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I tried listening to the drama CD of Kusama Sakae's manga Hiruma no koi today and had to stop. I liked the manga but had some problems with it, and the drama CD magnified the deficiencies quite a bit. I can't find my manga (I swear I just saw it the other day, too!) and don't want to bother go back to the drama CD so I'll have to go by memory, but the basic idea is that a salaryman is assigned to deal with a one-man machinist shop. They get together pretty quickly and the rest of the manga is about their relationship. Overall, I like it. I like the feel of Kusama-sensei's mangas and I like these two. The machinist is a younger puppy seme (voiced very well in the drama CD, btw) and the salaryman is more uptight (and was always into older guys so is at a loss at times dealing with younger puppy dude) but--and this is the important bit--NOT TSUNDERE. I love younger puppy semes, but most of the time they seem to be paired with annoying tsundere ukes who can never be honest with their feelings. While there are misunderstandings and the such, they aren't made into huge deals. It's sweet. My problem with the manga is that it felt like she jammed more than one volumes worth of material into one volume. It felt disjointed. How they get together baffles me. I actually stopped reading the manga and put it aside once because it was so nonsensical to me. Once I just swallowed the fact that they got together somehow and didn't think too hard about it I could go on and read the rest of the manga. So the drama CD is really cute when it comes to the two of them interacting, but it just throws me when the story just shifts. It doesn't flow.

Oh man, I'm tempted to see if they dramatized the bit with the salaryman's boss meeting up with his daughter and wailing about having just given the subordinate-who-is-like-a-son away. That was so cute.

Also cute is when the machinist asks salaryman about boss's birthday and when the salaryman immediately answers machinist is a bit devastated. His jealousy is so funny!
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Yay! I managed to rip the tracks! It was a hassle, but now I can listen to it at any time on my ipod. XD; There are two tracks, one about Aki's first amusement park visit (SO CUTE) and a seiyuu talk track (which I didn't listen to as I don't care for talk tracks).


quick summary of the first track )

BTW, I didn't realize that the limited edition and the regular edition have different yet complementary covers! I feel like I need to own both! GAR!
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I've just had my first CD drama is better than the original work experience! I thought 15 cm miman no koi by Sunahara Touko, which featured a silent and socially inept seme and a very tsundere uke, was just so-so--a feeling I think I conveyed in my post on the book. I recently listened to the CD drama and was amazed because it was such an enjoyable experience! The seme's taciturn awkwardness just SHINES. He's adorable! The dude is so clueless, and he's had the misfortune of falling for a tsundere who can't face his own damn feelings let alone help seme out by giving him a clue. Even uke was much cuter in the drama. I almost empathized with the uke when faced with the seme's amazing cluelessness as vocalized by the fabulous voice actor, even though I still think he just needs to suck it and deal. I love how the seme just takes the uke's words at face value, not having any idea that uke could totally be saying things he doesn't really mean because that's what tsunderes do. That is, until the very end when does figure it out and just...semes (goes on the offensive).

I think this is one book that was improved by the editing that must be done to fit into the drama format. Seriously, so much fun. XDXD

I still had to skip the sex scene when the uke is doll-sized, tho. Ick ick icky ick ick...
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Thanks to [ profile] madamada_chan I checked out the CD dramas of the wonderful policeman x yakuza manga Honto Yajuu (my happy post here). Oh, it is good. GOOD. The narrative becomes a bit choppy in the CD drama, but it is more than made up by the fabulousness of the voice actors. Kakihara Tetsuya as the yazuka does a great job doing both the old-school deep-voiced yakuza thing AND the cute "I'm so in love" voice. Nakamura Yuuichi is also great as a generally genial and composed policeman who learns of his more passionate side thanks to the yakuza. The rest of the voices are also excellent. I loved the voices of the rest of the yakuza clan. They are as gruff and tough as they look in the manga, even as they fanboy the uke! XD;
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I saw a post for the CD dramas of Kyuusu wa cheese no yume wo miru and Sojou no koi wa nido haneru by Mizushiro Setona and recoiled in horror. Am I wrong to think it'll be overdone and ruin the wonderful tension the manga creates so well? :P

On the other hand, I am IN LOVE with the CD drama of Tightrope by Natsume Isaku. It has made me love the manga, I take back the bleah post I made on it a while back. I adored Ryu's pure, puppy-dog adoration of Naoki. He was born to be yakuza, but he's grown up so not messed up because Naoki has been there to keep him from becoming a total delinquent and a worthless piece of scum. The voice actors were PERFECT. Ryu is manly when mad but like a puppy around Naoki, I want to pet him and want him so much to have what he so earnestly wants. Naoki has this throaty voice that is perfect for his slightly distant personality. How I wish they had dramatized the side story in the manga because I would've loved to hear Ryu's little spiel on how Naoki had been so sweet when they'd had sex and how wonderful a sweet Naoki is since Naoki is usually so bitter...But then he thinks that a bitter Naoki is pretty awesome and so cool, but then wouldn't it be nice if a bit of sweetness was mixed in? Not like in an unnatural way, but...

And then his thoughts are interrupted by Naoki and he jumps back. Oh, how wonderful it'd be dramatized! XDXD

I think I hadn't appreciated Ryu's pure devotion and his sweet earnestness. I love how he can't even imagine ever doing anything to make Naoki cry, even if it means being tortured with lack of sex. So cute!
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I didn't know Doushitemo furetakunai by Yoneda Kou had been made into a drama CD! I have listened to it twice and have fallen in love with the story all over again. They did a *great* job with this one. It helped that it was a two disc set, so they could develop the story properly. The voice actors were wonderful. Shima was done by Nojima Kenji, Togawa by Ishikawa Hideo. I don't know the latter, but the former I'm quite familiar with through the Kusareen no housoku drama CDs. He plays Ryuuhei, a very happy-go-lucky character, in that one. What a difference! In any case, love love love this drama CD. Not too much sex, not *too* much angst (the weakest part of the story had been when there was too much full-blown angst, IMO), and I love hearing the line about Shima being so expressionless he's like an ornament so he should be called "Shima-chan" to at least make his name cute. XDXD;

Download here.
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I forgot to mention that the March issue of CIEL will contain a new installment of Sekaiichi hatsukoi by Nakamura Shungiku...with a new main character! ARG! Does that mean that the Onodera arc is over or that she's going to take turns with this new character?

I'm a bit interested in "News na kare" by Yamato Nase, which is coming out in TresTres right now. It's December's rec on the CIEL page (here). It's about an ordinary kid (who has grownup without TV) who lives next door to a very popular actor, gets sucked into the actor's world and is loved muchly by the actor. Sounds really stupid, but I'm a sucker for these types of stories drawn by Yamato Nase. I especially love it when the kid is nothing special and a bit snarky and the older dude is disgustingly indulgent (I still have to mention this one really bad BL novel illustrated by Yamato Nase that totally fits this mold that I like to reread....Maybe when I get around to buying a new scanner?). It's so unrealistic but still fun to read.

Speaking of Yamato Nase, I didn't realize there was a drama CD of Benriya-san! I wouldn't mind listening to this one, I like this manga a lot. XD
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It's amazing how CD dramas for a series will come out one after another in short order. I knew that Flesh & Blood 4 is coming out this month (12/26), but I just saw an ad announcing no. 5 & 6 scheduled to be released on 2/25 and 4/22 next year. There will be an original bookmark bonus for the first printing, and if you reserve and buy all three from Animate or via the company (Marine Entertainment) you can get a special CD (which will include a cast talk recording). I see no. 5 on the website, but not no. 6 yet.

I want to see a big pic of the new artist. *sighs*

I got a big order of manga and books! I've been having much fun reading them. I wish I'd ordered more. XD;
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Read two fun bonus stories in the Deadlock series. One is set in the first book when leader of the Latinos Net (?) is released from solitary and sees Tonia, his "girl." You know...I didn't know Tonia is actually his younger brother but they are not a real incestuous couple. Did this come out in the original series and I somehow missed it or was it in the offshoot book that I hadn't bothered reading? In any case, I enjoyed hearing their impressions of Dick and Yuuto. Love how Net agrees with Tonia that Yuuto "is like a prince." XD The second story is set after the series and features Yuuto's protective older stepbrother being a macho protective older brother towards the bad, bad man that turned Yuuto gay. Yuuto, you are so protected! And then the obligatory bed scene where Yuuto and Dick throw around more gag-worthy declarations of love before they have mad sex (in many positions!). They are uploaded here.

I also listened to the CD drama of Arashi no ato, the Hidaka Shouko manga I loved so much (and squeed over here). It was fabulous! Morikawa Toshiyuki (seme) and Nakamura Yuuichi (uke) were spot on. They made lovely salarymen being professional and cool. Uploaded here.

I learned some new terminology today...Fascinating doesn't begin to describe it.
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Flesh & Blood drama cd 4 is set to come out 12/26!

There's also going to be a Crimson Spell cd drama this winter...No cast announced yet.

End of the happy part of the news. The rest has me gnashing my teeth in frustration. ;_;

The fifth (and I think last) Ring Finger novel (not listed on amazon japan yet) comes out this month. Damn. I don't think I can buy this for a while. *sighs*

Other stuff that comes out in September I can't buy anytime soon:
Silver Diamond 15
Kuroshitsuji 5

And the most aggravating news of all, they are making the novel series Sasra by Unit Vanilla into four drama CDs coming out 10/31, 11/28, 1/30, and 2/27 with Fukuyama Jun as Naraoka Ren (uke priest dude Seshan) and Konishi Katsuyaki as Sumida Goushou (seme prince dude Hohemahket). That's not the aggravating part. It's the fact that they are having a mail order special. If you buy all four CDs through them you can get an extra CD and an extra booklet! AAAARGH! I paid an arm and a leg for the special booklet that the book publisher had come out with via auction. Yes, it was worth every penny, but still....

I hate not living in Japan sometimes.
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I can't believe TurboTax doesn't allow online purchase of their program when installing with one of their CD mailers. I called and went through their tedious automated phone system, getting an installation code. Of course the code didn't work, so I sent an email to support. The response instructed me to call during business hours (not much longer than typical business hours, luckily Pacific Time and not something like Eastern or Central). What do I find out when I call? That I basically got the code right, except that I misheard the "D" as "B." I listened to the damn code twice to double-check, too! GAH.

Are there a lot of drama cd translations? It seems like quite a lot of work, in some ways worse than doing a scanlation. It's very nice of people to do stuff like that, since I always wondered what people who didn't understand Japanese do. On a whim I downloaded a translation of Nijuu Rasen 1 (a great drama based on the novel by Yoshihara Reiko and illustrated by Enjin Ranmaru) and it's 19 pages! I laughed at the translator refusing to translate part of a sex scene...I can totally relate. It's a) kind of embarrassing and b) rather silly since half the time it's pretty damn obvious. XD

Lately I've been seeing some real possessive behavior regarding scans. Not scanlations, but straight scans. People who bother to watermark their illegal scans of copyrighted material and go around demanding that people stop sharing "their" scans really drives me bonkers.

[ profile] oyceter posts about alpha males in romances and starts what looks to be a really good discussion (I haven't had a chance to read past the first one or two comments). Personally, I see too much alpha male bastards raping and controlling their way through too many BL novels to have a generally positive reaction to the word "alpha male." ^^;

Huh...The TV is playing one of those Animal Planet shows about animal welfare law enforcement right now and I happened to look up to see an owner get arrested for animal cruelty. The owner, whose face is obscured by pixillation, asks in a completely bewildered tone, "Why?" The deputy who is to arrest her, after an awkward pause, just repeats that "Because it's animal cruelty." The depths of some people's unconcern re: their pets' welfare is really depressing.
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I don't know why I never bothered to listen to the drama CD of Time Lag, a fluffy manga I've always liked. It's so sweet! The angsty parts were rather lame, but those parts were more than made up by the cute moments. XDXD

I also just listened to the drama CD for Shousetsuka wa zange suru, a novel I'd read quite a while back, and I have to admit...It was a stupid story. The voice actors were really good, especially Morikawa Toshiyuki being languid. Takeuchi Ken was also good in his role--too bad he played a twit. Ugh. I didn't get nearly as irritated reading the book, but listening to this made me realize how stupid the main character is. The main character is the uke, a gay cook whose live-in lover/boss runs away from his debts and to start over with his wife and child. He ends up as the live-in cook for a writer who has no time or inclination to take care of the house he lives in (or himself, really). He's a bit of a bastard but pretty straightforward. It's love at first sight for the uke, and it's sex the first night he's there. He falls more and more in love, while feeing horribly anxious that he can't be what seme needs (seme has major trauma from his past). Finally he can't take it anymore and leaves...But realizes he wants to go back when he finds out that seme has been hospitalized. The plot is very conventional, yes. The sad thing is that the author doesn't manage to give the uke plausible reason to be anxious. The seme is laid-back, yes, but he makes his preference for the uke pretty damn clear. Why the hell is the uke so worried? It's just completely ridiculous. I felt really sorry for the seme! He even begs the uke to come back to him on TV (while being interviewed for a movie being made from one of his books). When the uke does show his face the seme is frantic. What can he do to keep the uke to him? Marry him? But then, even marriage didn't keep his wife with him (one of the seme's traumas is the suicide of his wife, whom he loved very much)....Hello, the seme has major abandonment issues, and yet the uke abandons the seme because the seme couldn't assuage his (really lame) anxieties? In any case, my final verdict: what a waste of good voice acting.
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I listened to two CD dramas today to take a break from a marathon podcast session...There's only so much gloomy business news I can listen to before going nuts, after all. ^^;

Yome ni konaika is from a manga that I've mentioned before about a normal salaryman who has a "bride" move in with him without his consent. The bride is a man, gorgeous and skilled in all that a housewife should be good at (He's also skilled at fucking his husband good! XD). The salaryman is a bit slow and a bit dense and stands no chance against his smart and insistent bride. In any case, the drama is hilarious. Morikawa Toshiyuki is the logical choice to play the put-upon salaryman husband and he does a fabulous job. The "bride" is played perfectly by Koyasu...I love how he voices him with a high pitch and with that wonderful humble politeness that comes from the traditional housewife role. I'm glad they decided to concentrate on the comedy aspects and not bother voicing the sex scenes...It made the narrative run very smoothly.

The side story about the poor neighbor of the happy newlyweds is hilarious as well. Whoever the voice is for that is just...perfect. I love his incredulity as he watches the entire neighborhood treat the "bride" as a normal wife...

Aikagi is based on a novel by Yuuki Kazumi and illustrated by Sakuragi Yaya, which I read a long time ago and hadn't bothered talking about. It's a very conventional story about a normal salaryman who is raped by his younger brother, falls down the stairs while trying to leave afterwards, and loses his memory. What follows is some angst between the two brothers as one tries to regain his memory (and deal with these unnatural feelings he develops over the course of the story for his younger brother) and the other tries to get over his feelings that had caused the whole mess in the first place. It's silly and fluffy and tries to be angsty but ends happily, of course. I don't know the voice actors who play the two brothers, but I do like the husky voice of the older brother. XD The voice of the younger brother sometimes sounded like he's just reading a script instead of acting the part, but he got better deeper into the story. The drama, like the novel, is supremely conventional...But it was pleasant to listen to.
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Ah crap, the new Shonen Bride drama CD is out. Unfortunately it's on one of those labels that aren't carried by the regular CD places so I'll have to wait for someone to upload it. :P The cover is that pretty blue-green one...

Via [ profile] canis_m, a Japanese reaction to first Temeraire book. I love Japanese reactions so much. The first two parts of the blog post give basic info on the book. The third part is the fun part, where she(?) explains what makes it good--basically, the love. She declares that the entire novel is LaurencexTemeraire/TemerairexLaurence...So much so that she(?) almost felt embarrassed. She then mentions the lines that stuck in her mind (such as "You're mine and I'm yours"--sorry, it's a translation of the Japanese because I don't feel like trying to find the line in my copy...). XDXD

Now all we need is the fabulous fanart.

I am seriously considering buying a new camera solely to be able to take better pictures of my cats. My old camera has served me well, but the reaction time is a bit slow. So by the time I frame the shot, click, and the camera actually kicks in...The cat's moved and ruined the shot (not that I'm ever going to take really good pics...but I think I can do better than endless shots of ears...).
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I hadn't realized that the shoujo manga Moonchild by Shimizu Reiko had been licensed. I vaguely remember attempting to read this a LOOONG time ago and failing. I think I was confused and slightly traumatized. In any case, enthusiastic pimp posts do make me want to try it again...

Speaking of shoujo, I realized that I have a bunch of Rose of Versailles manga in my house....This puzzles me greatly. How did it get there? I thought we only had the anime. It's next to the very very traumatizing Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi by Yamagishi Ryouko, which no child should ever be allowed to happen to come upon. *shudders* I wonder if I can get over that childhood trauma and read it now that I'm older.

I find it so odd that the shonen-ai classics were all introduced to me by older women long before I had figured out that I actually liked anime/manga: Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi by my mom (who LOVED this manga to death), Song of Wind and Trees by my aunt (who, in her defense, probably had no idea what kind of story this was--she gave me the videotape of the anime along with a bunch of other random anime from her family's video rental shop), Poe no Ichizoku and Thoma no Shinzou by my mom's friend (both my mom and her friend LOVED these manga). Now that I look back on it, I don't think these were very appropriate for a young person to consume. The only thing that was more traumatizing than those were Tezuka Osamu's stuff. Some of the images from Hi no Tori in particulary are seared into my brain permanently. I had some bad nightmares thanks to that manga.

And onto the less traumatizing...

Yume wo miru hima mo nai by Yamada Yugi is a lovely little manga that apparently has been completely scanlated by Nakama. It's currently being posted at [ profile] yaoi_daily, so far chapter 1 (parts 1 and 2) is up. It's about two guys who work at an airline, who had been roommates for a brief time in high school. I don't know how to describe it succinctly, sadly. It's funny and cute and sweet and dorky. I love how much the main character (and others) loves airplanes and never ever outgrows that love. The sempai side story is hilarious, as well. All I can say is that I really like it and am glad to see it's been scanlated. XDXD

I'm trying to listen to the drama CD of Aiteru door kara shitsurei shimasu yo by Yamada Yugi and having a really hard time accepting Okiayu as Shouichi. Inoue throws me off as Shunji, as well. It's quite well done so far...But it just feels odd for some reason. *shrugs*
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I just heard the Kuroshitusji Drama CD and am in love. First and foremost, Morikawa Toshiyuki you have redeemed yourself after your anemic turn as Sousuke in Hakkenden! He plays the butler Sebastian so perfectly, always unfailingly polite and perfectly composed. I especially love how Morikawa voices the line about how a certain someone looks so unsightly and so lovely on his knees, weak and small. XDXD Ciel is voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki, a voice actress I am completely unfamiliar with. I haven't seen any of the shows she has more than a bit part in. In any case, perfect casting. She sort of reminds me of Minagawa Junko, except softer. She has the child who is more mature than his age aspect down perfectly, giving him the ennui that he had to have (considering how he lounged about in all those lovely gothic outfits in the manga). Even the retarded servants of Ciel come alive in the drama. In the manga I found them kind of extraneous and silly, but in the drama they provide a great contrast to the more serious stuff. Even Ciel's betrothed was very well done. Yes, she has a high squeaky voice...But what else is she going to sound like? She comes off as a sweet if spoiled young lady with her heart in the right place. Her concern for Ciel after the ring thing sounded genuine, as it should.

It's always hard to stage action sequences in drama CDs, but I think this one did quite a good job. It loses something when the images aren't there, but at the same time it gains the shininess of Morikawa. Which I think for the most part makes up for the lack. It helps to have the manga in front of you while listening because it's quite faithful, but it's not necessary. The big moment (for me) from the manga, however, did lose quite a bit of oomph in the drama CD. I can't blame the production because it's a play on characters and can't be conveyed very well through sound.

Overall, an A++++ adaptation.

Just wanted to add...Though it's a minor point, I also adore the track titles:

1. The butler, he is capable
2. The butler, he is outstanding
3. The butler, he is the mightiest
4. The butler, he is most evil

So appropriate! So pat (in Japanese)!

And the pictures in the booklet are so lovely (as can be seen on this post--click for a bigger image!).
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My impression of the long-awaited G Senjou no neko III by Miyagi Tooko after a fairly quick skim? Disappointment. First, the art...It is different. I can't put my finger on it, but it just doesn't make me sigh with its beauty like the first two volumes did. I guess I'll have to stare at the art longer to see if my first impression is unfounded. Second, the story kind of takes a wacky turn. Yes, the premise was already kind of extreme, but then it...fell off a cliff and went into free-fall or something. And the end! The end! GAH! Did she just want to finish the thing off and provide a "satisfying" ending?? I think I'll put this aside and let my disappointment cool before picking it up and giving it another chance.

Another disappointment is the Hakkenden drama CD. My fears regarding Paku Romi were realized. She's talented, yes, but (at least for me) ALL WRONG! I just kept thinking, "Ed! It's Ed!" because she voiced Shino just like Ed...It doesn't help that the characters are kind of similar. Toshiyuki Morikawa obviously fits like a glove into the role of Sousuke...but perhaps too well? I dunno, he fell a bit flat for me. The only one I really liked was Hamaji...But then, I only managed to listen to about two tracks before giving up. Besides my problems with the casting, the story was waaaay too choppy for me. I hate it when they edit manga/novels into tiny bits and pieces that only really make sense when you have already read the original work. I want my drama cds to stand on their own. I guess I'll eventually give this one another go after a while...a long while.

I was amused to see scans of Ari no mama no kimi ga suki by Kifu Kaname online. It must have been because the illustrations were done by Yukifuna Kaoru, but I have to admit this particular novel doesn't have anything near the prettiest Yukifuna illustrations I've ever seen. The story, on the other hand, is novel and amusing. Basically it's about a character who is ugly and fat, stupid, gullible, and cowardly. But he has a naive personality that (while probably irritating to 99% of the population) is appealing to his father (who dotes on him) as well as the guy who turns into his suitor. Kind of reminded me of Don't Worry Mama by Konohara Narise, but without the cop-out ending with the fat bastard turning into a skinny guy with a decent personality. In this one the guy actually does try to lose weight because he thought he should try to look better to be with his hot and sexy lover--only to be told by his father and his lover to not bother. Even if he lost weight he'd still be ugly and hulking, and to deny his love of eating is just foolish and tortuous. The novel was at times a bit tedius (Kifu-sensei likes to get a bit too simplistic at times), but overall pretty fun (even the sex, in a rather disturbing way). I think I read on her website that Kifu-sensei will be writing a sequel, which I look forward to reading.

Speaking of sequels, I was thinking of some of the books I've summarized that have sequels/are in series. I don't know if anyone cared enough to read summaries of the others, so I figured I'd do another poll (my second poll ever!).

[Poll #1087769]
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I was randomly browsing (*hugs internet*) when I came across the cast of the Deadlock drama CD. While I'm not a huge fan of the book, I'd probably have listened to it even if I hadn't found out who is voicing the main character. Now? I MUST! XD

Yuuto: Nakamura Yuuichi (I know him best as Abe in Oofuri!)
Dick: Yasumoto Hiroki (I am not familiar with this guy...He was some guy named Sado in Bleach?)
Nathan: Miki Shinchirou (Ha! Miki!)
Mickey: Itou Kentarou
Ned (Net?): Miyake Kenta
Tanya: Suzuki Chihiro

I'd write more but I got a plastic cut on the tip of my finger (I sliced open the pad on the edge of a plastic container) and it hurts to type too much. GAH.
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Hyakujitsu no bara (Maiden Rose) Drama CD download links:


Initially, I was rather hesitant to listen to it. On the one hand, I didn't really want to because the first volume is full of sex, but on the other I was curious about how both of these veterans would sound:

Taki: Chiba Susumu
Klaus: Inoue Kazuhiko

In the end I did listen, and....Well, I can say that this was one of the best cd drama adaptations of a manga or novel I'd ever heard. I am not too sure about the suitability of the choices of voice actors for the roles, but they are damn good. And the narrative is tight and flows really well. They moved scenes around, added lines here and there to make things clear--clearer than even the manga at times, cut out a lot to keep the story on track. The drama, pathos, whatever effect desired of each scene is heightened at every point (well, i don't know about the sex scenes because I skipped them--I'll probably listen to those eventually since there's drama in them too). Seriously, my reaction can be summed up as "wow wow wow wow wow!"

Now I want this to be animated! Though I suppose I'd settle for the second volume becoming a drama CD for now. ^_~

the fabulous and gorgeous mini-manga in the insert )

As a warning to anyone who doesn't understand Japanese, the drama doesn't follow the manga faithfully (as I had mentioned earlier). I had to flip around to find the correct scene in the manga while listening. ^^; If anyone is interested, I can provide a guide to correlate scenes between the drama and manga...
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Hakkenden drama CD coming out 9/21! The cast is as follows:

Inuzuka Shino: Paku Romi
Inukawa Sousuke: Morikawa Toshiyuki
Hamaji: Kobayashi Sanae
Satomi Riou: Narita Ken
Osaki Kaname: Miyano Mamoru

I was actually kind of disappointed that Paku Romi was cast as Shino initially, but after some thought I'm taking a wait and see attitude. I think Paku Romi is very talented, but I have a negative impression of her because I don't like her singing voice. I figure she won't be singing on the drama CD, so...

All the others I approve of wholeheartedly. I am not familiar with Narita Ken...I know he played Sesshoumaru, but it's been so damn long since I've watched Inuyasha I don't remember his voice. ;_; Miyano Mamoru of course playing the botchan! XD Morikawa Toshiyuki playing the ever-patient (except when he gets pissed off) guardian type! I have no idea how Kobayashi Sanae will play Hamaji, but I trust her considerable talent to do justice to the part.

And on the subject of drama CDs, the next Shonen Bride one comes out on 7/25. (I don't think I've mentioned it before, but the first two are available at [profile] bl_dramas  here and here). Initially, I was very taken aback by Suzumura Kenichi's voicing of Shinobu. His voice was not even close to what I imagined Shinobu would sound like, but after a while it grew on me. He's talented, I'll give him that. ^^; Toriumi Kousuke was dead on as Kohji.

These drama CDs were very enjoyable to listen to because there's a lot of action and adventure and not too much sex to skip. Yeah, it's not going to be for a lot of fangirls (who seem to be into the hot and heavy?) but for someone like me it was perfect.

What totally needs a drama CD is Silver Diamond. I'd love all the fun gags and the touching and silly interplay between the four come to life! Who'd voice the different characters? Hmm...


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