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I've gotten back into a TezuRyo kick, thanks to some great stories I recently read. XD So I dug through my doujinshi and rediscovered this amusing story by one of my favorite TezuRyo circles, Kaiten-Mokugyo. I've scanned and translated some of their stuff before. I hope people enjoy it as much I do.

Does anyone want to buy a copy of this? I actually have two...I also have an extra copy of my favorite doujinshi by the same group, Catch and Release?...

shumi yuuyuu )
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Titanic: The Sequel Trailer
Amazing mash-up of movies to create a pretty credible trailer of an action-thriller sequel to Titanic. Check out the behind the scenes version to find out where all the scenes are from.

Lime-oncello Spritzers with Mint!

(Locked) post about translating manga set in foreign lands at [ profile] free_manga asks about using "common" French words such as "oui," "merci," "bonjour" etc. for a manga set in France even though the manga doesn't contain any French in katakana....I have to say, I was boggled at the question. Why bother? I think we all understand that if the setting is in some country and the characters are from that country, that they are speaking in the language of the country unless there is some clear indication that they aren't. I'm glad most of the replies said not to do it, for various reasons.

I started to but quickly gave up reading another BL novel not because it was bad, but because I couldn't follow the narrative. It's really frustrating to read a story that can't even engage me on a basic level, that just seems like words on a page that don't add up to anything. I'm glad I've come across very few such stories.
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The August issue of Chara had the first chapter of a new manga by Kazumi Maki and Kano Ayano. It has one of my favorite moe points--non-gag cross-dressing in kimono! I have no idea if it will be good, but I just felt like sharing I scanned and translated it. ^^; I like the art; it's simple but very appealing to me. I thnk it's the eyes. I only know the writer Kazumi Maki from the manga/novel "Yabai kimochi (Desire)," but as I rather liked that story I'm hoping this will turn out good. In any case, there's a gay lawyer and a son of a geisha brought up as a girl, and they meet and presumably will become romantically involved. Not sure how it'll work out, but I'm definitely curious. XD

warning: image intensive )

Uh...just a warning, don't expect regular updates of this because I don't subscribe to Chara. Just thought I'd pique people's interest in it. XD
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Bridging the Cultural Divide: Lexical Barriers and Translation Strategies in English Translations of Modern Japanese Literature by James Hobbs is a wonderful article regarding the methods of translating specific terms/concepts using real examples. What is the best way to balance conveying the original meaning (including cultural implications) as correctly and fully as possible, and providing a smooth, readable translation? The conclusion puts the dilemma very well:

When faced with sense segments that do not have an obvious English equivalent, or that refer to objects and concepts that lie outside domestic readers' experience, the translator must make choices, both about which meanings to include, and about which to exclude. A translator cannot reasonably be expected to consistently account for each and every one of the meanings buried in the original author's text, and literal translation is certainly unlikely to achieve this. As Newmark (1988:xi) wryly observes, "you only deviate from literal translation when there are good semantic and pragmatic reasons to do so, which is more often than not." In reality, the translator will normally be forced to settle for accounting for only those meanings in the original that can be considered most relevant to his readers, as to do any more than this may place an unacceptable burden of mental processing on the reader. Gutt (1985, in Venuti, 2000:386) explains: "Sometimes it is possible to achieve a higher degree of resemblance but only at the cost of a decrease in overall relevance because it involves an increase in processing effort that is not outweighed by gains in contextual effects."

This is the kind of stuff that anyone that translates thinks about but possibly in a more unconscious manner (or is that just me? :P). I recognized strategies I’d employed previously, but also learned of other ways of translation that had never occurred to me. I will definitely be reading this many times.


Came across a blog entry on manga scanlation that mentions a professional manga translator who seems to claim that scanlations have a negative effect on the English translation industry in that titles won’t be picked up because of scanlations. So companies won't pick something up because it has a following online and is being scanlated? Was I living under a rock and this is common knowledge, or is this guy pulling crap out of his ass? As an aside, the original LJ post the blog entry refers to has a HUGE dose of fandom hate that amused me to no end. Yes, yes, fandom consists of whiny "gimmee now!" entitled babies that deserve nothing more than a kick in the pants. Sweeping generalizations certainly make things sound so simple and straightforward. And does ragging on “fandom” never get old or what?
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Abe Miyuki is, of course, most famous for her long running series "Komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kike!" She is currently doing a fantasy series (loosely) based on the extremely famous "Hakkenden" (which, incidentally, I knew virtually nothing about and thus had a joyous time researching in order to translate this interview), and this interview is mostly about that. Does anyone follow Hakkenden? I love the art (my default icon is of the main character, Shino) and the story and characters are interesting (though so far it feels more like set-up than anything else, so it's hard to say...). See my previous pimp post for a bit more info.

Just a warning: The interview does contain some spoilers for things past volume 3. Also, my translation is looser than usual. Man, is Abe-sensei waaay too colloquial in the worst way. -_-

the interview )

Er, there's a bit more to the interview that is more about Abe-sensei herself which is...actually kind of interesting, but I had to push myself to get this far and can't go any further. :P

Oh, and Komahoshi fans? When Abe-sensei was asked to comment on it, she mentioned that she has permission from the publisher to do an extra volume if she wants to. She makes no promises, but at least she has the go ahead! XD I personally hope if she does a side story it will be focused on Takara and Kiyomine and not on, say, Okuno and Reiichi. Maybe with a baby brother or sister for Takara?

I'm planning on checking out Abe-sensei's previous interview, which I assume must be about Komahoshi. Hopefully it'll have some interesting tidbits worth sharing. ^^
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I finally got around to cleaning up the translation for chapter 3 of my favorite one-volume Kawai Toko manga, In the Walnut. It's been licensed so Dangerous Pleasure has stopped scanlating it, but since I had already worked on the translation I figured I'd post it for those who own the Japanese volume. This manga has basically no smut, excellent characterizations and relationships, and lovely story-lines. The story in this chapter, continued to the last chapter, focuses on Tanizaki and Nakai a lot while still providing great plot.

I meant to post the first scanlated chapter just as an intro, but to my chagrin I've discovered that I don't have the final product on my computer...Only the first draft scanlation that I proofed. :P In any case, please buy this manga either in Japanese or in English when it is published! It's a wonderful manga, and I even learned a little bit about art in the process of translating it. ^^

Chapter 3: I'm not Hamlet )
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I'm translating something set in an industry I know nothing about, so I've been having quite a time looking up lots and lots of industry jargon. What's really getting to me is that there's a lot Japanese industry jargon that I can't even begin to know if there's an English jargon equivalent. I don't want to use the standard English equivalent because the whole point is one character is unfamiliar with the industry and is confronted with words he isn't familiar with. But if I translate using standard English words then it won't have the same effect. ;_;

On the bright side, I am picking up a lot of new vocabulary...And actually learning some English industry jargon...And if the author isn't making stuff up, about the industry itself...Though considering it's about the publishing industry of which the author is a part of, I suppose it's likely the info is pretty accurate. ^^;

This reminds me of my experience while translating "In the Walnut." I had to look up a bunch of stuff related to art and learned quite a bit. A nice side benefit, I suppose.
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I was clearing my tabs when I came across a Japanese Ouran fic I had read a while back and had saved. I figured I'd post about it and ended up going around looking for more fanfic and fanart sites. Found a whole bunch which I'm posting in this jumbled up mess of a post. ^^;

First, the fanart:

courante has some cute retarded Tamaki pics. First, I love the eyes on ma (welcome to the world of dreams), the mushrooms on kinoko (jimejimetamaki go!), and the happiness of otousandamon (I'm the daad!!).

iridescence jewel has pics of various characters. My favorites are a really cute Tamaki/Haruhi pic (Tamaki's "This is a French style way of greeting" with a side of "Is that for real?!!") and a cool progression of a Kyouya/Tamaki pic from sketch to coloring to shading to the really cute "dialogue" at the end (Kyouya: Why don't you close your eyes during a kiss at least? Tamaki: K...Kyouya...Should you be doing this on the index page...ahhh...)

spica has some great Kyouya/Tamaki illustrations and manga. My favs:

Ringo no uta (the apple's song)

Tamaki: Do you know? It feels like getting gooseflesh.
Tamaki: And then it gets all hot behind your eyes
Tamaki: And you don't know how to breathe
Tamaki: Yes! And as though there are stars flashing at the back of your eyes, like...
Kyouya: "Exactly like that?"
sfx: ka (flush)

"I'm only looking at you. Come here right now and kiss me." *

(*The line is from Shiina Ringo's song "Koko de kiss shite." I went on a major tangent because I adore this song very very much, found out I don't have this song on my computer or elsewhere (;_;), found the PV on youtube, looked for Japanese lyrics, hated the English translations I came across and did my own quick and direct and not so literal version: romaji and translation intermixed )

BTW, the title page is also a line from the song: "everything, your long eyelashes and your delicate and large hands" XD

...I need this song so, so much.)

Wechseltransfusion is a Kyouya/Tamaki vampire AU:

translation lacking much of the sfx (sorry!) )

Love love love priest Kyouya and vampire Tamaki! XD

And last but not least, a very nicely colored pic of Mori!

桧笠屋 (Higasa-ya) has some cute pics. My favorite is actually a PoT pic called Megane. Love Atobe explaining: He's the megane of Hyoutei! Don't need more than one megane at one school. Aaan? to a data taking Inui and a dumbfounded looking Tezuka. XD I also like the Saiyuki Sa Gojyou birthday one.

And onto the fics (all Japanese and all Kyouya/Tamaki):

Cherry & Cherry has a very languid feel to the writing. Sometimes it works really well, sometimes it feels slow and pointless. It worked in 西瓜 in which there is a really funny shiritori game that really showcases Tamaki's retardnesses, which made me laugh out loud while marveling at how well the details bring out and amplify the atmosphere of the simple scene, ブラック in which Kyouya complains internally about the crap that is instant coffee among other things, and 夢の境界 in which dreams and reality are mixed up in the best possible manner EVAR.

Boogie Back has this one really great fic, 真夏の夜の夢. Tamaki wins by virtue of being Tamaki. Also, I adore references to him missing his mom, especially done very sweetly and simply.

I've only read one fic at MP so far, but it was very very interesting. 病床パブリック has the very overused kidnapping and assault premise, but its dry tone and very Tamaki-like Tamaki and Kyouya-like Kyouya made it a compelling read for me.

Helpless Flower only has a couple of stories. Unfortunately, the author's endings need some work (they aren't bad, but they just aren't....good...if that makes any sense) but several of the stories were worth reading regardless: X>O2 is Kyouya and Tamaki hanging out. I love the moment when during a kiss Kyouya notices Tamaki trembling, ends the kiss and tells Tamaki to breathe. Exasperated at Tamaki's akwardness, he thinks that all he'd have to do to kill Tamaki is to kiss him to death. 浸染願望 has the twins, bored, choosing to play with Tamaki. They trick him into thinking he has to dye his hair "for the club." I love the color it ends up as and his and Kyouya's reactions.

jkm has two stories, one a friendship and one an unrequited love. The friendship one, 休日, is rather adorable. It has Tamaki bumming over Kyouya's house and falling asleep on Kyouya's bed. Kyouya, rather put out, doesn't want to sleep on a guest futon in his own room, so sleeps in the bed as well. He groggily wakes up to a very awake Tamaki who greets him with a cheery "I have no idea why I'm sleeping in the same bed as you, but good morning!" Kyouya, grumpy, decides he isn't going to deal with Tamaki and tries to go back to sleep. Tamaki gently strokes him a, a lullaby of touch, and tells him "good night." (...okay, it was waaay sweeter reading it than summarizing it. *sighs*)
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I had downloaded the cd drama of Alcohol Shirt and Kiss by Kuwabara Yuko a while back. I had posted about the manga several months ago (Look here for a quick summary with pics). I really liked the first track, though when it got serious and sappy I didn't enjoy it so much. I think I can take sap so much better on paper than acted out. In any case, I had started a quick translation of the first track when I first listened to it and found it tonight. I decided to clean it up and post it since I'm really trying to clean up the half-written posts and random fannish bits littering my computer. For people who don't already have the cd drama, I uploaded it to rapidshare.

Track 01 )

I was going to post with appropriate pages of the manga (since the first track covers the first chapter of the manga but in a different order) but I got lazy. :P

There's a cute manga in the booklet, which I also translated:

Naru and Rice and an Ordeal of Love )

I love their fellow detectives. They are endlessly amusing to me. XD
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An AkiHika Heian AU game based doujinshi. Previously posted parts 1 and 2. The rest of the pretty!

Kai by Rakuengun )
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Damn Hikago is on my brain thanks to the flist [ profile] blind_go mania and my finishing up of the doujinshi organization and discovering a full extra box of Hikago stuff. I found an extra copy of an Akihika doujinshi I rather like. I decided (in a fit of late night madness) to scan it and share. It turned out to be fairly long and it took forever to scan (or at least felt like it). Since I had another copy I felt comfortable squishing it down onto the scanner bed more than usual...but I still couldn't bend it (or take it apart) to get really good scans. :P

I like it because a) the art is pretty and b) there isn't enough stuff based on the Heian AU game. I love the details of the clothing and scenery, and the characters' expressions.

The doujinshi is called Kai (at least I think so...the character is "imashimeru," to admonish or warn, but I went with the on-yomi in this case) by the circle Rakuengun. I got lazy over the translation and didn't do a lot of the sfx. Any suggestions for English equivalents would be appreciated.

Kai by Rakuengun )
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Though I have not watched nor will probably ever watch the anime ARIA the Natural, I do like the music. The opening song Euforia is disgustingly peaceful and pretty. I even like the singer's high voice. The ending song Rainbow is also laid back, but with a lovely comfortable beat. Baracarole is one of those songs in a made-up language. It is lush and beautiful. *_*

Baracarole ~a capella~

I couldn't find a translation for Euforia so I did a quick one. The lyrics are match the feel of the song very well.

Euforia lyrics )

For Rainbow, I found Japanese lyrics as well as romaji and a good translation.

And speaking of mellow, pretty music, what better than the Carpenters? A cover by the Indigo: Rainy Days and Mondays

For a more groovy kind of mellow: Color Your Soul by the Korean group Clazziquai

And while slightly repetitive, a nice mellow song with groove is Ito Yuna's newest: Losin'

Finally, back to anime and the pretty mellow: Aozora by I've from AIR
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Been trying to catch up with comments, have gotten through some but not nearly all yet. ;_;

Also, a meme I've been putting off for long enough:

Reply and I'll give you a letter and you have to find five songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal.

I got R from [ profile] svz_insanity. I tried to pick songs I probably haven't shared before:

Rinnetensei by Core of Soul

Been meaning to share this for ever and ever, but I was having problems translating it (I like the lyrics) and, well, forgot about it until now:

Rinnetensei )

Rise and Shine by Bonnie Pink
Upbeat and disgustingly catchy song from her Golden Tears album.

Reila by Gazette
Catchy rock song from a group I've never heard of. I love the piano riff.

Redemption by Gackt
From the game Dirge of Cerebus, I initially didn't like this song but after hearing it a lot I've come to like it quite a bit.

Razor Valentine by Thea Gilmore
I thought I was going with an all-Japanese list, but I had to include this one. I love the slow, funky feel of the song, the scratchy old record sound, and the bizarre lyrics:

I love you like a whisper
I love you all alone
I love you like a murder babe
I'm burying the bones
I love you like the last shot
At the bottom of the bottle
I love you razor valentine

If anyone wants to play, just ask!
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Work is driving me batty again (or is it still?). Once again I ask, anyone want any songs translated? Please? Reading fanfic can only distract me for so long, after all. Using the brain helps.

As always, need lyrics (kanji-kana, not romaji) and a copy of the song.

Today was a breathtakingly beautiful day. The colors were so intense, with the sky so incredibly blue and the green of the trees so vivid against it. It was a warm day, not too hot or humid. Made me wish I could run down to the beach (my office is one block away from the beach) and sit under a tree and read.
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First, things that made me think:

An interesting discussion with links on translation at [ profile] manga_talk. I didn't really have anything to contribute regarding the quality of official translations, as I don't really read those much. I am a bit proponent on making the English flow, but going overboard on the localization is killer (unless it cracks you up, like the Initial D translation did my friend).

Via [ profile] flonnebonne, part one of an article on fanfiction Fanfiction and Contradiction

[ profile] seperis comments on a post on "gen porn". I totally get the "gen porn" in SGA, and wallow in it. Frankly, after reading a zillion fanfics the sex can get old, but intimacy? Sex is good to read when it's intimate and not just "hot."

And some music:

I was able to get a free single at my local source of Japanese things, so after some deliberation (and consultation with the sales clerk), I chose the newest single from Ito Yuna. She was Reira in the live action Nana movie and sang the wonderful songs "Endless Love" and "Journey." I had actually picked up her second single and that impressed. However, this single is pretty.

Precious: a lovely ballad, after several listens I grew to like it quite a bit

I'm Free: the B-side, is upbeat and catchy

Pureyes: the B-side from her second single "Faith," a song I like much better than the A-side
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After a crappy day of work, then good dinner with good friend, and a sad sad attempt to go back to work and work (I read more fanfic instead), I drove home with very good music and was bouncy on a music high. I figured I'd share some of what made me so happy:

DISTANCE-PLANITb Remix by Utada Hikaru
I adore both Distance and Final Distance, and add this to the "versions of Distance I'm addicted to pile." Seriously. Great remix of a great song.

My Dear by Yae
Stunning song. I can't help but feel transported to somewhere else when the chorus rolls around.

Epilogue: What If by Emilie Autumn
With a light touch, soft and beautiful and sad.

Subete no mono ni anata wo omou by Lena Park
[Lyrics and translation]
A power ballad by a great voice that I got thanks to [ profile] svz_insanity. I ended up searching for the lyrics and translating them. ^^;

Ayaka Hirahara's newest album, Yottsu no L, has been (for some unknown reason) posted at [ profile] seiyuu. I recently bought this album myself and just LOVE it. Members can grab it here. I especially love tracks 2, 14, 15, and 16 (so far). If anyone who can't access that comm is interested, I can upload some of the tracks. ^^


Apr. 18th, 2006 09:23 pm
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I haven't translated anything (other than song lyrics) in (what feels like) forever. I used to translate like I needed it to live. I miss doing it desperately, but I just can't get myself to do it. Everytime I try to start something I end up abandoning it...and that only serves to frustrate me more. Is this kind of how writers feel when they have writer's block?
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I've dug up more translations I kind of abandoned a long time ago! This time, a short TezuRyo doujinshi I scanned in one of my fits of scanning madness. I did a quick pass at correcting the more awful manglings so now it's moderately passable (I'm very open to suggestions on better wordings and translations, thanks). :P I didn't bother sticking the cover in the post because it's boring and brown and has no picture on it. Anyone curious, just download it! It's only about 1 MB. ^^

Chijou no tori (Earthbound bird)

The translation )
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There was a short interview with Kouga Yun in the April Pafu. Being sick and laid up at home, when I was actually more or less coherent I decided that it'd be a great idea to translate this short bit (delirious any? ^^;). I only translated the part directly relating to the manga:

Q: Regarding the manga, it seems as though there were dramatic developments for various characters in 2005.

K: After this I am thinking of preparing episodes in which Seimei will become even more unpleasant and Soubi will become more hopeless (laugh).

Q: Are Seimei's speech and conduct "unpleasant?"

K: To me they are unpleasant.
Editor: When Kouga-sensei calls a character "unpleasant," it means she is pleased with that character.
K: Oh, really!? (laugh) Ah, and I plan on making Ritsuka even more cool.

Q: Speaking of Ritsuka, compared to when the serialization began he's gotten very good at handling Soubi, hasn't he?

K: I want him to continue working hard like he has been doing. Even though I'm the one drawing him, I feel that Ritsuka is pitiful (laugh). That his life sucks. Compared to scenes in which the other characters appear, the scenes in which Ritsuka appears often makes me gloomy.

Q: After all, the people around Ritsuka are Soubi and Seimei, who are slightly different from the ordinary person.

K: Soubi is a kind of airhead and has fallen away from normality a bit, but he doesn't think he's strange at all. Seimei is slightly more self-aware, but there's a streak in him that thinks, "I want to do [it] so [it's] okay." That's way more dangerous. Because Soubi is an airhead, I want him to be forgiven even if he's odd (laugh).

Q: As for future developments, what is on our minds is whether there will come a day when Seimei and Ritsuka will have contact with each other, and what will happen to Soubi at that time.

K: On Seimei and Ritsuka having contact, I can't state when but it will happen before long. As for Soubi when that happens...he'll probably be totally useless (laugh).

When asked what goals she had for 2006, she replied that one of them was to put out two volumes during the year. Wouldn't that be nice?...Except that it'd be two volumes closer to the end. ^^;

It's interesting to see again and again how manga artists can view adaptations into other media of their own work so objectively and distantly. They seem to think of the manga as their baby, and anything else as an associated work to be viewed with interest but not really claimed as theirs. Kouga-sensei expressed this view in this interview, and I've read other interviews of other artists where the same thoughts have been professed.


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