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Moby Dick Big Read: I'm actually tempted to listen to this…I would've never picked up the book, but this project is rather cool.

Call Me Maybe for Choir and Orchestra: I like this song, I like covers, I love the precise enunciation of the singers, I just like the existence of this video. XD;

I want to see Ookami Kodomo Yuki to Ame, a new movie by the same director who did "Summer Wars" and "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time." Wolf children!!

A bunch of people play some 6-person starship game called ARTEMIS wearing random Star Trek uniforms, being snarky and kinda incompetent. It's super awesome.
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Via [profile] dragynville, check out the ST:TOS tribute on the main google search page. Click the various elements to go through the entire "plot."

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Apr. 1st, 2010 06:05 pm
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Fun interview of the creators of South Park on Fresh Air. They are smart, funny people. XD;

Star Trek The Exhibition in San Jose, CA until April 11. Replica of the TOS bridge! We took a picture of everyone falling over except one person falling over in the other direction. I went over on a weekend trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also awesome is Winchester Mystery House, a house that was constantly under construction until the owner died. The tour is over an hour and lots of fun. That house is nuts!

My computer! I got it back! The hard drive wasn't wrecked! *hugs it tightly*
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Switch by [ profile] ceres_libera is pure awesome reboot McCoy/Kirk goodness. Very long (50 meaty chapters + epilogue!), very involved and detailed, reimagines the entire movie (and so much more!), and creates a pretty detailed backstory on reboot McCoy. The other important characters get to shine (I ended up liking Spock/Uhura more thanks to this fic) and great OCs to boot (McCoy's grandmother is A+++. I love awesome grandparents, like Sulu's in the novel The Kobayashi Maru). Also has lots of het involving Kirk and McCoy (nothing graphic but mostly well done and meaningful), which I appreciate since they don't hook up immediately and in canon they are not gay. This fic sucked up my last night and spit me out feeling wired and tired and totally elated. XD
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Somehow I missed reading Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by [ profile] lazulisong, a fabulous gen Star Trek reboot fic mostly about Kirk and his Vulcan mentor, but also very nice bonding with McCoy and others. Angst, sweetness, Vulcan not-blackmail! In any case, I discovered this fic and devoured it after reading a fabulous snippet in that world the other day. I'm glad I didn't miss the snippet as well since the author is on my damned f-list. :P
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Via [ profile] ariss_tenoh: Star Trek chibi art!

Rumors of an X revival at [ profile] clamp_now...Like someone commented in the post, I'll believe it when I see it.

Via [ profile] mirageofblaze, Hotaka Ran posted at her site that something big is supposed to happen with Mirage next year. I hope it's an anime (with the same voice actors!!!), and I pray it's not live action. Read the post for more English and link to Hotaka Ran's site (which has some awesome Mirage prequel pics in the blog and in the Mirage gallery--check out Naoe's 2009 birthday manga, it is hilarious).

Five Kindnesses Charles Emerson Winchester III Performed (But Would Never Acknowledge) by Amilyn, a MASH Yuletide fanfic I remember reading a while back and loving. Somehow ended up at it again the other day and loved it once more.

The PV of up-coming anime Durara!! is kind of off-putting, but I want to see it because it's apparently set in Ikebukuro. XD;
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I'm enjoying the Brightness Burns series about Mirror!Kirk/Mirror!McCoy by [ profile] graceandfire. Having overdosed on the evil semes in BL, I find Mirror!Kirk adorable instead of a bastard. McCoy is a nice mix of resigned realist and orneriness. Their relationship is complex and fun as hell to read.

I really need to go search for more fics...I've just been too lazy.
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Pure, unadulterated awesome: An Engineer's Guide to Cats and An Engineer's Guide to Cat Yodeling (with Cat Polka)

I am guilty of doing the things that cause cat yodeling with my own cat. Especially the excessive kissing! XDXD;

Circus is a fabulous vid featuring Kirk to "Circus" by Britney Spears. I want that song now...
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Yay! A fairly new chapter of the FF7 fic "Green Dreams"!

It Takes a Village by [ profile] chaletian, new Star Trek, vignettes about life about a starship for a new CMO.

Everyday I Miss You has written yet another amusing Naruto fic called "Blacklist" ( It takes the bastard Naruto from the long badfic she just isn't updating (;_;) and sticks him into a silly story. It is Sakura POV, she is horrified when she finds out how Naruto subdued Sasuke enough for treatment after bringing him back to Konoha with all limbs broken. When the casts are taken off Sasuke tries to go after Naruto for taking advantage of the fact that he couldn't move to fuck him repeatedly...
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I have to admit, I am one of the handful of people who did not like the new Star Trek movie. But I am rather happy that the new movie has spurred new fanfic! It helps that my favorite character is Dr. McCoy and the new version doesn't seem so different (he's not crusty enough, but I suppose a lot of it must have come with age XD;). Below are some fics I enjoyed recently.

Chaotic Systems by [ profile] eponymous_rose, McCoy thinks about getting out of Star Fleet after the big battle but is persuaded otherwise.

Bedside Manner by [ profile] damalur, Spock/McCoy, in bed and out, they do like to argue.

Weight of the World by [ profile] schweinsty, post-movie, McCoy is a good friend to Kirk.

[ profile] rachelmanija posted on some recommended ST:TOS novels. I'm not sure if I've read all the ones she listed, but I can highly recommend Spock's World, The Wounded Sky, and How Much For Just the Planet? right off the bat.

Below are some other books I have enjoyed very much. (There are more, I just can't remember them right now. I have to go off my memory as my Star Trek books are currently packed away. :P)

For a silly and fun read, check out Three Minute Universe. A bunch of the crew get kidnapped and are forced into training aliens run their ship. It turns into a wonderful mentoring thing, and the crew get to name the aliens....with some hilarious results.

Another fun read is Kobayashi Maru, in which a bunch of people get stuck on a shuttle and spend the time waiting to be rescued recounting their adventures in the Academy, in particular their turn as captain in the simulation. Chekov's one was hilarious, Scotty's was ingenious, and Sulu's was touching.

Death Count focuses on Chekov and Sulu (and I think Uhura?). It's a bit of a thriller and lots of fun. There's action, adventure, and people getting beaten up. XD;

Being a McCoy fan, I adored Doctor's Orders. McCoy is put in charge as acting captain after he grumbles one too many times, but then bad things happen. I remember enjoying reading how anxious McCoy got being in charge and not knowing what to do and having to rely on the expertise of others to get through the crisis.

Some very good writers wrote for Star Trek. For example, Diane Duane wrote a bunch, including Doctor's Orders and Spock's World.
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1. Back from vacation! It was awesome and fun, and not too cold. It was a journey of food and drink--consuming it, talking about it, shopping for it.

2. Speaking of food, I recommend The Loving Hut in San Francisco at the corner of Vallejo and Stockton. Tasty and not too expensive Chinese vegan food! Best review ever at yelp:

totally thought this was some Boba Tea/Prostitution ring before I finally checked it out.

Great serving size for the price compared to similar places, I think.  

Funny aftertaste, though?  This might be because I'm not vegan, but I've been scoping out restaurants to take vegan girl person to, so.    

The cakes and ice creams are oh so lovely sweet good right, though.  And adorable aprons.

MOST IMPORTANT PART:  SUPREME MASTER TELEVISION.  I could watch this damn channel for hours, holy crap, talking elephant.

I do not agree with the funny aftertaste comment, but he is right about Supreme Master Television. It is addictive and awesome. Missed the talking elephant, as well as the desserts. :(

I thought it was a soapland or something, as well. Or that it should be.

3. I want more than one day in San Francisco, even if they are days full of rain and cold. I thought i'd like it and I was right! Wonderful city! Amazing in glorious bright sunniness with temps running in the 70s in November. XD

4. I just bought 8 bottles of wine and don't know how I'm going to fit them all into the refrigerator. I hate that the climate here means all wine should be stored in some kind of climate-controlled environment. Lacking AC, I only have the frig. :( I got two bottles of two Bordeaux's (how does one pluralize "Bordeaux?"), two bottles of a Spanish tempranillo (I love tempranillos), a German Riesling (that I fear may be too sweet for me, but oh well--it's "GREAT WITH TURKEY!"), and a grenache. I don't think I've drunk a grenache before, but the festive label and low price (and wine shop rec) was too much for me not to buy it. XD

5. Pretty fanart of fandoms I know nothing about--Reborn! and Tales of..., among others. Nice coloring and sharp features.

6. A request for sci-fi/fantasy BL via [ profile] worldserpent got me thinking about sci-fi BL. First thing that came to mind was two novel series I never read but that seem to have a decent following in English, Sanzen Sekai no Karasu o Koroshi and that one illustrated by Mamiya Oki with the Moon dude with the funky eyes who always wears a visor. Sadly, I am drawing a blank right now and I can't browse my collection since they are still packed up in boxes.

7. [ profile] wednesday_10_10 reviews/summarizes a BL novel, called Koushounin wa Utagawanai by Eda Yuuri and illustrated by Nara Chiharu. She posts all the pics! I sort of want to read it now but am afraid I won't like it (I haven't liked everything Eda-sensei has written, and this one sounds like one I could potentially really like or get really annoyed at).

8. Breaking the News by [ profile] treeflamingo is a short, sweet, and hilarious gen Ouran fic. "Impending doom" YES.

9. Each raw chapter of Totally Captivated makes me want to magically know Korean just a little more than the previous one. The previous one was pure romance so it wasn't too bad, but this one seemed complex (and amusing at times). *sighs* Also, only six volumes? It's almost over!

10. I am on friends?skip=400. I give up already. I can't catch up. ;_;

ETA: 11. How could I forget the all-important #11?!? Saw the new trailer for Star Trek and was...disturbed. Is this really Star Trek? Now I understand the parodies that have cropped up, such as 90210 or Smallville (I personally like the Smallville one). I'll still go to see it, but I can't help but feel weirded out.
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Star Trek XI Teaser Trailer...Completely uninformative as usual for a teaser, but....WOW. The Enterprise!! *_*

One Pound Gospel j-drama? Put me to sleep already, the manga managed to bore me as few manga have. Or maybe they put some pizzaz into the drama?

Some manga I read and wrote about a long time ago but forgot to post:

Silver Diamond 12: Overall a slower volume, but it did feel like things were actually leading up to something. The friendship of the four are adorable as always. I love the extra bits at the end with the hair touching. XD minor spoilers )

Asterisk 2: Pretty, pretty art. Really cute young angels. Really hot adult angels. Battles! Cats with issues! Angels with issues! Loving this series quite a lot. I like having an angel bureaucracy that isn't fucked up like so many in manga. Please don't turn into a procession of "heartwarming" stories about all the gay guys a la G-Defend and remain a cohesive narrative with an end like Jinju Horetsuden.

Kuroshitsuji 2: Pretty cross-dressing! Love the women's outfits very much. Sebastian looks GOOD with a cravat. REAL GOOD. Maybe when I'm feeling less lazy I'll scan some pics of the prettiness. On the downside, I fear a degeneration into fighting and power-uping and all that crap. What I loved about the first volume was the balance of the perfect and elegant butler with the kick-ass demon...I'm hoping it doesn't tip too far over to the kick-ass because that's a recipe for boring repetition. ;_;
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I stumbled on the FAQ for "the official archive of the paris/torres collective, which reads more as a simple primer of fanfiction and writing it. I was surprised to find that The Romulan Way by Diane Duane was considered a Mary Sue story by, well, anybody. If it is one, I suppose there are very good Mary Sues out there. But then, Diane Duane is a really good writer. :P Also, Peter David started out as a fanfic writer? Cool. (I own a lot of ST:TOS novels, many of which are very good, or at least extremely entertaining to read.)

But what came to mind reading the advice was how some of it desperately needed to be applied to BL novels.

Cardinal Rule #1: If your characters have to act out of character for your plot to work, then your plot DOES NOT WORK.

BL needs to follow this, desperately. The FAQ is talking about OOC from canon, but in a good number of BL novels they betray the characterization set up in the novels themselves to move the plot. If I can accept the characters enough to keep reading, no matter how much of a pansy or an idiot or such a complete and utter jerk that I can't fathom why anyone would want to be around them let alone be in love with them they may be, I don't want them to suddenly do something OOC so that some stupid plot point (usually the pivotal one) can happen. Also, miraculous and sudden reformations of not so steller characters do not ring true, especially if it seems like it happened just to get a happy ending. -_-

Tip # 1. Angst does not always equal good drama. Do not kill/maim/torture a character just for effect. Writing a tearjerker just because you want to manipulate the emotions of your readers is not a sign of depth or skill. Keeping the scale and intensity of your stories closer to reality than Opera, means that the genuine emotion you provoke in the reader will be all the more powerful for being attained through subtlety and skill rather than cheap theatrics. Readers identify more with a realistic protagonist's plight than they will the Nibelungen.

YES YES YES and YES. I am an angst whore, but I can only get into the angst if the characters seem vaguely like "real people" and not just paper cut-outs acting out the great tragic horror that are the string of "moe points" the author is trying to hit. I am amused at the angst of paper cut-outs, not moved.

Tip #13. Don't rush to finish a story just to have it out by a certain date, or to be the "first" to have a particular type of story out. Give your story the time and attention it needs.

Tips like this and others that talk about finishing stories up before publishing, I wish professional authors could follow them. I hate reading an ending that is so obviously just a wrap up to finish things up rather than a real conclusion. I know they are under deadline and have to produce, and that the entire industry is a book mill, but still...A girl can wish, right?
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Comm I'm so not joining: [ profile] josei_seiyuu. When I saw the announcement in [ profile] seiyuu, I had to roll my eyes at the unnecessarily fragmentation.

I got to see an episode of Star Trek: New Voyages, a fan produced series of full-length episodes of the original series, the other day. Pretty good production values. The best part was the hand-to-hand combat. It's just like the original series! Kirk's hair is scary (it's like Elvis Kirk, or something), and McCoy was disappointingly bland (I like McCoy a lot). The starships bounce around too much though. I can't imagine them doing anything less than glide (unless they are tumbling or something). They've had several actors who have been in actual episodes, too. More info on wikipedia. There was an omake to the particular episode I saw that introduced me to the scary scary The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins sung by Leonard Nemoy. >_<

Still doing the cleaning thing. I now am having problems figuring out what to do with old textbooks. Mostly college engineering ones...the ones that cost me $70-120 each and now just take up too much room. I don't want to just dump them, but I have no idea how to get rid of them appropriately.

I wish I could figure out what is triggering my waking up at 4:30 every morning. *sighs*
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I admit it, I ended up reading more SGA fanfics. But that came to a screeching halt when I read the crossover Where Did All the Physics Go? by Amireal, because it was crossed over with one of my ultimate loves, Star Trek! OMG it was so hilarious, and the Enterprise crew was pretty IC and I loved the disbelieving reactions of the SGA side who have fallen into an alternate universe where the characters they know so well from the TV show are real...

And it made me remember one of the few Star Trek fanfics I ever read, which luckily I was able to find online again: The Trust of a Bonding by K.V. Wylie. It's a McCoy/Vulcan slash fic that is a NOVEL (95,000+ words) and reads more like one of the official novels (of which I've read many). I love the Kirk/Spock/McCoy (non-slash) interactions (the banter, the teasing, just...the dialogue in general), McCoy's portrayal (he's my fav character), the technobabble (research! lots of words I technical words I don't know and probably aren't real! breakthroughs!), and especially the meeting of Vulcan and human and the strange things that can come from that. That last bit kind of reminded me of Spock's World by Diane Duane, a novel I happen to love (mostly for the current timeline portion rather than the Vulcan past parts). The slash part is so organically part of the story, and not like IN YOUR FACE but a powerful undercurrent and so ungraphic and yet so damn intense. *_* I imagine K/S slash might feature similar themes, but as I'll never ever read K/S (sorry, my passionate hate for Kirk has calmed down considerably from my youth, but I won't bother reading anything with him as part of a slash pairing...oh, except I did like that one Kirk/Chekov sort-of-AU one...but never mind, other than that one story, no Kirk for me >_<) this fic really delved into the Vulcan vs. human, the bond and its emphasis on mental closeness vs. physical, etc. There was even action (of the non-sex kind ^^) and a diplomatic crisis! Seriously, this fic is LOVE.

So I need to go reread it again....At least this is more fulfilling than rereading a WIP that promises to not be finished for years and years and years (if ever).


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