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I’ve been reading the series Youma na oresama to geboku na boku written by Fushino Michiru and illustrated by Yuzuki Ichi (I’m up to book 5 now, will read the other four if my MIA order comes in or I give up and reorder the damn books...) and have been enjoying them, more or less. Haven’t felt a burning need to write about the series mainly because it hasn’t been awesome or crappy (nothing like pure love or raging annoyance to motivate one to share one's feelings XD). 

It’s about a very ordinary kid named Adachi Masamichi who is trying to get into college while supporting himself on part-time work. One night he gets hit by a car and is fatally injured. Instead of dying, he is saved by a passing demon named Shino who thinks his blood is tasty (I think? I can’t find the first volume so can’t verify all details…). Shino was forced into human form back in the Heian period when he fought against an onmyouji and lost, then was stuck in a pot for a thousand or so years until the pot broke in an earthquake. He was helped out by an old couple he met after the earthquake, managing to snag himself a proper human identity by feigning amnesia. When they retired he got their business as an antique dealer. He specializes in haunted antiques because he can deal with the demons/spirits/whatever that are causing problems for the owner of the items.

Shino officially takes Masamichi as an "assistant," but Masamichi’s main role is to be Shino’s food source* and servant (thus the title of the series). Shino also wants to cultivate Masamichi’s spiritual potential as he has the same unusually-colored aura as Shino’s former master. He wants Masamichi to eventually break the spell on him put on by his long-dead master so that he can regain his full powers and form as a demon. Only a human can break a human spell.

The first several books focus on a stand-alone mystery or issue in each, but in the later books a big bad emerges against whom they must fight. Masamichi is very...ordinary. He isn’t annoying or anything, but he doesn’t really do anything for me. Shino isn’t a bad sort, but he's not human and thus can be insensitive. He does firmly believe in his role as master to provide for his servant and takes care of Masamichi, he just doesn't understand human sensibilities. It doesn't help that Masamichi falls in love with Shino, but the nice thing about this series is that Masamichi is mostly so placid and Shino rarely gets all worked up (even though he's pretty possessive) so it doesn't get angsty or melodramatic (much). It's an issue, but it's not OMG HOW CAN I GO ON WITHOUT HIS LOVE???

The art is decent, but nothing to write home about. I like the characters. There are some very sweet moments here and there. Nothing is really annoying or truly ridiculous (besides the premise, but you have to hand-wave it if you're going to read BL, right?). I enjoy reading about the supernatural world depicted. At least up to where I've read, I would recommend this. Just…not in any jump up and down way. ^^;

*First Shino feeds on Masamichi's blood but then they stumble into sex as a way for Shino to feed. Can’t for the life of me remember how it happens, but does it matter? It's BL, it was gonna happen.
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The Natsume Isaku Fan Book arrived, and it was better than I had hoped it would be. It has a bunch of shorts, one that is a x-over in a public bath and more than one from Ameiro Paradox, Doushiyoumonaikeredo, and Tightrope. I guess those because they won the readers favorite awards…I was surprised by Tightrope's ranking, but perhaps the existence of the OVAs helped that one. I enjoyed the other manga artists’ shorts as well. Is it just me, or does Kaori Monchi just make everything seem more perverted? She did one of Tightrope. My favorite has to be Amagure Gido’s short for Doushiyoumonaikeredo. OMG so cute! Kurokawa has to decide whether he wants a drunk (and thus adorably open) but prone to falling asleep Shimano or a sober and tsuntsun but up for sexy times Shimano, and takes a gamble that he can get Shimano *just* drunk enough to be adorable but not drunk enough to just fall asleep.

There are also lots of 4-koma bits and pictures both color and B&W. So pretty! I’m happy to learn that Ameiro Paradox is definitely going to be continuing. I am with the fans in that Doushiyoumonaikeredo and Ameiro Paradox are my favorites.

On my not-so-favorites, I wasn’t that interested in Ayakazri Zoushi and Heart no Kakurega. The former just wasn’t that interesting, and the second…the couple in the first volume was meh, and I am not a fan of series that go from one linked couple to another so I didn’t pick up the second volume.

I finally watched the Tightrope OVA, and…it was so bad. I had really low expectations and was still horrified. My god, the production values were CRAP and Natsume Isaku’s character design does not translate well to anime. Or was it because the production values were so crap that they did a crap job of designing the characters? It was painful to watch, so I skipped around. And WTF was that midi garbage that was supposed to be the opening music? The voice acting was great (man, Ryuunosuke’s “Nao~~” is great), but overall... :P

I’m really worried about my previous order now, over a month overdue. The Fan Book arrived in about a week. Is my package lost? Do I have to reorder all the books in that order? ;_; I want to read volume 2 of Ikasama Memory! GAH.
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It’s pretty late in the day here so it’s mostly the 2nd in most places, but oh well. I’ve been busy today, mostly eating. And looking for parking at the mall. Holy crap, there were tons of people there shopping!

Still in the obsession phase with Natsume Yuujinchou, so been poking around for more while waiting for the OVA to come out (and for someone to rip that DVD extra that Lala sent out last month). Thare a series of humorous 4-koma manga called Nyanko-sensei ga iku! on the Lala site. OMG so funny! I thought overall the second one was the strongest, but I loved them all. I’ve also been spreading the gospel to my RL friends. I hope some of them try it out (and get hooked).
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Via [profile] ariss_tenoh, new Fafner to come out Autumn 2014. See the PV here). It's a bit...dour. :P

So, the Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai~ movie is coming out in March 2014 (official site with PV here). As I haven’t been reading this series I didn’t realize there were already FOUR books out! I really can’t get myself to care enough to read the book(s) or watch the movie. Can anyone highly recommend this?

In Sekai Ichi news I do care about, the blu ray box set of the two tv seasons is coming out in March as well (see the announcement on the official site). Now this I want. I already ordered the Natsume Yuujincho OVA, I don’t think I can afford to get this 38,000 yen box, but…how can I not? If I get a tax refund maybe I'll spend it on this...

Speaking of the Nasume OVA, Amazon Japan has a different shipping cost for international orders? I was expecting minimum 2,500 yen EMS shipping, but there was something called "Amazon priority" that was 800 yen per order (plus the per item cost). So much more affordable! Is this a trackable shipping method? If it is, I am tempted to go with Amazon instead of because my order from November still hasn’t come. ;_;

I am on a Natsume withdrawal. Finished it all (the final arc in the fourth season was depressing as hell, and annoying because of the stupid selfish girl who grew up to be a stupid selfish teen who should’ve just been *drowned* to put her and everyone else out of their misery) and need more. I found one drama cd bit that was an extra on a DVD (a hilarious story of a sick Natori and his shiki who want to make him “nabe yaki don don” XDXD) but nothing else. I think there are more drama CDs, no? Must….find….

I bought a pint of seasonal peppermint gelato made by a local company. It has bits of peppermint candy in it and it is oh-so-good. I was worried I was too late as it is after Christmas, but they still had it in stock! ♥
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What I just ordered: Natsume Isaku Fan Book

There are manga bits from Ameiro Paradox and Doushiyoumonaikeredo and Tightrope!! Plus extra pics! (at least according to the Amazon blurb). The only bad thing is that the estimated time to shipping is 7 to 21 days, and lately airmail from honto has taken many weeks. It used to take 10 days, but my last order that shipped three weeks ago still hasn’t arrived!! I want my copy of Ikasama Memory 2. ;_;

Speaking of Natsume, I’ve become completely addicted to Natsume Yuujinchou. The first two episodes really didn’t do much for me, but I kept going because the praises were so high. I’m sooo glad I did. Yes, there are gaps in logic and inconsistencies. But that’s not the point of this series. I am in season 4 and slowing down on the watching because I don’t want it to end. I am so ordering the OVA coming out next year. XD; I looked for fanfic to help with the addiction, but it seems to be a pretty sparse fandom.

I want to own the discs, but there is no Blu-Ray version for the first season in English. I’m tempted by the Japanese box set of the first two seasons.

One thing that is driving me crazy--"Natsume" sounds like a first name, so when someone (usually the Fujiwaras) calls him "Takashi" it bothers me since I think of Natsume as his first name and Natsume is a much nicer name than Takashi. :P
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Still watching anime.

First off, am loving Gingitsune. It’s a heart-warming slice-of-life story about a girl who is the heir to a shrine and thus can see the heralds that serve at shrines. Her herald is Gintaro (voiced by Miki XD), his partner ditched a long time ago. As I’ve read in reviews online, this anime is not for the cynical. It wears its heart on its sleeve and that heart is warm and fuzzy. Sometimes it’s a bit too warm and fuzzy, but I like the characters enough that I’m willing to go along for the ride. The main girl is balanced by a boy who is also an heir to a shrine but is very closed-off. He comes to live with the girl and her father along with one the heralds from his shrine. His herald is such a little brat, but oh man have I warmed to the little thing. Immature and loud, but loves very fiercely. ^^;

I’ve also caught up with Kuroko no Basket. I fall in and out of sports manga because the games tend to go on *forever*. Watched the DVD extra episode 22.5 about the intermediate school years before most of the Generation of Miracles (my god that name is so stupid, especially when the GoM guys use the term themselves) became bastards and it was so adorable.

I started looking for fics on AO3, but the slashy stuff wasn’t that good (and I'm not sure I believe in most of the pairings) and the gen stuff was few and far between. I did find one Aomine/Kuroko fic that made me laugh and laugh, Declarations of Love in a Time of Social Media by Lys ap Adin. As far as I can tell (I’ve only watched the anime, haven’t read any of the manga) it’s a bit OOC on a lot of the characters, but the tweets are hilarious. Kise and Momoi are the best, and the ending is adorable. An excerpt:

“Aomine Daiki @awesomine

@statsuki what do you mean this wasnt what you had in mind?

Momoi Satsuki @statsuki


Aomine Daiki @awesomine

well fuck”

Another adorable and short drabble I came across was Under the Sea by Kaelin. It tickled me because it’s a mermaid parody with Aomine as a crab/lobster/something with claws and Midorima as a flounder. So cute!

I need to spend some quality looking for fics, but right now I totally can’t. Work and the holidays gets in the way of fandom… *sighs*

I also started watching Natsume Yuujinchou because someone who really liked Gingitsune kept mentioning NY and how awesome it was. I saw the first two episodes and I’m okay with it. I will keep watching to see if it’ll suck me in.

In non-anime things, I binge-listened to Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast about a surreal place called Night Vale. I can’t even begin to describe the show, but it seems to be pretty popular (in podcast circles) because I’ve heard about it on a number of different podcasts. The first time I heard of it was on the Grammar Girl podcast when she talked about the use of the negative statement that actually makes come to the very opposite conclusion.

Need to get to work, so will just post this thing even though I have more "things I'm into right now." :P
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I've been living elsewhere for the last two months, and this month the place I'm staying at doesn't have an internet connection. Holy crap it sucks. I do have a my phone, but it doesn't make up for not being able to connect with my computer and iPad (esp since my carrier hasn't upgraded to LTE here yet). GAH. It's made keeping up with everything so much harder, but especially anime and LJ. *sighs* In any case, my anime thoughts...

I caught up with Free! this week and I gotta pretty! I was surprised to find myself sorta shipping Makoto/Haruka since the Rin/Haruka thing seemed inevitable in the beginning, but I took a quick look at and saw that others saw the same thing. I look forward to the next race! The best thing about anime with competitions is just how exciting they can make whatever competition being depicted.

I am a couple of weeks behind Gin no Sagi but have grown to like it quite a bit. I realized that Hachiken's voice grates on me, which makes it hard for me to like him (he sounds waaay more whiny because of that voice), but he really tries hard. I can appreciate that. Mikage is still such a bland character. I don't dislike her, but she doesn't have anything interesting or quirky about her. Her family is 1000 times more interesting, frankly. The glimpse into animal husbandry is fascinating, as well. I am such a city slicker, I totally understood Hachiken's freak outs (even as I hated his voice). :P

Still watching Hakkenden. I'm so glad Shinobu's arc is over because it completely bored me. They really took away his quirks and made him a tiresome victim. I assume it's in the "let's make this shit up" stage since it's past the manga now, so it'll be interesting to see where they take it. I hope the end is not lame.

Majestic Prince has lost me a bit. I am surprised at where they are taking it, I'm hoping to get sucked back in for the finale.

I keep meaning to write about the BL novels I've been reading lately, but not having internet connection makes me so much less likely to crack open my laptop.
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OK, I'm shallow. I'm enjoying Free! a lot. It's silly and very cliched, but the addition of the last major member of the cast (going from the OP and ED) was a lot of fun. And it's so pretty!

I also watched the first two episodes of Gin no Sagi, the anime adapted from the manga by the artist of FMA, about a nerdy kid from Sapporo attending an agricultural high school just because it's a boarding school. Haven't learned much of his backstory yet, but it's pretty amusing to see the city boy learn the joys of farming and animal husbandry. Oh my, I couldn't do it. I wish he wasn't so fixated on the cute girl because his group members are way more interesting to me, but I'm along for the ride (for now).

I also watched most of the first episode of Makai Ouji, but it didn't do much for me. The main character has a very high opinion of himself, which right now is more irritating than, say, amusing right now. I might try another episode to see if it gets any better. I'm hoping he gets some humility knocked into him by the demons and he becomes less of an ass. *shrugs* Pretty demons and fighting! Random Biblical characters invoked! British nobility! I'm not against the concept, just the main character.

Majestic Prince is still going strong. I really like this series, and I really enjoy the mecha fight scenes. I am still not that fond of the new pilot (as well as the boy-crazy one), but I think my fondness of the main character is overriding the things I don't like. Also, the narrative is interesting. Not sure where it's going...
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Ugh. I made some dry-rub chicken to take for lunch this week and had the most awful experience. Luckily the food turned out fine (despite some major mishaps along the way). First, I mistakenly used 1-1/2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper instead of chili powder and had to carefully scoop out most of it (I had other spices and things already in the bowl). I then sloshed the brining liquid around and spilled it all over the place, including on my iPhone which I was using to read the recipe. I don't get totally freaked out about raw chicken contamination, but I still cleaned everything that got splashed pretty well. Then I spilled a bunch of the cooked chicken juices all over the place, including on my clothing, so I got to clean greasy liquid from the floors/counters AND my clothes (as well as the dishes and utensils). The entire time I'm dying from the heat and humidity and I just want to flop over somewhere, but the only cool place is sitting on a pretty uncomfortable chair out on the balcony to catch the breeze (no AC in my house). I ate a thigh for lunch, tho, and it was good. I don't know what I would've done if I'd gone through all that and had crap food at the end. ^^;

Last night I saw Pacific Rim, which was about as fun as I thought it'd be. Giant robots battling giant monsters! Very, very anime-influenced, also very, very shallow and cliched, and with lots of stupid science. But it was fun!! The only thing I really disliked was the dynamic of the two main males and the main female. Wish she wasn't so…vulnerable. I understand that her backstory does support her being the way she is to some extent, but it was annoying. However, the Japanese spoken not only by the Japanese actress but by Idris Elba and by…er…the other main male amused me (also, why does the other guy even speak Japanese? I can understand Idris Elba's character speaking it due to his backstory). I definitely enjoyed this more than Monsters University (it wasn't bad, it just wasn't…awesome? Too cliched in a way I didn't love) and possibly as much as Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing (I liked the B&W modern updated setting, and the actress playing Beatrice was wonderful--plus Nathan Fillion was as funny as all the reviews said).

Saw the second episode of Free!, and am still confused as to what this anime is going to be like. I enjoyed the "build the club/team" thing in this episode, though. I almost always do like club/team-building (H2, Chihayafuru, Hikago, to name a few). And it continues to be pretty. We even get a female proxy ogling the half-naked men for the audience.
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So. I read a lot of Yoshihara Rieko. I suppose she's still best known for Ai no Kusabi, which I personally thought was crap. The series I've been following over the years are Kusare-en no Housoku (about a trio of childhood friends, two of whom are lovers) and Nijuu Rasen (about incest, among other things). I recently got the newest volume of Nijuu Rasen, and was quite dissatisfied. I raved about volume 6 two years ago, but it feels like the following two volumes aren't going anywhere. Things happen, yes, but the narrative doesn't feel like it's moving forward. There is a lot of whining by a lot of characters (the fall-out from the cool stuff that happened in volume 6), but the characters I care about (the main character, his brothers and his school friends) don't do much of anything. In fact, I don't think the school friends show up much. Instead we get lots of self-pity by others who could die for all I care about them. It feels like she's barely treading water, and it just drives me nuts.

A couple of months ago a new volume of Kusare-en no Housoku was published after a LONG hiatus. I was ecstatic when I found out and ordered it immediately. But when I read it? It felt like the story wasn't going anywhere. The new volume introduces a bunch of new characters, with one particularly irritating one that I fear will cause much grief and annoyance in the future. What I liked about this particular series (read my summaries of the first two volumes here and here) is the school life stuff and the relationship between the three childhood friends. The new characters are totally unrelated to school. Why are you bringing in more annoying characters when not everything has been resolved with the annoying characters at school??? It feels like a distraction to me. This volume did throw me a bone with the sweetest scene between the two lovers (with a really lovely pic I will have to scan when I can find my scanner…),'s not enough! I just wanted a continuation (and eventual resolution) of the drama at school, not to be shoved into a different situation. GAH.

I had previously bought the first two volumes of the Hidamari ni fuku kaze series, which I've seen described as somewhat similar to Kusare-en no Housoku. I was so starved of my lovelies from Kusare-en that I figured I'd give it a try, even though the cover is such a turn off for me (the main character looks bleah, and the guy who will be his lover has a braided ponytail--a fact drives me nuts for some reason). In any case, the books did nothing for me. The characters seemed completely 2D and I couldn't understand why the other guy was so into the main character. At first the other guy is very dog-like in the way he interacts with the main guy (happy-go-lucky and completely oblivious to how much the main guy doesn't care about him). Then suddenly he is all sexual and aggressive. The main guy is not a passive sort, yet he lets the other guy just be all sexual and aggressive, even though I got zero vibes that he was into other guy in that way. Oh-kay. I knew there'd be sex at some point since this was BL, but it still felt almost random. I couldn't get either of them at all. After I read the two volumes I longed for Kusare-en with the wonderful couple who seemed to have a real relationship built on trust and love and all that other stuff. My disappointment in the new Kusare-en volume was even worse after I'd compared it so favorably to this one. *sighs*

The sad thing is that Hidamari is still better than Ai no Kusabi. I can't believe how bad an experience I had reading AnK. I feel like throwing my copies away, but my aversion to throwing away perfectly good books prevents me for now.
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I saw the first episode of Free! and am very confused. It's eye-candy for fujoshi, with boys who like to swim and thus are often shirtless. Very pretty art, not much of a premise. There's a grumpy guy, an asshole guy, a pretty young guy, and a nice guy (TM) who were all on a swim team when they were young. They meet again in high school and....not sure what's going to happen. Don't dislike it, am just puzzled as to the point of it.

Also saw the new Hakkenden. Pretty!! It felt a bit disjointed, though, and they've started to change things from the manga. I don't get why they made the changes, and I hope it doesn't jump the shark since I assume they will have to make up some ending for the anime.

As for spring anime, I saw the end of Hataraku Maou-sama! and Karneval. Hataraku Maou-sama! was pretty awesome, though...spoilerish grumble ) Karneval was a non-ending! It would be so lame if there is no second season. I have to catch up on the other anime from the spring...I'm a bunch of episodes behind on them.

I am caught up on Majestic Prince, but that one is continuing. I am a bit meh on the new character, who is one of those Jekyll and Hyde types. *sighs* Stick with the original five (and kill off the annoying big-boob girl), and I'd be overjoyed.
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I've been sucked into Naruto fanfic goodness, so no post any time soon (my brain has been captured by fandom--been rereading the good ones while looking for new ones). Not only have I found some really engaging fanfics in English, I ventured back into Japanese fansites and have found a treasure trove of awesome. Sadly, in both English and Japanese there are way too many WIPs that may not ever be completed (judging from how long it's been since the last update). ;_;

I've been keeping up with most of the anime I mentioned in my previous post, but the ones I really like right now are Hataraku Maou-sama! and Majestic Prince. I'm surprised at how much I really really like the latter. It really has a great mix of humor, action, sci-fi, big mech, dislocated teens (who aren't angsty!!!), and sweetness. The kids are adorable. Arata Kantagari is starting to try my patience. Kannagi's back story was *ridiculous* and makes me want him and the other dude to just die and go away. GAH.

In other anime news, I just realized the Blu-ray of Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope) is out and that Tsuritama will be coming out in a couple of months. They are some of the best anime I saw last year and are definitely going on my to-buy list. I highly recommend both to almost anyone. ♥♥♥

Okay, back to reading...
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Wow, it's been a while. LJ feels really dead and it doesn't make me want to post much, sadly. But I figure I'll just do a mega-post on stuff I've been up to. First off, I've been watching a lot of anime. The stuff I've watched from this season:

Suisei no Gargantia: Soldier in a war with aliens ends up on a planet with much lower tech level with his amusing AI-equipped mecha, and has to learn to cope with culture shock and having the freedom to choose what to do with himself. I have really enjoyed seeing the poor soldier (who came from a society with no money or much freedom--for him, at least) learn to navigate the new world he's found himself in without tons of the shortcuts anime/sf can take in a first-contact situation, but it looks like the story will take a more serious turn now.

Valvrave the Liberator: Total crack giant mecha show which I initially called the "vampire" show. I thought it'd be more serious and more angsty than it's turned out to be. Glad the angst is missing, hope it keeps going this way. It turns the normal high school student who gets into the cockpit of the Valvrave into something beyond human, but the focus of the show is on the wider student body (and the wider political situation--which reminds me of various Gundam series) at this time. It's a ridiculous story that utterly relishes in its ridiculousness (the school declares political independence at one point), but the characters are fun to watch. Also, I mock the uniform of the hot-shot military every op and ed sequence. Pretty, but stupid-looking.

Majestic Prince: The third giant mecha show I'm watching, which I thought was going to be crack but is actually pretty serious. And charming. It's about a five-member team in a military academy who have excellent skills individually but can't put it together as a team. They are selected as pilots for five shiny new mecha and manage to win against the enemy (mysterious aliens) for the first time. They are caricatures, yes, but adorable ones. I wish the boy-crazy, big-busted girl didn't mumble, but otherwise am very happy with bunch. A nice combo of silly and serious, this show makes me smile.

Arata Kantagari: A normal boy in modern-day Japan exchanges places with a boy in a fantasyland and has to go on an adventure and conquer his personal demons (he has issues with trust and self-confidence from being badly bullied, as well as the typical normal kid needs to step up thing), from a manga by Watase Yuu. Nothing amazing about this one, but I've grown to like it. I like the main kid and his companions a lot. The angst coming from the villian(?) in the last episode made me roll my eyes, but whatever. I'm watching for the kid (and his counterpart in Japan who is a lot more happy-go-lucky) do his thing, not the big angst-fest from that aforementioned last episode. Or if I'm going to see angst, I'd rather see the main character's angst. I just care more about him.

Karneval: Hm, what to say about this? It's set in an early(?) 20th century setting but with some high tech thrown in. There's a secret group (I can't rememeber the name of) making monsters and a government group called Circus that is trying to combat the secret group. Members of Circus have access to powers which seem to be extremely advanced tech (but looks like magic), and are very...showy. They actually operate a circus, perhaps as a cover? Main character 1 is a cute-looking kid who initially irritated me a lot. He spoke haltingly, was very naive, and was very focused on finding a particular person--he kept saying the person's name at random times. GAH. He's widened his horizons a bit more, so my irritation has mostly gone away. Main character 2 has an angsty past and has tried to be cold-hearted in order to get by in the world. When he meets up with MC #1 he ends up rescuing him despite his head telling him BAD IDEA NOT WORTH IT and gets caught up with the two opposing groups. I liked him from the beginning and like him even more now. The shirt he wears under his coat baffles me, but other than that I'm all good. Dunno what's up with secret group, I just hope they don't turn out lame.

Hataraku Maou-sama!: I like this one a lot. A LOT. Demons and humans were fighting in another world, and the Demon Lord (the maou) escapes through a gate to avoid losing to the Hero. He and his general end up in modern-day Japan without their magic and their demon forms. They look like young human males. They have to make it in this world and somehow figure out a way back to their world. They rent a ratty apartment and the Demon Lord Maou (he actually takes the last name Maou) gets a job at McRonald's while his general is his nagging housewife who searches for a way to get their magic back. Maou is a nice guy and eminently likeable. The Hero shows up, having followed him to KILL HIM. She's also set up a life in Japan, and they snipe a lot. The comedy is PURE GOLD (esp the general's nagging wife routine, it never fails to be hilarious). The action is fun to watch. Trouble follows them from their world, naturally. It'll be interesting to see how things go.

I also finally watched the rest of Zetsuen no Tempest from the winter season. Holy crap, I like this series. It got really slow in the middle, so I stopped when the series took a break. But when I picked it back up I couldn't stop. It's over the top, from the battle for civilization to the frequent references to Hamlet and The Tempest, but it carries everything through to the end in a way that makes sense. Above all, though, I came to care for the characters. I didn't dislike any of them, really, but the main four characters were really fabulous. I'm happy to say the two female teenagers were awesome as well. This is one of the few series where I cherish the flashbacks the most. So, so great to see the two main guys interacting with each other and the girl who was the sister to one and girlfriend to the other. It's also beautiful to look at and with a very appropriately lush soundtrack. So, so pretty. I felt so satisfied when I got to the end, and I immediately went back and watched all of my favorite flashback sequences.

Huh. I wrote more than I thought I would. I'll leave the books and other things I've been consuming for another post.
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Holy shit! I got one of those recommendation emails from Amazon Japan. The cover art was pretty so I clicked the link…I'm reading the blurb and thinking…This sounds familiar. I look at the author and the name is in katakana…I sound it out and realize it's Lynn Flewelling! No wonder the blurb sounded familiar. I didn't make an immediate connection because the katakana versions of the names just didn't click. The particular book I was recommended was split into two parts, 1 and 2. Are there insert illustrations in these? I almost want to buy them because so pretty.

In other translated stuff news (to me), I didn't know that Castle Mango had been translated. So was Samejima-kun & Sasahara-kun!
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Read Castle Mango 2 and Rivers End...Oh boy. Glad I got to do it in one fell swoop. I think I would've stopped reading it from depression if I had read it in installments, especially Castle Mango 2. cut for spoilers, obviously )

Also read Silver Diamond volume 27 and gaiden...I gotta say that it went on too long. There were bits I enjoyed a lot in the last volume, but these story head really sputtered out by then. The gaiden was, on first reading, not that great to me. I'll have to go back and reread at some point to see if I still feel the same.

Hakkenden volume 12 was so worth the wait. Revelations! Flashbacks! I can't wait for the next volume. The annoying thing is that I reread the series and realized that stuff in volume 12 contradict stuff that was shown before. It really felt like she hadn't thought it through at the start (at least the big things) because seeing those inconsistencies just irked me.


Feb. 15th, 2013 07:32 pm
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I recently read an interesting Loveless fanfic, which made me wonder…How is the manga doing now? Anyone still reading it? Is it good? I lost interest at one point, but if it's good I wouldn't mind taking it up again. Same with Nabari no Ou or D.Grayman. Are they good? Have they ended? If they did, did they end well?

I also realized I had accidentally bought a random volume of 07-Ghost at some point…The art is pretty! It makes no sense (I bought volume 5 or something like that)! I think it was an anime? So…anyone read it and recommend it?

ETA: Another one I gotta ask about...Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru? I got to about volume 5...
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So. Hakkenden. I've seen the latest (ep 4) and so far am enjoying it. It's very faithful to the manga. Specifically… )

In the end, though, I can't help but still feel anxious. Where is this anime heading? GAH.

Unrelatedly, what a sweet wedding article. The last paragraph is so lovely. ♥
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Anne of Green Gables is featured in a blog post at Publisher's Weekly called When a Cover Can Ruin a Book. My god, that cover is awful. The points in the post are excellent, too. I've seen criticism about the new cover for Sylvia Plath's Bell Jar as well.

I am enjoying all the hoopla surrounding Pride and Prejudice's anniversary. One of the best is the January 17 discussion on BBC's Arts & Ideas program (podcast available here). There's a modernized adaptation of P&P in a vlog format called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I've watched the first episode and found it engaging, but I'm waiting for the end to dive in.
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Somehow or another I ended up at rachelmanija's post on the Saikano manga. God, brings back memories of bleak and depressing. My reaction? I was delighted that the story actually followed through and didn't soften the blow of the ending. XD;

I've been watching quite a bit of anime lately.

Chihayafuru, an adaptation of a josei manga that in some ways really reminds me of Hikaru no Go but with karuta instead of go (and without any ghosts). Beautiful animation, pretty music, a card game turned into a sports manga. The whole bit where they try to assemble a karuta club at school? Made me think of Hikago and H2. Unorthodox recruiting methods which include lots of harassing until they give in! (OK, not really, but some people are…driven.)

Oreshura (Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru), a harem anime (from a manga, I think?) about a high school guy who is not interested in romance. He's blackmailed into being the pretend boyfriend of a gorgeous girl who is sick of all the attention. There's his childhood friend who likes him but is totally unable to confess, which he's waaay too dense to pick up, who gets sucked into a club with guy and fake-gf. Not sure where this is going. Who is the guy supposed to end up with? From the (really, really annoying) OP there will be four girls, I'm hoping I don't dislike the others. I haven't watched/read a harem storyline in quite a while so I'm hoping I won't hate this.

Sword Art Online (SAO)…I gotta say, the ending was meh. Worth watching for some things, but so not for others. the worst part )
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From somewhere on my flist: thingswithwings live tweets Fellowship of the Ring amused me to no end.

I watched the first Hakkenden anime episode…and I'm faintly disappointed. First off, the obviousness of the CG water/smoke/fire/whatever KILLS me. Storywise, it's oddly disjointed. I'm hoping it'll smooth out in later episodes. Sosuke's voice threw me off. My question…what is the point of the anime? Didn't see Fuse-hime in the opening. Did see Ao, didn't see the tengu kid, didn't see those weirdo Church siblings (I think of the guy as "Ferragamo" though I'm sure that's not his name. The sister is Lilith, no?). What/who is the big bad? What will they overcome? I DON'T GET IT. But I'll keep watching.

I ended up rereading the 13 Tosuisha volumes afterwards. I do love Genpachi's butler--"There is a master of the house, he's just not around much." Yeah, you tell your master that he needs to allow his butler to serve him. XD;


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