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New Ameiro Paradox by Netsuke Isaku is out!!! My copy is in the mail and *knocks on wood* should arrive in a week or so. Along with the new Ten Count manga by Sakurai Rihito. I was disappointed by Ten Count volume 3 because it felt gratuitously smutty without enough of the psychological stuff I really enjoyed in the first two volumes, but I’m hoping volume 4 will be good.

Had a laugh listening to an episode of the Guardian Books Podcast because the music editor read Morissey’s new fiction book and it was awful. He called it the worst book he’s ever read. The sex scene he excerpts is….I don’t know if there’s a word for it, the entire scene is really rather repulsive, with an erect cock called a “bulbous salutation.” If you’re wondering, yes, Morissey is the singer Morissey.

So Kekkai Sensen actually ended. It was an okay ending, but I think they should’ve tightened it up to a normal episode length and aired it back with the rest of the episodes. I think it lost a lot by having such a long gap, and I thought it was flabby enough that they could’ve cut stuff out. But at least it didn’t suck. :P

Read some fanfic for the series, though sadly there doesn’t seem to be much. Am gravitating towards Klaus/Leo even though I don’t believe in the pairing at all. I think it’s because I stumbled upon an author, nekokoban, who writes very lovely stories with that pairing.

meminerunt omnia amantes is a longer fic in which Klaus is hit with a curse and there is a bit of angst. The author recently followed up with To Those With Love, which is set after the first fic and has Leo meeting Klaus’s family. Who are charming, if overwhelming. I hope there’s more in this universe. In an unrelated story, Climb Every Mountain, Leo wants to get it on with Klaus and is frustrated. It’s really adorable. Leo’s attempts to get advice and the unwanted advice he does get are just awesome.

Also got into Wincest. I figured I’d dive in one of these days, just hadn’t gotten around to it. Lots of crap, of course. What is killing me is all the alpha/omega fics. They are everywhere in all fandoms, so you hit them constantly. I’ve read a bunch, a handful were actually good* (or at least decent), but a lot of it was just too….icky? I hate the biological determinism and don’t see the point. The Wincest ones I do like tend to be set when they are younger, back when they are with their dad (who, according to fandom, was a terrible father. Is this canon?). So much teenage angst! So much incest angst! With demons, etc. thrown in! Lovely, lovely stuff.

So far my favorite (though a WIP) is Brothers by Sera_Necto23. It’s really fucked up and I assume the characters are nothing like canon, but the author really puts together a world and a dynamic that just works. Also, very dirty. And angsty.

*One “good” alpha/omega fic I came across is a Free! Sousuke/Haru one called Boundary Waters. It’s one where the alpha/omega dynamic comes about from some kind of attack in a war or something. Haru’s rage at the crappiness of a world gone bad and he having drawn the short straw is very well portrayed.

Another Free! Sousuke/Haru fic I thought was very well done was another AU, Artist, Imitate Thyself by orphan_account. Haru is an art student who likes sex very much. He hooks up with Sousuke and continues on as AWB (acquaintances with benefits). It gets serious and quite a bit angsty.
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Good things happened last week:

1. My deadline is over! Still lots of work, but the big horrible soul-sucking deadline has passed.
2. The order I’d given up for dead showed up! It turns out I’d accidentally selected surface mail instead of air mail, thus it took forever to get here. Will get into the contents later, but seeing it appear was a very joyous moment.
3. The Natsume Yuujinchou OVA arrived! More Natsume! So pretty! The story was just ok (tho the extra story with Nyanko-sensei and the little kids was pretty funny), but I was so happy to see anything new (in such good quality) I'm not too unhappy. Of course, now I want *more*…New TV season, please.
4. I watched the lantern scene in Tangled in 3D at home and was actually pretty impressed. I own a TV and Blu-ray player that happen to do 3D (I bought them for other things and the 3D was completely superfluous to me) and finally unpacked the glasses to try it out after watching the entire movie in 2D. Naturally not as impressive as in the theatre (I want a bigger screen!) but still quite lovely.

Quick comments on the manga:

Super Lovers 6...I still don’t get Haru or Ren and because of that I just wish they’d get it on. I like it when there's more brotherly fun and affection but the angst and confusion between them seem quite silly to me.

Ikasama Memory 2…Wow, I knew that the entire volume wasn’t about the main couple, but I didn’t expect their part to be less than half. The scene when they get together is so sweet, but…I wanted more! I didn’t dislike the second couple, but I am disappointed. There should’ve been another chapter, at least!

I laughed while reading: I Like Big Trucks And I Cannot Lie: Cars, Trucks, And The Lady Brain
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The Natsume Isaku Fan Book arrived, and it was better than I had hoped it would be. It has a bunch of shorts, one that is a x-over in a public bath and more than one from Ameiro Paradox, Doushiyoumonaikeredo, and Tightrope. I guess those because they won the readers favorite awards…I was surprised by Tightrope's ranking, but perhaps the existence of the OVAs helped that one. I enjoyed the other manga artists’ shorts as well. Is it just me, or does Kaori Monchi just make everything seem more perverted? She did one of Tightrope. My favorite has to be Amagure Gido’s short for Doushiyoumonaikeredo. OMG so cute! Kurokawa has to decide whether he wants a drunk (and thus adorably open) but prone to falling asleep Shimano or a sober and tsuntsun but up for sexy times Shimano, and takes a gamble that he can get Shimano *just* drunk enough to be adorable but not drunk enough to just fall asleep.

There are also lots of 4-koma bits and pictures both color and B&W. So pretty! I’m happy to learn that Ameiro Paradox is definitely going to be continuing. I am with the fans in that Doushiyoumonaikeredo and Ameiro Paradox are my favorites.

On my not-so-favorites, I wasn’t that interested in Ayakazri Zoushi and Heart no Kakurega. The former just wasn’t that interesting, and the second…the couple in the first volume was meh, and I am not a fan of series that go from one linked couple to another so I didn’t pick up the second volume.

I finally watched the Tightrope OVA, and…it was so bad. I had really low expectations and was still horrified. My god, the production values were CRAP and Natsume Isaku’s character design does not translate well to anime. Or was it because the production values were so crap that they did a crap job of designing the characters? It was painful to watch, so I skipped around. And WTF was that midi garbage that was supposed to be the opening music? The voice acting was great (man, Ryuunosuke’s “Nao~~” is great), but overall... :P

I’m really worried about my previous order now, over a month overdue. The Fan Book arrived in about a week. Is my package lost? Do I have to reorder all the books in that order? ;_; I want to read volume 2 of Ikasama Memory! GAH.
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What I just ordered: Natsume Isaku Fan Book

There are manga bits from Ameiro Paradox and Doushiyoumonaikeredo and Tightrope!! Plus extra pics! (at least according to the Amazon blurb). The only bad thing is that the estimated time to shipping is 7 to 21 days, and lately airmail from honto has taken many weeks. It used to take 10 days, but my last order that shipped three weeks ago still hasn’t arrived!! I want my copy of Ikasama Memory 2. ;_;

Speaking of Natsume, I’ve become completely addicted to Natsume Yuujinchou. The first two episodes really didn’t do much for me, but I kept going because the praises were so high. I’m sooo glad I did. Yes, there are gaps in logic and inconsistencies. But that’s not the point of this series. I am in season 4 and slowing down on the watching because I don’t want it to end. I am so ordering the OVA coming out next year. XD; I looked for fanfic to help with the addiction, but it seems to be a pretty sparse fandom.

I want to own the discs, but there is no Blu-Ray version for the first season in English. I’m tempted by the Japanese box set of the first two seasons.

One thing that is driving me crazy--"Natsume" sounds like a first name, so when someone (usually the Fujiwaras) calls him "Takashi" it bothers me since I think of Natsume as his first name and Natsume is a much nicer name than Takashi. :P
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Holy shit! I got one of those recommendation emails from Amazon Japan. The cover art was pretty so I clicked the link…I'm reading the blurb and thinking…This sounds familiar. I look at the author and the name is in katakana…I sound it out and realize it's Lynn Flewelling! No wonder the blurb sounded familiar. I didn't make an immediate connection because the katakana versions of the names just didn't click. The particular book I was recommended was split into two parts, 1 and 2. Are there insert illustrations in these? I almost want to buy them because so pretty.

In other translated stuff news (to me), I didn't know that Castle Mango had been translated. So was Samejima-kun & Sasahara-kun!
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Read Castle Mango 2 and Rivers End...Oh boy. Glad I got to do it in one fell swoop. I think I would've stopped reading it from depression if I had read it in installments, especially Castle Mango 2. cut for spoilers, obviously )

Also read Silver Diamond volume 27 and gaiden...I gotta say that it went on too long. There were bits I enjoyed a lot in the last volume, but these story head really sputtered out by then. The gaiden was, on first reading, not that great to me. I'll have to go back and reread at some point to see if I still feel the same.

Hakkenden volume 12 was so worth the wait. Revelations! Flashbacks! I can't wait for the next volume. The annoying thing is that I reread the series and realized that stuff in volume 12 contradict stuff that was shown before. It really felt like she hadn't thought it through at the start (at least the big things) because seeing those inconsistencies just irked me.


Feb. 15th, 2013 07:32 pm
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I recently read an interesting Loveless fanfic, which made me wonder…How is the manga doing now? Anyone still reading it? Is it good? I lost interest at one point, but if it's good I wouldn't mind taking it up again. Same with Nabari no Ou or D.Grayman. Are they good? Have they ended? If they did, did they end well?

I also realized I had accidentally bought a random volume of 07-Ghost at some point…The art is pretty! It makes no sense (I bought volume 5 or something like that)! I think it was an anime? So…anyone read it and recommend it?

ETA: Another one I gotta ask about...Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru? I got to about volume 5...
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I got my limited edition Junjou Romantica volume 16 today! My god, I love this manga. It's like a warm and fuzzy blanket. Godzilla versus Mothra Usami versus Ijuuin was hilarious, and…spoilers )

I was sad to see no Terrorist and two Egoist chapters, but oh well. Can't have everything.

The three shorts on the DVD were so cute! I even enjoyed the Egoist one! Hiro being grumpy and so not honest with his feelings, and Nowaki being so…nice. He has to take pictures of the train for his patient! The Terrorist one just made me laugh. The reaction Miyagi had to Shinobu showing up dressed so ridiculously…There are no words. And how he's filled with love seeing this smart and snarky teen acting ridiculous because of him. &hearts: ♥ And the Romantica short was great. Not sure if how Misaki's brother and Usami became friends was ever addressed in the manga--I don't remember reading it. Glad to see it here, though. So…so….shoujo manga! XDXD

I forgot that Yokozawa's story will be animated next year. I'm disappointed that Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or Junjou Romantica proper aren't getting new seasons, but I'll watch it. I bought the first volume of the novel but haven't gotten around to reading it. Maybe seeing the anime will prompt me to crack open the book, finally. :P
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Yesterday I got a small order from Japan that made me UBER HAPPY. My happiness was slightly diminished when I realized that Castle Mango volume 2 (the final volume!) was out and I hadn't ordered it. But back to the happy stuff...

Ameiro Paradox volume 2 (also final volume!) by Natsume Isaku: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can I say love some more? It keeps the light, humorous touch of the first volume, just with couple-issues (rather than becoming-a-couple issues) as well as the work stuff. Onoe is adorably dorky and you can so see why Kaburagi can't help but be in love. SO CUTE. my favorite bits )

Super Lovers volume 5 by Abe Miyuki: Still kinda odd, but now that the twins are truly settled in their roles I feel more comfortable. I still can't get the hang of Haru and Ren's relationship and Haru in general just baffles me, but I can deal. Not *that* fond of the new character introduced in this volume and the developments that come from it. Haru being an overprotective mother hen and total dork never stops being amusing, though. And the commentary from the peanut gallery (everyone else, mostly the twins and the other workers at the cafe) are great.

Silver Diamond volume 25 by Sugiura Shiho: I had previously bought volume 26 but forgot to stick volume 25 into my shopping cart. (My chagrin when I got my box and realized I hadn't ordered 25 was huge. HUGE.) Oooh, man. I love this series so much, and I really want to get my hands on volume 27 (the end!) when it comes out later this month. How much better can it get? It's fantasy with great characters and great friendships, in an interesting world. In the end, though, I love this series because it has heart and the angst/bad-shit isn't overdone. The reveal re: the sanome was pretty awesomely nasty but not over the top, mainly because we see it through the eyes of someone who is uber-repressed at this point. I want to know how it all goes down!

I will have to do a mini-order consisting of SD 27 and Castle Mango 2 for later this month...


Jul. 23rd, 2012 06:37 pm
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How did I not remember that Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi volume 7 has a limited edition version? It looks like the usual suspects have sold out!!

It's sad how distressed I am about this. ^^;

More distressing is that my right arm is in a brace thanks to a "golfer's elbow" type condition. It's made using a mouse and typing rather unpleasant, especially at home where I have no ergonomic set-up and really no way to get one. So....not much intensive typing going on right now, and thus no posts. I'm currently typing this at work where the set-up is slightly better (and I'm waiting for someone to check something so that it can be sent out...). A couple of things I've been wanting to talk about:

First, anime. Finished both Tsuritama and Sakamichi no Apollon and enjoyed them both. I had issues with both (some things were just lame), but in the end I'd become quite fond of the characters and thus was happy with how things turned out. I thought Sakamichi was going to be A LOT more depressing, which was a pleasant surprise. And the soundtrack piece that played when Kaoru was leaving on the train? I liked it out of context as it's super pretty, but LOVED it in the scene. I'm behind on Kuroko no Basket, but have heard and am a bit disappointed in the second opening. It's just not as good a song as the first.

Bought a whole crapload of manga and books and really liked a bunch. The ones I remember off the top of my head:

Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru 1 and 2 by Kannagi Satoru (writer) and Ninomiya Etsumi (artist), story about two high school kids who are the lucky ducks from their respective families tied together for a year of misfortunes. The art is beautiful and the characters are fun (well, except the "older brother" dude whom I find a bit tiresome), and I love how one guy explains why he sticks like glue to the other one by openly confessing his "love." I assume it'll be somewhat BL-ish since it's a Chara title, but I'm fine if it remains suggestive if the story actually goes somewhere good.

Shizuku Hanabira Ringo no Kaori 3 by Kawai Toko keeps the awesomeness of this series going. Sadly, this is the final volume but the end was wonderful. I love how sex-positive the uke is in this, and how the seme is the silent brusque type but not so much so that he won't do his best to respond to his much more open and direct boyfriend.

Honto Yajuu 5 by Yamamoto Kotetsuko feels a bit like she's coasting, but as I love the characters I don't have much to complain about. Plus, we get "yakuza" Ueda!!!

Mad Cinderella 2 by Yamamoto Kotetsuko is the second volume (duh) of a series about a poor boy and his rich neighbor who is at first his best friend but becomes his boyfriend. It's *really* adorable, IMHO. There's a distressing trend of not letting them consumate their (openly accepted!) love, but otherwise I am enjoying this one.

Junjou Romantica 15 by Nakamura Shungiku...Is it sad that the thing I remember the most is Ijuuin coming onto Misaki and Misaki sensing it and running away but trying to make Ijuuin seem less skeevy because he is such a fanboy. So adorable! I was rereading an earlier volume where Misaki meets his "Za Kan" soul mate at university the
other day... XDXDXD

Ha, all manga for now. Will someday talk about the novels.
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I am currently building a huge to-buy list set of open browser tabs of books and manga and am shuddering at the cost. I keep asking myself, do I need this now? And the answer is almost always "YES." *sighs* The bk1 takeover thing is throwing me off as well. I hope they keep their shipping policies the same, otherwise I'm going to be making less frequent but larger orders from amazon japan.

List of books I'd totally buy RIGHT NOW if they were out now, damn the exchange rates and shipping costs:

-New Sekaiichi Hatsukoi manga, especially if there's lots of Takano/Ritsu. I MISS YOU.
-New Junjou Romantica, with lots of Romantica and/or Terrorist (and no Egoist, please!)
-Hakkenden volume 11 (finally getting into stuff I haven't read before!)
-Super Lovers 5 (this series finally feels solid to me, after three or so volumes that kinda frustrated me)
-Nijuu Rasen volume 7--please stop writing Ai no kusabi and jump back on to this!!
-Ameiro Paradox 2--love this bickering couple, want more Natsume Isaku sex scenes
-Castle Mango 2--don't care if the story gets dark, I just want to read more. Have only seen Chinese scans floating about...

I feel like I will only get satisfaction if I start buying the magazines, but I know I must resist the temptation. That is a path I do not want to start down on. GAH.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that there are five volumes of Aitsu no daihonmei out since the first volume was popular...Does it get better? I couldn't stand the seme's self assured meanness and the abject pathetic nature of the uke in the first couple of volumes and never read more. Looking back at it, though...I think what really put me off was the artist's inability to give the seme any other expression other than a smirk and make the uke look really stupid. Do they become more expressive?

I watched the first two episodes of Tsuritama and am baffled by it. The alien boy is very annoying (he felt like a more extreme, less cute and thus less tolerable version of Ed from Cowboy Bebop). The main kid's overreactions are a bit tiring (the freaky shriveled red head look was rather icky, too). I like fishing prince kid okay (love his glasses and hair). The grandma is cool (love her glasses and earrings). Love alien younger sister's crazy dialects (though she looks ridiculous). Also love other alien dude and his duck Yeah.

Also saw the first episode of Sakamichi no Apollon. Main kid's sullenness is understandable but a bit offputting. Not a jazz fan so the music doesn't do crap for me. Also, obligatory insult to classical music annoyed me as a big classical music fan. I will watch a bit more to see if I like it any better. I hope they stick with jazz with melody because I'm really going to be put off by the music if they go too avant-garde.
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Kiraina Sempai by Ichinose Yuma is an interesting manga about two guys at a company who start off not liking each other but end up falling for each other. The tone is odd, a bit off, a bit distant. But I do like how the POV switches between the two and how their dislike is very adult. Nothing really in-your-face, the kind of thing grown ups do in a work situation. They grow closer in spite of their dislike of each other, and the end is...rather sweet. There's a moment I truly detest, but it's such a blip in the story I can ignore it. The artist plans on continuing the story for a bit more online (and eventually publishing it as a doujinshi), but her blog post says it won't happen right away. I find it rather annoying, because while the end of the manga works as an ending it so begs the question of "what happens next?"

I picked up two "xx-kun and xx-kun"-titled manga based on [personal profile] wednesday_10_00's rec and enjoyed them both.

I personally didn't like Negative-kun to Positive-kun by Hide Yoshico nearly as much as the other one. It's a bit too episodic and non-linear, a bit too disjointed for me to really adore it. But it's adorable and sweet and light and fluffy. It's about opposites attracting and being in an adorable relationship. One is smart and introverted and rather negative, a worrywart. The other is stupid and outgoing and very carefree. They met in elementary school and naturally came together. I just wish the manga flowed more smoothly, because I think I would've truly fallen in love with it. The ending bit with the two girls was hysterical, though.

I was a bit put off by Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun by Koshino at first, but have since fallen for it head over heel. Part of what threw me was the dirty, rather graphic sex depicted. Typically not my cup of tea, but I've grown to accept it (and the sex is kinda hilarious). In any case, this is another opposites attract story. Samejima-kun is an odd duck, at times wildly aggressive but at other times painfully shy and awkward. Sasahara-kun is a fairly normal guy. They work at the same store, and Samejima-kun confesses his love to Sasahara-kun. It begins their completely wacky and totally hilarious courtship which made me laugh a lot. The pocky moment! The attempt to recreate the pocky moment which results in alcohol overdosing! The hilariously realistic embarrassment about showing your body! The times when Samejima-kun seems so...manly! How they continue to call each other "xx-kun" the ENTIRE VOLUME! ♥♥♥

safe cat

Jan. 11th, 2012 08:47 pm
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Holy crap, they are manga-izing Deadlock? I am so getting it, I don't think I've ever seen Takashina Yuh do a full-blown manga!!

I checked out the latest Yoneda Kou manga that's been making the rounds, Saezuru tori ha habatakanai, and was rather underwhelmed. I appreciate how the main character is a fucked-up sexed-up uke yakuza boss and all (as opposed to asshole seme yakuza boss), but I wish she'd just continue the more domestic stuff like Ore ni koishite dousunda. *sighs*

fic-dump )
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I had bought the last five volumes of Cross Game by Adachi Mitsuru earlier this year but had left them still in plastic wrap until now. I think I was a bit unhappy that the series ended at 17 volumes and didn't want to finish the series so quickly. One night I started flipping through the volumes, going from 17 to 16 to 15 and so on, until I realized I obviously should just read in order. So I dug out the entire series and started from the beginning. I finished at 2 in the morning and felt wonderful (I was on such a high I didn't feel like crap at work the next day, too!). Oh man, this series was satisfying. It has a lot of loose ends and odd bits, but the emotional satisfaction overcomes it all for me. As I've said time and again, baseball the game bores me to tears but it makes for such great drama in fiction. Especially Adachi and her pitcher/batter battles with a good dollop of catcher appreciation thrown in. I love Azuma commenting that he's jealous of another batter of his caliber they are playing against because that batter can go up against Kou. ♥

spoilerish comments )

Finishing the manga series makes me want to check out the anime. Did it end well? I don't think the manga was done when the anime ran...Will have to find out.
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I bought the November issue of Ciel as part of my mega order just to get the next chapter of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. It initially felt like a let down... )

Looked at the Hakkenden chapter in Ciel and was very WTF??? There's too much of a gap between the last Tosuisha volume and this chapter for me to follow. I also learned that there are some reissued volumes with added material in them? Now I have to buy a whole new set of the manga!! I have no idea what to do with the 13 volumes I already own as I really don't have the shelf space to store lots of extras. *sighs* Can the yen get a little cheaper to help a poor fangirl out. ;_;

I also flipped through volume 6 of the manga. The only new thing was the Takano's case 1.5, which was adorable but TOO SHORT. I loved Takano thinking how he had to play it cool as he walked to his house with Ritsu. I didn't quite love the reference to shoe sizes...A bit TOO much of a coinkidink for my taste. I want more Takano's case, though! Love the dichotomy between his poker face and his really cute "first love" thoughts.
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People who don't care for the Hatori/whatshisname* pairing in Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and are buying volume 6: Are you getting the special one with the DVD that I've heard contains an extra episode of that pairing? I dislike that pairing SO MUCH, yet am tempted to buy the one with the DVD just to be "complete." I need to be talked out of wasting money or have my need for completion validated. Please give me your input!

*I laugh that I genuinely can't remember the dude's name!! I'm soo not looking it up, either. I feel like I'm wasting precious seconds of my life being anxious over this already. XD;
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I figured I should do a "I LOVE THIS" post because sharing the squee is always a good thing. So...the following are things I love.

Castle Mango volume 1 by Ogura Muku (art) and Konohara Narise (story) is a manga I picked up thanks to [ profile] wednesday_10_00 and OMG the cute is pure love. It's about a high school student who lives at the love hotel his mother runs (his father had run it until his death) along with his younger brother. They have themed rooms and a porn production decides to use various rooms for their movies. The director is a gay guy and the high school student gets it into his head that the director may have designs on his younger brother. So one night when the director is brought by his co-workers to sleep off major drunkenness the student decides to pretend they've had sex and guilts him into dating him. As a condition he wants the director to stay away from his younger brother. The director is a nice guy and vows to keep his hands off the student until the student is 18, but they do have interactions that bring them closer. Really adorable interactions that mostly emphasize intimacy rather than sex (sex =/ intimacy!). I so look forward to the next book. The student is one of those capable but not emotionally expressive kids, and he has a father complex. He wants to string the director along long enough to protect his younger brother, but finds himself drawn to the director. I worry about Konohara Narise springing a horrible turn of events later on as this series is so far mostly fluffy and sweet, but I'm going to classify my fears as just being a worrywart. Oh yes, and the art is fabulous. ♥

Merry Checker by Suzuki Tsuta is a spin-off of a manga I haven't read, Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito. It's about a salaryman who runs a BBS-ish site where he writes about other people in a very perceptive and amusing manner. At a RL meet-up he gets to know a popular blogger who everything thought was a high school student (female), but turns out to be a very tall adult man. The story is sweet but not cloying. The salaryman and the blogger are both nice mature guys, dancing around their attraction to each other. The story doesn't fall into a lot of the genre cliches and just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It is a bit shallow, but I can get behind this kind of shallow. My biggest complaint is that there should be another volume. I want to see them act adult and nice! And dorky with awkwardness and apologetic when they feel like they've hurt/offended the other person! The art is fabulous and the last panel of the manga ) is pure gold.

Switching to novels, Sore wa tsumi na anata no sei by Hagino Siro and illustrated by Natsume Isaku is something I reread quite often and had planned on summarizing because I love it so. Unfortunately I've become quite lazy lately (and it is LONG), so I'll just squee about it. It's about a high school student, Saiga, who is dumped by his girlfriend because she's fallen for some awesomely cool looking guy named Natsuki. He is incensed and goes looking for Natsuki to see for himself, and ends up falling down the stairs in front of him. And is confronted by a very good looking and very nice guy. He becomes a bit obsessed and basically stalks him. Except his stalking sucks and he's found out very quickly by Natsuki. They end up hanging out together. Saiga realizes over time that he's fallen for Natsuki, but Natsuki is very very very dense. Natsuki is used to keeping people at a distance because he's so good looking he's had people fawning over him his entire life, but isn't very perceptive when it comes to people he's let close. So Saiga has to make the first move. There is a lot going on in this quite long book (almost 300 pages) because Natsuki is dense and Saiga is spastic (and thus isn't the most efficient at getting what he wants). some things I really like about the sex ) Of course, the art is wonderful. Saiga is splendidly spastic in that way Natsume Isaku is very good at portraying in her manga.

Beauty & Ghost by Umino Sachi and illustrated by Isaka Jugoro starts off and ends hilariously. Sato Seiji is a salaryman who doesn't really like his job but feels pressured to do well because he's quite capable and is depended upon (and he's proud). He's even more stressed lately because of a younger employee, Sakaki Kouta, who he doesn't care for and is also quite capable. How does he deal with the stress? He finds kids in a playground and tells them scary stories. He is filled with unholy glee at the look of pure fear on their faces. He learns that Sakaki can't handle scary stories and is again filled with unholy glee telling scary stories to Sakaki and getting that white faced reaction. And get revenge for being a problem in his life. When he pushes Sakaki too far, not letting him cover his ears to avoid hearing any more scary stories, Sakaki shuts him up by kissing him. So cliched! But still so funny to read! The relationship develops over time with Sato being tsundere and Sakaki being one of those puppy-dog types. Very cliched but very funny.
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I tried listening to the drama CD of Kusama Sakae's manga Hiruma no koi today and had to stop. I liked the manga but had some problems with it, and the drama CD magnified the deficiencies quite a bit. I can't find my manga (I swear I just saw it the other day, too!) and don't want to bother go back to the drama CD so I'll have to go by memory, but the basic idea is that a salaryman is assigned to deal with a one-man machinist shop. They get together pretty quickly and the rest of the manga is about their relationship. Overall, I like it. I like the feel of Kusama-sensei's mangas and I like these two. The machinist is a younger puppy seme (voiced very well in the drama CD, btw) and the salaryman is more uptight (and was always into older guys so is at a loss at times dealing with younger puppy dude) but--and this is the important bit--NOT TSUNDERE. I love younger puppy semes, but most of the time they seem to be paired with annoying tsundere ukes who can never be honest with their feelings. While there are misunderstandings and the such, they aren't made into huge deals. It's sweet. My problem with the manga is that it felt like she jammed more than one volumes worth of material into one volume. It felt disjointed. How they get together baffles me. I actually stopped reading the manga and put it aside once because it was so nonsensical to me. Once I just swallowed the fact that they got together somehow and didn't think too hard about it I could go on and read the rest of the manga. So the drama CD is really cute when it comes to the two of them interacting, but it just throws me when the story just shifts. It doesn't flow.

Oh man, I'm tempted to see if they dramatized the bit with the salaryman's boss meeting up with his daughter and wailing about having just given the subordinate-who-is-like-a-son away. That was so cute.

Also cute is when the machinist asks salaryman about boss's birthday and when the salaryman immediately answers machinist is a bit devastated. His jealousy is so funny!
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I've been rereading Voice or Noise by Enjin Yamimaru as I recently bought volume 4. My god, this is a frustrating series. I think I've finally pinned down the reason for my frustration and dissatisfaction. I can't fathom the motivations of Narusawa AT ALL. It's like my frustration with Super Lovers by Abe Miyuki, the odd more-than-platonic-not-quite-lovers situation has been going on for SO LONG and feels completely arbitrary. Are the older guys in these series not going all the way because they don't want to be shota-con? Or are there other somewhat understandable reasons that the artists just don't want share*? Yet they display unnatural (aka creepy) attachment and possessiveness towards their younger not-quite-lovers. I think I could take a volume of this kind of situation, but when it goes on and on volume after volume...It's just plain irritating. Also, Voice or Noise throws in another character with totally undecipherable motivations in volume 3, Isadore (I'm guessing at the romanization of the dude's name). Not only do I not understand him, he just irritates me. ARG. I think I might have abandoned both series if I didn't love the art so much (and if Acht was not so cute in Voice or Noise). *sighs*

Two other things that bother me:

-Creepy giant bunny, WTF is up with that?
-Why do we not get to see any of Acht's kids???

Enough bitching, let's get to the parts I did enjoy:

-Acht thinking he's going to turn into a huge hairball. The googly eyes are so cute!
-Narusawa saying Shinichiro runs away when you chase him, and it turning out to be true.
-Narusawa noting that Shinichiro REALLY likes him and kissing him.
-Narusawa biting Shinichiro on the nipple, and it bothering Shinichiro a lot. Perverted, but in a good way.
-Shinichiro saying he wants what is inside Narusawa's underwear and Acht blushing in response.

*The thing is, I don't trust in the storytelling/characterization abilities of most BL artists at all. I just assume that they just suck at these things and decide to live with it (or not).
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I love this anime. The blushing in this episode cracked me up even as I felt for Ritsu in all his confusion. ♥ Takano was so cool when he declared that he'd take responsibility if Ritsu failed to make the deadline. Friday's have certainly become even better with this show on. I'm sad that next week seems to shift focus away from Ritsu.

As for the manga, after some determined digging I found raws of chapter 11 and Takano chapter 1, as well as Chinese scans of chapter 10 and a rather crappy translation/summary. Chapter 11 was PURE AWESOME. Chapter 10 was cool and super pivotal, but I think the impact was lessened because I couldn't read read it. Takano chapter 1 was enlightening. cut for spoilers )

And for something completely unrelated, I saw these boxes at the grocery store and had to take a pic. Imagine a wall of about 10x8 thumbs up yetis. XD;


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