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Read the last two chapters of Totally Captivated....It actually did end in 6 volumes! Sadly, the end was not particularly good. The author really lost steam. WHY'D she go so sappy and conventional? *sighs* It really lost the sparkle that made it so much fun. Ah well, I can always enjoy the beginning...

I'm curious about Bakuman, the new manga by the writer and artist who did Death Note about two boys who want to be (are?) manga artists...But not enough to randomly buy the volume. XD;

Hand signals at the Stork Club

I ended up spending the entire day today reading mostly bad Naruto fanfic in English...First a bunch of Narusasu then ItaSasu. I love incest. Especially incest with love-hate obsession issues. XD; Lots of twisted shit out there. I particularly laughed reading The Never Played Symphonies by Stina the Wicked because there is a lot of guilt and shame and humiliation and sex and LOTS of angsty emo Sasuke (I can't help it, this makes me laugh SO MUCH). Though I do feel sorry for the guy since things are very confused. I think the real character is less emo and a lot more uptight (at least, what I gather his *real* personality is), but it amuses me. XD There's a really interesting NaruSasu development in the latest chapter as well (it's a WIP)....

I hope the various Japanese WIPs I'm following update soon...


Jan. 14th, 2009 06:26 am
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Read Totally Captivated volume 6 chapter 6...I don't understand where this story is going. I miss Ewon being more...Ewon? He seems like a shoujo manga heroine or something right now. :P Also, I don't think it's ending in this volume at this pace.

I recently read the first six chapter of U Don't Know Me by Na Yeri, a very enjoyable BL manhwa with pretty art and lots of sex. Childhood friends who love each other and end up falling into each other's arms (and having lots of sex). I am very amused by delicate flower uke who is actually violent and strong-willed. The seme's dad getting all protective of the uke at the end of chapter 6 was hilarious! I will buy this when it is published, I hope it ends well.

In Defense of Buying Books, a post on a personal finance blog that provides counter-arguments to the age-old frugal advice of don't buy books, borrow them. I love reading discussion of this subject as it is dear to my heart, and there were some good comments on the post. If I were the type to post, I'd comment that my local library carries many of the books I read since I read a lot in another language. Of course I could always borrow the social science books I seem to have become addicted to lately, but I've learned from years and years of experience that I will always end up paying gobs of fines because I don't return things on time. XD;

You're So Damn Hot by Melina is a great vid featuring lots of Captain Jack eye candy. Found it via a Torchwood vid rec request post here.
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I liked the sweet and funny parts. The rest are slightly worrisome, especially since this is the last volume.

more below cut )
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1. Back from vacation! It was awesome and fun, and not too cold. It was a journey of food and drink--consuming it, talking about it, shopping for it.

2. Speaking of food, I recommend The Loving Hut in San Francisco at the corner of Vallejo and Stockton. Tasty and not too expensive Chinese vegan food! Best review ever at yelp:

totally thought this was some Boba Tea/Prostitution ring before I finally checked it out.

Great serving size for the price compared to similar places, I think.  

Funny aftertaste, though?  This might be because I'm not vegan, but I've been scoping out restaurants to take vegan girl person to, so.    

The cakes and ice creams are oh so lovely sweet good right, though.  And adorable aprons.

MOST IMPORTANT PART:  SUPREME MASTER TELEVISION.  I could watch this damn channel for hours, holy crap, talking elephant.

I do not agree with the funny aftertaste comment, but he is right about Supreme Master Television. It is addictive and awesome. Missed the talking elephant, as well as the desserts. :(

I thought it was a soapland or something, as well. Or that it should be.

3. I want more than one day in San Francisco, even if they are days full of rain and cold. I thought i'd like it and I was right! Wonderful city! Amazing in glorious bright sunniness with temps running in the 70s in November. XD

4. I just bought 8 bottles of wine and don't know how I'm going to fit them all into the refrigerator. I hate that the climate here means all wine should be stored in some kind of climate-controlled environment. Lacking AC, I only have the frig. :( I got two bottles of two Bordeaux's (how does one pluralize "Bordeaux?"), two bottles of a Spanish tempranillo (I love tempranillos), a German Riesling (that I fear may be too sweet for me, but oh well--it's "GREAT WITH TURKEY!"), and a grenache. I don't think I've drunk a grenache before, but the festive label and low price (and wine shop rec) was too much for me not to buy it. XD

5. Pretty fanart of fandoms I know nothing about--Reborn! and Tales of..., among others. Nice coloring and sharp features.

6. A request for sci-fi/fantasy BL via [ profile] worldserpent got me thinking about sci-fi BL. First thing that came to mind was two novel series I never read but that seem to have a decent following in English, Sanzen Sekai no Karasu o Koroshi and that one illustrated by Mamiya Oki with the Moon dude with the funky eyes who always wears a visor. Sadly, I am drawing a blank right now and I can't browse my collection since they are still packed up in boxes.

7. [ profile] wednesday_10_10 reviews/summarizes a BL novel, called Koushounin wa Utagawanai by Eda Yuuri and illustrated by Nara Chiharu. She posts all the pics! I sort of want to read it now but am afraid I won't like it (I haven't liked everything Eda-sensei has written, and this one sounds like one I could potentially really like or get really annoyed at).

8. Breaking the News by [ profile] treeflamingo is a short, sweet, and hilarious gen Ouran fic. "Impending doom" YES.

9. Each raw chapter of Totally Captivated makes me want to magically know Korean just a little more than the previous one. The previous one was pure romance so it wasn't too bad, but this one seemed complex (and amusing at times). *sighs* Also, only six volumes? It's almost over!

10. I am on friends?skip=400. I give up already. I can't catch up. ;_;

ETA: 11. How could I forget the all-important #11?!? Saw the new trailer for Star Trek and was...disturbed. Is this really Star Trek? Now I understand the parodies that have cropped up, such as 90210 or Smallville (I personally like the Smallville one). I'll still go to see it, but I can't help but feel weirded out.
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Wish I knew Korean because this chapter was one I couldn't make much of just by the pictures. >_<

Speaking of pictures, did the art look kind of crappy in this chapter? I did like Dohoon's...smirk? At the end. And whatever it may signify...


Sep. 11th, 2008 09:49 pm
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I love reading great reviews, especially when they're short. [ profile] trinityofone has one for a book called The Soldier and the Unicorn by Helen Louise Caroll here that cracked me up. XD;

A review of the first English (I didn't know it'd been licensed!) volume of The Young Magician by Narushima Yuri reminded me that I'd stopped reading it around volume 8 and that last time I checked there were around 11 volumes out...Is this series even done? Does it end well? Is it worth picking up again? Someday when all my books come out of their boxes I guess I'll try rereading what I do have and see if I want to keep reading...

I want the next chapter of Totally Captivated so much. I finally got around to buying the hard copies and reading them in book form makes me itch for more. GAH.
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Finally read the English version of the newest Totally Captivated. It was better than I imagined when I only had the images to go on! I love bitter quarrels that don't quite edge into full-blown drama. I want to know what happens next!

I was reading some feel good happy fanfics and came across one I'd somehow missed: Of Convergence by [ profile] penm, TezuRyo, one of those slow inevitable ones. I had some nitpicks but in general really liked it. Just my type of TezuRyo fic. XD

How technology is awesome: Using asphalt warmed by the sun to heat water and/or generate electricity
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Downloaded raw of Totally Captivated chapter 35. Really want a summary since it finally feels like something is happening. It felt like things were coasting for a while there, but now there seems to be the beginning of real conflict! more blabbing )

Talk about a waste of pretty art. Kimi ga kono te wo hanarerunara by Tatsuru Kohji (written by Kuibara Harumo) is a collection of short stories blessed with pretty art (delicate but not overly so) yet so devoid of anything interesting, be it character or story (totally cliched, naturally).

The best story of the lot was the lawyer x public prosecutor one, but my judgement is probably influenced by the fact that I like quarreling lovers who also happen to sometimes battle it out at work (in this case, in court).

a cute pic )

The other story I rather liked (and probably had the best sex--which isn't saying much since the sex scenes throughout the volume were fairly extended yet totally lukewarm) was about the head of a nursery school and a teacher who'd actually became a teacher because he fell in love with the head. Complete cluelessness on the part of the head resulting in frustration in the teacher was fun. Lots of cute kiddies as bonus.

I am not a big fan of one-shots, so it takes a lot for me to really like one. This collection didn't come close to doing anything for me. Looks like this artist does mostly novel illustrations...I'd love to read a full volume manga drawn by her, just to see if it was the limitations of the one-shot or just plain badness that bored me.


Jun. 28th, 2008 08:26 am
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I tried reading Dekiru otoko no sodatekata by Yamato Nase and was met by epic fail. Sometimes her characters and plotlines just seem stupid and lame...This was one of them. The uke is just on the side of dopey. The seme is amusing since he just turns into loopy when it comes to the uke, but he's still kind of annoying. I like the chef dude (who I keep thinking is a woman...he is a man, right?). He is the most normal and solid of the bunch.

Totally Captivated is heading towards conflict with the gang and I'm not sure if I like it. That ambitious dude is super annoying and I'm wondering what will happen with the big boss dude. I like how things are between Ewon and Mookyul right now, but these external issues will probably make things not so good. :P I don't think the artist is good with angst and it feels like that's where it's heading towrds. I particularly loved Ewon imagining Mookyul with the expensive ring on his finger and getting a nosebleed. And Mookyul being tender is rather sweet, especially since most of the time he's just plain bossy. I loved how he'd harassed Ewon day and night to say "I love you"...even during sex. XD

Took the test floating around on the flist, did decently. I realized I made several stupid mistakes when I looked at the answer key. I should've taken the test more slowly. :P

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test...

English Genius

You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog:

Take The Commonly Confused Words Test at HelloQuizzy

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Random: To anyone who's read Anna Karenina--Is it any good?

Annoying: One bad thing about using Safari over Firefox is that when Safari suddenly freezes up and you have to force quit, the many (many) open tabs are lost.

Happy: Newest chapter of Totally Captivated. Thank god it didn't go down a bad yet oft-trod road. )
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Geez, I finally got Flesh & Blood 11 and...It has no illustrations! Even the color insert is a sad manip of the cover! After four months of waiting that's what we get? This volume better kick ass!! Of course, I won't be able to read it till the weekend...*sighs*

On the upside, I just read Vol 3 Ch 7 of Totally Captivated and enjoyed it SO MUCH. Click for more babble about the chapter. )


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