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Oh my, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I got a new job last year, and it just ruined the second half of it. It’s amazing how stressful things have been. I guess I was complacent in my old job, but now I’m doing new things and it’s kinda crazy. In any case, I will try to post more if only to document my fandom obsessions.

It’s depressing when your RL friends don’t share the same fandoms. :P

In any case, right this minute I’m obsessed with reading Free! fanfics. I finally caught up with the second season and had to go look for fics to see how people dealt with all that fan service. It looks like Makoto/Haru and Rei/Nagisa are super popular, which is to be expected. The one pairing I’m surprised to see (but really shouldn’t be) is Rin/Ai. Since I found Ai’s character rather blah, I haven’t read any fics with that pairing. They’ve been fine as secondary pairings, though. I don’t think I could read primarily Rei/Nagisa. They are both characters I think of as spices. A little is good, too much is…too much. Especially since they both seem so…flaming. Even in that anime, they seem spectacularly so.

So, the pairing I’ve mostly read is Makoto/Haru. It’s the one that I like the best and found the most natural. My favorite fics so far:

How to Train Your Human by nezumiprefersdanielleovershakespeare, a merman/fireman AU (there are a lot of mermen AUs in this fandom, but then….fanservice ending themes will do that) that is just plain awesome. Haru is a merman who has been caught and experimented upon until he is rescued by Makoto the fireman. It’s a long, meaty, hilarious, sweet story. The science is utterly ridiculous, the twists and turns are also ridiculous, the angst buttons are pushed pretty darn hard at times, but the core of it is just pure awesome. Haru as alien trying to understand humans is pure comedy gold, and the rest of the cast as Makoto’s friends who help him out are great.

How to Read Your Best Friend by themorninglark is a MakoHaru is so sweet it teeters on saccharine, but it amazingly stays on the right side. It’s a how they get together fic. Haru is so dorky and Makoto is the perfect best friends from forever. Short and sweet. Nagisa plays the catalyst in just the way I like him used.

sometimes i think the stupidest things by sparklecringe is another how they get together fic, but this one is longer and way more explicit. Also features dorky Haru and Makoto as the perfect best friend. Nagisa really shines in this one, even though…just…so…flaming. But the way he helps the two out as they flail into the relationship they were meant to have is great.

In a change of pace, I really liked this short Sousuke/Haru fic: 1.34% Au by lonelyantics. It’s a post-series fic that is short and fun. I don’t really like Sousuke in the anime, but I kinda like this version and how he interacts with Haru.

There are more fics I like, I’ll try to post on them soon (before I forget about them).


For Fall 2014 anime, I ended up watching Mushishi Zoku and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I thought this second half of the second season of Mushishi a bit weak. There were a bunch I was very meh about, while there seemed to be more depressing ones. I prefer poignant, rather than depressing.

I struggled with Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I truly disliked how the anime was portraying how Kaori, Tsubaki and Ryouta bullied Kousei and minimized his trauma. But I kept watching because 1) classical music and b) pretty. Luckily, Kousei’s had a breakthrough so I think I’ll be able to enjoy this anime more. It really is so pretty, and I love the rivals who have shown up. I want more of them and less of the other three, frankly. (Especially Kaori. Ugh. She has shades of manic pixy dream girl with the whole pall of death hanging over her and I can't really stand her.)

I think for Spring 2015 I’m really only going to watch Kuroko no Basket season 3. The rest of the lineup has looked quite unappealing so far.


I came across two lovely piano covers by fireteamtorch piano on youtube:

A/Z, the ending from Aldnoah Zero
Rage On, the opening from the Free!

I like both of the original songs, but the piano versions are so pretty.


Some random AMVs:

Natsume Yuujinchou

Something Beautiful. Video quality sucks, but the song is pretty and appropriate.

Nyanko Sensei is a MEAN KITTY!. Hilarious.

Echo. Every clip of sad child Natsume set to an appropriately sad song.

Summer Wars

The OZ Network. The Social Network trailer audio done with Summer Wars video.
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Via wednesday_10_00: Remember the Name Avatar AMV

I don't know how to feel about the news that Lucasfilm has been bought by Disney, and three more movies are planned. I was very disappointed in prequel 1, kinda hated prequel 2, and didn't even watch prequel 3. I'm thinking Disney has to be able to do a better job than Lucas in the future films (though I'm not holding my breath).

There's an interesting article at The Atlantic about the fakes vs real photos of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy with a truly awesome fake photo at the very end. Fake (but awesome), indeed.
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I went on a many-hour search for decent AMVs. There are so many bad ones, so many ones with songs I can't stand, and so many with really odd editing. *sighs*

Finale, Rebuild of Evangelion. Great (mostly instrumental) song with such an amazing beat (bought it: Finale by Madeon), some very nice edits. Makes me want the next movie already. :P

I then went on a FF7 AMV watching binge, seeing lots of meh ones set to meh songs. Some I liked:

This is War, FF7 Advent Children & Crisis Core. I freaking love this song, and the edits are pretty good. The way this vid begins and ends is awesome, and the way "Omnislash version 6" (it took me forever to figure out what the hell the move was) is incorporated is very nice. The quality of the video sucks, though.

Dance with the Devil shows mostly the same fight scenes but in much better quality, set to decent music. Not a big fan of the edits, though.

I didn't like the actual video, but I like the song: Remember the Name. It's by Fort Minor. The chorus really resonates:

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

Memories, done to the song by Within Temptation. Love the song, and it was nice seeing good quality non-fighting footage. It seemed really slashy, though. ^^;

Headstrong, song by Trapt. Nice use of the Bahamut fight scene.

If Today Was Your Last Day, (meh) song by Nickelback. Lots of decent quality footage from Crisis Core. I like Zack with short hair.
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I think I'm too picky. The only thing I found that I really liked was not a music video, but a hilarious bunch of clips called "What would you call Sherlock?"
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I caught a performance of the Japanese band Anzen Chitai on the TV tonight and was blown away yet again by the singing of Tamaki Koji. God, that man has an amazing voice. Check out a live version of him singing Kanashimi sayonara here (Lyrics here). As I adore covers I looked for some for this song but couldn't find much, actually. I did find a pleasant one by Shimatani Hitomi here. An interesting duet with Tamaki Koji and enka singer Ishikawa Sayuri here (Check out Ishikawa Sayuri singing one of her most famous songs Amagigoe here. She sings in the full-on enka style, unlike in the duet. The lyrics are awesome, too. Very sexual and violent.)

I then went on a trip down memory lane... )

Been reading some Sherlock fics. Some of the ones I liked:

Homemaking by rageprufrock, gen. Funny and light, frothy and absolutely fabulous.

Summary: The original plan for returning to England involved fucking around being shellshocked and suffering mandatory post-combat counseling and physical therapy to dissect the shattered mosaic of his feelings. That's not quite how it goes.

And You're the Prize by [ profile] giddygeek. Mycroft decides to help things along between John and Sherlock by kidnapping John. Of course it works. XD;

Intellectual Intercourse by waketosleep

Description: The drawn-out and ridiculous story of how Sherlock Holmes and John Watson carried out a surprisingly successful asexual relationship.

they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too) by [ profile] etothepii, cool AU in which John has such a nifty ability. ♥

It Feels like Home when I'm With You by [ profile] etothepii, John is a ghost and he basically becomes Sherlocks ghost. It is so so sweet.

The Trick Is To Make It Look Easy by [ profile] paperclipbitch, John has a hard time updating his blog but in the end:

My life is kind of a mess, John writes, but I think it’s going to be ok anyway.

Pedestrian by [ profile] vegarin, Moriarty and John have a chat in a missing scene for The Great Game.

Theory and Practice by anonymous for a meme, crossover with His Dark Materials.

Poison Prince by [ profile] theanonsisters, a fanvid. It' The song is great, and lots of good close-ups of Sherlock's face.
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Via [ profile] thefourthvine: Anomie by charmax, an extremely well-edited Sherlock music vid. Bonus: check out the parts of speech slash in the comments of her post.

Jimmy Fallon as Justin Beiber talking about the economy made me laugh even though I have no idea how Justin Beiber actually talks.

I want this umbrella.

One of a series of Egyptian commercials: Never Say No to Panda - Office

Japanese commercial for itchy crotches.

Bunnies in cups!

I was amused by the NYT opinion piece Cat People Are People, Too because I'm a proud cat owner and can't stand the "crazy cat lady" thing (or how it's odd for single guys to own cats or something??).
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NPR covers anime music videos evenly and fairly. No weird "outsider looking in looking for an angle" crap or sensationalism. Which makes me want to go look for some good AMVs...Anyone seen anything shiny lately?

Takumi-kun series to become live-action movie. Yes, really. Apparently the cast has many TeniMyu actors in it? I do want to see it, to see if I'll like it any better than the novel. The first novel wasn't too bad storywise, just badly written. And the characters' motivations weren't well explained or developed...Er, maybe I should stop now. In any case, major BL title becoming a live action movie? I'll check it out just because. ^^;

I didn't realize that the Robin Hobb rant made F_W. There was a great thread discussing why people didn't like the Farseer series. I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one that felt the end was retarded, putting aside the whole Fitz/Fool thing.

Also found out that Lynn Flewelling has an LJ ([ profile] otterdance). So does Tanya Huff ([ profile] andpuff). I love how she casually drops in her stance on fanfiction--makes me want to actually read one of her books. My friends have recced her to me, but I hadn't gotten around to checking any of them out. :P

Cool article In Praise of Fanfic in Locus Magazine. It even mentions doujinshi!

In non-anime/manga/BL, He Only Saved a Billion People.
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Ugh, it fees like I've not been on the Internet much for quite a while...I figured I'd try to get out of my funk (both in RL and online) by making myself do a mega-post on the various things I've consumed during my unplanned hiatus:

AMVs )

Manga )

(crappy) BL novels )

The really shiny novels I read (and I did read a bunch of them!) I plan on writing summaries of...Not sure when that'll happen, though. :P

And onto various news:

Maiden Rose 2 by Inariya Fusanosuke is out! Also, the CD drama of the first volume should be coming out sometime this month.

Per the publisher's site, Flesh & Blood volume 10 and Only the Ring Finger Knows volume 4 are coming out later this month. Haven't found a listing on an online seller to provide links. :P The third volume in that prison story that began with Deadlock, Deadshot, is also coming out. I can't get excited about a new book in a series I haven't had a chance to read yet, but the art is certainly very nice. The Chara 12th anniversary fair these titles will all be a part of looks really cool, but I don't want get excited if they don't let people overseas participate. *sighs*

Ooooh....The Golden Compass trailer...I didn't realize Nicole Kidman was in it. She looks so right. Lara doesn't quite look like what I expected. Actually, I've forgotten the storyline of this volume so watching the trailer was a bit confusing. :P

I'm amazed at the LJ explosions re: FanLib and the journal/comm suspensions. Read a bit on them, FanLib I was very "whatever" about but the suspensions did get to me. Well, not so much the suspensions themselves (which I found totally retarded but thought of as SixApart's prerogative) but the way SixApart handled (or more like didn't handle) the uproar that ensued.

Okay, I'm tired now. I will respond to those I need to respond to later...

ETA: I laugh and laugh and laugh at the fact that Koga Yun did the character designs for the new Gundam. I assume this is a sign that this series will be even slashier than the previous ones!...So how big will the doujinshi/fandom explosion be?
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It's amazing the AMVs that are made from Azumanga Daioh. I suppose since it's full of crack, there's so much material for AMV fodder. The latest ones I was pretty impressed with were Azumanga Die-Oh 1 and 2 by Shining Finger Studios (1 more than 2, though). Both of them are medleys of songs, featuring excellent lip syncing and editing. My favorite has to be the last sequence of the first one featuring a Rammstein song that is...I can only describe as brilliant. I doubt you need to know anything about Azumanga Daioh to enjoy the AMVs either. XD

And a pretty good SaiKano AMV: Weapons with Silver Wings by Dirk Stabben features an excellent song selection and very good editing. I was not that happy with some of the clip selections because they felt random, but because the overall tone of the song was just so perfect for the anime I was okay with it.

I never knew of AMVs made from manga, but I was quite impressed by the first one I saw: The Wonders at Your Feet. The song it's set to is heavy metal, perfect for Beserk. It did reaffirm my conviction that I don't really want to read the manga or watch the anime about grotesque.

The Gundam Experience is a tribute to Gundam with footage from a lot of the Gundam series. The quality on youtube sucks pretty badly, and I recognized a number of shots from opening credits (which I kind of think is cheating) but it still made me want to watch the older Gundam shows again. Plus, the dance remix of the original Gundam opening is addictive as hell and I want it now. :P


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