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Only two more days till the weekend! Yay! I spent all of Labor Day watching videos. I initially tried to watch the ROD TV show and had to give up after one and a half episodes because all the main characters made me want to spork them. My god, so irritating. I was told it was a good series, too. To cleanse my mind I watched Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, of course) and topped it off with a bunch of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episodes. Happiness!! I want more Nakamura Shungiku anime...Can we get another season of SIH or JR? Please?

I want to see the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie after seeing the trailer. He says "oro!" and "gozaru!" I know, I know, it wouldn't be Kenshin if he didn't...But it still trips me out. There's apparently a channel on Youtube with lots of videos.

Apparently mocking Bic for Her pens are a thing, and I've read some funny and some not so funny stuff out there. I enjoyed the reviews on Amazon UK the best, though.

And now a random list of books I noticed is coming out/already came out...

Books coming out I won't bother reading:
Fei-Long centric Viewfinder novel
Yet another Deadlock spin-off
I am just not a fan of spin-offs. *shrugs*

Book I plan on reading when I finally catch up:
Last volume of Fujimi! It's finally ending!

Book I am so excited about getting:
Ameiro Paradox 2
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Of course I downloaded this week's episode, just to see if they were getting back to Takano/Ritsu next week. I assumed they would since I don't think they spend more than 2 consecutive episodes on the other couples. I skipped to the end and was happy to see that they were! I'm already excited for next week!

On kinda meh news, Junjou Mistake is being animated? I'm not against this, I just want more Junjou Romantica anime and this would push any third season further into the future. It's going to be episode 6 of SIH, which sucks SO HARD. More Takano/Ritsu please! I'll definitely check out JM to see if I'll like the dynamics of the relationship despite what I've heard. Also in anime news, apparently Hakkenden will be animated? I'll be happy only if the art isn't crappy and the animation doesn't totally suck. That is a series that needs pretty good special effects! If they use the same voice actors as the drama CD I'll be a little sad because I didn't think Paku Romi worked as Shino.

The newest VF chapter made me laugh. How does Asami overcome Takaba locking his door? Use a gun with a silencer! So much more efficient and less work than breaking the door down! This series has become so fluffy I laugh reading every new chapter.

I don't even know who Ryan Gosling is, but he's pretty awesome when he's Feminist Ryan Gosling.
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I want the new chapter of Sakura Gari already. *sighs*

It's not that I'm not grateful for the lovely person/people who take the time to scan the long-ass chapters and share them on the internet, but knowing that the newest chapter has been out for a week already is kinda killing me. :P

I just found out that the newest Viewfinder volume comes out on June 10. There will be a bonus booklet in the first printing, one version for the Animate stores and one for everyone else. I'm happy that I'll be in Japan right around then so I should be able to pick one up. I really hate these limited edition type things because they can be so hard to get from foreign countries...There will also be artist signings at two stores, one at the Ikebukuro Animate on the 13th (I think). I want to swing by to see if there will be lots of people. XD;
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Erg. I meant to do work tonight. I was freezing to death at the office (the AC stays on till 8 pm and the place just becomes unbearable when the sun sets) so I carried home several volumes of drawings. Unfortunately, I drank a little too much wine [1] with dinner (there wasn't much left in the bottle! It seemed silly to leave just a little for the next day when it's already been open for three days!) and now I feel...woozy. Very woozy. So instead of being a good worker I will babble. XD

I asked for opinions on Brethren: Raised By Wolves by W.A. Hoffman in the previous post and got a range of responses. I think I probably won't like the book, but I think I'll try it anyway. My reaction to these types of very melodramatic and fanfic-y books really vary, tho. It can't hurt to at least give it a chance, especially since I'll be going in knowing that I most likely won't like certain things (overdone analogies rank high on things that irritate the hell out of me). I'm going to stick with English books as much as possible for a while...The current dollar/yen exchange rate just makes me sad. I think I'll refrain from buying Japanese books for a while...Surely the rate will get better? [2]

The latest Viewfinder chapter, the end of the Naked Truth arc, was...underwhelming, to put it lightly. The first half of Naked Truth was fun. It was angsty, melodramatic, pointlessly violent. The latter half got...all mushy. It was still melodramatic and violent, but it went splat with all the mush. *sighs*

I read an article in the newspaper about Youtube vids on how to cheat on tests today. People sure are creative! I particularly loved the idea of writing stuff on the back of bottled water labels and sticking it back on. The funniest part of the article was a quote of some counselor (or was it a professor who studies stuff like this?) about how these students put more effort into the cheating when it'd just be easier to study.

Spent Sunday on a marathon Initial D Stage 1 viewing. Wow, the art is fugly. But the music still kicks ass and the races are still exciting. XD I read some of (my small collection of) doujinshi, and was disappointed. I bought one circle because the comedy bits are pretty damn funny, but the comedy bits were outweighed by the serious romance bits which kind of sucked. [3] The only doujinshi that stood up to the test of time was the only KeisukexTakumi doujinshi I own, which is so cliched yet so fleshes out the characters it totally kicked ass. I will probably do a marathon viewing of Stage 2 this weekend.

[1] It was a cheap Sauvingon Blanc from Chile that was a featured selection at the supermarket I was at this weekend. It was cheap, it was there, I wanted a light wine that probably went with food, I didn't want to bother going to a wine shop (I typically get my wine from a wine shop, relying on the expertise of the employees there)...It wasn't too bad. Very drinkable, if a bit too much in the front for me. I like wines that aren't too overpowering at first but are deep and complex (and not bitter!).

[2] I really ought to care about the economy in general more than the measly dollar/yen rate, I suppose. But the problems are so huge I try not to get too anxious (even though I follow the business news like a hawk) and am just thinking small. :P Isn't the world just nuts, nowadays? It's scary hearing about how the bad is spreading everywhere now...

[3] I think it doesn't help that I don't actually believe in slashing Inital D (except for the canon pairing of Takeshi x Shingo?). I look askance at most slash in this fandom, which is why comedy works better for me. I totally see all the guys with women someday...
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Read Viewfinder Naked Truth Chapter 15, and I feel like it's a completely different manga. This Takaba as damsel-in-distress and Asami as rescuing knight vibe is throwing me off. Takaba totally seems to be pining for Asami in a non-conflicted way...

I did like Asami being pointlessly violent (blood splatters and hair coming undone is totally sexy), but...It just feels so odd.

I hope the reunion sex is hot (and not sappy).
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Huh. Antique Bakery by Yoshinaga Fumi will be an anime this summer (Site is in Japanese).

[ profile] serena_daragon posted pics of the newest VF chapter (currently public, she will f-lock post in three days). I had to laugh. )

Ugh. Seeing the decline of the dollar against the Japanese yen graphically is so, SO painful. ;_;

Kind of scary that
Pakistan was responsible for a near-worldwide Youtube blackout. Glad to hear that things got fixed very quickly, though it seems like this is the sort of problem experts have been worried about for a while?

Heard a hilarious story reporter and author Malcolm Gladwell tells about his first job in a newsroom on This American Life (Check out the podcast of it here.). I had to desperately suppress my laughter since I was at work. It made for a fabulous story, but I tried not to think about how ethically wrong it all was.

cut for much babbling about food )


Jan. 4th, 2008 07:01 pm
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Thanks for everyone that pointed out that a new Viewfinder came out not that long ago. :P I haven't been on top of things in December, frankly, and I was just too lazy to go check the comm before posting my little complaint. I did like the new VF. Action! Talking! Kissing! I won't go as far as to say that things are resolved between the two of them, but it felt like Fei Long can finally move on. I just hope that fugly Russian dude isn't doing something kinky to Akihito in the meantime...*gags* The newest Crimson Spell was...not very interesting. I want the fighting to end already. I want Havri in his right mind! I hate most kinds of powering up--too much shonen manga. *sighs*

I'm in a mood for fanfic right now, but I'm faaar too lazy to go looking for good ones. I hate having to slog through the masses of crap to find the few really good ones...Maybe I'll go reread my boxes of doujinshi. I haven't touched them in ages...Been too busy reading BL novels.

In the meantime, check out this languid feeling song that totally matches my current mood: Come On, Come Out by A Fine Frenzy...As well as a wonderful acoustic live cover version of Don't Dream It's Over by Neil Finn (love the original, love this cover). I think I need to not listen to music while typing up posts. Makes me want to share...

It just hit me--It's Friday! Yay! There's something nice about forgetting something obvious, because you get to feel the rush of joy upon realizing it. XD
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I just read yet another squee-fest re: Ze by Shimizu Yuki and it's just a little depressing to see all that joy I can't share. I don't hate it, but I certainly don't like it. Hm...or more like it makes me shrug in total indifference. Every mention I happen to see is always a positive reaction, and even the only RL friend who has even heard of Shimizu Yuki likes it. I kind of wish I had some sign that I wasn't alone in the world (but I refuse to stoop to actually seeking out not-so-positive mentions via search...that'd just be too pathetic). I usually love angst, but the arc with Himi and Genmu made me want to just...slap Genmu around and put Himi out of his "misery" ASAP. I have a feeling Shimizu-sensei and I just don't mesh. I didn't read the Aoki/Naoya arc in Love Mode at all--which was most of the series--and was totally repelled by Recipe. Oh well.

What's more traumatizing to me is the proximity of the letters "Q" and "W" as well as "C" and "V" on the keyboard. I live for keyboard shortcuts, and I can't tell you how many times I did a control-Q instead of a control-W and screamed when the application closed rather than the window/file. Not as bad (usually) is when I want to paste and I copy instead, thus losing whatever I had stored in the clipboard. Most of the time I can just backtrack and recopy. Sometimes all is lost and I can only gnash my teeth.

I learned a new word today--"grok." It's such a silly sounding word that I will probably never use even if I remember it, but I did find it cool that it came from a sci-fi novel, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. I think I own that book (a gift) but I've never read it.

I recently discovered the most wonderful radio show "This American Life" on public radio. I had seen it around on iTunes and the like but had never bothered checking it out. I got interested after hearing an interview with the producer/host of the show re: the television version that's coming out on Showtime (Which kind of disgusts me, since it went from public radio to premium cable channel? Thanks for putting it out of my reach, buddy) next month. I downloaded the currently available podcast Blown away. The current podcast has a rerun of an amazing narrative of a New Orleans resident that originally aired a year ago. Also, a funny (yet not) story about how a chocolate factory in Chicago that emitted too much cocoa powder and made some bridges in Chicago smell like chocolate was ordered to comply with regulations by the EPA. The way it introduces the piece and segues into the main body is just delightful. Available via iTunes or the website.

For some reason I type "q" instead of "g" at times. Sometimes I catch my mistake, sometimes I don't. I don't think I'll ever understand why I do it (Just caught "seques" instead of "segues"). And isn't "podcast" one word or at least can be written as one word? Stupid LJ spellcheck keeps bringing it up as a misspelling.

The new chapter of xxxholic (available here along with Tsubasa) made me want to catch up with Tsubasa. I understand they crossover, but it's been hard to keep up my interest in Tsubasa and I am sooo behind. *sighs*

Speaking of xxxholic, the arc in chapters 124-129 was so delightful. Loved the panel with Yuko leaning towards her client with their shadows behind them in 125, as well as the very last panel of 129. She's justso cool!

First glimpse of new Viewfinder chapter started off with that annoying Mikheal (or however you spell his name) but quickly turned to the characters that don't irritate me. Kind of weird how...emotionally attached these people are turning out to be to each other? I didn't bother reading most of it since the quality and angle was just so bad on my eyes so that's all I could get a feeling for. I can't believe the next chapter will be in the October issue, though. What is up with that??
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Crimson Spell )

I didn't realize Crimson Spell was supposed to be a one-volume manga. I'm so glad she didn't try to cram everything into one volume. How does one do epic fantasy in such little space? Especially when the epic fantasy is littered with sex scenes? ^^;

I...really want a Viewfinder FST. Nothing too serious or too tongue-in-cheek. Not sure what kind of music I'd imagine for the series, though.

Speaking of FSTs, there's a Clover FST on [ profile] fst. No idea if it's any good, but...Clover! XD
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The February 2007 Pafu has a special feature titled "Boy's Love 2006," which features interviews with artists to pay attention to. They are:

Yamane Ayano
Yamada Sakurako
Tojitsuki Hajime
Homerun Ken
Shino Natsuho

Yamane Ayano is a no brainer, but the others surprised me. I've read "Koko ni kiss shite" by Yamada Sakurako and wasn't all that impressed. Never heard of Tojitsuki Hajime ("Furenzoku sekai" and "Shiro neko") so no opinion on that one. I did really like "Boku wa kimi no tori ni naritai" (I want to be your bird) by Homerun Ken, but did not read the others (seems like "Boku to akuma to mahou no kotoba" is the biggie?). And yet again, I did like "Kurashina Sensei's Passion" by Shino Natsuho (Hm, I didn't know there was a third volume out...) but...popular? Super popular? *scratches head*

In any case, Yamane Yamano got a rather huge interview, covering both Viewfinder and Crimson Spell with some detail. I laughed reading it so I thought I'd share, though I refuse to do a full translation because I'm sick of translating interviews right now...

In general )

Viewfinder )

I'm tired so I'll do the Crimson Spell portion of the interview later...

[ profile] genkischudlich notes the cast of some up-coming anime called "Ice" on her Comiket post. Prompted by the fact that Minagawa Junko is in the cast, I checked out their completely unhelpful website and was amused by their completely unhelpful trailer. I love the folksy music with the neat looking silhouettes and the words splashed across the screen:

The last man in the world died when I was in my mother's stomach.
There are those who say it is a poison made far above that had fallen,
And there are those who say it is our punishment for polluting the world
(info on director, etc.)
Yesterday, today, and no future
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Ah, a bad photograph version of Viewfinder's Naked Truth Chapter 10 available here. Unfortunately a lot of text was either cut off or blurred, so I couldn't quite figure out everything that's happening...But still, a very interesting chapter.

Some comments )

This is definitely my favorite escapist BL manga. How I enjoy it so. I can't wait for a proper scan to be posted.
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It's Monday and that kind of sucks, but not as badly as when I worked all weekend. I can't believe it's almost September, though. And I saw one department store put up a Christmas corner already. It's really pretty,'s August! And reminders of Christmas is not necessarily a good thing since it means crazy mobs at malls, batshit insane driving and traffic, and general craziness. And exhaustion. (Can you not feel the holiday spirit rolling off me? Working next to a mall--and now a Walmart as well--does not help, let me tell you.)

Viewfinder by Yamane Ayano continues to be one of my favorite escapist fantasy mafia pretty art lots of sexing manga. I was just wondering the other day when the next chapter was coming out, when lo and behold the new chapter was posted. Photographs that make it very hard to actually read the thing, but frankly? The words aren't nearly as important as the pretty, pretty pictures. And the sex. *laughs* Though frankly my favorite part of this chapter has to be when Akihito goes off on Fei, accusing him of trying to distract himself because things aren't going his way. Fei comes back with the demand that if Akihito understands him that much, he should comfort him...which of course means sex. My single favorite line is Fei's "What a slutty body...It satisfied him right? Give it to me..." XDXD (And I don't consider the scene as Fei "making love" to Akihito, as some commenters were thinking) But where's Asami (and his messy totally sexy hair)? :P

Now I want a new Crimson Spell. Ah, how I enjoy Yamane Ayano's manga...
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I did a quick read of the manga Emma by Mori Kaoru. Wow...nice art. Story is pretty good, too. Some developments weren't well fleshed out, but overall very enjoyable. And there's just something about a romance between classes that's a joy to read. Emma's attitude kind of reminds me of Jane Eyre. I only wish the copies I got of several of the last chapters weren't in Chinese. I can only guess what's going on in those. :P

Oh, speaking of England, I finally listened to the Flesh & Blood drama cds. OMG I can't help but die laughing every time I think of Kaito's "chant" in Japanese when he did his fortune-telling for Sir Francis Drake. Nothing like being able to say anything you like because no one can understand. And the more I hear Suwabe as Geoffery, the more I adore him. Su~te~ki! And damn, I am liking Fukuyama Jun more and more the more I hear him. He does a really good Kaito. I adore Nigel's reaction to the cat. ^___^ I didn't quite expect Vincent to have such a sneer in his voice, though.

Read several very funny Viewfinder doujinshi, especially the summer themed one and the Dragonball one. The second one in particular...I wish I knew where my manga was, because the whole merging thing just killed me. Super Seme!

And I spent an hour or so going around looking for pretty Togainu no Chi fanart. I particularly like the first two:

Batten Cluster78
Koi wa pusshuhon
Ahiru Web
風月館PLUS (Fuugetsukan PLUS, I think)
Kagen (there's a separate page for Togainu in the illustrations page, link at very bottom)
Joou no uma (Queen's Horse)
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I downloaded Crimson Spell Chapter 10 at [ profile] yamane_ayano here. Ah...I love this series. I love the entire conversation between the thief and Bart, with Bart asking if the thief had turned himself in for stealing Havi's stuff and the thief confessing that he had been caught after having stolen and eaten a cow. And then the entire discussion about how Bart had felt his heart flutter when he had been kissed by his companion, with the thief imagining that Bart was talking about the "rabbit" and telling him he's sick and should see a doctor. *laughs* And then a magic battle and more possessive Havi! This series continues to be wonderfully lighthearted and fun.

And speaking of Yamane Ayano, someone had recc'd the Viewfinder series in a comm, saying it had "more than a hint of non-con in the early chapters""more than a hint?" What part of it all wasn't totally non-con? And only in the early chapters? So what the heck was Fei Long doing to Takaba? *snorts*

I happened to see a direct download of the first episode of Princess Princess, and was rather disappointed by it. First, the character designs weren't that nice. I really disliked the main characters having colorful hair and everyone else being a sea of brown and black. And Akira's hair kind of grossed me out. The big chunks of light green were just...ugh. The episode also completely dragged for me...the only thing that helped in any way was Fukuyama Jun's great voice. Though I think my biggest problem may be not with the anime itself. My favorite characters in the Princess Princess manga are Mikoto and Akira, mostly because they were in the artist's other manga and are just so adorable. I never did warm to Tooru or Yuujirou, and the anime really highlights them (or that's the impression I get from the first episode). I always found their personalities flat, and while Tooru's is given a boost with great voicing (I don't think even Paku Romi can save Yuujirou for me) certainly doesn't give me hope that I'll enjoy the rest of it. Maybe if the pace wasn't so...slow. Well, if I see a direct download of the second episode, I'll give it a try. I know sometimes it's hard to judge something from one episode.
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Arg, I am totally experiencing really bad insomnia. I'm wired from anticipation for my upcoming trip and the disgusting amount of work I still have to do before I go. :P I have no idea how I'm going to function tomorrow. *sighs*

I was going through checking out the circles participating in Hashira 2 and came across the most delicious pic on xero-plus's top page. Wow, sexy. (For a contrast, see uber-cute top page!)

Viewfinder chapter 8 features a lovely lovely color page, what seems to be deep yet cute conversation between Tao and Akihito, as well as a mussed up Asami. I like him looking like that. ^__^ The words are too small for my tired eyes to make out, so I'll have to wait for a good scan (or maybe I'll just buy a copy, just for the heck of it :P) to actually read it. But just skimming the pics, it was worth the wait. XD
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Another sign people have too much time on their hands: 10 Things I Hate About Commandments is an inspired remix preview of The Ten Commandments as a teen movie. Hilarious, with great choice in music and great editing.

So I then wandered about youtube looking for more fun parodies. )

I also spent a bit of time checking out Viewfinder fics, only to find one not so well-written indulgent fantasy after another. *sighs* I want the next chapter already. There was one I did like: Lies, poker and (dead) ex-boyfriends by [ profile] ingenius_inc has a fast, moving flow to it, smooth and with a smile-inducing aftertaste.

More random LJ wandering led me to an interesting discussion of Bagoas POV and sex in The Persian Boy by Mary Renault, the beautiful story of the eunuch that becomes Alexander the Great's lover. I personally don't mind the lack of explicit sex, because the author was able to convey the intimacy of the relationship thoroughly, and I'd rather read about intimacy than graphic sex any day.

I also found out there's a fanfic novel slashing Bagoas with Captain Picard, Married Dance by Jane Carnall. O_o Don't know if I want to read it, but it draws me with it's WTF-ness.


May. 4th, 2006 08:29 pm
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Looks like we'll be getting new Viewfinder much sooner than I had thought. I look forward to reading my favorite pretty picture guilty pleasure yaoi manga and finding out what wonderful things Yamano-sensei has planned for our dear boys (and maybe what happened to Asami?)...lots of sex and no appearance by the annoying guy with bad hair that bothered Fei Long that other chapter. Was he Russian? Do I even care? :P

I am in SGA withdrawal so I started reading some other things. I then started skipping around LJ, and came across a very good Brokeback Mountain fic. I am very picky about what I like...I hate PWPs for the most part, I hate really happy or really really angsty, I am often pulled out of a fic by the lack of a decent grasp of the way they talk (not like I'm an expert or anything, but I can tell when it's really bad)...but I still have a decent list: the ones I liked. )

Also started rereading some Japanese TezuRyo and fell in love all over again. Ah...the Japanese really do interpret the characters differently, and I feel most comfortable reading that. This is good, since I'll be going to the TezuRyo event in July. I hope to pick up more AUs, especially the continuations of some of the ones I bought last year.
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After rain, cat found way home: OMG I love warm fuzzy stories of pets making their way home. I love that the humans came through with equal devotion.

And on the topic of cats, from [ profile] moonlit_page, the mapping of the cat brain. )

I haven't been reading Viewfinder fics lately because a) my life has been devoured by the fandom that devours all, and b) VF fandom felt like it was getting way to self-indulgent (in that the fics really just made the not-very-nice-characters too OOC nice--or misunderstood--in the worst kind of way). Yet for some reason I clicked on Something Ugly This Way Comes by [ profile] midwest_tales. It was definitely kinky, felt like something that might have happened, and was doing the kink well...until the end. I felt a little let down, because I didn't think Asami would be like that. But I feel a lot better having read the sequel, Why Would You offer More? Now I can say that I like this most definitely.


Mar. 2nd, 2006 05:50 am
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The newest VF chapter has been scanned in and posted. Wow, that was pretty fast. Last chapter took longer, I think. Well, better for me since I don't have to die from anticipation. Now that I've read it, I'm satisfied.

quick reaction before work, contains spoilers (duh) )


happy manga

Jan. 4th, 2006 08:45 pm
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I recently rediscovered a manga I've been borrowing for a while, Koufuku no Ouji (Happy Prince) by Tanaka Suzuki. I think this artist did Menkui. In any case, it's about fairies born from dew who go around attaching themselves to humans who have the smell of someone who's going to find happiness. When that human falls in love and exude an "aura of happiness," the fairy partakes of that aura and moves onto another human. While they are attached to someone, the human can interact with the fairies. When I first read it, I wasn't too impressed, but rereading it I rather like it. it's cute and sweet. It consists of four stories, two of which feature the same fairy-human combination. The stories explore (but not too deeply) the different forms of love, and how people look for it. How they manage to not see what's in front of their noses. How they act out because they don't understand their own feelings. How love can take an unexpected form. All the characters are very likable, and the human featured in two of the stories...I was so happy when he finally managed to find happiness. It was so sweet. ^_^ I am definitely buying this next time I'm in Japan.

Some fics:

PoT: 20 Random Facts About Echizen Ryoma by [ profile] captivatedheart was amusing. I didn't know this kind of thing was considered "fiction," but *shrugs* whatever it is it was fun to read.

VF: Hallelujuh by [ profile] cruncy_salad is an interesting fic. I like that it explores possibilities (like that one about Feilong actually carving up Takaba) that weren't taken in the manga. I unfortunately had some problems with the fic (the grammar, word choice, etc) but it managed to create an atmosphere of...hollow despair which I thought was cool. Dark fics that aren't really smutty are few and far between.

And a very cute Gravitation fanart site, Praline-web. Though they don't really look like the characters, the colors are so pastel and pretty. The SD pics are cute too, like this monk!Yuki or the Yuki yukidaruma (snowman made of "snow" <--snow is yuki in Japanese, though with different kanji from Yuki's name).


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