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The Epic Tale of Rodney & John, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love

I love people who spend waaay too much time doing really useless yet awesome things and share the fruits of their labor on the internet. ♥ ♥
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I just read an amazing fic posted exactly a year ago: Sheppard's Law by [ profile] cesperanza. HOLY CRAP TIME TRAVEL "QUANTAM LEAP" REFERENCES TOTAL EXPLANATION OF JOHN SHEPPARD'S ODDNESSES FABULOUS ROMANCE ALL IN ONE FIC!!!

I could say more, but I think my all caps run-on sentence covered the important bits. I am very grateful that people rec old fics all the time on the internet. I needed an awesome fic pick-me-up. XD;
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I woke up and went to work, found it dark and deserted, and realized we have a full day holiday today instead of the half day I'd thought it was. I felt really dumb, especially since I didn't get to sleep until late last night and had to drag my ass out of bed this morning. I so did not want to work if I didn't have to, so I left. My only consolation is that my mistake turned out to be not totally pointless because I was there to accept a delivery. :P

I stayed up way too late reading Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves by Auburn. It is a WIP AU SGA/SG-1 crossover in which Vala, John, and Rodney are pirates. Other people "join" them as the fic progresses. Many characters have very angsty AU pasts, except Daniel who apparently still has his canon angsty past. There is A LOT of SG-1 in there, so I was pretty damned confused. I kinda knew what Goa'uld were, didn't know what Tok'ra or Jaffra or Oranians or Asgard were. But I figured it'd start to make sense if I just kept reading....And it sorta did but it mostly didn't. Thank goodness there are wikis to provide much needed background. XD; In any case, I adore the main characters (I really hope canon Vala is at least half as cool as fanfic Vala), but the side characters are wonderful as well. The interactions and the plot are so much fun to read! I look forward to reading more.

Companion verse series by [ profile] seekergeek is an amusing WIP SGA/Valdemar fusion. so much better than I'd initially thought upon reading the words "SGA/Valdemar fusion." I love some of her choices for what various SGA characters do/are in her fic. The premise is highly amusing: Rodney as an adult with a perfectly good job is chosen by the young and exuberant Companion Cadman. There will be McShep slash eventually, or so the fic warning says. I'm glad she didn't leave out the emo angsting that is requisite for a Valdemar story. XD;

And last but not least, a short and sweet fic: like gold to ayery thinnesse beate, Yuletide, His Dark Materials, Lyra/Will. A door missed - or left apurpose - can be found even when you aren't looking for it.

[ profile] rachelmanija's review/summary of Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews made me nostalgic even as I LOL'd hard. That series sucked so hard, I knew it sucked hard (I think I was slightly older than the target demographic when I'd first read it), and yet I read it anyway. I totally approve of her idea of Yuki Kaori doing a manga adaptation of it. It'd be awesome.

[ profile] zehavit_lamasu lists the books she read in 2009 with brief yet amusing descriptions. Love the BL novel ones especially. XD;

Attractive Fascinante has scanlated Double Line, a one-shot of Okada and Sakaki after Arashi no ato by Hidaka Shouko (my mini-review here). The English is...not the easiest to read, but it's not unintelligible (though at times, barely). I hope I can get my hands on the Japanese at some point, either as scans or preferably included in some future tankobon.
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I saw DN Angel had a new volume (in how many years) and couldn't resist--I bought it. Flipped through it, found the origin explanation kind of odd, but what really got me was that I had no idea what the hell was going on. I have no idea where my earlier volumes are so I'm stuck with a manga full of prettiness that makes very little sense to me.

I also want Hiwatari/Niwa to be canon. They would be good for each other (and really adorable!). Not that I don't think that girl is bad for Niwa, just that Hiwatari would be better. XD;

I love that the 25 songs that all women love list at the debonair magazine blog has embedded music videos (though some have already been removed due to copyright violations...). I do love Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know," but I hadn't know how bad the video was. XD; Also, the hair! The makeup! It's all so dated. Though I think Bon Jovi's hair in "Livin' On a Prayer" is worse....

Kittens inspired by kittens: so cute!

I found several more Japanese Naruto fanfic sites with good entertaining fanfic. Ah, Japanese fandom, how I've missed you. The lack of archives and recs. The bizarre choice of backgrounds and fonts. The one-sentence paragraphs each ending in ellipses. And the annoying hidden pages of smut. A new chapter of that badfic I described earlier was updated with an awesome chapter. cut for the stupid )

[ profile] bookshop wrote up a McShep Primer that made me cackle. She starts of fabulously:

Forgive me if I don’t spend too much time (or any) time going over who the characters are and why you should like them. Really, there’s only one thing you need to know about Stargate: Atlantis and the McShep pairing, and that is the following:

The fanfic is incredible.

And just keeps going. She also has some author and fic recs, which I don't always agree with (there are some on that list I found less than "meh," let alone rec-worthy).
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I was skimming (to be more precise, skimming backwards) this SGA fanfic, It's Growing Day by Day by , and had to chuckle at a line:

"So yeah, I have no idea why almost every damn planet we set foot on looks like Vancouver."

It came in the middle of a fun conversation, too.

"My squishy scientists have two competing theories on that," Rodney said. "There's quite the rivalry and a pretty sizable betting pool involved."


"Yeah, it boils down to either 'yes, the Ancients terraformed because they seeded planets with copies of themselves and so needed earth-like conditions' or 'no, it just looks like that because the gate addresses we use come from their databases or people we've met, and so we end up on planets that humans can exist on.'"

"Which theory do you like?" Ronon asked.

"I like the idea that they terraformed," Rodney replied. "But Occam's razor suggests the second theory."

"I don't know," John said. "I kind of think that choosing the simplest answer doesn't work with the Ancients."

"There is that," Rodney said. "You know, you expect the Asgard or the Nox to have alien motives, but the Ancients looked like us and there's the whole thing where they're maybe our ancestors or at least there was some hanky-panky going on between them and our ancestors." He spread his hands. "What I'm getting at is that you'd expect them to think more like us."

"They were a lot older," Ronon said. "You have to take that into account."

"True," Rodney said. "So yeah, I have no idea why almost every damn planet we set foot on looks like Vancouver."

The fic itself seems interesting so far. The team are stuck on a planet and have to walk really far. There is McShep and other pairings.
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Yay for more fanfics! There are a couple of long Naruto fics I really want to read now but am just keeping a tab open for because I need to sleep. I did enjoy the short fic Crush by Sugahlei, a fun drunken first-time fic. I really like these mostly funny but also sorta serious types of fics with this pairing. XDXD

I also had an urge to reread a particular SGA fic that I'd read a while back. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the title or author. I tried searching with keywords but kept coming across the wrong fics. Finally, finally, I hit the jackpot. Turned out the fic I was craving was Take Clothes Off As Directed by Helen, a fabulous AU where John is a sub in a BDSM world. It doesn't glorify BDSM at all. It's just the way life is, and John doesn't really fit. Helen is a genius in making John and Rodney oh so massively dorky and/or clueless as they flail and try to make things work. I found more fics I had somehow missed by her and had great fun reading them. One in particular that was painfully funny was This Gun's For Hire, one of those "aliens made them do it" mixed up real good with a big dose of denial.

SGA has got to be one of the best fandoms to be in for people who have never seen the show. I remember devouring everything in sight way back when, loving it all. I was a bit thrown off when I'd finally watched the show and discovered that I saw no slashy vibes between John and Rodney. It took a couple of seasons for that to develop. XD; I came across a bunch of fics I'd read and loved in my quest for the Helen fic that I now want to reread. God, what a fandom...
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1. Huh, seems like Nitta Youta has stolen images from fashion advertisements? Big deal on 2ch and popping up on various English forums...Why would such a talented artist do something so damaging? This image is really bad.

2. [ profile] helenish posts:

- Logistics and Timing: Internal costs to the project include lube, as John's asshole is not currently able to generate lubricant. Fucking should begin as quickly as possible, as John's asshole's schedule is tight, and there are significant growth opportunities for Rodney's cock with a timetable that includes immediate insertion.

[ profile] leaupagus comments:

In re: memo re: John's asshole's acceptance of Rodney's cock - while preliminary insertion has resulted in an initial decreased enthusiasm on the part of John's cock, subsequent thrusts have proven invaluable in regaining John's cock's previous capacity. Further penetration is advisable at this time.

[ profile] insaneneko dies laughing.

3. What's the etiquette of linking to and posting excerpts from personal LJs? I'd think anyone posting in public is tacitly agreeing to typical internet behavior such as linking and excerpting...As long as it's not part of an attack or something...

4. Humidity is the enemy of man. Ugh.
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I know I haven't been talking about SGA here or in the other journal, but that's partly because my online fanfic consumption has been down to about 4 a week. My laptop not having a battery thing is totally cramping my style, since I'm tied to the stupid power cord and have to be so careful about not jarring the power cord (nothing like painful experience to teach a person these things).

But I have to mention two things. Been enjoying the new SGA episodes immensely, they are lots of fun. Great character/team moments. I am having fun reading people's reactions to the episodes as well. That leads into the second thing I want to mention. Rodney woobie lovers, you guys are really annoying. Basically everyone I've read is more or less okay with the episodes with gripes here and there. Some people don't like one episode or another for a myriad of reasons, which is totally fine because we're all different. But the Rodney woobie lovers just detail how Rodney has been traumatized and abused throughout the episodes and how everyone is just MEAN and AWFUL and why are the writers doing this to this sensitive and caring man? I love how often in comments others will be's got you up in arms is not really that out of the ordinary or terrible. ^^; We know you love Rodney, but really. He's not some delicate shoujo heroine (or should I say BL uke? :P), no matter what you may want to believe.
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Thanks to [ profile] prillalar, I got to see the Prince of Tennis dub (via Youtube because I wasn't about to download it just out of curiosity). It was pretty good. I didn't think it'd suck, but it was better than I expected. I kind of reserve final judgement, though, until the Seigaku regulars appear. What I really disliked were the opening and ending credits. Crappy instrumental music set to randomly selected and edited shots from the Japanese openings and closings and the show itself. *shrugs* Ryoma's voice was okay (so far), though the punch of "mada mada da ne" is missing. *sighs* And, well, not like he can really touch MinaJun...But putting aside comparisons, he's really (so far) not bad at all.

I've been going around reading reactions to the SGA season premiere and I am struck by a big difference between my viewing and many others in fandom. When I saw the episode, I was just watching a TV show. I was not looking for interactions to feed my pairings or find new pairings to fangirl over. It was odd seeing how people were all "character x/character y must be written!!" instead of commentary on the canon interactions. More specific spoilerish examples. )

Maybe I'm just spoiled by the blatant fanservice of anime, I need a bit more to really go theyaresocanongay or whatever.
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Wow, I get back home in time to watch SGA on my TV only to find a zillion direct downloads for the episode. I still watched it on TV, though, because I haven't watched a show "live" in forever and ever. Maybe I should have stayed at work and watched it on the 40-something-inch plasma TV....

random comments )
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[ profile] thefourthvine did an anime vid post which, coupled with another incident that I will relate in a bit, got me digging around for more anime vids. I downloaded a bunch of stuff recced here and there, found a lot of them lacking, picked a couple to mention...only to find that they were mentioned in [ profile] thefourthvine's post in the first place. Why did I even bother?

In any case, the incident I wanted to mention was my rediscovery of the lovely vid Euphoria by Koop, the Rah Xephon AMV that used "Must Be Dreaming" by Frou Frou. Definitely one of my favorites. But at the same time I was wowed by another vid by Koop, Waking Hour, based on The Place Promised In Our Early Days (movie by creator of Voices of a Distant Star) featuring the song "gravity" by Vienna Teng. OMG I am so in love with this AMV. So what if I've never seen the movie? I might not even want to, because this is just so gorgeous. *____*

In any case, the stuff I liked out of the recced stuff (I'm sure everyone and their mother has seen them, but I'm not much into AMVs most of the time so they were new to me. ^^):

Multifandom: Elvis vs Anime (view at youtube) by Premonition Studios, in which the vidder took the original MTV video Elvis vs JKL - A Little Less Conversation, deleted all the live action people and inserted anime characters. Amazing how well it all works.

Multifandom: Right Now Someone is Reading This Title by Doki Doki Productions (view at youtube) is another one in which the vidder took Van Halen's music video and redid it using anime footage. I definitely like the statements in the anime version better. :P

Noir: Die Another Day by VicBond (view at youtube) has great editing of action sequences. One of my biggest peeves with vids is when I don't feel the editing and cutting really syncs with the music. I love it when one does it this well.

Some SGA vids I was able to watch (Frankly, looking for good vids was frustrating because half of the vids only come as WMV and my computer mostly doesn't play them):

Running Down a Dream by Myrtle & Eunice Productions, a John character study to Tom Petty's song by the same name. Song is perfect, and the editing is top notch. Love the opening sequence muchly.

Two videos by [ profile] tallulah71 (can be downloaded at website):

Firestarter, using the song by Prodigy of the same name, based on The Long Goodbye. Oh, it's exciting. The action! The betrayal! Elizabeth, you are too cool! Even the kiss is utilized very well. XD

Just Like You Imagined, using the song by Nine Inch Nails of the same name, based on The Siege. Very ominous, great shots of everyone looking apprehensive. This didn't sync all the edits and shots with the music like how I usually prefer, but in this case it works. I like how at times the cuts seemed off beat and at other times jived perfectly with the music.

Welcome Home by Kanzeyori [ profile] permetaform is Elizabeth (mostly, but everyone crops up, of course) and Atlantis, set to Celtic music. And it totally works. *_*

I want to mention The Writer by [ profile] suzvoy because it's a "constructed reality" vid made up of footage from something Joe Flanigan was in, something David Hewlitt was in, and SGA episodes. Frankly, I didn't get it. But the music (from American Beauty) works very well and the concept is cool. Just...the footage wasn't enough for me to construct a narrative. *shrugs* Also, it was a WMV file that actually played for me. That alone deserves special mention.
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ARG. I had found a nice cache of HP fics I will probably like and had been going through them happily, only to have [ profile] mitethe suck me into thinking about meta by bringing up the stupid anon hate meme nonsense that had been going around LJ recently (which I had been successfully ignoring this whole time because ugh, hate memes). I started reading some other meta and it triggered "deep thoughts" about why I don't read more in HP fandom. Biggest (and most shallow) reason would probably have to be the huge part of fandom that dotes on characters like Draco or Snape and makes them Misunderstood and Suffering and all kinds of other really annoying and indulgent things. I love angst, I love characterizations that are so extreme they become completely divorced from canon, but overexposure to badly-done fic of that type just kills me. I think it was so hard to avoid fics like that I gave up. It didn't help that HP was such a huge fandom after a while that it was hard to just dabble in it.

I'm starting to feel that way with SGA. I am becoming less and less tolerant of certain portrayals of characters because it's often done in such a shallow and obviously fanon-ish way. I have loved the fics that have a take on the characters that I 100% don't agree with but make it work in the fic because they bring them to life, but not many have the skill or put in the effort to go that far. :P

But as I hate ending a post on a downer note, good crack I stumbled upon today: Harry Potter and the Jealous Husband by Lady K. d'Azrael in which (an insane) Harry is a nagging wife to a pathetically pussy-whipped Voldemort. And the Death-Eaters are pretty sad, too. Unfortunately, I thought the sequel Lord Voldemort and the Shrewish Spouse fell flat on its face.


May. 29th, 2006 09:54 pm
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I am having major problems with my next ficdump post on [ profile] mountainonfire. I can't seem to put together coherent things to say on some of the fics. GAR. Another thing that is throwing me for a loop is a comment an author of one of the fics left, thanking me for the rec. How did she find that journal? I thought like 10 people knew about it. I guess I'm feeling anxious because I kind of don't hold back when I don't like a fic I'm mentioning, and the mere thought of the author reading my horrible comments makes me sweat. I wasn't worried until now because I figured no one read the posts. ;_;

I spent most of today reading the manga Touch by Adachi Mitsuru. I found the entire series for a dollar a volume at Book Off, and even though the copies were a bit ratty...hey, a dollar a volume. The entire series. Hard to beat that. XD In any case, Touch is a manga featuring baseball (I hesitate calling it a "baseball manga" because it never fails to focus solidly on the characters), and oh man...What a satisfying series. I love the complex relationships between Uesugi Tatsuya and Katsuya, twins, and their childhood friend Asakura Minami. What I love is how the manga shows that people's gentleness, caring, and unselfishness can be a source of angst. In some ways the series suffers when compared to H2, a later manga featuring baseball, especially in the development of the rival schools, but in some ways it just is so good. *_*

Spoiler comments. )

Ugh, my computer is totally heating up. I think I'll stop typing for now. I could babble on and on about Touch at this rate. :P There's a damn good reason the series is famous and a classic.
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I meant to post this a while back, but it's amazing how time flies when you are not having fun. ^^; I had one of my "duh it took you how long?" epiphany moments the other day. I was rewatching a bit of SGA when it hit me that Colonel Cadwell is Skinner. How did I not pick this up immediately? I mean, HELLO. I then quickly realized that Wraith Michael is played by Trip from Enterprise. I am so damn clueless, sometimes. :P


May. 8th, 2006 11:14 pm
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This weekend I managed to whiz through almost all of SGA (I think I skipped one or two by accident). I wholeheartedly recommend the fanfic --> show route. I was already emotionally attached to the characters and already spoiled for the episodes and aware to some extent failings in both the characters and plot, so I was able to forgive a lot and just enjoy what was there. Though sometimes the fact that they don't act like professionals with experience did get to me a bit. :P

some thoughts )

Erg, off to bed now.


May. 2nd, 2006 08:26 am
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Second Skin by Toft

SGA, McKay/Sheppard, for mature audiences only.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you convert a fandom to your kink.

Actually, anyone could read this. Familiarity enhances the read, but is not required.
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Some upbeat songs:

Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!

Maniac by Micheal Sembello

I think I've really sunk into major icon envy. I always had a twinge because I have no talent for that kind of thing and I'm too lazy to try, but there are so many amazingly wonderful SGA icons floating around. I broke down and took (with credit, of course) a very nice John icon (fluffy hair!) for [ profile] mountainonfire, but now I kind of want to go looking for a nice Rodney one.

So...[ profile] the Hikago fic yet?


Apr. 26th, 2006 06:36 pm
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I swore I'd be good and work mostly and read fic less, I suck. Plus, I totally had to do something this week, and now I've forced myself to do it tomorrow or die. I am such a procrastinator. In any case, more fic:

The Ku'irk Factor by [ profile] kellifer_fic is cute, short, silly.

Riptide by Maverick has the cutest fanart of John and Rodney. Love their expressions. The fic is fun and cute. Love the dialogue:

Rodney’s mouth is full when he says, “You know, you’re kind of an asshole.”

John smiles. “Yeah. But you like that about me.”

So Rodney: “You’ve met me right? You’ll know when I’m tired.”

The not really fic or SGA "writing experiment", John opens a door by Lobelia, was nonetheless fun to read.

How to Tie a Bow Tie by Propaganda is Professor John with a bowtie. What more needs to be said? Oh, and he shares an office with Rodney. XDXD


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