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I fell into the black hole of Sherlock fanfics. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve read any fics in this fandom, so it’s been lovely finding deliciously awesome fics.

Best one of the lot has to be The Fallen series by Engaged. So far it has two long fics, Ten Days and The Slash Man. Ten Days is a post-Reichenbach story in which John is kidnapped several years after Sherlock’s death, and bad things happen to him. A really exciting suspense/thriller of people trying to find him is intercut with awful scenes with John and the bad guys. It’s taut and utterly gripping. The Slash Man is the aftermath, which has angst, tenderness, and the most beautiful depiction of a deep platonic love I've ever read. The suspense/thriller aspect is fully functioning and super exciting (with nursery rhymes thrown in!), the story is even more complex than in the first one. The author is writing the third story, which I am so looking forward to.

Also been enjoying AUs:

Left by lifeonmars, S/J, in a world where almost everyone has a Knack, being left-handed is an obvious sign that you don’t.

Empathy by Blind_Author, S/J, John is an empath and it kinda sucks. Post-Reichenbach, so angst is included.

The Lazarus Machine by Kelouisa, S/J, Regency arranged marriage AU. John marries Sherlock because his family needs the money, Sherlock marries John because Mycroft promises him freedom if he does. The class relations, forensics, policing, and medicine are out of place in Regency England, but whatever. The way John and Sherlock gets closer is too wonderful. Pity it’s a WIP that hasn’t been updated in a while.

Blind Series by inspiration_assaulted, S/J modern day arranged marriage AU, John marries Sherlock so that Mycroft can arrange for him to stay in the Army and Sherlock marries John so that he can get access to his trust fund. It’s a long distance thing at first since John is deployed. They are OOC and younger than they should be (how long does it take to be a full doctor in the UK? John is awfully young at 25 to be a full doctor…), but the fic is just so damn romantic! The first time they meet is...cinematic. I wonder what the BGM for that scene would be?

This one is Captain America/Marvel Universe (I got sucked into reading new fanfic after hearing that the new Civil War trailer came out), but another arranged marriage fic I fell in love with: just say you do by biblionerdo7, modern day AU with pre-serum artist Steve/former POW PTSD Bucky in a marriage of convenience. Bucky is screwed up, Steve is weak in body but strong in spirit, and there is lovely, lovely falling in love after the fact.

I love you like rob by tolieawake is a silly Steve/Bucky fic, but….so….so….sweet. Toothachingly so. But it made me smile.

I need to document more fics, but I want to get back to reading. XD;
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All thanks to HP: Why owls make bad pets on Marketplace

Though I don't care for his books, I did like George R.R. Martin's May 22nd interview on BBC's Front Row Daily.

I cracked up at Steven Moffat's response when asked how he was going to get Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman back after Sherlock season 3 on his Fresh Air interview.

Came across an unfamiliar euphemism for a penis that made me LOL today: man-heat.

safe cat

Jan. 11th, 2012 08:47 pm
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Holy crap, they are manga-izing Deadlock? I am so getting it, I don't think I've ever seen Takashina Yuh do a full-blown manga!!

I checked out the latest Yoneda Kou manga that's been making the rounds, Saezuru tori ha habatakanai, and was rather underwhelmed. I appreciate how the main character is a fucked-up sexed-up uke yakuza boss and all (as opposed to asshole seme yakuza boss), but I wish she'd just continue the more domestic stuff like Ore ni koishite dousunda. *sighs*

fic-dump )
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I have been addicted to the song Zero by Bump of Chicken, the theme song for Final Fantasy Type Zero. The video on the DVD that comes with the limited edition of the single is quite depressing yet cool, check it out here. spoilers for the game )

Finally! More Generation Kill/A Companion to Wolves: You Just Brace and You Breathe by dira. The series is collected here.

The Art of Flat-Sharing by [ profile] out_there is an adorable Sherlock POV fic about being roommates with John. The little observations, how Sherlock decides to do the little things he thinks are pointless just to placate John, all of it.

Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) by [ profile] out_there is another adorable one, this time from John POV. Sherlock starts randomly kissing John. John tries to figure out why.

Incantations and Deductions by [ profile] hbomb90 is a HP crossover in which John, a Griffindor, and Sherlock, a Slytherin, become improbable friends. It's incorporating plot lines from the show, but it's WIP so I have no idea where it's going to.

The Important Bit by Solshine, Sherlock, bits from a platonic marriage of 30 years. A bit sappy, but mostly sweet.

Making the Connection by JessamyGriffith, John is working as a phone sex operator and gets a detoxing (and bored) Sherlock. They "make a connection." It's WIP and it's...uneven. There are bits of conversation that are fun to read, but then it gets weighed down with angst/melodrama/whatever and flies off a bit too much. I'm hoping it gets a bit more grounded more consistently because I would like to know where this ends up.

The Happy Announcement by knittingkninja, Sherlock, Sherlock/John. I think an excerpt explains it all: " In six months, apparently he and John were getting married. Odd that he wasn't consulted about this. It was generally something that people agreed to do in this culture." Mycroft being helpful, naturally. XD; WIP.

If At First by kellifer_fic, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve College AU, Tony was mean to Steve in high school when Steve was a scrawny geeky thing, but he notices Steve once he's grown out quite nicely. A pulling pigtails kind of story. Cute, and Tony's POV is fun, but slightly lacking. Steve needs to push back a bit more.

Expectations by shinysylver, Marvel movies, Tony and Steve in Vegas. Tony tries to act in a certain way that Steve doesn't want anything to do with. Short and cute.

Still LIfe with Potstickers and Welding Torch: Or, Tony Stark at Rest by melannen, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve-ish, there is art, and it is cute.

Knitwear by tsukinofaerii, Marvel comics, Tony/Steve, short, sweet, absolutely adorable crack.

Babe, I'm Gonna Be Your Man by cherryvanilla, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, strippers lead to jealousy lead to...

These three Things Remain by Siria, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, Steve gets used to the 21st century and Tony. Not in that order.

Paint the Ocean Blue, and Marigold too. by godofwine, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, marine biology AU. It's rather lovely, and I love the guys made into scientists stuck on a boat looking for whales and other stuff.
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I spent a lot of time today reading and rereading two Sherlock/Sentinel crossovers. I know almost nothing about Sentinel, but oh man I almost want to go find fics in that fandom now. (Though...I think one of the characters was often super-woobified in that fandom, which is a bit of a turn-off.)

Chameleon by [ profile] velvet_mace is WIP, John is a Guide who has hidden his Guidehood for a long, long time, until Sherlock tracks him down. The hunt was pretty thrilling, and now I look forward to the bonding. I have a bad feeling it'll be months (years?) before the fic is done, though.

Observations in Sentinels & Guides in Victorian London by Ryuza Kochou is movie fandom, but I just imagined the characters from the BBC version in my head while reading this. This is set in the past...I think Victorian England? John is a newly awakened Guide who has returned to London after being injured in Afghanistan. Sherlock is a really powerful un-bonded Sentinel. They are destined for each other, but all kinds of things from petty politics to religious fanatics get in the way. This one's finished (+1) and it's long (+1). Sadly, I think it gets a bit overdone and silly towards the end (-1). What makes me put this fic in the good category is the re-imagining of history that this kind of AU endangers. I love that kind of thing.

And a variety of fics I've been collecting:

A Study in Kittens by Ren, Sherlock, basically gen fluff, KITTENS.

Date Night by Alethia, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, chess as foreplay.

Banking on Maybe by Alethia, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, title says it all, actually.

After The Event by dark_reaction, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, GK boys in the SPN universe, though the SPN part is kinda superfluous. It's short and sweet.

Touch Me, I Wanna Be Dirty by blue_jack, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, really fun PWP. Summary: Tony’s not going to deny that he’s ridiculously excited. Steve. In his bed. Naked. Everything is rainbows and nothing hurts.

Black Tie Events by toestastegood, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve "pre-slash," really cute bit o' nothing.

Family Tradition by kijikun, Marvel comics, Tony/Steve, cute short Christmas fic. Love the ones where they are married.

For America by autoschediastic, Marvel comics, Tony/Steve, first time. I'm not 100% with this one, but Tony's thoughts are pretty funny.

Mr. July by jibrailis, Marvel movies, Tony/Steve, Steve poses for a calendar for charity and is targeted by some weirdos with tech that can make you nekkid. Tony has to (just HAS TO) protect Steve.
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I think I'm too picky. The only thing I found that I really liked was not a music video, but a hilarious bunch of clips called "What would you call Sherlock?"
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Via [ profile] rachelmanija: SF/Fantasy YA novels with major LGBTQ characters

Via [ profile] monanotlisa: "Page Eight," "The Girl in the Cafe," "Boardwalk Empire," and the ubiquity of older male fantasies. The snark is beautiful to behold. Love the list of patterns in media, especially this one:

Male fantasies, like male hobbies, possess more social cache. Fantasy football is not looked down upon the way writing fanfic is. Reading spy thrillers is not considered as pathetic as reading Romance novels. So the shows that get made by the white dude creators and funded by old white money men, which express their interests and desires, end up receiving more acclaim from reviewers, more awards, more respect than other programming. This is in addition to the fact that more of that stuff is made in general to chose from.

Aaannd...More fanfic!

Generation Kill:

Noblesse Oblige by Alethia, AU in which Brad and Nate never met while in the Corps but do when Brad's a journalist and Nate's a politician. The emails are particularly fun.

Brad's Eternal Happiness in Four Three Easy Steps, by Ray Person by Alethia is just plain hilarious.

Aftermath, USA by [ profile] traveller, long fic in which Nate ends up a hero (long after getting out of the Marines) and is rather traumatized from it, but ends up getting what he really wanted. Rather tense and kind of angsty. I think I'm in a phase that prefers less tense and angsty fics, but this one was good enough to grip me.

Hey darlin', do you gamble? by [ profile] traveller is a shorter fic with a really neat twist at the end.

A hundred different things (within the measure of a day) by [ profile] noelia_g, Notting Hill movie based AU. Fun fun fun.


The Republic of Heaven by [ profile] blind_author, fusion with His Dark Materials, S/J, LONG and involved and wonderful. I love HDM fusions are so much fun to read, with the dæmons. XD; This one actually incorporates the TV show plot lines, changing as necessary to fit the world.

Faerie-Touched by [ profile] blind_author, S/J, magic!AU, Sherlock is Faerie-born, John is so without magic he's "anti-magic"...

Obvious; Or, Greg Lestrade Is Good At Detecting And Has Five Pounds To One That Sherlock And John Will Shag by the_arc5. I think the title is pretty explanatory. It's silly but amusing. I think it's worth reading just for this line. )

Performance In a Leading Role by Mad_Lori is a WIP AU in which John and Sherlock are movie stars who co-star in a movie where they are a gay couple. I know, very cliched. But the author does a good job of playing with the cliche and really showing the growing intimacy between the two. I have no idea if the film industry politics is in any way accurate, but I found it believable enough for the fic. I hope it ends well.

Fallen by mamishka, supernatural AU in which Sherlock is an Adept and John is his Guardian Angel....In the beginning. WIP, the author is following the TV episodes. The first episode is basically finished (epilogue left at this point).
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[ profile] seperis writes about These Old Shades and Devil's Cub in a rather difficult to read but fun post and makes me want to reread the latter (not a fan of the former, the couple grate on me even if the actual plot is kind of fun). XDXD;

Assistance by dak, Sherlock BBC, AU, John is Moriarty's slave until he isn't. I am not that fond of slave AUs as they usually are super depressing or romanticize a horrible situation, but this one did good about providing an appropriately broken slave John who learns to have hope again.
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The Love Song of Dr. John H. Watson by [ profile] kate_lear, S/J, John takes Sherlock out for the evening on Valentine's Day.

Fearful Symmetry by [ profile] irisbleufic, S/J, complications with trying to reconcile with a sister and hook up with a certain consulting detective at the same time.

The Cornish Horror: Or, How John Watson Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sherlock Holmes by finangler, S/J, a case in which the two get together.

Five Times John Watson Remained Oblivious (And One Time He Didn't) by Sylvaine, S/J, the title says it all.

The Autumn Moon is Bright by [ profile] barrowjane, S/J, supernatural AU, John has a secret.

Man's Original Virtue by anon, John is cursed with having to be obedient. It sucks.

Like Spinning Plates by anon, gen, alien!Sherlock in a wonderfully disjointed not-story.

Captured by [ profile] mad_maudlin, S/J, John has a secret. Sherlock finds out and bugs him about it.

my body when it is with your by [ profile] mad_maudlin, S/J, John is a werewolf, he's going into heat, and things kinda suck.

untitled fic (third one in the post) by [ profile] messageredacted, gen, cute fic in which Sherlock is groped. The groper regrets doing it.

Shift by [ profile] messageredacted, gen-ish, a case hits a little too close to home.


Feb. 7th, 2011 08:37 pm
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Finished the first DVD box of Avatar (up to episode 20). For the most part enjoyed it quite a bit. Definitely liked the main characters more. Sometimes things were a bit too pat, but as I liked how good the kids were I didn't get too annoyed. more )

I stumbled on a post asking for young adult books for a 13 year old reader interested in reading romance at Smart Bitches Trashy Books, which resulted in a torrent of recs. I smiled at the ones I recognized and loved, and saw a bunch I hope to check out. Another post reviewed/rec'd a book in English set in Edo Japan called The Tokaido Road by Lucia St. Clair Robson. I'm tempted to read it even though I avoid books in English set in the past in Japan. In contrast, I laughed reading a hilarious skewering of a rather awful romance book. It reminds me a bit of the kind of thing I write when I've read some god-awful BL novel...


Explicit by Resonant, Sherlock, S/J, John is clueless and aggravating. Of course Sherlock can't help it. XD;

Harry Watson Investigates by [ profile] orange_crushed, Sherlock, gen AU, sequel to The dangerous book for boys.

Conquered, Fallen, and Deep by [ profile] tetsubinatu, Merlin, dark slavefic AU where Merlin is a prince. The first two is vanilla slavefic, but I rather liked the third fic.
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Check out Hyperbole and a Half, a blog of hilarious stories with stunningly crude yet effective art. I died laughing at The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas and had to smile at Cat Safety Propaganda. Still haven't read many posts yet, will be spending a lot of time checking it out. XD;

More Sherlock fics:

Wherein There Is a Case, Several Mysteries, John Coming to the Rescue, and an Old Folk Saying by [ profile] parsnips, S/J, John figures some stuff out. This is a fun, adorable fic. XD;

Available Evidence by lamardeuse, S/J, Sherlock tries to figure out John. It takes a while, but when he does it's very worth it.

John's Midnight Garden by anon, gen, a cool AU in which John dreams very lucid dreams all his life.

Semper Fidelis by anon, action-hero John! It's ridiculous but rather fun. Also, Mycroft with minions is cool.

Straight on Til Morning by Vescaus, S/J, Sherlock as the eternal child. Not literally, mind you.

This Gold Thread by [ profile] verasteine, S/J, Space AU, very beautiful and rather sad story.

Galatea by [ profile] one_windiga, S/J, John is a doll that Sherlock orders from a company online. It's crack that feels very matter-of-fact. The last scene is quite amusing.

A City on the Head of a Pin by [ profile] mad_maudlin, John sees something Sherlock doesn't, and Sherlock tries to figure out what it is.

Selfish by [ profile] jemisard, S/J/M. Yes, it's a threesome, and it's a PWP, but I thought the dynamics of the encounter worked.

Five Things John Watson Will Never Tell Anyone, S/J, title is pretty self-explanatory. It's pretty sweet, overall.
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I've been having some problems sleeping, so I decided to shut my cat out last night in order to prevent her pouncing on my legs and waking me up completely (and giving me pain). She doesn't bother me while I'm asleep, but when she senses that I'm even sort of awake she attacks my legs. It hurts. And totally wakes me up. But when I heard the scratching at the door I couldn't do it. I got up and let her in, and she meowed and shoved her face in my face and curled up next to me. It's worth the pain and the scars and the inability to go back to sleep, right?

I've been ignoring the upcoming royal wedding in general, but I couldn't help but read an article in today's newspaper because it concerned what Kate Middleton's title will be. I recently looked up the whole Peerage thing thanks to all the GH reading, so the topic interested me. The title will be determined by the Queen. As Prince William doesn't really have a title title yet, it is speculated that he'll probably get a Dukedom or an Earldom so she'll be a Duchess or a Countess. She could end up as "Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales," which would be rather sucky. It reminded me of how the annoying sister-in-law in Slyvester was Lady Henry Rayne and how odd it sounded. Looking for an article to link to, I came across articles about changing the rules of succession so that it doesn't privilege the male children before the female children (and exclude Catholics). While I don't really care as I'm not a citizen of the country, I hope they bother to do it. Surely they can overcome any lame arguments by asshole sexists. Japan seemed so ass-backwards back when there was talk of changing their stupid law which doesn't allow females to become Empress. (But then I didn't pay too much attention to that either. Once again, not my country. ^^;)

More fanfics:

Just How by Lovelikethemovies, Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, Nate and Brad one fine morning. Sweet and short.

A Matter of National Security, Sherlock, J/S, Mycroft meddles. For everyone's sake.

Lab Book by sam storyteller, Sherlock, S/J, Chrismas Eve, lots of cute moments on the way to the two getting it on. Loved the freaky deduction by John! He's been around Sherlock too much.

Autopsis by [ profile] spikeface, Sherlock, S/J, Sherlock is kinda nuts. There is violence and sex. (Not sure I like it, but I want to remember it and so it goes into an LJ post. I just don't bother with bookmarks for some fandoms, posting in LJ is my substitution for bookmarking. ^^;)

Reversal of Fortune by [ profile] mad_poetics, Merlin, Merlin/Arthur modern AU in which Merlin is the rich boss and Arthur is the assistant. So sweet!

Bunch of pornathon request fics by [ profile] mad_poetics, Merlin, mostly Merlin/Arthur, the tentacles one is pretty good but the second challenge that can not be described is too awesome for words.
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Been reading Sherlock fics. Man, wading through the crap, the not-my-cuppa, and the inexcusably ridiculous is tiring. :P

the ones I liked enough to note )

I accidentally ran across Georgette Heyer fanfic! Sadly, they just can't capture the writing and the dialogue, but they're still kinda fun. The ones worth mentioning:

Much Ado by twistedchick, Friday's Child, the gang together.

What Maketh the Man by valderys, Cotillion, Freddy to the rescue again!

Advantage by Skud, The Grand Sophy/Hornblower x-over, Sophy/Archie, I mention this only because it has sex and thus made me boggle.

A Marriage of Inconvenience by sexybee, The Grand Sophy, Charles and Sophy are married, and Sophy is being Sophy. It's rather sweet.

Clean Linen by cimorene, The Unknown Ajax and April Lady, Claud Darracott/Felix Hethersett, Claud POV. I don't really see the ghei in GH, but I'm not adverse to Claud swinging that way and as I haven't read April Lady I have no opinion on Felix. The story was amusing because it features nearly the whole Daracott family getting into trouble thanks to Richmond and everyone pitching in to solve the problem (and squash the scandal).

I was amused by the How Rich is Fitzwilliam Darcy post in a personal finance blog and how people try to figure out his wealth in today's terms.
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I went to the library to pick up two more GH novels (The Masqueraders and Regency Buck, I hope I like them...) and ended up borrowing two movie adaptations of Jane Austen's Persuasion (the 1995 Amanda Root and 2007 Sally Hawkins versions). Oh man. I can take some changes. I can take some differences. But why oh why did they fuck around with the end? The changes in the best scene in the whole book! And the running! And the KISSING IN THE STREET! *gags* I liked both versions okay up to the very end, though I thought the actors were better in the 1995 version (2007's Elizabeth was just...wrong. I liked Amanda Root's Anne better, but Sally Hawkins did grow on me) and 2007 was just so pretty. And 2007 did much better in providing more information and background for those who didn't read the book. But overall I'm just pissed off. THE BOOK IS BETTER. SO MUCH BETTER.

(I know, I know, this is not news. But it must be said! Again and again! SO. MUCH. BETTER.)

Period Piece by Gwen Ravert sounds fun, has anyone read it?

Best headline for a movie review: "'Witch' manages to waste zombie ninja monks" about "Season of the Witch"

Pure awesome: Hirai Ken sings the Uruseiyatsura theme song (while I've never liked the anime/manga, the original OP animation is fun)

Hirai Ken also covers First Love and Automatic by Utada Hikaru

So cute: Harry Potter pup

I actually read some fics! Some I enjoyed:

I somehow missed a new fic in The Paradox Series by [ profile] wordstrings: New Days to Throw Your Chains Away. John sorting through Sherlock's lists is pure gold. XDXD She also hosts a holiday meme. I haven't gone through it yet, but I did catch a hilarious and perfect pic.

The dangerous book for boys. by [ profile] orange_crushed is very AU and very odd and so cool. Yay for not being able to describe it!

A Priori and White Noise by rubberbutton, vampire as masters/humans as slaves AU, looks to become a series. I dislike humanity enslaved stories, but Moriarty (as well as Sherlock, naturally) is wonderfully odd. I particularly like this scene:

“But I'm sure you'll try,” Sherlock sighs. “John. I'll always come for you; I don't know why you're so upset.”

“It's not enough for you to come,” John says. “You've got to come in time.”

Sherlock opens his mouth to say one thing but his expression goes queer and inward and he doesn't say whatever he had meant to. Instead he looks at John for a very long time and then finally says, “Yes, I always forget how important time is to humans.”

Shadows on the Wall by AraSigyrn features a rather bitter pyschic!John as The Great Game unwinds. Haven't decided wether I think it's good, but it is interesting.

Also came across a great Generation Kill Brad/Nate fic: Life in Abeyance by [ profile] vegarin. It simmers, it aches, then it explodes! ♥
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I caught a performance of the Japanese band Anzen Chitai on the TV tonight and was blown away yet again by the singing of Tamaki Koji. God, that man has an amazing voice. Check out a live version of him singing Kanashimi sayonara here (Lyrics here). As I adore covers I looked for some for this song but couldn't find much, actually. I did find a pleasant one by Shimatani Hitomi here. An interesting duet with Tamaki Koji and enka singer Ishikawa Sayuri here (Check out Ishikawa Sayuri singing one of her most famous songs Amagigoe here. She sings in the full-on enka style, unlike in the duet. The lyrics are awesome, too. Very sexual and violent.)

I then went on a trip down memory lane... )

Been reading some Sherlock fics. Some of the ones I liked:

Homemaking by rageprufrock, gen. Funny and light, frothy and absolutely fabulous.

Summary: The original plan for returning to England involved fucking around being shellshocked and suffering mandatory post-combat counseling and physical therapy to dissect the shattered mosaic of his feelings. That's not quite how it goes.

And You're the Prize by [ profile] giddygeek. Mycroft decides to help things along between John and Sherlock by kidnapping John. Of course it works. XD;

Intellectual Intercourse by waketosleep

Description: The drawn-out and ridiculous story of how Sherlock Holmes and John Watson carried out a surprisingly successful asexual relationship.

they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too) by [ profile] etothepii, cool AU in which John has such a nifty ability. ♥

It Feels like Home when I'm With You by [ profile] etothepii, John is a ghost and he basically becomes Sherlocks ghost. It is so so sweet.

The Trick Is To Make It Look Easy by [ profile] paperclipbitch, John has a hard time updating his blog but in the end:

My life is kind of a mess, John writes, but I think it’s going to be ok anyway.

Pedestrian by [ profile] vegarin, Moriarty and John have a chat in a missing scene for The Great Game.

Theory and Practice by anonymous for a meme, crossover with His Dark Materials.

Poison Prince by [ profile] theanonsisters, a fanvid. It' The song is great, and lots of good close-ups of Sherlock's face.
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watched the rest of Sherlock )

I'm a bit tipsy and can't think straight, so that's it for now.
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Saw the first Sherlock episode. Had some quibbles, but overall quite fun. Not sure if I like the added graphics. They work very nicely, but I think I dislike that kind of fussiness. As everyone has said, what a nice 21st century update to the story.

some further comments )

I feel like reading fanfic now....Though I suppose I should watch the other two episodes first to avoid being spoiled.
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Via [ profile] seperis: Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name by [ profile] wordstrings is an awesome Sherlock fic that is a great example of fanworks that can get a person to want to consume the original work. Because now I want to watch the original work much much more than I'd previously wanted to (see, previously I sort of wanted to watch it, now I totally do want to watch it). I just have to figure out how to get the episodes....But I digress. The fic is, in a word, fabulous (It's also awesome, but I'd already used that term earlier--I'm trying not to repeat myself too much). It's rather frenetic and there's sex and obsession. And it's really quite funny.

I was devastated when I left for work this morning to find that I'd forgotten the Fujimi book I'm currently reading at my bedside (placed there last night after reading for too long too late into the night) to read at lunch (and to sneak read at my desk). I had to attend a meeting of the local chapter of the professional society I'm a sadly unengaged member of after work (the words "professional society" thrills me as it makes me feel adult and all that, but I think feeling thrilled about being adult and all that for being in a "professional society" belies the notion that I am adult and all that...) so I came home late. I was all set to read more Fujimi before eventually falling asleep (too late again), but instead I checked my flist and got sucked into the above fic. And am fighting the urge to a) find more fic to read right now and b) find the episodes to watch right now. So I think I will avoid temptation to do anything else foolish and not even touch the Fujimi. ;_;
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Via [ profile] thefourthvine: Anomie by charmax, an extremely well-edited Sherlock music vid. Bonus: check out the parts of speech slash in the comments of her post.

Jimmy Fallon as Justin Beiber talking about the economy made me laugh even though I have no idea how Justin Beiber actually talks.

I want this umbrella.

One of a series of Egyptian commercials: Never Say No to Panda - Office

Japanese commercial for itchy crotches.

Bunnies in cups!

I was amused by the NYT opinion piece Cat People Are People, Too because I'm a proud cat owner and can't stand the "crazy cat lady" thing (or how it's odd for single guys to own cats or something??).


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