuka and Ryoma are so cute

Bunch of Fafner Soukazu ficlets by [ profile] tristefic...Not sure for which ficlet I kept the tab open. *shrugs*

Some random music I had downloaded a long time ago and am finally listening to:

Metropolitan (Watercolor) by Bel Auburn
Came across a blog entry comparing this group to Snow Patrol, and I think I agree. Has the same kind of...distant pop rock feel (I suck at describing music, sorry)? I have a feeling this song might just become one of those listen to it so much I start hating it ones...

Tongue Tied by The Hong Kong
Very catchy song with an odd Bonnie & Clyde music video.

And last but not least:

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

Saw this in some LJs and decided to do the lemming thing.


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