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I've started looking at Japanese fanfics and it really is nice that the dialog is a lot more natural. The things I'm glad I don't see from English fics:

1. Bluenette to mean blue-haired person. WTF is up with that?? I hate these bizarre fan-words. Using "raven" for black-haired person as opposed to a bird also drove me nuts in Naruto fics (as in "the raven looked up").
2. You can't have a work subordinate Kuroko call Akashi "Akashi-kun" (at least, not in Japan). NO.
3. Eating cereal for breakfast. I know it's not uncommon in Japan, but at the same time it's not *that* common. When it's paired with taking a shower in the morning I can't help but think we aren't in Japan anymore.
4. Using "heterochromic" for Akashi's eyes. The word just sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

Haven't found a really great writer or story yet, but I just started looking. I found a couple of decent sites, but the ones I like the most have the smallest number of fics. :P

A funny coincidence: Murasakibara loves "Mauibou" (Umaibou), right? I'd never had any before, but they bought some at work (from *Sam's Club*, of all places) for an event and had extras, so I got to try one (or two or three...)! It was the corn potage flavor. The salt and sweet flavors are well balanced with the crunch factor, making me want to buy my own huge pack of Umaibou to gorge myself on. Too bad I don't burn crazy amounts of calories by just existing, like Murasakibara.
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