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Ugh. Been reading a lot of Japanese KnB fanfics and still haven’t found any really great ones. I like longer fics, but the decent stuff is all shorter. The longer ones are either just kinda odd or are OCC in a way I can’t handle. I’ve read so many fics where Kise is a freak. Either comically or really, really creepily. Typically, creepy (rapey) Kise is paired with a really passive (crybaby) Kuroko, which just is so unpleasant. It’s been a while since I’ve read fics from Japanese sites where the uke is turned passive (even if the character is soooo not that way in canon) and the seme(s) are just rapey assholes (totally encountered this in PoT fandom, which was also totally ridiculous). I just can’t handle dubcon/noncon in a serious fic when the consequences of the rape are non-existent or positive. Rape is not a manifestation of the depths of your love, people.

I also came across interesting fan terminology I hadn’t encountered before on Japanese fanfic sites. First is モブ, which is from the English “mob.” It seems to be used for what English fandom would call OCs (other characters), so when you'd say "mob/kuroko" if you are pairing Kuroko with an OC. Another term is ビッチ, which is from the English word “bitch.” It’s a term used (I think) only for ukes. They are basically sluts, similar to 尻軽 (shirigaru). I'm a bit disturbed at the usage of "bitch" (for example, "bitch Kise" used as shorthand in the story summary) but I guess it has a punch that shirigaru lacks?
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