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I saw the new episode of Shigatsu wa kimi no uso and kinda wished I didn’t. I already want to watch the next episode! I still don’t like Kaori’s interactions with Kousei because I just am put off by her so much, but I am looking forward to what comes next. So exciting!!

I also skimmed through the new episode of Aldnoah Zero after reading some posts on it. I love the “fuck Slain” meme! That kid is so irritating, I don’t think I can ever watch the show in a normal way. I always have to fast forward when he’s on screen, so the ending of the previous episode made me want to scream. I still wish he’d just die (in an appropriately horrible manner), but it’s a nice feeling to know that many people feel the same as me. As always, the music in this show is great.

The new episode of Kuroko no Basket felt really choppy to me. Even the commercial breaks are choppy and odd. Also, high school Haizaki looked so unlike middle school Haizaki it made me very sad. He’s become very unattractive. The Seirin team interview was pretty fun, though. Especially Kagami and Aomine all recognizing their rivalry with each other.

I’ve also started rewatching the live action version of Adachi Mitsuru’s H2. Ahh, I like this show. While I think some of the comedy does not work in live action (or at least the way Japanese programs like to do “comedy”) I do like the actors who play Hiro and Noda. They are such a great combo. On the other hand, I’d forgotten how much of a turn off Hikari is. I don’t know why, but she rubs me the wrong way. I’m wondering if it’s the actress. I haven’t read the manga in so long (lent it to a friend years ago…) so I can’t remember how she was in it.


May. 29th, 2006 09:54 pm
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I am having major problems with my next ficdump post on [ profile] mountainonfire. I can't seem to put together coherent things to say on some of the fics. GAR. Another thing that is throwing me for a loop is a comment an author of one of the fics left, thanking me for the rec. How did she find that journal? I thought like 10 people knew about it. I guess I'm feeling anxious because I kind of don't hold back when I don't like a fic I'm mentioning, and the mere thought of the author reading my horrible comments makes me sweat. I wasn't worried until now because I figured no one read the posts. ;_;

I spent most of today reading the manga Touch by Adachi Mitsuru. I found the entire series for a dollar a volume at Book Off, and even though the copies were a bit ratty...hey, a dollar a volume. The entire series. Hard to beat that. XD In any case, Touch is a manga featuring baseball (I hesitate calling it a "baseball manga" because it never fails to focus solidly on the characters), and oh man...What a satisfying series. I love the complex relationships between Uesugi Tatsuya and Katsuya, twins, and their childhood friend Asakura Minami. What I love is how the manga shows that people's gentleness, caring, and unselfishness can be a source of angst. In some ways the series suffers when compared to H2, a later manga featuring baseball, especially in the development of the rival schools, but in some ways it just is so good. *_*

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Ugh, my computer is totally heating up. I think I'll stop typing for now. I could babble on and on about Touch at this rate. :P There's a damn good reason the series is famous and a classic.


Apr. 9th, 2006 12:50 pm
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I've taken a break from SGA insanity and started rereading H2. My god, that is a good manga. I started by rereading the last three volumes, but had to start over. I think some of my favorite moments are when Hiro is covertly controlling the game while not seeming to be the awesome pitcher that he is. I can't help but adore Hiro's character. Hideo is more of the typical hero-type, but Hiro, for the most part, is all about the love of the game above almost anything else. He doesn't gloat because he's good, he's just happy when a bunch of guys who love the game get together and play. XD

I also pulled out my long-shelved translation of "over..." the ending song from the drama. I love that song because it's good and it's beyond fitting, but had the hardest time translating it. I give up already. Listen to the song! Read the lyrlcs! Read the manga and be awed by how perfect it is!

Over... by K
Lyrics and translation

Also by K, the song that I think was the opening for the tragic J-drama "1 liter no namida" (1 liter of tears):

Only Human

More H2

Feb. 21st, 2006 01:12 pm
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I desperately wanted to reread certain parts of the manga this morning, but work called. :P So instead I continue to babble about H2.

I really enjoyed the early Senkawa team-building games. I like how Noda and Hiro are very much into enjoying the game, are strategizing and aware of what's needed at the time. They aren't obsessed with winning or losing at that point, but about improving. It's amusing to see Hiro casually using his amazing pitching ability to control the game, or at least control where the batters hit so that the other players can gain solid fielding experience. I love how he can disguise his incredible control so that most people think he's actually not as good as he is.

It's nice to see the emphasis made on the importance of a good catcher. From what I understand (virtually everything I know about baseball is from anime/manga or movies), the catcher seems to be one of the most underrated and under-appreciated positions in general. I love how we get to see how the pitcher and catcher work together and have to trust each other, for the pitching to be truly at top form.

I kind of wish the gratuitous panty/butt shots weren't included, but thankfully they were pretty easy to ignore.

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I rapidly skimmed the rest of the manga. Now my eyes hurt and I have a crick in my neck, but what a wild ride it was. I'm hoping I can come down from this high enough to go to sleep. Some additional comments before attempting to settle down:

-Female characters who aren't just add ons. Even the minor characters (discounting the fangirls) seem like real people who happen to be incidental to the story being told but are main characters in their own stories. The major female characters? Wonderfully complex and not stereotypical at all.

-The manga shows that you can't power up in a short period of time. The team/player building takes lots of time and sacrifice and patience. There's no miracle explosion in the middle of the game.

-The games seem real. They follow the laws of gravity. The players also seem like Japanese high school students.

-A number of the characters develop completely independently from the main characters, as if they have their own lives. Strange, but true.

-THE MAIN CHARACTERS. GUH. Complex, passionate, and full of potential. Some of it realized in the manga, but so much MORE to come.

-No desire to slash anyone at all. I love love love the (het) canon pairings.
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Ugh, my eyes are burning from reading too much. I'm in volume 17 of H2 and I can only squeal that it is a wonderful manga. I mean, you can know beforehand that it's a good manga, but in the end you don't really know until you actually read it. I love the delicate balance the artist strikes with the humor and the drama. I love how the different personalities are so vivid and unique and have their own backstories and reasons and POVs. I love how much is left unsaid. The manga doesn't need to spell everything out, both to the reader and to the characters. I want to finish it today but I have a feeling my eyes will stop being able to focus pretty soon. ^^;

But I'm still bitter about not being able to read Whistle!
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Must pimp...the goodness! To celebrate getting the music (BGM and ending theme) for H2, the drama based on the baseball manga that I was ranting about a while ago, I decided I had to try pimping it (again)....this time with a YSI download to the first subbed episode! A good chance to see what the fuss is about!

H2 Episode 1

Like a friend commented (as I squeed over the tracks of the BGM), that it's a sign of a good show when you have such strong reactions to the music. And not only do they take me back to the show, they are just good. And the ending theme! GUH!


Oct. 22nd, 2005 11:08 pm
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You know, I watched the end of H2 tonight, and all I could think was I want to watch it all over again. *g*


Oct. 21st, 2005 11:16 pm
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I am very frustrated right now. I've been watching the live action H2 drama series that ran earlier this year this week. I had to stop myself from watching more tonight because I absolutely need to sleep because tomorrow is a full day. GAH. So I must fangirl. And pimp.

H2 was originally a very famous baseball manga (and anime), by the same artist as Touch. I had watched a good amount of Touch the anime (before lack of hard drive space, then lack of hard drive prevented me from continuing) and was impressed with how the story, though dated, was infused with great amounts of love of baseball, friendship and young love, and just the complexities of the human heart in general. Of course it had its distractions, but the heart of the story was very solid. I figured H2 was similiar, and that the live action dramatization couldn't take that away. So far, it seems I'm right. There's more information on the actual story here, but I don't want to bother with things like a summary. I must fangirl, damnit.

Certain parts of the story were "updated" and elements typical of a Japanese drama were added. Some of these elements are wince-worthy. Some elements are probably from the manga, but don't necessarily work as live action. You know how you can have anime characters act in a very silly way and it can more or less "work?" It's a lot harder to do that with live action, and for some reason the Japanese TV industry either doesn't have the know-how to do it, or has this stupid convention of making things patently not work. *shrugs* Those things are minor. The heart of the story is alive and beating and very very powerful. What I love is that it's not all ultra-dramatic moments. The more quiet, yet pivotal moments are just...wonderful. *_*

There's this scene in the episode I just watched where...I just fell head over heels in love with the main character. I liked him from the first, but...I just wanted to cry for him. When you realize what exactly was on the line for him...I was just blown away.

Hm, I guess I could keep babbling on and on. In any case, H2 drama does have some problems, but it is very much made up by its merits. It has pure love of sport, youth, love, friendship, camaraderie, competitiveness and some really funny moments. While I haven't watched to the end, I can't imagine it letting me down. H2 is a very famous series, after all. There are live torrents for the (more or less okay) subs available, which I got through Animesuki. I hope other people watch this show. Right now I need to sleep so that I can wake up bright and early for work tomorrow. :P


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