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As someone who loves the companion animals genre (Pern, Valdemar, etc.), the summary of the Sirens Panel called "Women who Run with Wolves and Dance with Dragons" by panelist rachelmanija was fun to read.

Made me want to reread that Sherlock BBC/His Dark Materials x-over I read a while back…And look for more awesome HDM x-overs, because dæmons are so cool.

Holy crap, the response by a company to some idiot ranting about their "misleading" ads about pads is so awesome.

The space shuttle going through Los Angeles in pics and time lapse video: so cool.
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I've been loving a fabulous cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Matt Alber.

[personal profile] rachelmanija talks about Portal Fantasies (those fantasies where someone from our world ends up in another world) and interesting discussions ensue in the comments.

[personal profile] seperis is horrified by the new cover of Flowers in the Attic. I kinda agree, it's wrong on many levels.

[identity profile] provides links to the fail that is OTW and I totally got sucked in. I'm so good at not rubbernecking when I'm driving, but I can't look away when it comes to internet fandom-ish fails. :P
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Been trying to study for an exam this past month. I'm hating every minute of it but it's the logical next step in my career. Wish I wasn't gripped with the dread that I will failfailfailfailfail because it makes me really unmotivated. It means that I'm doing very little in the way of fannish things, which is why I haven't been posting much. *sighs* I still haven't watched Sherlock season 2 (only have episode 1 anyways), so I've been avoiding all fanfics. Been collecting random links, though.

Love: Dragon made of plastic cutlery!

So cute: Dog with glasses

Oldie but goodie: I'm Comic Sans, Asshole

Loved the comments: 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes. First they pointed out that the headline had a mistake. Then people pointed out most of the "mistakes" weren't grammatical in nature. And others mentioned that language changes and some of these mistakes are outdated or stupidandarbitrary.

Interesting: Color Blindness Test

Made of win: Music video of "Hotel Nacional" by Gloria Estefan. The song is silly (chorus is "It's time for hoochie-coochie", rhymed with "Susan Lucci" at one point), it spoofs a bunch of things including the "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
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I love this thing. I need the version with the mouth open. ♥♥

The other day at Barnes & Noble I bought this sudoku book solely for the cover. Yeah, I'm a sucker. ^^; Oh, how well they know their target audience.

I love collecting covers, found some great ones by a folky group called Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers who like to record covers while traveling in their van:

Everyday by Buddy Holly
Material Girl by Madonna
How Will I Know by Whitney Houston (sound quality is not that great)
You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt (they looked massively cramped with all the guitars in this one)
Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin (a cappella!)
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I can't believe how long it's been since I've engaged with anything much online. The last bit of 2011 was spent doing stuff with friends (good) and playing games on my ipad (bad bad bad). I seemed to have missed a bit of LJ drama? I guess I'll have to actually look at Dreamwidth since there actually seems to be even more migration now. My biggest hang-up is what to use instead of LJ for storing images. My problem with the usual suspects is that they don't like any kind of explicit images. *sighs*

I hadn't watched the last 7 episodes of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, so in the guise of testing my new Blu-ray player (finally got one! more on that later) I finally watched them all. Will write more about it in another post, but I gotta say the Isaka/Asahina one was a bit tiring. Isaka is so young! So cliched! It was only my fondness of his older self that kept me watching, sadly. Glad that the rest of the episodes were all Takano/Onodera and Yukina/Kisa. I have so much to say about the Takano/Onodera stuff, but will save it for later. The only thing I want to say is...Yokozawa animated as he berates Ritsu forever gets old really fast. It's not that I don't get where he's coming from, to a certain point, but who appointed him as Takano's minder?!? And he's so blinded by his own desires he can't see the actual dynamics of Takano and Ritsu's current relationship. GAH. Seeing Takano firmly put him in his place was that much more sweet after that. I did buy his novel...while I have little faith in the writer's (non?)talent, maybe he'll come off better when he's not harassing other people so much. Oh, and I was glad to see that we get some clues that these couples actually engage in SEX instead of just fully-clothed, not-very-passionate kissing on beds. Look, a morning after where there are naked people in bed! I can't believe they animated that!

I want the next volume of the manga, already. *sighs*

I got a copy of the new Sherlock BBC episode! I haven't watched it yet, but I'm excited! Sounds like it was quite good. XDXD

I nodded along while reading this at NPR's Monkey See blog: The Big Bad Swap: The Problem With Replaced Music

techie stuff )
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A lot of the "jokes" of my one-a-day cat desk calendar are lame or completely incomprehensible, but these were cute.

Driving home last night I saw a guy with a beer belly riding a scooter in a full-on Captain America costume. Somehow wrong, but I guess the wrongness was a bit adorable? I especially loved the shield hanging on his backside.

Not Halloween: Norwegian Medieval Tech Support
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Of course I downloaded this week's episode, just to see if they were getting back to Takano/Ritsu next week. I assumed they would since I don't think they spend more than 2 consecutive episodes on the other couples. I skipped to the end and was happy to see that they were! I'm already excited for next week!

On kinda meh news, Junjou Mistake is being animated? I'm not against this, I just want more Junjou Romantica anime and this would push any third season further into the future. It's going to be episode 6 of SIH, which sucks SO HARD. More Takano/Ritsu please! I'll definitely check out JM to see if I'll like the dynamics of the relationship despite what I've heard. Also in anime news, apparently Hakkenden will be animated? I'll be happy only if the art isn't crappy and the animation doesn't totally suck. That is a series that needs pretty good special effects! If they use the same voice actors as the drama CD I'll be a little sad because I didn't think Paku Romi worked as Shino.

The newest VF chapter made me laugh. How does Asami overcome Takaba locking his door? Use a gun with a silencer! So much more efficient and less work than breaking the door down! This series has become so fluffy I laugh reading every new chapter.

I don't even know who Ryan Gosling is, but he's pretty awesome when he's Feminist Ryan Gosling.
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Via [ profile] rachelmanija: SF/Fantasy YA novels with major LGBTQ characters

Via [ profile] monanotlisa: "Page Eight," "The Girl in the Cafe," "Boardwalk Empire," and the ubiquity of older male fantasies. The snark is beautiful to behold. Love the list of patterns in media, especially this one:

Male fantasies, like male hobbies, possess more social cache. Fantasy football is not looked down upon the way writing fanfic is. Reading spy thrillers is not considered as pathetic as reading Romance novels. So the shows that get made by the white dude creators and funded by old white money men, which express their interests and desires, end up receiving more acclaim from reviewers, more awards, more respect than other programming. This is in addition to the fact that more of that stuff is made in general to chose from.

Aaannd...More fanfic!

Generation Kill:

Noblesse Oblige by Alethia, AU in which Brad and Nate never met while in the Corps but do when Brad's a journalist and Nate's a politician. The emails are particularly fun.

Brad's Eternal Happiness in Four Three Easy Steps, by Ray Person by Alethia is just plain hilarious.

Aftermath, USA by [ profile] traveller, long fic in which Nate ends up a hero (long after getting out of the Marines) and is rather traumatized from it, but ends up getting what he really wanted. Rather tense and kind of angsty. I think I'm in a phase that prefers less tense and angsty fics, but this one was good enough to grip me.

Hey darlin', do you gamble? by [ profile] traveller is a shorter fic with a really neat twist at the end.

A hundred different things (within the measure of a day) by [ profile] noelia_g, Notting Hill movie based AU. Fun fun fun.


The Republic of Heaven by [ profile] blind_author, fusion with His Dark Materials, S/J, LONG and involved and wonderful. I love HDM fusions are so much fun to read, with the dæmons. XD; This one actually incorporates the TV show plot lines, changing as necessary to fit the world.

Faerie-Touched by [ profile] blind_author, S/J, magic!AU, Sherlock is Faerie-born, John is so without magic he's "anti-magic"...

Obvious; Or, Greg Lestrade Is Good At Detecting And Has Five Pounds To One That Sherlock And John Will Shag by the_arc5. I think the title is pretty explanatory. It's silly but amusing. I think it's worth reading just for this line. )

Performance In a Leading Role by Mad_Lori is a WIP AU in which John and Sherlock are movie stars who co-star in a movie where they are a gay couple. I know, very cliched. But the author does a good job of playing with the cliche and really showing the growing intimacy between the two. I have no idea if the film industry politics is in any way accurate, but I found it believable enough for the fic. I hope it ends well.

Fallen by mamishka, supernatural AU in which Sherlock is an Adept and John is his Guardian Angel....In the beginning. WIP, the author is following the TV episodes. The first episode is basically finished (epilogue left at this point).
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On the way home I saw a vanity license plate that said "Gaysha." At first I thought, "Is it a (bizarre) name?" Then I wondered if it was gay + geisha. I guess I'll never know...

Personally, I wouldn't read an e-book with a soundtrack. First of all, I don't like listening to any music when reading. Second, fiddling with the thing to adjust the music to match your reading speed sounds annoying. It'll be interesting to see if it takes off.

I've had fun going around reading reactions to Robert Lipstiche's article in the NYT, "Boys and Reading: Is There Any Hope?" I first read [ profile] bookshop's reaction piece so my take might have been colored by hers, but the guy rubbed me the wrong way. :P
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The Boy Who Lived Forever, an amazingly nuanced and non-sensationalized look at fanfic. Loved this paragraph:

Diversity: the fan-fiction scene is hyperdiverse. You'll find every race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, age and sexual orientation represented there, both as writers and as characters. For people who don't recognize themselves in the media they watch, it's a way of taking those media into their own hands and correcting the picture. "For me, fanfic is partially a political act," says "XT." "MGM is too cowardly to put a gay man in one of their multimillion-dollar blockbusters? And somehow want me to be content with the occasional subtext crumb from the table? Why should I?"

At NPR's Monkey See blog: Romance Fiction And Women's Health: A Dose Of Skepticism critically looks at an essay by some psychologist/advice columnist/relationship guru. The last bit of the essay is eye-roll inducing. The last paragraph tells you all you need to know about what she thinks about romance fiction and women readers, despite her protestations to the contrary:

But I do think that if readers start to believe the story that romantic fiction offers, then they store up trouble for themselves – and then they bring that trouble into our consulting rooms. Sometimes the kindest and wisest thing we can do for our clients is to encourage them to put down the books – and pick up reality.

Also at Monkey See, a love letter to the Oxford Comma. I don't have the deep love for it that some seem to have, but I use it regularly. I'd be very sad if it stopped being okay to use.

Elmore Leonard is a fun guy to listen to in an interview. When asked about what he thought of the various adaptations of his books on BBC Front Row, he points to The Big Bounce as one he hated. It was made twice. The first time Leonard said it was the second worse movie ever made. When asked what the worst movie was, Leonard responded that he had just kept that slot open as there had to be a worse one...Only for the slot to be filled by the second adaptation.
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The Junjou Romantica anime. Yes, I finally watched them all (except the Nowaki/Hiroki eps). I wish there had been a third season!! If I have the energy, I'll do a squee post...Years late, yes, but I love reading really late to the bandwagon squee posts, personally.

Richard Dreyfuss Reads the iTunes EULA, especially "Effective until."

Via [ profile] wednesday_10_00: Cartoonize My Pet...I'm obsessed with getting my cat just right (and failing).

Dear Photograph, a tumblr that shows old pics in the locations they were taken now. I love the idea!

Ninja Pins...Why did I find out about these AFTER I got back from Japan. ;_;

My iPad! Along with Google Reader and the app Reeder, I can keep up with the many, many blogs I follow so much easier. Transferring my bookmarks took forever, but once it was set up? Perfect!

I also learned a couple of (new for me) tricks to make things even easier. First, the switch next to the volume controls can be set to lock the rotation of the screen! I carry the iPad around all over the place and always got irritated when the screen turned to match the iPad even when I didn't want it to. Now I can keep things horizontal even as I shift around. Second, pressing the home button twice brings up the open apps. You can hold your finger on one of the icons to make them wiggle, which allows you to close them. Or you can just select one to go to that app instead. If you swipe to the left you get ipod controls, if you swipe to the right you get more open apps.

I am also even more addicted to Sudoku now. I need to find a good Kenken app, as well as good solitaire and mah-jjong apps.

(It's sad how many "basic" things I don't know how to do. The reason screen caps are showing up in my posts recently? Because I recently learned how to do screen caps on a Mac! least six years owning one. ^^; I never had that big an urge to screen cap, but learning to do it now just seems a bit pathetic.)

Less happy-dance and more thought-provoking: The Media's "Ugly" Women.
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Amazon Japan sent me a rec for a really stupid-sounding novel called Love guard wa owaranai by Kouyama Kenko and illustrated by Takarai Saki. Just the cover made me chortle, but the first line of the blurb: "...Yes. I am a bitch that loves to be fucked." The "bitch" is a gorgeous bodyguard in his forties who has been having an affair with the president of his company. He's also having sex with a yakuza in exchange for intel. Last but not least is a newbie bodyguard who reminds bitch man of a love who'd died because(for?) him...

It doesn't sound like a book I'd like, but it gave me three minutes of joy reading the blurb and laughing at the cover. XD;

I don't quite understand how Ryanair can get away with getting rid of toilets and making people pay for using the one left. There are laws that require a certain number of toilets per seats for spaces where lots of people gather on the ground....Why isn't there something comparable for airplanes? I hope this fee (and the fee for carry-on baggage) doesn't catch on.

I keep meaning to read The Secret Language of Signs: They're the most useful thing you pay no attention to. Start paying attention. by Julia Turner on Slate because stuff like this fascinates me. XD;

Also on my to-read list: Can Animals Be Gay? by Jon Mooallem on NYT. There's a slide show that is subtitled, "The Love That Dare Not Squawk its Name." If this article doesn't kick ass I will be disappointed.

not martha mentions some books on her desk right now: Now I want to check out Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces and The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook: 101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough for Tonight's Dinner.

Things that make me hate being an adult: paying taxes, searching for and determining the necessary amount of insurance (car, home, medical, life), and thinking about how to save enough to retire at some decent age
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Flying Off the Shelves: The Pleasures and Perils of Chasing Book Thieves is an amusing account of shoplifting in bookstores. I must admit I've never heard of the first two authors on the list of most shoplifted books...

There was a hilarious review of Anne Rice's novel about Jesus on NPR. I haven't read any of Anne Rice's novels in forever, but hearing this guy completely gush over her novel as some stroke of genius just killed me (especially when he related some of what happens in the novel--it sounded like such bad fanfic)...It all made sense once I learned that he's not a literary critic but someone looking at it from a religious context. There's a link at the bottom to an actual literary critic that thought it was awful.

From The New Yorker: Counting Carbon, a thought-provoking talk about using economics and the markets to cut emissions.

These pens are so awesome.

Love the pic of the patio in the article on a famous local architect. I want to lounge on those couches, curl up with a good book, and enjoy the breeze (that I hope the area is situated properly to catch!).
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Titanic: The Sequel Trailer
Amazing mash-up of movies to create a pretty credible trailer of an action-thriller sequel to Titanic. Check out the behind the scenes version to find out where all the scenes are from.

Lime-oncello Spritzers with Mint!

(Locked) post about translating manga set in foreign lands at [ profile] free_manga asks about using "common" French words such as "oui," "merci," "bonjour" etc. for a manga set in France even though the manga doesn't contain any French in katakana....I have to say, I was boggled at the question. Why bother? I think we all understand that if the setting is in some country and the characters are from that country, that they are speaking in the language of the country unless there is some clear indication that they aren't. I'm glad most of the replies said not to do it, for various reasons.

I started to but quickly gave up reading another BL novel not because it was bad, but because I couldn't follow the narrative. It's really frustrating to read a story that can't even engage me on a basic level, that just seems like words on a page that don't add up to anything. I'm glad I've come across very few such stories.


Sep. 13th, 2007 08:13 pm
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Electric Luna will create a one-of-a-kind plush that'll look like your cat if you send her pics, for only 40 to 60 euros (depending on the number of stripes and spots)! Check out lots of very adorable examples at her site PloesiePoesies.

Really cute remote control cushions.

Cool commercial for the Sony Bravia.

Coca Cola may launch packaging that will create ice from the beverage when opened.

Knit Night cupcakes...too pretty to eat?

Some banks have mandated AC temperatures of 82 deg F (32 deg C) in their offices in Japan in an effort to fight global warning (the full WSJ article is only for subscribers, link here)...Talk about total insanity. My office has been up to 82 deg (not voluntarily, let me assure you) and it was HELL. I can't imagine these poor workers functioning well in those conditions.
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Two blogs:

Ramblings From Japan is a new blog with pics and commentary on Japan.

Hello Kitty Hell is a blog featuring the scary variety of Hello Kitty merchandise, via the husband of a Hello Kitty fanatic.

Newspaper articles:

Tomiko Van (singer of the disbanded Do as Infinity) singing in Japanese production of Broadway musical "BKLYN". Never heard of this one, but I wouldn't mind seeing her in a musical...

The second coming of Shikao Suga chronicles how his current popularity is actually his second big break. Huh. I only knew him through anime songs and had totally missed his first time around in 1997.

Ikebukuro 'maidens' say being geek is chic is another outsider looking into the world of "yaoi." These articles always seem to mish and mash and mix everything up. ^^; BTW, anyone read the manga "Tonari no 801 [Yaoi]-chan" (My neighbor Yaoi-chan) by Ajiko Kojima the article mentions? Apparently it's a blog?

Looked up "fujoshi" for the fun of it, found an amusing interview with the boyfriend of a fujoshi here.

Toranoana main store having posters stating how they swear to carve the words of the great Ms. Ohno in their hearts, raise their power of delusions each and every day and stock all items to respond to every passion of their customers made me laugh. There's something earnestly tongue in cheek about it all. ^^ Ohno is the character in Genshiken who declares "there are no girls who hate gays (are homophobic?)."

Checking out the Japanese wiki entry on boy's love, I for the first time heard the term "yaoi ana" (yaoi hole). According to the entry, the receptacles of self-lubricating ukes and mpreg fall into this category as the anus can't really do either of these things.


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