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I fell into the black hole of Sherlock fanfics. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve read any fics in this fandom, so it’s been lovely finding deliciously awesome fics.

Best one of the lot has to be The Fallen series by Engaged. So far it has two long fics, Ten Days and The Slash Man. Ten Days is a post-Reichenbach story in which John is kidnapped several years after Sherlock’s death, and bad things happen to him. A really exciting suspense/thriller of people trying to find him is intercut with awful scenes with John and the bad guys. It’s taut and utterly gripping. The Slash Man is the aftermath, which has angst, tenderness, and the most beautiful depiction of a deep platonic love I've ever read. The suspense/thriller aspect is fully functioning and super exciting (with nursery rhymes thrown in!), the story is even more complex than in the first one. The author is writing the third story, which I am so looking forward to.

Also been enjoying AUs:

Left by lifeonmars, S/J, in a world where almost everyone has a Knack, being left-handed is an obvious sign that you don’t.

Empathy by Blind_Author, S/J, John is an empath and it kinda sucks. Post-Reichenbach, so angst is included.

The Lazarus Machine by Kelouisa, S/J, Regency arranged marriage AU. John marries Sherlock because his family needs the money, Sherlock marries John because Mycroft promises him freedom if he does. The class relations, forensics, policing, and medicine are out of place in Regency England, but whatever. The way John and Sherlock gets closer is too wonderful. Pity it’s a WIP that hasn’t been updated in a while.

Blind Series by inspiration_assaulted, S/J modern day arranged marriage AU, John marries Sherlock so that Mycroft can arrange for him to stay in the Army and Sherlock marries John so that he can get access to his trust fund. It’s a long distance thing at first since John is deployed. They are OOC and younger than they should be (how long does it take to be a full doctor in the UK? John is awfully young at 25 to be a full doctor…), but the fic is just so damn romantic! The first time they meet is...cinematic. I wonder what the BGM for that scene would be?

This one is Captain America/Marvel Universe (I got sucked into reading new fanfic after hearing that the new Civil War trailer came out), but another arranged marriage fic I fell in love with: just say you do by biblionerdo7, modern day AU with pre-serum artist Steve/former POW PTSD Bucky in a marriage of convenience. Bucky is screwed up, Steve is weak in body but strong in spirit, and there is lovely, lovely falling in love after the fact.

I love you like rob by tolieawake is a silly Steve/Bucky fic, but….so….so….sweet. Toothachingly so. But it made me smile.

I need to document more fics, but I want to get back to reading. XD;
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Squee! Via [personal profile] lazulisong: A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century By Captain Steve Rogers, US Army by sam storyteller, Tony/Steve, Marvel movie-ish, awesome awesome awesome fic about Steve learning to adjust to his new life and to Tony. I eat this kind of fic up. *_*

I saw the first two episodes of Kuroko no Basuke (translated most awkwardly as "The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays" in the anime) and was rather delighted. It's so shonen sports manga. I laughed during the opening sequence, I laughed at the ridiculous premise, I wanted to smack the arrogant non-MC jerk. The odd thing about this one is that the main character, Kuroko, is very...calm and quiet. I know he's supposed to have such a non-presence that he can virtually disappear on (and off) the court, but right now the loudmouth Kagami is overwhelming the show for me (and not in a good way). I hope a balance is struck soon. In any case, I am amused enough to keep watching (for now).

I also saw episode 2 of Sakamichi no Apollon and liked the show much better. Don't know what was so offputting about the first episode, but I definitely warmed up to it a bit more. Not sure if I like it (or will come to like it), but I'll keep watching (for now). One thing that amuses me: Of course the record store they play jazz at stocks records, and of course main character boy has a record player in his room so that he can play the record in the first episode without much trouble!

Speaking of jazz, I was at a symphony concert featuring a trumpet player the other day. He did two pieces featuring the trumpet (including a really great piece by Vivaldi arranged by Bach), and then did an encore. It was bizarre yet so cool because he did a jazz piece (I think it was famous...I swear I've heard at least some of it) but with a Baroque orchestra backing him, including a harpsichord standing in for (I assume) a piano.

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Holy crap, they are manga-izing Deadlock? I am so getting it, I don't think I've ever seen Takashina Yuh do a full-blown manga!!

I checked out the latest Yoneda Kou manga that's been making the rounds, Saezuru tori ha habatakanai, and was rather underwhelmed. I appreciate how the main character is a fucked-up sexed-up uke yakuza boss and all (as opposed to asshole seme yakuza boss), but I wish she'd just continue the more domestic stuff like Ore ni koishite dousunda. *sighs*

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I have been addicted to the song Zero by Bump of Chicken, the theme song for Final Fantasy Type Zero. The video on the DVD that comes with the limited edition of the single is quite depressing yet cool, check it out here. spoilers for the game )

Finally! More Generation Kill/A Companion to Wolves: You Just Brace and You Breathe by dira. The series is collected here.

The Art of Flat-Sharing by [ profile] out_there is an adorable Sherlock POV fic about being roommates with John. The little observations, how Sherlock decides to do the little things he thinks are pointless just to placate John, all of it.

Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) by [ profile] out_there is another adorable one, this time from John POV. Sherlock starts randomly kissing John. John tries to figure out why.

Incantations and Deductions by [ profile] hbomb90 is a HP crossover in which John, a Griffindor, and Sherlock, a Slytherin, become improbable friends. It's incorporating plot lines from the show, but it's WIP so I have no idea where it's going to.

The Important Bit by Solshine, Sherlock, bits from a platonic marriage of 30 years. A bit sappy, but mostly sweet.

Making the Connection by JessamyGriffith, John is working as a phone sex operator and gets a detoxing (and bored) Sherlock. They "make a connection." It's WIP and it's...uneven. There are bits of conversation that are fun to read, but then it gets weighed down with angst/melodrama/whatever and flies off a bit too much. I'm hoping it gets a bit more grounded more consistently because I would like to know where this ends up.

The Happy Announcement by knittingkninja, Sherlock, Sherlock/John. I think an excerpt explains it all: " In six months, apparently he and John were getting married. Odd that he wasn't consulted about this. It was generally something that people agreed to do in this culture." Mycroft being helpful, naturally. XD; WIP.

If At First by kellifer_fic, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve College AU, Tony was mean to Steve in high school when Steve was a scrawny geeky thing, but he notices Steve once he's grown out quite nicely. A pulling pigtails kind of story. Cute, and Tony's POV is fun, but slightly lacking. Steve needs to push back a bit more.

Expectations by shinysylver, Marvel movies, Tony and Steve in Vegas. Tony tries to act in a certain way that Steve doesn't want anything to do with. Short and cute.

Still LIfe with Potstickers and Welding Torch: Or, Tony Stark at Rest by melannen, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve-ish, there is art, and it is cute.

Knitwear by tsukinofaerii, Marvel comics, Tony/Steve, short, sweet, absolutely adorable crack.

Babe, I'm Gonna Be Your Man by cherryvanilla, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, strippers lead to jealousy lead to...

These three Things Remain by Siria, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, Steve gets used to the 21st century and Tony. Not in that order.

Paint the Ocean Blue, and Marigold too. by godofwine, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, marine biology AU. It's rather lovely, and I love the guys made into scientists stuck on a boat looking for whales and other stuff.
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I spent a lot of time today reading and rereading two Sherlock/Sentinel crossovers. I know almost nothing about Sentinel, but oh man I almost want to go find fics in that fandom now. (Though...I think one of the characters was often super-woobified in that fandom, which is a bit of a turn-off.)

Chameleon by [ profile] velvet_mace is WIP, John is a Guide who has hidden his Guidehood for a long, long time, until Sherlock tracks him down. The hunt was pretty thrilling, and now I look forward to the bonding. I have a bad feeling it'll be months (years?) before the fic is done, though.

Observations in Sentinels & Guides in Victorian London by Ryuza Kochou is movie fandom, but I just imagined the characters from the BBC version in my head while reading this. This is set in the past...I think Victorian England? John is a newly awakened Guide who has returned to London after being injured in Afghanistan. Sherlock is a really powerful un-bonded Sentinel. They are destined for each other, but all kinds of things from petty politics to religious fanatics get in the way. This one's finished (+1) and it's long (+1). Sadly, I think it gets a bit overdone and silly towards the end (-1). What makes me put this fic in the good category is the re-imagining of history that this kind of AU endangers. I love that kind of thing.

And a variety of fics I've been collecting:

A Study in Kittens by Ren, Sherlock, basically gen fluff, KITTENS.

Date Night by Alethia, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, chess as foreplay.

Banking on Maybe by Alethia, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, title says it all, actually.

After The Event by dark_reaction, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, GK boys in the SPN universe, though the SPN part is kinda superfluous. It's short and sweet.

Touch Me, I Wanna Be Dirty by blue_jack, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, really fun PWP. Summary: Tony’s not going to deny that he’s ridiculously excited. Steve. In his bed. Naked. Everything is rainbows and nothing hurts.

Black Tie Events by toestastegood, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve "pre-slash," really cute bit o' nothing.

Family Tradition by kijikun, Marvel comics, Tony/Steve, cute short Christmas fic. Love the ones where they are married.

For America by autoschediastic, Marvel comics, Tony/Steve, first time. I'm not 100% with this one, but Tony's thoughts are pretty funny.

Mr. July by jibrailis, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, Steve poses for a calendar for charity and is targeted by some weirdos with tech that can make you nekkid. Tony has to (just HAS TO) protect Steve.
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Answer: BOTH! Also, enemies! (Sometimes?)

So, I've been sucked into a new fandom. [ profile] thefourthvine recc'd the first fic in my list below, I loved it, and then I started reading tons of Iron Man/Captain America fics. I watched this year's Captain America and enjoyed it but hadn't seen either Iron Man or Thor, but I suppose it doesn't matter in the end because lots of the fics are based on the comics. According to a friend knowledgeable in comics, that is an eminently slashable pairing from long ago. Since there are different timelines the details (and sometimes the entire premise of the world) are pretty different. I just read a bunch and made a list of the ones I liked.

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