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Get the scanlations of the manga here by The Ministry in Charge of Gundam (love the name), which used my existing translation.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:17 am
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Lovely bunch of Japanese Jack x Rei Yukikaze fanart are posted over at [ profile] jack_rei_faf here and here. Also photos of dolls that look like the characters here. I've seen some of the fanart before, but a lot of it is new to me. And so pretty! Some are massively hot, but my favorites are the less explicit ones. XD

I am vastly amused by a Suzaku x Lelouch Code Geass doujinshi being posted at [ profile] yaoi_daily. I'm not exactly sure why I clicked on the cuts, but I suppose it's because I read spoilers for the last episode recently. The end appealed to me greatly, though I'll probably never watch the anime. In any case, parts 1 and 2 of 3 have been posted. Very pretty. Seems kinda OOC, but as I know very little of canon it's all eye-candy to me.

Has anyone tried a service that will ship amazon goods cheaply like this one? I keep seeing ads for it (or similar services) when I get an amazon japan rec in gmail (I never pay attention to online ads except the text amazon japan ads in gmail--I think the "アマゾン" at the top of the page just draws my eye). I wonder if they're any good...
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I can't help but check LJ at work constantly, even though I can't really download anything with pictures...especially graphic stuff. -_-

In any case, Fenster had a 5th Year Anniversary "Illustration Request without Discrimination" Project, in which the artist took all requests and responded with pictures. She finally finished in January. The first six are Yukikaze, and are all worth taking a look at. My favorites are #1 and #6.

#1 MIB (Men In Black) cosplay @ sunglasses

I love the little exchange the artist comes up with:

"Hey Jack, are those sunglasses Raybans?"
"No, their Nikons"

#02 Rei and Anastasiya

Anastasiya Kovalevskaya is 28, FAF First Lieutenant, pilot of SAF No. 6 Minx, from Moscow. The artist has decided in her mind that her and Rei are the twin beauties of the FAF. *laughs* She speculates that the pretty woman sitting behind Rei in the briefing in OVA 5 might be her or something. I guess she's from the novels...

#03 The two relaxing in Jack's room


#04 Rei-san in a China dress


#05 Rei-san's face during sex

Warning: Graphic! But *_*!

#06 Jack & Rei in biker suits

Jack looks so much like a punk! Rei is more of the I'm too cool for my bike, especially with the pose.
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Yatto owatta! ~__~ I decided to stick the WIP translation in Yahoo!Notepad in case I had the time and inclination to work on it...I just went through the last check and am more or less satisfied with it. These were, for me, the hardest chapters of the manga for some reason. In any case, chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6 are already done. It only many months?

chapter 01 )

chapter 02 )

The only thing I can say is...Rei's life sucked pretty hard. I'm glad he was able to meet Jack, someone he could actually trust who wouldn't betray him (Yukikaze as well, of course). I'm too tired to comment any more than that.


Sep. 17th, 2005 06:05 pm
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Can anyone tell me what term is used in the English for shinigami in the Yukikaze anime? Official version, fansubs, whatever. I can't remember....
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I need to watch it again.

I can only say...THEIR LOVE IS SO GAY.

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Yes, I'm still working on the manga. Finally got around to revising the rough translation I did so long ago. :P I've already done chapters 03, 04, and 05. Only chapters 01 and 02 to go.

chapter 06 )
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I feel terribly left out. What is this Episode III mania that has infected everyone??? All of a sudden all my friends are making plans on going as soon as possible (even skipping out on work), the local TV stations have features with total geeks who play SW Trivial Pursuit like it's the most fascinating thing on earth, every single day the newspapers have an article on it...since I won't be able to go anytime soon (and still remember the pain of the disappointment of *winces* Episode I), I will just have to make my own excitement! I will fangirl! Hard!

First off, beri beri naisu Yukikaze fanart. XD

[ profile] code_renegade has a beautiful layout featuring a gorgeous pic of a very minor pairing. *_* Stunning! I must find doujinshi by this artist! Doesn't matter that the RyoKai pairing is just too weird for me! The art calls to me!!

An amazing lyric book for the FMA Roy Mustang FST had me going O_o. Each song had the lyrics with an image from the anime as a background. Hope the music is good, too.

Speaking of FMA, finally bothered to find out when the movie is coming out. July 23, huh. Wonder when the rest of us will be able to see it? I am trying not to expect like super duper great things (just mostly great things) from it, since being terribly let down sucks (ref: see above). :P

On, and back to FSTs, I downloaded the Macross character FSTs with mini FSTs for the three main characters. Wow, I haven't seen Macross in forever. I know I did see some of Robotech ages ago, but I only really remember seeing the original Japanese anime in college. Ah, I love that anime. Even with Minmay in it. And I love many of the songs from it, in all it's glorious eighties-ness...damn, I need to go dig up the soundtrack. ^_^

And more fanfic goodness (this time drabbles) from [ profile] tomomichi. Some favs:
Speaking of fanfics, been going through the FujiRyo Ring and checking out all lots of sites. Found a couple of interesting fanfic sites, but nothing that wowed me. Why is good FujiRyo so damn hard to find? *sighs*

...and--I guess I'm done for now. I really need to reply to comments...someday...
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Yeah, I'm plodding's a lot harder than it seems to translate (at least for me). Yes, there isn't that much dialogue, but rendering that dialogue into English that works is a bitch. I got some help on this chapter from a wonderful friend who is more familiar with military-sounding talk, which I'm basically clueless about (and thus results in much flailing about trying to figure out how to make the characters talk like soldiers). I'm totally doing this out of order, but I've already done chapter 03 and chapter 04.

chapter 05 )
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Well, I seem to be doing this completely out of order. ^_^ I'll eventually do the entire manga, my own pace and in my own order. I already have done chapter 04.

chapter 03 )
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In my recent order I received the Sentou Yousei Yukikaze Kaisetsu Manual which I haven't really read yet. ^_^; However, what I found very interesting were the profiles of a whole slew of characters (many of whom must appear in the book but not the anime). Since I am currently in a translating frenzy I decided to tackle the ones I recognized. I kind of ran out of steam after the main two, but I did translate the minimum stats on the names I did recognize from the anime. ^_^

Fukai, Rei )

Bukhar, James )

the rest )

some notes )

some fangirl observations )
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I took a nap in the middle of the day and felt rather funky afterwards...mostly looked at random shit online and, well, felt funky. I saw the Yukikaze manga lying on the floor and been somewhat "productive" and translated part of the it. :P

Chapter 04 )

This chapter really drew me for some reason. I suppose it's because I had heard before that Rei had a crappy life (which he did...poor boy...I mean, not only was he the lone survivor of a wonderful family murder-suicide carried out by his father and didn't talk for a year after that, but he was even betrayed by his probably most trusted criminal associate who turned out to be an undercover cop...), but I didn't realize that Jack had been married. In many ways his situation is typical of the guy who isn't there for his family because of his work, but what intrigues and confuses me is how the scenes set in Fairy and the scenes with his family that the manga switch between have to do with each other.

I ended up rewatching a good part of the first two episodes of the OVA to figure out some of the English equivalents of terms...gads, those eyes just slay me every time. Such melting, expressive eyes. Especially Jack. He just oozes some undefinable something when he's looking at/thinking of Yukikaze and/or Rei.
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In my brief search for fanart (and to a lesser extent, fanfic) last night, I came across a bunch I bookmarked either because they are stunning or worth checking out more carefully later. I haven't thoroughly looked through all of these sites, so anyone who reads this and goes exploring, I'm curious as to what your favorite pics were on these sites...

and the list got long so under a cut it goes )


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