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I really dislike Facebook. I've gotten like 20 friend requests in the last couple of days by totally random people from other countries. WTF? I actually logged into Facebook to ignore all the requests. Looked through the feed to see what people posted...though most things looked like it was stuff people liked? I just don't see the point of it.

I was amused by one of those ecards in my feed: "YOLO-Becuase Stupid people don't know what Carpe Diem means." I don't agree with the sentiment, but I LOL'd.


Jul. 27th, 2015 03:57 pm
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I listened to a segment on Fresh Air called From Upspeak To Vocal Fry: Are We 'Policing' Young Women's Voices? that featured a journalist, a linguist, and a speech pathologist. It was interesting and also very frustrating. I don't know of any statistics specifically on the phenomenon, but every time I hear about issues on vocal fry and/or upspeak, it's always in relation to women. I remember This American Life's segment on it, and I just learned of 99% Invisible's auto-response to complains about women's voices in the Fresh Air segment (screenshot of text here). Apparently it's never about how men speak, it's always about how women speak. The comments to the Fresh Air interview just pissed me off. They talk about how these verbal tics irritate them in both men AND women. come these radio programs/podcasts never seem to get any complaints about the men? I mean, if the men doing these things are just as irritating, shouldn't there be complaints about them as well? In particular, Ira Glass points out that he does it and has never gotten a complaint about it. The speech pathologist didn't give any ground either (of course, she was all set to defend her stance, being the "enemy" and all). The linguist cited some data to back her up, but the speech pathologist had anecdotes and...her personal opinion that it was "irritating." Really? Is that all you got? 

I find certain voices annoying, but I know it's me and I choose not to listen to them or I get over it. I don't send insulting emails complaining about them. 

Belatedly discovered Vance Joy's hit from last year, "Riptide." Being me, I looked for covers and found some good ones.
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It never hurts to call companies to see if you can get a better deal. I recently looked at the phone/internet bill and was struck by how high it was, so I called the cable company for a price to switch internet over. I then put off calling the phone company to see how much just having landline service would cost because they have crap hours (something like 7:30-5:30 M-F!). But when I did? I found out that just landline isn’t all that cheap, and I can bundle internet with faster speed with landline service for a monthly price that's over $10 cheaper! It wasn’t worth switching to cable internet, but I will save over $100/year and get faster service by having made a 10-minute call.

Besides obsessively rewatching Natsume Yuujinchou episodes and continuing to watch the new anime (Witch Craft Works in particular amuses me even though it makes no sense), I've been rereading some books.

Mahoutsukai no shotaku and Mahoutsukai no kokuhaku by Tanizaki Izumi and illustrated by Rikuyu Chikako I bought because I’ve enjoyed other books by the same author and artist (particularly Shiawase ni dekiru), and I liked the premise. It’s about a young man whose parents died in an accident who gave up going to college and went to work to support his younger brothers. I love that premise (young dude has to raise his younger siblings/nephew/whoever after some tragic accident), but then throw in the young man’s former neighbor and first love showing up after years of no contact. He’s half-Japanese (and I think half-American?) and he’d moved to next door when the main character, Hitomi, was about 15. Jin, the neighbor, has a very bad and aloof dad and doesn’t go to school because he’d already gone to college (and beyond? Can’t remember now.) even though he’s the same age as Hitomi. Jin got really close to Hitomi’s entire family, calling Hitomi’s parents “Papa” and “Mama” and getting along with Hitomi’s younger brothers. He falls in love with Hitomi, and the two become a (secret) thing. Then one day Jin is taken to America by his father and never returns, despite promising he would. So when Jin shows up again, after 6 years, Hitomi doesn’t want to deal with him. Jin hadn’t known about Hitomi’s parents’ deaths and is devastated. He quickly hits it off with Hitomi’s younger brothers, but Hitomi doesn’t want to let Jin close again. Jin had been working on some important project his father had forced him to work on for some secret(?) organization in America, and he’d left as soon as he was done. Unfortunately, a member of the organization shows up (with bodyguards) to try to convince Jin to come back. Jin is very cold and nasty to the guy, but Hitomi is very nice to him which causes lots of fun situations where Jin wants to coldly get rid of the guy but doesn't want to tick Hitomi off. Hitomi’s brothers are adorable. They are very well behaved and very considerate, except that they compete to eat more food than each other. Hitomi doesn’t make a huge amount of money, so he has to be really careful with the finances in order to feed the bottomless pits that are his brothers’ stomaches.

It’s a sweet story. The biggest issue in the first book is for Hitomi to truly accept Jin back into his life. The second book has Hitomi face his future. There are hints that Jin’s father and the organization he’d been forced to work for are shady and possibly dangerous, so it’ll be interesting to see how much more shady and dangerous things will get and how they will mix with the sweet domesticity of Hitomi's home life. There’s a new book out I haven’t bought yet, but will be doing so in my next order.

Another set of books I’ve enjoyed is Kokui no zeirishi (The licensed tax accountant wearing black clothing) 1 and 2 by Umino Sachi and illustrated by Asou Kai. It’s about a licensed tax accountant who willingly works with companies connected with (or run directly by) yakuza. He goes to a company that buys and sells used cars. Mostly they get cars from a yakuza clan, of whom the president of the company is a member of. He isn’t an active member, though his father had been an important person in the clan. He’s a bit…lazy. He lives on the top floor of the company building and is always looking sloppy (but hot) in a yukata. The employees are a motley crew and their bookkeeping is a mess. The accountant has to straighten them (and the lazy president) out in more ways than one. I like the characters. The accountant is uptight, but doesn’t quite get to tsundere. The president is very relaxed most of the time, but then can be very manly when needed (but not in an overbearing way). My favorite bit? The accountant is saved by the president when he’s attacked at one point. The president says, “Who do you think you’re messing with? Some random licensed tax accountant? Or MY licensed tax accountant?” I laugh every single time I read that scene! The art is lovely, of course. I hope there will be more books…
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So. Hakkenden. I've seen the latest (ep 4) and so far am enjoying it. It's very faithful to the manga. Specifically… )

In the end, though, I can't help but still feel anxious. Where is this anime heading? GAH.

Unrelatedly, what a sweet wedding article. The last paragraph is so lovely. ♥
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From somewhere on my flist: thingswithwings live tweets Fellowship of the Ring amused me to no end.

I watched the first Hakkenden anime episode…and I'm faintly disappointed. First off, the obviousness of the CG water/smoke/fire/whatever KILLS me. Storywise, it's oddly disjointed. I'm hoping it'll smooth out in later episodes. Sosuke's voice threw me off. My question…what is the point of the anime? Didn't see Fuse-hime in the opening. Did see Ao, didn't see the tengu kid, didn't see those weirdo Church siblings (I think of the guy as "Ferragamo" though I'm sure that's not his name. The sister is Lilith, no?). What/who is the big bad? What will they overcome? I DON'T GET IT. But I'll keep watching.

I ended up rereading the 13 Tosuisha volumes afterwards. I do love Genpachi's butler--"There is a master of the house, he's just not around much." Yeah, you tell your master that he needs to allow his butler to serve him. XD;
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Kotatsu train: While not having a backrest is annoying, I'd love to ride this once.

The Fifth Act drabble in which chibi!Cloud gets Cloud and their mother together: Can you say aww?

I've been torturing myself by reading tons of WIP FF7 time travel fics, some of which are currently being updated and some which…might be abandoned. Sadly, my favorite of the bunch has probably been abandoned but I keep regularly checking my bookmarks to see if the others have been updated. I keep getting the stories confused because I read a bunch of them in a very short period of time and still have to read the first chapter or two to reacquaint myself with the fic before jumping into the latest chapter. It feels like it's the fate of 90% of time travel FF7 fics to be abandoned, and it's almost always the good ones that do. I hope the others get finished. *sighs*

I actually watched the 2012 Kouhaku (It's so long! It's been a couple of years since I last watched Kouhaku and I'd forgotten just how long...) and was amazed at the number of completely forgettable girl groups in the thing. I did find a couple of songs I've become attached to, tho.

One female idol I've grown to like is Kana Nishino (who can actually sing). She sang Go For It!!, a very happy, very bouncy song with an amazingly 80's vibe to the video. I've also grown attached to the interestingly-named Momoiro Clover Z's interestingly-named song Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimiyo.
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Pure awesome: CATZILLA.

Not as awesome because nothing is as awesome as CATZILLA: I also heard a fun interview of a guy who wrote an article in The New Yorker last month about Mary Renault (listen here) that makes me want to go to the library to find this issue to read the actual article. I remember discovering Mary Renault in college and reading everything I could get my hands on. Ah, the memories...
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The other day I played the most awesome game ever: Cards Against Humanity. It's an Apples to Apples style game but SO MUCH MORE (adult). The white cards have a bit too much nasty, nasty sexual stuff on it for me (lots of "queefing," "golden showers," "glory holes" and the like), but there's so much awesome as well ("Christopher Walkin," "sweet, sweet revenge," "the penny whistle solo from 'My Heart Will Go On'," etc) that make for awesome answers. There are even fan translations into a bunch of languages on the website! I'd think you'd need a bunch of people with relatively similar senses of (very twisted) humor for it to be really fun, but oh man….
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I was in the elevator of my condo going down to my car to vote. A lady entered the elevator, we smiled at each other. Typical friendly elevator behavior. Then she asks me where we are supposed to vote. I'm like "WTF?" in my head while I explain the poll location to her. How the hell do you not know and have to ask some random stranger where the poll is on the day of the election?

In any case, I got there with the rush and had to stand in line for a good part of an hour (unusual at my polling place, I've never waited more than 20 minutes). Saw the lady, glad to see she made it.

I miss the "I voted!" stickers. They had them last time, but not this time. :P
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Via wednesday_10_00: Remember the Name Avatar AMV

I don't know how to feel about the news that Lucasfilm has been bought by Disney, and three more movies are planned. I was very disappointed in prequel 1, kinda hated prequel 2, and didn't even watch prequel 3. I'm thinking Disney has to be able to do a better job than Lucas in the future films (though I'm not holding my breath).

There's an interesting article at The Atlantic about the fakes vs real photos of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy with a truly awesome fake photo at the very end. Fake (but awesome), indeed.
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Via [profile] dragynville, check out the ST:TOS tribute on the main google search page. Click the various elements to go through the entire "plot."
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Only two more days till the weekend! Yay! I spent all of Labor Day watching videos. I initially tried to watch the ROD TV show and had to give up after one and a half episodes because all the main characters made me want to spork them. My god, so irritating. I was told it was a good series, too. To cleanse my mind I watched Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, of course) and topped it off with a bunch of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episodes. Happiness!! I want more Nakamura Shungiku anime...Can we get another season of SIH or JR? Please?

I want to see the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie after seeing the trailer. He says "oro!" and "gozaru!" I know, I know, it wouldn't be Kenshin if he didn't...But it still trips me out. There's apparently a channel on Youtube with lots of videos.

Apparently mocking Bic for Her pens are a thing, and I've read some funny and some not so funny stuff out there. I enjoyed the reviews on Amazon UK the best, though.

And now a random list of books I noticed is coming out/already came out...

Books coming out I won't bother reading:
Fei-Long centric Viewfinder novel
Yet another Deadlock spin-off
I am just not a fan of spin-offs. *shrugs*

Book I plan on reading when I finally catch up:
Last volume of Fujimi! It's finally ending!

Book I am so excited about getting:
Ameiro Paradox 2
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While I don't have much experience going to Ikea stores (having only gone once, ever), I was still amused by the video Breaking Up In Ikea. XDXD (via AT)
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Been trying to study for an exam this past month. I'm hating every minute of it but it's the logical next step in my career. Wish I wasn't gripped with the dread that I will failfailfailfailfail because it makes me really unmotivated. It means that I'm doing very little in the way of fannish things, which is why I haven't been posting much. *sighs* I still haven't watched Sherlock season 2 (only have episode 1 anyways), so I've been avoiding all fanfics. Been collecting random links, though.

Love: Dragon made of plastic cutlery!

So cute: Dog with glasses

Oldie but goodie: I'm Comic Sans, Asshole

Loved the comments: 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes. First they pointed out that the headline had a mistake. Then people pointed out most of the "mistakes" weren't grammatical in nature. And others mentioned that language changes and some of these mistakes are outdated or stupidandarbitrary.

Interesting: Color Blindness Test

Made of win: Music video of "Hotel Nacional" by Gloria Estefan. The song is silly (chorus is "It's time for hoochie-coochie", rhymed with "Susan Lucci" at one point), it spoofs a bunch of things including the "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
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I love this thing. I need the version with the mouth open. ♥♥

The other day at Barnes & Noble I bought this sudoku book solely for the cover. Yeah, I'm a sucker. ^^; Oh, how well they know their target audience.

I love collecting covers, found some great ones by a folky group called Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers who like to record covers while traveling in their van:

Everyday by Buddy Holly
Material Girl by Madonna
How Will I Know by Whitney Houston (sound quality is not that great)
You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt (they looked massively cramped with all the guitars in this one)
Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin (a cappella!)
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Courtesy of NPR's Monkey See blog. To play it the right way, put down something for the stuff listed below somewhere, then click here. Or you could just click over and chuckle while sticking various words in the "titles." I particularly love the second one.

["1" OR "A"]
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On the way home I saw a vanity license plate that said "Gaysha." At first I thought, "Is it a (bizarre) name?" Then I wondered if it was gay + geisha. I guess I'll never know...

Personally, I wouldn't read an e-book with a soundtrack. First of all, I don't like listening to any music when reading. Second, fiddling with the thing to adjust the music to match your reading speed sounds annoying. It'll be interesting to see if it takes off.

I've had fun going around reading reactions to Robert Lipstiche's article in the NYT, "Boys and Reading: Is There Any Hope?" I first read [ profile] bookshop's reaction piece so my take might have been colored by hers, but the guy rubbed me the wrong way. :P
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Today's Dog Eat Dough comic strip by Brian Anderson made me smile at the cute, laugh at the punch line, then really wish the world worked that way. XD;

I saw a youtube video by someone obviously really good at it for a cool free (for now) app from the makers of AutoCAD today and immediately downloaded it. It's cool! It's free! I totally won't be able to utilize it in any useful way!
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Awesome poem: Forgetfulness by Billy Collins. You can hear the poet recite it on the website. A bit of it:

Whatever it is you are struggling to remember,
it is not poised on the tip of your tongue
or even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen.

It has floated away down a dark mythological river
whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall

well on your own way to oblivion where you will join those
who have even forgotten how to swim and how to ride a bicycle.

Wish I could buy her music: Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Never saw the movie, missed the song when it first came out: Mad World by Gary Jules from Donnie Darko
Simon Pegg interview on NPR. He's a delight to listen to. My favorite bit:

As for the raging genre war over whether zombies should be slow or fast, Pegg falls solidly on the side of slow-moving zombies. "It is sort of a schism in the church of the undead," Pegg explains. "I personally don't like fast zombies because, A) it's fun to get annoyed about something so trivial and B) I think it removes their appeal."

Factoid of the Day: The word "factoid" was coined by Norman Mailer in his book Marilyn.
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I randomly flip through the ebook copy of Emma on my ipod touch when I'm bored. I was reading a bit towards the end and had to smile at this line: "He had ridden through the rain; and had walked up directly after dinner, to see how this sweetest and best of all creatures faultless in spite of all her faults, bore the discovery."

I got my shoes back from being stretched and I'm very disappointed to say I don't think these can be salvaged. *sighs*


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