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The more I hear about the literary novel A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, the more it sounds like beautifully written fanfic. It’s about four friends, but it centers upon one of them who has a dark past. I read the wikipedia entry for more plot details, and it's just…so….over-the-top. “spoilerish?” ) I might flip through the book at the bookstore one of these days just to see how the writing is. I’ve heard the author in interviews and she is a very pleasant interviewee. I was pleased that everyone I’ve heard say her name basically didn’t mangle it.

Read an article, Evangelion, Depression and Why Hideaki Anno is the Lars von Trier of Anime, that is exactly about what the title says. I'm assuming I will be disappointed (possibly enraged) by the last movie, whenever it comes out.

I’m sick and tired of hearing commercials for the sci-fi podcast The Message in the podcasts I listen to. When I came across the article Fiction Podcasts Are Trying Too Hard to Be Like Serial, I realized why. I heard the first episode of Serial way back when (before it got huge) and did not like the format. So The Message was designed to turn people like me off. XD

I particularly enjoyed the November 27 episode of the Empire Film Podcast because the hosts geek out on the Captain America: Civil War trailer and there's just a lot of hilarious inneundo re: Steve and Bucky.
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I went on a many-hour search for decent AMVs. There are so many bad ones, so many ones with songs I can't stand, and so many with really odd editing. *sighs*

Finale, Rebuild of Evangelion. Great (mostly instrumental) song with such an amazing beat (bought it: Finale by Madeon), some very nice edits. Makes me want the next movie already. :P

I then went on a FF7 AMV watching binge, seeing lots of meh ones set to meh songs. Some I liked:

This is War, FF7 Advent Children & Crisis Core. I freaking love this song, and the edits are pretty good. The way this vid begins and ends is awesome, and the way "Omnislash version 6" (it took me forever to figure out what the hell the move was) is incorporated is very nice. The quality of the video sucks, though.

Dance with the Devil shows mostly the same fight scenes but in much better quality, set to decent music. Not a big fan of the edits, though.

I didn't like the actual video, but I like the song: Remember the Name. It's by Fort Minor. The chorus really resonates:

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

Memories, done to the song by Within Temptation. Love the song, and it was nice seeing good quality non-fighting footage. It seemed really slashy, though. ^^;

Headstrong, song by Trapt. Nice use of the Bahamut fight scene.

If Today Was Your Last Day, (meh) song by Nickelback. Lots of decent quality footage from Crisis Core. I like Zack with short hair.


Oct. 26th, 2009 06:41 pm
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Instead of going to sleep like a sane person who has to work the next day, I skimmed-watched the first Eva rebuild movie I had downloaded right before leaving to see the second one. Yes, I hadn't seen the first one, but I was told it was very similar to the TV series. And it mostly was. Brought back memories (some not so good--like the whole Ritsuko and her mom sleeping with Gendo ick and Ritsuko's mom strangling kid Rei I...).

Now I kind of want to watch the TV series again. And watch other big mecha angst fest series, like Rah Xephon and Sokyu no Fafner. ^^;

Random things:

Yuppie 911: Hilarious name for a rather dangerous and worrisome trend. Why don't the authorities just charge for unnecessary/accidental emergency calls? Im sure it's quite expensive to mobilize helicopters and trained personnel to "rescue" these people.

When I heard that some major studios are thinking of putting a lag of several weeks between when you can buy a DVD and when you can rent a DVD in order to help prop up sagging DVD sales, I immediately thought that illegal downloads would increase instead. Am I crazy to think this? Do the studios have a good idea?
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Just saw it, it was the last movie of the Hawaii International Film Festival. Wow. It was very different from the TV series...I want to see it again.

One *really* nice change...The kids are more likable! And have more agency! Even Shinji!

One *really* annoying thing...Surely they had the budget to hire decent voice actors for the English parts! Why make it so painful! Me and one other guy, the two people in the group who could understand Japanese well, confessed to tuning out the "English" and reading the Japanese subtitles, it was so painful. Kaji's voice actor doing English was pretty painful as well, but at least that was understandable.

I didn't realize Sakamoto Maaya played the new girl! She was fun, if totally nuts. XD;

Also, Kaworu shows up in a really dramatic fashion! And is suitably creepy and gay!

I'm more excited than I thought I'd be...I must try to forget this movie until the next one comes out...I have no idea where this rebuild is going, it's just so different at this point. >_<

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